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Black Mountain Side

"It's time of solar heights and great loneliness.

After these long hours, which a tenacious will has imposed to the fatigue, inertia, dark fear of the body,

vanishes not only as the echo of an idle dream the memory of every care and work of the plains,

but also produces a changed sense of self, realizes the inability to perceive himself more

as that rigid thing, closed and ephemeral that, basically for most, is the Ego.

Here where there is sky and naked free forces,

the soul participates rather than to a similar purity and freedom

and in this way it approximates to understand what is really the Spirit."

*Julius Evola - Meditazioni delle Vette - 1974*

g3/81/762681/3/125335554.w31gjtIX.jpg g3/81/762681/3/125224575.EP0URpHx.jpg g3/81/762681/3/125200548.8xvP8Izl.jpg
g3/81/762681/3/125165873.mUkMhGNF.jpg g3/81/762681/3/125029438.eQFn57Ck.jpg g3/81/762681/3/124998279.ndkvXVEU.jpg
g3/81/762681/3/124977727.uH69qhRa.jpg g3/81/762681/3/124947928.ua9c2D4I.jpg g3/81/762681/3/124918368.Hx8Edwxp.jpg
g3/81/762681/3/124881378.jMjBxem9.jpg g3/81/762681/3/124794949.GAP9kHL4.jpg g3/81/762681/3/124768535.iiVibVBM.jpg
g3/81/762681/3/124739270.R1r2fZ1Y.jpg g3/81/762681/3/124712319.ijXRqqlw.jpg g3/81/762681/3/124671641.D018gwHe.jpg
g3/81/762681/3/124633691.NTUCvwwh.jpg g3/81/762681/3/124590808.heabAWTc.jpg g3/81/762681/3/124557349.VQwFHK2d.jpg
g3/81/762681/3/124528410.PAoalQHg.jpg g3/81/762681/3/124515024.HN55C1qI.jpg g3/81/762681/3/124438066.uVRumQ0t.jpg
g3/81/762681/3/124403350.WiKGL7XD.jpg g3/81/762681/3/124365529.uLH80fc0.jpg g3/81/762681/3/124360219.LjNF4Chk.jpg