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John Lester23-Nov-2017 16:52
Good to see you still shooting cameras and guns.
Schwarz Nol30-Dec-2012 00:43
It's a pleasure to see your photograhic work .
Some of us dream to have a so Beautiful model !
But you have chance to wake up every morning with this " Angel " !
Yes " WANDA " is a so Elegant Lady ...

Pour la Beauté de l' Art et de la Femme
Everett Carrell 12-Nov-2012 04:32
I hope you count yourself as one of the luckiest men on earth. Treat her well.
Richard McDonell 16-Mar-2011 15:19
Bill and Wanda,
I do hope you haven't retired from your photographic work. Have you?
Guest 16-Mar-2011 01:29
Well, Bill and Wanda--it has been a month now with no pictures. I hope you guys are doing OK and just busy with work and life. Maybe you are working on some special "Luck of the Irish" series for us? One can only hope. Hoping spring shows up soon at your place.
Guest 28-Jan-2011 23:27
Hey.. what's happened to y'all? Busy, burnt out, no inspiration? I seem to remember Wanda mentioning that she might pose for another PAD when she turned 50. Hint, hint. LOL

We miss you. Hope everything is fine and you both are doing well.
Lloyd Prudhomme01-Jan-2011 17:09
Happy New Year Bill and Wanda ..keep up the xlnt work and thanks for sharing those moments of inspiration with us
Stephen Micheal 12-Dec-2010 18:39
Just found your site and have enjoyed all the photos you have posted. Twenty years ago I was involved with photography as a business. I lost my desire and gave into the pressure. I am back at it for my own pleasure now. What I really like is that all the photos of you show a person who is very content and happy with what they are doing. Now that is an inspiration for me. You have a great eye for beauty and the skill to match it. I look forward to viewing more of your work.
"Make the choices you love, and love the choices you make" Stephen Micheal
forgedconrod03-Dec-2010 04:03
Fantastic pictures! You have beautiful machinery with lovely wood colour and the engraving in the action is fantastic! Wanda is also just as beautiful of a subject to photograph. Wish my wife was as comfortable in front of the camera as she is!
Well Done
traveller2 04-Aug-2010 17:50
Bill and Wanda,
Absolutely a receipe for success; a stone gorgeous woman and a very advanced photographer. Marvelous pictures shot with love, respect and talent. What a lucky man and woman, enjoy !
Guest 28-Feb-2010 13:37
Small wonder Wanda rightly so and effortlessly (almost) brought you the millions of clicks home. Becoming a champion of PBase, you made her a living monument of glorious womanhood, Bill.
Jayson Conley 15-Jul-2009 03:58
Hey Bill. Thanks for the ride back to the Park on Saturday. Made it to work on time. Do you have any of the pics posted anywhere online for the nebo loop ride?

John 17-Jun-2009 02:07
I saw pictures of you guys in Hawaii and the camera used was a Canon SX10IS. Of all the cameras you use why that camera and did you like it?
I just bought the SX1IS and am very impressed as to what else you need not carry to get nice shots.
Oh and add my what a beautiful wife you have you are such a lucky man!
Adrien Joinette 19-Apr-2009 12:49
Hi Bill & Wanda!
I keep checking back every now and then PBASE pic a day and I've not seen anything added as of late. I don't know if this is just a busy time of year for you or heaven forbid that you have been sick. I spend a lot of time checking out your images and I have not missed one which you have posted. I don't know where you live but from what I can see IT'S PARADISE!
I have a Nikon D60 with a Sigma 18 to 50mm F2.8 and a Nikon 50 to 200mm F5.6 I was a film photographer for years and now making the transition to digital, it's quite a learning experience.
Chris Friloux29-Mar-2009 02:57
Well, Happy Birthday Wild Bill. Remember its not how old you are.....its how much time you have left, do something different tomorrow.
Tom 04-Feb-2009 13:56
Thank you For the tips. I will keep practicing. You do such a great job with your pictures. I find it hard to take what I "see" and make it come out in the picture.
Wm. Bates03-Feb-2009 14:20
Okay, some simple tips. Make sure the subject keeps their neck extended a little chin forward to help smooth the double chin. Chin down will just make that double chin really show.

