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Chucttruh 21-Jul-2011 04:30
Very Interesting Information! Thank You For Thi Information!
Chucttruh 19-Jul-2011 03:53
Thanks For This Blog, was added to my bookmarks.
Usequenet 15-Jul-2011 04:18
Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.
optodielmived 11-Jul-2011 05:35
You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material
effildIncitle 11-Jun-2011 12:30
I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!
Mona Sundelius 04-Apr-2011 18:36
I love your pictures! Composition, colours, motives – all! You do see the small things in the bigger and manage to show it to us in such a touching way! I can see that spring has reached America, too!
Thank you!
Best regards, Mona Sundelius, Norway.
Guest 18-Dec-2010 09:06
What a wonderful pictures! From time to time I will be back to see all your galleries.
princess11-Feb-2010 06:04
Fantastic eye for composition! Your work is outstanding.
Thanks for sharing.
vrishi 20-Jan-2010 06:54
ordinary yet extraordinary....beautiful combination! m glad i stumbled upon ur gallery...:)
Rosemarie Kusserow15-Oct-2009 06:34
It is always a great plesure for me to view at your wonderful works Steven, thanks for sharing your art with us, have a great day, Rosemarie :o))
Tad 08-Jun-2009 00:40
The work looks great, Steve. There are some really incredible photos here. I especially like the ice pictures.
Guest 26-Dec-2008 09:04
Hi Steven,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Rosemarie Kusserow27-Mar-2008 07:16
I´m glad to find your works Steven, I strolled a bit through your galleries and I have to put you to my favorieties, because I would like to come back to enjoy more, regards, Rosemarie :o)
Pablo Yáńez09-Jan-2008 03:22
Fantastic Eye!

Rarely have I seen such great images dealing with the textures and patterns in nature. I started with your "Streaming" images and was hooked (I think you are a hydrogeologist at heart).

Thanks for sharing.

Guest 04-Oct-2007 10:19
Your work is great - really different - how do you do it?
Guest 27-Jun-2007 13:22
Thank you for posting your pictures. They're a great inspiration to me.
Guest 09-Jun-2007 06:00
Nice galleries! I like your style :)
Guest 28-Apr-2007 05:52
Great Gallery
Jean-Claude Liehn18-Mar-2007 06:22
What I say about your ICE gallery is true for all your work. It is very homogeneous. This is a great quality. I like it. Jean-Claude, Reims, France.
Craig Sadler13-Mar-2007 02:49
I love the way you see the world steven. Beautiful photography:-))
Guest 08-Mar-2007 13:36
It's a pleasure to spend a lazy evening sifting through your pictures.
Guest 25-Dec-2006 16:02
Thanks for your appreciation and encouragement. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
csmallari17-Dec-2006 15:00
Thank you oh so much for all the wonderful comments... really appreciate it a lot :)
kinta03-Dec-2006 13:24
Hi Steven! Thank you for visitting to my gallery and a wouderful comment on my photo. You have a keen eye to capture the characteristic shapes and colors of nature, indeed! 25-Nov-2006 12:32
Cool site. Thanks. find bride
Guest 31-Oct-2006 20:56
Thank you for visiting "Jean's Garden" and posting an encouraging comment to my "Scantily Exposed" photo. Thoroughly enjoyed browsing through your galleries. Will be back for more.
Best regards - salpimienta.
Massimiliano Farinetti04-Oct-2006 07:55
Hi Steven, thanks for your comments to my image.
If you have time I invite you to visit my site.
Massimiliano Farinetti
henry fry 01-Sep-2006 14:26
Your work is very inspiring. I was browsing for almond bud reference and was becoming
irritated and bored. I happened on your gallery and the images just grabbed hold. I
wanted more. I am an artist too, an old and seasoned one very familiar with art history,
galleries, museum art etc. You are very gifted, Steven. Your work touches the soul.
csmallari30-Aug-2006 14:51
Thanks again Steven for the much appreciated comments and the visits to my PAD gallery. Enjoy your day :)
csmallari26-Aug-2006 14:49
Thank you so much Steven for the visit to my gallery and the nice comments. Have a wonderful day :-)
Guest 23-Aug-2006 20:26
Ooops...regarding my comment below.
What I wanted to say was that I've never seen the like of it before...
Guest 23-Aug-2006 20:13
Amazing galleries! Your natural images are outstanding. I've seen the like of it before.
A great source of inspiration.

