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Rural Mozambique

Since 2004 my wife, Miriam Chaiken, has visited Mozambique several times working as a consultant for an international aid organization that is concerned with the issues of health care and nutrition. All of the photos in the gallery are from Nampula Province in the north of the country. Most of her photos are of project activities and local community members. On the odd day off she was also able to visit Isla de Mocambique, which is an historic fishing and trading center, recently designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Photos from 2011 were taken with the Canon G11 camera. In 2007 she used the Sony H5 while all of the images from 2004 were taken with an ancient Canon Pro 90 with a 10x zoom lens.

Greeting song Greeting song g4/56/151956/3/137238818.JdeAsK2v.jpg g4/56/151956/3/137215829.N27azRKT.jpg g4/56/151956/3/137213335.fmiLu7mb.jpg g4/56/151956/3/137197836.b13I1WhP.jpg
g4/56/151956/3/137189158.86glw16D.jpg g4/56/151956/3/137187959.G9r1qJCk.jpg Mr. Mischief and his twin brother with their mom g4/56/151956/3/137180456.MVhUJcdK.jpg g4/56/151956/3/137170401.wOJ3jWc2.jpg g4/56/151956/3/137169156.e5n3MQNx.jpg
g4/56/151956/3/137168223.9hndYFxI.jpg g4/56/151956/3/137166684.QjdJ1Hgc.jpg g4/56/151956/3/137156915.VjQg4YOk.jpg g4/56/151956/3/137146221.PETqhMLH.jpg Isla de Mocambique Isla de Mocambique
Isla de Mocambique Isla de Mocambique Isla de Mocambique Isla de Mocambique Isla de Mocambique Isla de Mocambique
g6/56/151956/3/73920299.pNZEjpoY.jpg g6/56/151956/3/73920300.vDrKyDId.jpg g6/56/151956/3/73920301.tViEMIb9.jpg g6/56/151956/3/73920302.KPj6CLU1.jpg g6/56/151956/3/73920303.20gdfyYi.jpg g6/56/151956/3/73920305.CK4mcCIZ.jpg
g6/56/151956/3/73920306.RcBSFtDa.jpg g6/56/151956/3/73920308.3CMELRza.jpg g6/56/151956/3/73948554.DuksNtV9.jpg g6/56/151956/3/73948556.gP7JpN2M.jpg g6/56/151956/3/73948558.ERFbIjzu.jpg g6/56/151956/3/73948560.A96TDLa6.jpg
g6/56/151956/3/73948562.sKm9Li1b.jpg g6/56/151956/3/73948563.CMAvID6Y.jpg g6/56/151956/3/73990031.9apHcQpb.jpg g6/56/151956/3/73948564.tLaLlJ99.jpg g6/56/151956/3/73990029.qEGd95nw.jpg g6/56/151956/3/73990030.elofCYQd.jpg
g6/56/151956/3/74005797.K2v0zrUU.jpg g6/56/151956/3/74005800.KPK4m3tC.jpg g6/56/151956/3/74005801.MxQNH70I.jpg Twins g6/56/151956/3/74005803.DDYEMhks.jpg g6/56/151956/3/74017076.pMR1xmW2.jpg
g6/56/151956/3/74044503.hSKXIkLD.jpg g6/56/151956/3/74044504.khB3euJG.jpg g6/56/151956/3/74044505.HZ73BcSB.jpg g6/56/151956/3/74087268.TzvsUq6b.jpg Training session for volunteer village health workers u48/tconelly/medium/31026373.Moz02img_3652_std.jpg
u48/tconelly/medium/31026374.Moz03img_3699_std.jpg u48/tconelly/medium/31026375.Moz04img_3874_std.jpg u48/tconelly/medium/31026376.Moz05img_3880_std.jpg Mother with twins u48/tconelly/medium/31026378.Moz07img_3929_std.jpg u48/tconelly/medium/31026379.Moz08img_3981_std.jpg
Training session for volunteer village health workers Discussing survey data with a local participant Training session for volunteer village health workers u48/tconelly/medium/31026384.Moz13img_3984_std.jpg u48/tconelly/medium/31026385.Moz14img_3866_std.jpg Woman selling masinika fruit
Town of Nacala Ilha de Mocambique Ilha de Mocambique Ilha de Mocambique Ilha de Mocambique Ilha de Mocambique - broom salesman
Ilha de Mocambique Ilha de Mocambique Ilha de Mocambique - girls collecting shellfish Children at play Children at play Children at play
Children at play Mozambique -- the original board game, called mbao in some parts of Africa Children at play u17/tconelly/medium/39194561.Moz09img_3574_std.jpg