A slight head tilt and and turn so your not shooting straight on will help a little to thin a round face. Next really watch your light here. You want to short light the persons face. You want your main light coming in so the close cheek is in the shadow and lighting the cheek that is away from the camera. If you light the cheek closest to the camera that whole side of the face will be in the light and make the face wider ... sometimes that helps with a very thin face.
Tom Herbert 03-Feb-2009 13:59
Bill I love your work. I was wondering if you could give me a tip. when shooting a sitting with someone with a fuller round face and a double chin, is there a head tilt or angle that is best to minamize the chins and give the face a more slender look?

any ideas would be great thanks,

bigred camera guy29-Sep-2008 01:35
Great work... You have inspired me to join pbase and to set up my own pages. I hope to start uploading soon. I loved the underwater photo you shot of Wanda. I have tried it but I can't get a clear picture. Whats the trick?? Any other examples I could see?
Chris Friloux06-Jun-2008 01:33
Thanks you Bill.....a little crawfish care package is a small payment for lending us your wife and daughter for a few days. We had such a great time entertaining those two. BUT, she is a bit of a drama queen and babble mouth....but ya gota love her for who she is. You are all welcome to come and stay with us if you find the time.
mike 08-May-2008 01:20
i never get tired of looking at this beautiful woman.
you are truly a lucky man...
Zarak 04-Feb-2008 06:49
Bill Thank you for sharing your photographs they are simply stunning....
Sphotoz31-Jan-2008 17:28
We very much enjoy all of your work. Thank you for sharing.

Guest 26-Jan-2008 19:48
stunning ! Thanks for sharing,

paul & lourdes
Guest 03-Jan-2008 12:42
Hope everything is OK with you guys and you are just busy with the Christmas Rush at work and with enjoying the snow. It's not like you to miss getting several Christmas shots of Wanda and her Holiday traditions for us to enjoy.
Sam X01-Jan-2008 04:24
Happy New Year... and many happy shots in a new 2008. Thanks for Your support
Guest 21-Dec-2007 17:49
I've enjoyed your pictures very much and would love to see some new Christmas ones.

Enjoy your holidays and Merry Christmas to you both.
Guest 27-Nov-2007 01:05
Best wishes to you both during the holiday season.
Guest 22-Nov-2007 20:17
Excellent Collection. You have fabulous galleries, I like very much your pictures.
Guest 21-Oct-2007 03:55
Wanda is beautiful!
Guest 15-Aug-2007 18:08
This is a beautiful gallery
Barry S Moore30-Jul-2007 07:41
An excellent set of galleries all well done and glamorous.
Guest 20-Jun-2007 07:33
I'm jealous of how good you are.
Guest 16-May-2007 09:38
wanda you are a dream!

kindest regards

Guest 15-May-2007 20:13
I've enjoyed you photography immensely. I hope to be half as good some day.
I'll be back.
Thanks for sharing,
Guest 17-Apr-2007 15:36
Im not envious of you Bill just bacause you live in a beatiful place take fantastic pictures have a glamarous wife why should I be envious. Ive always been this colur green
diverd13-Apr-2007 21:45
Great work! I'm just starting into portrait photagraphy. Your work is very inspiring! Do you have any artistic nudes?
Guest 19-Mar-2007 18:47
Wonderful Gallery.Nice work.
I just uploaded a few fine art pics.Please give a few comments.Good or Bad,both welcome.
Guest 13-Mar-2007 14:55
Hi William.

I am a big fan of yours, especially Wanda :)
I like very much your work and hope to learn from you.

Tanks. Best regards, Roman.
rgboy on pbase
Guest 07-Mar-2007 15:18
Tears to my eyes...almost.
David Cox25-Jan-2007 04:40
Yes Wanda is beautiful. But I admire your skill in finding such wonderful lighting. Great photography skills.
Guest 13-Nov-2006 17:20
I can't tell you how much we've enjoyed viewing all of your pictures and of course your gorgeous wife. Thanks for sharing. Would love to see inside that locked box.

Mike & Sheryl
Mr. Randall McKeown 12-Oct-2006 00:13
Just wanted to say that you have an excellent site. I enjoyed all the photographs. I will visit regularly
Guest 07-Oct-2006 22:02
Great Galleries Bill & Wanda Thanks for sharing
Tom Herbert 05-Sep-2006 21:29
It will be a dark day in the world. With a 1000 years of darkness to follow when Bill and Wanda no longer grace us with their wonderful pictures and a window into their world.
What makes you pictures so special is that they are real. It is not some air brushed fake college girl model. It the beauty of a marraige that is blessed to be able to share with us such wonderfull pictures and the chance to look into someone's life. that I would love to be able to share with my wife. I dream of my wife say ok it's fine put me in front of your camera and try to perfect your photo skills while we share it with the world. OOOPPPPSSSS sorry I'm rambling on here. Thank you Bill and Wanda for sharing with the world. Bill your pictures are as perfect as your wife!! :)
tim & natacha (paris) 04-Sep-2006 01:34
I've just discovered your galleries as I was looking for some cats pictures
your pictures are very nice and wanda is beautiful
I used to do do the same kind of pics of my wife, and some of your pics inspired me for future shots of my own
best regards
tim and natacha (from paris)
guest 20-Aug-2006 02:45
Hey Bill,didnt you used to take pictures of a girl named Wanda?
Debbie B.17-Jun-2006 06:02
Thank you for the kind words on my Teton/Yellowstone pictures, I am still sorting and adding. The weather last weekend was quite rainy, but we made the best of it. I really enjoyed Jackson and the Tetons. I put a lot of miles on my car!! We circled Yellowstone looking for bears, everyone saw them but us. There were lots of sightings at Fishing Bridge and the Tower area. Maybe next time. I hope Wanda had fun on her ride.
Debbie 12-Jun-2006 09:59
Hola me encanta el trabajo que estan haciendo y me encantaria poder participar.
gary and susie osorno 02-Jun-2006 14:39
We are friends of Chris and Debi Friloux in New Orleans and interested in sponsoring your
cause. Please let us know how to donate.