Thanks a lot,
Guest 15-Aug-2006 15:02
Hi Steven,
Thanks for dropping by an leaving a comment. Your work is superb, you have a great eye for color and design. I have added you to my favorites list and will return frequently.
best regards,
Guest 09-Aug-2006 15:54
Hi Steven. Thanks for visiting my gallery and leaving your comment.
Your opinion means a lot after seeing your gallery.
The images are lovely. The composition and lighting are just superb.
I take it you only use natural lighting for your shots? They are just simply inspirational.
Erin McNally05-Aug-2006 09:37
Aloha Steven, wow...what great galleries you have, very nice work. Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving such encouraging feedback, led me to your site.
Cheers, Erin
Photo Club Pavillonnais27-Jul-2006 18:26
... absolument magnifique !!
Ron S. Bernardo25-Jul-2006 02:54
Hi Steven,
thank you for your kind comment and visiting my PaD gallery.
Guest 23-Jul-2006 08:12
Thank you for your visit and comment.Loved the natural imaging gallery of yours.
Guest 18-Jul-2006 19:22
All your galleries are so interesting and full of remarkable images.
Guest 17-Jul-2006 23:53
Hi Steven: Thank you so much for your kind comment on my "Bokeh" photograph. I took a glance at some of your pics and they are very nice. I will come back to see them later and give more time. Best wishes. JARIS
Katie Chew15-Jul-2006 04:10
Thank you for your comment on my photo I posted today.
csmallari15-Jul-2006 02:20
Thanks Steven for the recent visit to my PAD gallery and for the nice comments. You never seize to amaze me with your wonderful way of photographing the things around us ... looking forward to more of your photos. Have a great weekend :-)
Guest 11-Jul-2006 07:39
Really enjoyed looking through your galleries. I really like this style of photography. You have a wonderful balance of aesthetics and technique. Have to leave now before I get fired, but I will be back!
Guest 02-Jul-2006 14:48
Great eyes :)
Guest 01-Jul-2006 08:25
great galleries. Lots of art!
Guest 30-Jun-2006 22:30
Thank you for your visit and comment. Photography and the web allows me to capture and share wonderful moments with the world. I, like many other photographers, believe we are living in a wonderful time!
Naoki Hayashi's Photo Gallery20-Jun-2006 18:30
Hi Steven
Thank you for your kind comment.You give me your coment always.I'm very glad to you.

Best Regards

Guest 19-Jun-2006 10:03

Hi Steven

It was a real pleasure visiting your galleries!

Best Regards

Tad Janocinski - Australia
Naoki Hayashi's Photo Gallery15-Jun-2006 01:10
Thank you for your comment.Keep them coming Excellent work!
Naoki Hayashi's Photo Gallery13-Jun-2006 01:02
Your gallery is absolutely beautiful!Your emageing,technic and sensibilitity are perfect!! I'll check back your gallery latere.Thank you very much.
Naomi 02-Jun-2006 15:08
I enjoyed rambling through your galleries. You have a unique and lovely style.
Alyssa Francesca31-May-2006 02:33
Thank you for visiting my galleries! You've got a wonderful talent! Your images were a pleasure to view!
Guest 30-May-2006 17:30
Thank you for your nice comment on Soft Iris!
Guest 28-May-2006 16:50
Thank you for your nice comment on my PAD. Regards
Manas Khan28-May-2006 10:10
Thanks for your appreciation on my photograph
Joaquin M Garcia Leal26-May-2006 19:18
Thank you for your comments on my picture
csmallari18-May-2006 00:52
Hi Steven. Thank you so much for the nice comments and the visit to my PAD gallery. Yes, it was definitely hard to see because it was so tiny but after hours of waiting patiently under the tree, my eyes got used to seeing the slightest of movements so as the hours went by, it became easier to see them :-) Hope you are having a nice day :-)
optimist13-May-2006 06:57
Love the way you see and capture the world...
Guest 11-May-2006 13:57
It's a pleasure to know you and your photos! It was also a pleasure read your comment on one of mine! For all, I thank you!
Guest 11-May-2006 12:45
Thanks Steve, one can set and hear hundreds of them singing their courting songs hoping to attrack a female...
Marcia Colelli08-May-2006 11:21
Thank you once again for your comment on my wildflower.