Gary and Susie Osorno
Guest 02-Jun-2006 12:20
Your pictures are simply amazing!You have done absolutely wonderful work and I will place your gallery in my favourites list.
tomandlinda10-May-2006 21:00
Bill, we are new to pbase, but have been a big fan of your galleries. We love your area of the country and travel out there every year during the last of May, before all the snow is gone from the Mt. tops and the crowds get there. We are flying in to SLC May 20th. The direction we go first depends on the weather. We may run into you in Yellowstone Keep up the good work.
Chris Friloux04-May-2006 02:20
For a long time I have enjoyed your work and your favorite model. Now the beautiful lady is running around Utah on a silly bike. It's a good thing she is doing this for a good cause. Make sure she rides safe and does not come home with any ugly bruises. Where's all her fans? A donation in her name is small price to pay for the enjoyment she has brought to all Pbase members.
Guest 03-May-2006 20:45
Awesome galleries, Bill. All of them! Keep on keepin' on...
Guest 13-Apr-2006 03:47
The "Bareback Mountain" photos were just wonderful. If there are any more in the series would love to see them.
It's also great to see that Wanda still has the body of a twenty year old - how about a new photo-a-day series devoted to the lovely Wanda ?
Keep up the great work, Bill and Wanda.
Rafa 12-Apr-2006 09:15
Bill, realmente impresionante. Tus fotografías transmiten luz, color y alegría. Felicidades. Rafa
Guest 10-Apr-2006 17:36
Thanks Bill,
It has been fantastic and I've been a fan of your work for a long time. Thanks again for the comment and look forward to seeing more of your photo's as well.
shg222-Mar-2006 01:50
so beatifu images and techniques, love the colors and compensations
Debbie B.21-Mar-2006 19:21
Thank you Bill, coming from you is quite a compliment. :-) Your work is very inspiring to me. I hope to be able to go to another "meet and greet" if you have another one.
Guest 19-Mar-2006 16:48
I took some photos of northern lights a few nights ago and they contained Newton's Rings, see I didn't know what they were so I asked about them on DPReview. I was directed to a comment you posted in November 2004 which solved the problem. Thanks, Ron.
Dave Callahan Photography15-Feb-2006 10:50
Miss the updates,hope all is well.
juan vidal 06-Feb-2006 01:16
Ola Wm has consegido con tu esperiencia i con tu modelo unas fotos unicas depiertas en mi la admiracion por tus trabajos tego la ilusion de conocerte personalmente yo soy videografo-valencia españa---enhorabuena--
Guest 11-Jan-2006 16:58
Thanks Wm, for your nice compliment, I've enjoyed your work in the past and just finished looking at your galliers, superd work and a great eye for the beauty that is all around us. You live in a great state for many photographic oppertunities.
Guest 05-Jan-2006 08:21
Wonderful and perfect couple! Great photography and beautiful model. I'm not only watching your wifes' pics but also another landscapes. It's really, really good...
I specially like your way to handle flash light........
Duane 30-Dec-2005 18:22
Fantastic work Bill. And Wanda is as beautiful as ever.
I miss you both.
Love ya.

Wahoo :-)
kej30-Dec-2005 01:22
Hello. Have been admiring your work for awhile. Reminds me of Ray Akey's work, especically the work that you two do to adore your wives. I just got a Canon 20D like Ray's and am trying to figure it out. Wanda is amazing as is your wild life pics. Please keep it up. bbvdd45
Guest 17-Dec-2005 16:52
Bill & Wanda, your photo's are amazing! I've been viewing your gallery for many months now and just love all the photo's. I want to wish you and your family a Happy Holiday season and Happy New Year. Thanks for allowing me (photo rookie) the honor of viewing your photography.

DJ 06-Dec-2005 15:19
Where are you guys. We miss your photos!!!
Guest 03-Dec-2005 05:55
Your Wanda galleries are AMAZING! I was looking for shots taken with an 70-200 IS L lens and they are all just amazing. I just bought my first DSLR and although I'm not a pro, I think I'll definatley save up for this lens. Is there anyway to view your private gallery? Thanks :)!
Gary Summerton 28-Nov-2005 21:17
I recently found your work on garage glamour which linked me to pbase. Your work of your wife wanda is beautiful and inspiring. Iwould like to acess your private collection, but is password protected. Please help. Keep up the great work.
Guest 26-Nov-2005 15:56
Happy Birthday Wanda
Luc VN24-Nov-2005 12:51
William & Wanda,
Thank you for the nice comments on my post yesterday.
It is just wonderful to sit here at the other side of the world and exchanging impressions. I like your portfolio a lot and have left some comments. I can imagine the efforts that you do to make all of this happening...
Very Well done and achieved with high quality...
Bravo! Rgds, Luc VN
Nicholas Baumgartner21-Nov-2005 10:01

Your images are a continuing source of inspiration for me. I have long wanted to learn how to take good portraits, and seeing your images has motivated me finally to do so. Like your portraits, your wildlife/nature images always capture the soul of the subject, which make them a delight to view. Your attention to detail challenges the viewer to study the image not just for its aesthetic qualities but also composition, lighting, thematic development, etc.

Thanks very much for sharing your talents (and your sense of humor!).

Kind regards

Salvador 20-Nov-2005 09:46
felicidades,William por ser un exelente fotografo,
felicidades, Wanda por ser una de las más hermosas mujeres de la net.
con Clase,distinción y Bellesa.
Steve 16-Nov-2005 16:04

You're an excellent photographer. It's fantastic that your wife enjoys your photography too. You're work is truely inspiring.
Tom 01-Nov-2005 18:00
Bill a question. When I take my wifes picture her face shows very red. You don't see it in every day life, but with a flash picture she some how reflects red. Do you know why this happens, or how I can counter it. Its not her eyes, but her checks and forhead. thanks for any help on this. Tom
kent larnhill06-Oct-2005 10:22

I think you have the best galleries here! All your photographs are truly inspiring, great composition and amazing color and lighting. I'm very impressed. Keep up the good work.

Michele F. 02-Oct-2005 04:00
I love your work. Wanda is extremely beautiful.
foxy 20-Sep-2005 00:53
your wife and daughter are both
stunningly beautiful your a very lucky man.
plus your photography is also very good
but you do have a good subject to work with.
velvet6209-Sep-2005 20:19
one of the best pages here
Graham Tomlin28-Aug-2005 19:49
you have a wonderful collection of pictures on your site and so many views, i am in awe.
Crazyhorse 27-Aug-2005 11:21
A true artist
Guest 23-Aug-2005 03:51
Glad to hear things are well and that you are enjoying your "part time" job. I am truly surprised that anything could keep you away from the camera this long, though. Hope you enjoyed your trip to our part of the country.
Wm. Bates22-Aug-2005 17:26
Thanks everyone for looking in and wondering where we are. It has just been very busy the last week. I put 32hours in at work in two days....they call this part time??? Plus Wanda and I spent the last four days in Indianapolis. I'm hoping things can get back to normal in the next few weeks after we get the store up and running. So bare with us over the next week or two.
Guest 22-Aug-2005 15:17
I hope your very notable PBase absence is merely a brief vacation and not a sign of some misfortune. I'm sure I'm not the only one who misses your daily gems.
Take care,
Guest 20-Aug-2005 15:38
We have missed you ! I pray all is OK !
Harry David Horning19-Aug-2005 21:35
I have been missing you, I hope your ok. I see you have not been keeping up with your PDA (I check it every mon-fri) or been at in several days, I hope your just out taking photos or working too hard. I love your gun photos, but, if this work thing is going to get in the way of playing you might have to do something about that. Love your work and hope to see more soon. You are a true inspiration!
One of your Fans
Harry David Horning
Bill G 19-Aug-2005 11:44
Having been a former photographer of my 2nd wife, back in the days of only prints, seeing wanda in so many gorgeous poses brings back so many fond memories. Even though I'm happily married, a part of me wishes to bring my 2nd wife back for some of the same photography. Any chance on seeing any other websites where wanda is? Anyway, thanks for the memories brought back and keep up the GREAT work.
Tom H 26-Jul-2005 13:03
Very nice work, a lot of time must go into your art.
You are very blessed to have a wife who will let you use her as such a model. I can not even get my wife in front of the lens sitting on a park bench. How do I help her get more comfortable with the other side of the lens? Like I said you are very blessed to have such a wife. Never forget that. God's blessings to you my friend.
Guest 19-Jul-2005 03:08
Very impressive work.
I think almost every photograph is Poster quality within it's composition and colours..
very very nice.
If PS is limited on the photos all the inspires me more..if a lot fo work is done through software like Fred Miranda plug ins etc..then I need to improve in that area..cause I would love to have those colours in my landscape shots...
BTW-his message is PRIVATE..

Again beautiful gallery..
Guest 07-Jul-2005 07:48

I just visited your galleries and they are really great
keep up the good work

greetings from Belgium,
David T.24-May-2005 02:50
Wanda and Liz...very beautiful women. Great photography too. The type of work you do is the type I aspire to. Enjoyed your galleries.
David Hurd 15-May-2005 17:13
I envy your ability to take such awesome photographs. I must say that your model is quite awesome too. Glad I surfed across your website.
Guest 10-May-2005 16:00
Thank you for your comment. I feel honored to receive recognition from someone whose work I admire. Congratulations on the great Pbase Magazine honoring the fantastic work you’ve done! Your passion with photography is evident to all who see your work. Your efforts and vision continue to elevate the craft we share in common, the art of photography.

Guest 10-May-2005 08:05
Bravo Bill pour ces superbes photos,
l'éclairage, la composition et surtout les sujets sont superbes (merci Wanda),
je vous regarde depuis la Suisse et je passe de bons moments. Merci.
PS: Je serais très heureux de pouvoir regarder votre dossier qui porte un code d'entrée.
Salutations à vous Bill et Wanda.
fraga 10-May-2005 07:50
Super vos photos Bill,
je les regarde depuis la Suisse (Europe), et je trouve que l'éclairage la composition et les sujets (surtout Wanda) sont parfait. Merci pour autant de beauté.
Cynthia 23-Apr-2005 20:14
Oh Bill,
First you amaze us with your wonderful wildlife and landscape topics, then you enthrall us with a year of lovely Wanda............... Now you tease us with a protected private stock. If it's like fine wine, or at least 80 proof, I'd like access. Please?

Guest 21-Apr-2005 20:59
Bill and Wanda,

It has been a pleasure to view your PAD series and inspiring for someone who is not really a good people photographer to see how you can make fantastic images from simple poses and lighting. I wish you both all the best for the future and keep striving for the things that make you happy.

Guest 19-Apr-2005 15:33
Another person who saw you in the mag. I have been looking through the Wanda Pad. You have some really awe inspiring images!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work - I am still trying to get over you two being grandparents WOW
Guest 18-Apr-2005 14:00
hi bill and wanda, just wanted to say I love your gallery. I am just starting out and your pictures give me something to work for and try and get better.just wanted to say keep up the godd work. by the way you are a very lucky guy
Deb17-Apr-2005 15:00
WoW Bill.. Your galleries are awesome. Your story in Pbase Mag was enjoyable to read. You and your wife are quite inspiring! Good luck always to you and yours... Deb
Guest 08-Apr-2005 21:03
Praytell, what is "Bill's Private Stock," and what's all this about password protected?
Guest 08-Apr-2005 04:36
I know I am getting too involved with photography, when I can't decide if I envy you more for your life with Wanda, or your inventory of lenses.

Life is not fair.

Enjoy Nirvana,
Guest 03-Apr-2005 19:55

Thanks for taking the time to check out my gallery. I really enjoy your pictures and check back periodically to see if there are any updates. Your obviously very beautiful but, most of all, a wonderful personally comes through in your images. You look like you're having fun and they're fun to look at.

Guest 29-Mar-2005 17:24
Love all your work its inspiring. Well done
Guest 20-Mar-2005 23:27
ROTFLMAO!!!! Ah, Wanda, I love your humor and don't let him fool you for a minute! He loves those crazy cats more than I do!! and about the handcuffs, I was just thinking about them a little while ago, but I wasn't quick enough and he hid them from me! hmmph! Can ya tell my 'halo' is never on straight! :o) Gerie
Wm. Bates10-Mar-2005 05:37
Sorry Bill, there are things I can edit and things I can't...names I can't but don't worry only us PBasers can read it.
Photos by K910-Mar-2005 05:15
Bill and Wanda, I commented on your image from today 3/9/05, and I didn't relize that my message would be tagged with my whole name. I have edited my account to correct this. If you could edit my comment name, if this is possible I would appreciate it. Thanks. And Thanks again for the enjoyable year.

Robert L Grupp08-Mar-2005 06:33
Bill -- your eye for art and beauty -- and especially the magnificent glories of nature -- has blessed me and many others, I'm sure.

I have been captivated by your photos. I also note the extensive use of the Canon 10D, s I credit you with excellent taste in cameras, too! Thank you for your love of all things good!

BOB GRUPP - Le Mars, Iowa
CDS31-Jan-2005 04:58
Recently I took ill.. and Just wanted to let you know that I look forward to the continuing saga of your Wanda's PaD during my recovery, you're truly a very talented artist Bill and Wanda is a exceptional lady and model. Thanks to both of you for all you do even tho you might not know you're doing anything ;)

David J Smith 21-Jan-2005 13:58
Hi Bill,

Having enoyed your photos of Wanda for a while now, I am suddenly curious what was the very first Wanda PAD.

You not only manage to capture Wanda's beauty, but also your passion for the geography of the Rockies; something I miss here in Toronto.

Any chance you could post it, or forward a link?

Best Regards,
Al 23-Dec-2004 14:56

How about posing Wanda with some of your photographic equipment (cameras, tripods, lights, etc.?
G.M. Hattrup21-Dec-2004 13:55
Thank you for a year of wonderful work.
Your work is an inspiration for the new and experienced alike.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.
John 26-Nov-2004 13:43
First, Happy Thanksgiving, Bill & Wanda (a day late, I know, but the sentiment is there *grin*). The comment section for your PAD wasn't on, and I wanted to congratulate you on the shot taken yesterday (Nov. 25). INCREDIBLY wasn't the "full belly" that caught my eye, but the almost abstract quality of the play of light and shadow. One of the best of the month, and something very different than your earlier figure studies.

Going to a tiger sanctuary for a shoot today..we've had our first snow, and this sanctuary holds five adult tigers, one white. It was formerly funded by the University of Wisconsin, and is now owned by Crown Valley Winery in Ste. Genevieve, MO. Looking forward to the shoot. Take care, both of you!

Guest 10-Nov-2004 21:28
Thanks for the response. I have been trying Canon's EFV and Canon's DPP and Breezebrowser. I have not been happy with the results from Breezebrowser and noticed that you were getting very good results. DPP seems to do a pretty good job to me, but is clunky to use. I am going to try ACR and wait on C1 support as well. Thanks - James
Wm. Bates10-Nov-2004 14:34
Right now I'm using Adobes CS raw converter. The Canon software kind of sucks. I'm really hoping Capture One will hurry up and come out with support for the 20D. With my 10D I find CaptureOne has the quickest work-flow and gave the best results.
Guest 10-Nov-2004 07:41
Assuming you are shooting raw, what are you using to convert your 20d raw files?
Naturephoto Monique09-Nov-2004 22:03
Your eye sees the true beauty in every scene, your lens reflects the beauty in your soul.
I enjoyed your gallery, keep up the excellant work.
Guest 04-Nov-2004 03:55
Bill, every gallery is utterly unbelievable. From the Wanda PAD, the sunsets, landscapes, wildlife.... what next??? The quality, creativity, and execution are other-worldly. You are simply inhuman!
Lisa02-Nov-2004 15:35
Bill: I have been following your Wanda galleries for some time now. I am so impressed by your creativity and the new ideas you come up with day after day, just boggles the mind. You and Wanda have a very special and unique relationship and it shows in your work. Keep up the great work.
Guest 13-Oct-2004 14:28
Hi I am impressed by all the Pictures you have shot.Very Nice.I am a bit curious about your gear.If you dont mind what lenses and cameras do you have.JUST CURIOUS :-)

Nazim Lokhandwala
Guest 06-Oct-2004 06:11
Great Galleries. the bird gallery is the best i've seen! Girds arent really my thing but yours are apealing. I grew up in Aspen CO and the finch's would eat out of our hands on the mountain. I like all your galleries.
Vinofreak 29-Sep-2004 04:06
Reading your thread in regarding Yellowstone and your new 20d led me to your site. After using and exceeding limits of 4 point-and-shoot digitals I just purchased this amazing camera and with it, aspire to see and share moments of the world in which I live. After viewing your galleries I am humbled with the realization that I have a very long trail to follow. I applaud your vision, sense of light, patience and above all what seems to be a perfect partnership with Wanda.

"Pursuit of shared passions keep the strong together, the heart and mind hale, but beyond all, make life truly worth living". Anon.
Guest 28-Sep-2004 16:24
Thank you.....simple! Both you and Wanda.

I come here everyday to see what you have posted. Wanda is wonderful, a great sport and very beautiful.

Thanks for sharing your world.
Lus Pereira24-Sep-2004 08:26
I really admire your great talent. Every day I visit your galleries. Wanda is simply fantastic.
Keep up the good work.
(soory for my english)
Guest 18-Sep-2004 19:43
I am sure you realize how truely blessed you are to be able to photography such stunning subjects. The wildlife is outstanding. Many of us would just like the oprotunity to see such awesome creatures, and you have been able to capture those moments in time, and then share them with others. There is a Wildlife photographer competition. Not sure if you are aware of it, but here is the link:

Another Guest 03-Sep-2004 17:41
The immediatly foregoing post sounds like it is coming from a person who has morality issues of their own to worry about. Not one of the pictures of Wanda are in poor taste or in any way inappropriate to anyone who realizes that beauty need not be something to deny, hide from, cover up, or become judgemental about. The only two people who's opinion of Wanda's photographs being appropriate or not are she and William. Your comments imply that the more revealing photos are somehow "dirty". They are anything
but. Only William and Wanda's view of whether or not these photos are OK to publish here matters. And the generalization that only guys can or will be leering at them is in itself annoying and insukting. Please keep your squeaky morality to yourself.

These pictures are about the celebration of beauty, not fuel for fetish or sitting in judgement. Please know, Bill and Wanda, that most of us clearly see the difference.
Guest 02-Sep-2004 07:42
Wanda does have very very beautiful eyes!!! The most beautiful eyes I've ever seen!! I usually get a lot of compliments on my bluish-green eyes but hers are definitely the most beautiful blue eyes!!! Brandy looks soooooo much like Wanda. But I think it's kind of sad how you are exposing your wife on a public sight, don't you think it's a little disrespectful? You want gross, disgusting, pervert guys drooling over her lingere pics?!!!
Eddie Ling27-Aug-2004 19:12
Great album, I really enjoy them, especially the landscape gallery. I love all the color tone. Thankx for sharing. Keep up the good work and keep posting. I'll come back from time to time.
Ray Ross 27-Aug-2004 04:52
I am saddened to se you comments from others elimanated. I saw the frightful comment that probably made you make this decision. Is there a way that comments could only be made by members only?? I enjoy the photos very much, but equally important are the comments by you and others about the photos.
Ray Ross
Wm. Bates18-Aug-2004 05:06
Sounds good to me. Now we just need a location and date. For this type of thing I always like Las Vegas. Cheap rooms and good airfare from almost anywhere. Lots of other things to do and close to some great nature photography spots. Zion is only 2 hours away.
Kenneth Zimmerman18-Aug-2004 02:17
Your stuff is great. I know many people are following the Wanda series. Do you think anyone would be interested in a PBase convention? I'd love to meet the Pad'ers
Guest 10-Aug-2004 17:28
Both you and your wife are amazing!

I'm new to photography. But luckily I met a pro last Saturday and he is happy to teach me how to take photos.

I wish some day I'd take photos half good as yours. :)

Take care, you guys.

Ed Magowan08-Aug-2004 15:05
Quote: "I'm just a rank amateur that has been playing at photography off and on for about 35 years." Hmmm, wish I could do so well at what I've played at for about for the same time (though with a long hiatus). Magnificent work, Bill - you live in a spectacular area and have the eye to capture it for those of us who don't. Thank you.

Ed Magowan
Gary 30-Jul-2004 01:47
Wow! You are an amazing photographer! The images speak eloquently
of the places, things, and people you love. I live in Sandy, Utah
just south of Salt Lake, and recognize many of the outside views.
I love the places you do and more. You, your seriously beautiful
wife (Congratulations on 23? years!!) and your camera should visit
to the east in Colorado. Not saying Utah, Nevada, California, etc.
are not beautiful too, just seems you have not yet explored the
beauty that is Colorado. I am biased a bit as I was born there. :)

But your galleries were/are a breath of fresh air, and your Wanda
is one of the most strikingly beautiful ladies I have had the vast
pleasure to see online, or elsewhere. You are stunning, Wanda.

Thank you both for the most refreshing, alluring, and comforting
place my browser has taken me in many years. Incredible, both of you!

Wm. Bates29-Jul-2004 14:15
Tom, thanks for the kind words. Here is a little background. I'm just a rank amateur that has been playing at photography off and on for about 35 years. It would be fun if I could make a living taking the pictures I like too; but, that isn't the case. I do sell a few prints now and then. To bad it doesn't begin to cover the cost of my passion.

Wanda works, very part time, for a florist. She went to work with them a few years ago one or two days a week to get her out of the house.

We are now empty nesters that are lucky enough to live and enjoy some of the simple pleasures that life has to offer. We both enjoy the great outdoors. We're lucky enough to live close enough to so much natural beauty that we can be in the wilderness in minutes.

So right now life is good.
Tom 28-Jul-2004 19:38
Dear Mr: Bates
I have been starting taking pictures of nature and my family with my new dig. camera. I have come across your pictures here and find them just awesome. I see you have a real love and nack for it. Do your take photos for a living or is this just something for the side. You pictures of Wanda are just great also what does Wanda do for a living? Every thing about your album just seems intreging (if I spelled that right). How about a little back ground info on you to.

Thanks for all

Tom From Wisconsin (Lots of great things in this state to take pics of also)
Bobby Johnson21-Jul-2004 12:37
Hi, William! I must admit I got my first glimpse of your galleries when I stumbled across your Wanda galleries. Nothing more I can say about those ... it's all been said already. You two work together very well. But after I added you to my favorites, I looked at your other galleries, and I must say that you are VERY good at what you do! I particularly love the "Predators" gallery, but they're all wonderful. I guess it might tip you off as to my age when I say that I enjoy looking at your other galleries just as much as I enjoy seeing what you and Wanda are up to today! LOL! Keep up the great work!!
Guest 11-Jul-2004 04:19
I just wanted to say a quick hello after running into you and Wanda at the photography store back in June (I think you were picking up lighting equipment for the 6/18 photo). Excellent work. I'm always looking for feedback on my work, so feel free to drop by my portfolio and let me know what you think.
Guest 26-May-2004 04:00
Your pictures are amazing. Thank you for sharing. The Wanda gallery is a fantastic idea and contains some breathtaking photos!
Kate 23-May-2004 23:58

You have amazing pictures! Your wife is lucky to have someone take her picture.
She's a pretty woman. What kind of camera do you use? Did you study photography? I am just in awe! Keep up the good work! I like taking pictures and I am ok with my pictures. What state are u guys from?

Kate, San Diego,CA
dave 13-May-2004 16:18
Your work is wonderful; Wanda is certainly lovely; the larger truth that I see in your PAD of Wanda is the beauty of an enduring relationship. Keep at it.
David Winge16-Apr-2004 02:56
Wanda is beautiful, truly, and your hockey photos ROCK
tglass18-Mar-2004 05:23
I'm stuck at work in a flourescent lit room, checking out your galleries and thinking, I think I would rather be in Alaska or Utah or... well, you know what I mean. Very nice landscape work!
Jeff Cochran15-Mar-2004 05:18
Hello, I enjoyed your photos.Thx for sharing. :)
G. Horn 23-Feb-2004 15:36
As a huge fan and frequent traveller to Zion and Bryce.. actually all the canyons; I deeply appreciate your ability to show the absolute glory through your lens.
I am a huge fan of yours Bill and admire your work greatly. Thank you
Guest 06-Jan-2004 03:06
All I can say is "WOW". I'm blown away by your images. My daughter and I greatly enjoyed looking in all your galleries. Thanks for bringing us to places we've never been before.. and treating us to such rare beauty.

Guest 18-Dec-2003 05:53
J'ai retenu votre site comme excellent.Toutes vos photos sont tellement réalistes
et pour moi,un dépaysement (another world)They are all wonderfull.I liked very very much
Henri(excuse me for my english )
Guest 10-Dec-2003 12:14
Hi Bill! I am always amazed at the pure excellence of your stunning photography! Awesome my friend! Donna:)
Ray Lander07-Dec-2003 18:38
Your galleries are gorgeous. Very impressed. Congratulations on your POTD's. Thank you for posting and sharing.

Maureen Santina 05-Dec-2003 18:31
I checked out your photos. You have many beautiful images.
Guest 01-Dec-2003 00:40
Love your galleries! You do excellent work! It also looks like you get around quite a bit. I need to win the lottery so I can travel. :)

Mrs Grainger 29-Nov-2003 15:00
Ian showed me your pictures and there out of this world there so lovely almost feel as if I was there.keep up the good work.
Guest 25-Nov-2003 07:18
On peut admirer chacune devos prises de vue,
elles sont toutestrès riches de couleur et d'une exécutions
parfaite -Bravo-Henri
Guest 21-Nov-2003 03:03
Absolutely stunning! Love every shot! Donna
Bob Cammarata 19-Nov-2003 16:11
This was my first visit to your site. Your images are great! Love the lightning and sunrise/sunset shots.
Wm. Bates10-Nov-2003 06:05
If you do let me know. If time and schedule allows it is fun to hookup with other photographers when they make into the area.
Guest 10-Nov-2003 04:13
Very nice!
Used to live in Telluride back in the 80's and many of your photos are of places familiar.
Got to get back up there with my Drebel and lay waste to the landscape.
Nice Shooting
Matt Turner
Guest 10-Nov-2003 04:09
Very nice!
Used to live in Telluride back in the 80's and many of your photos are of places familiar.
Got to get back up there with my Drebel and lay waste to the landscape.
Nice Shooting
Matt Turner
Brenda Adams 04-Nov-2003 16:29
I enjoyed your beautiful pictures,
Nate 11-Sep-2003 18:42
Great photos, Bill! I really enjoy your work, and I envy you - I hope to post some of my wildlife shots soon. I use a Canon EOS 10D and an EOS 650 with 28-80 and 70-300 lenses.

Do you have your own site? In my opinion, pbase is BUTCHERING your pictures with bad optimization. I bet the originals are even more stunning!

again, great shots! Keep sharing your work...