I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your abstract photography, I sent your link to a friend of mine who has a site where he is teaching a few about photography and he was very impressed also and posted it for others to see and also gave an assignment to try to find the abstract shots over the weekend.
Marcia Colelli05-May-2006 10:08
Thank you for your comment on my Peony, Love the intersting abstract take you have to your photgraphy.
Marcus Rugger04-May-2006 14:12
Thank you for your comments on my picture of the day. I appreciate it very much.
Guest 10-Apr-2006 11:53
You had some excellent galleries....I just finished looking at the FIRST album. The pictures are very nice. Great compositions.....I will return soon to see more. :-)
Guest 09-Apr-2006 17:09
Your beautiful pictures puts a lot of aspiring people like myself to shame.
Guest 23-Mar-2006 11:09
Thanks Steve. Actually I did edit that photo witht the oil painting feature to get the desiered effect. Looked at your galleries, extremely nice shots in there !
Guest 20-Mar-2006 14:00
Thanks Steve for the nice comment on my duck image...
Guest 18-Mar-2006 13:56
Thanks Steve for the welcome back and your nice comment on my coyote....
csmallari17-Mar-2006 02:37
Hi Steven :-) First let me thank you for the nice comments that you left in my guestbook - I always appreciate them.
I looked at your recent photos and I must say that you really have a special way of photographing and composing the ordinary everyday things in nature that people tend to NOT notice at all. Thank you sooooooooo much for opening our eyes in learning to appreciate nature in your own wonderful way through your beautiful photos :-)
Guest 11-Mar-2006 15:15
Sue Robertson referred me to your work and just want to say it is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing!
Guest 02-Mar-2006 14:50
Thanks Steve, yes there are many nice scenics....
Guest 16-Feb-2006 07:27

I am awestruck and speechless! Your 'natural imaging' galleries are simply amazing. I have never seen so many galleries where *every single* image is outstanding. Such breathtaking beauty. Thank you so much for sharing. I will be back here often for inspiration.

take care.
Yves Pinsonneault. Photographe08-Feb-2006 23:29
You do have some wonderful images ...
Guest 08-Feb-2006 11:19
This gallery shows a world of colors,shades of colors and composition of colors. voted. And i will come back regularly, definitely.
Guest 04-Feb-2006 15:04
Yes Steve I know, there is a Wildlife Refuge near by and they often use this field for their hunting, no open water, it's all frozen at the moment. Thanks for the comments...
Sue Robertson04-Feb-2006 10:02
I am so impressed with your work. Very professional You have a real talent for composition.
csmallari29-Jan-2006 15:02
Glad you liked the sunset photo. Thanks for the nice comments :-)
Guest 27-Jan-2006 13:14
Thanks Steve, it was a sunny day that day lol...
Guest 25-Jan-2006 22:24
Thanks for your kind comment to my photo. I'm glad to get the chance to view your beautiful collection! I liked very mach your Natural series
csmallari19-Jan-2006 09:42
Thanks for the nice comments regarding the sunbird photo. Yes, it was singing alright and quite loudly too. I just love it when they start to sing coz it tells me to get my camera and start shooting :-)
Guest 18-Jan-2006 14:53
Thanks Steve for your humerous comment, much appreaciated...
Michelle Rhea17-Jan-2006 06:29
Just stumbled upon your galleries, and I'm loving them!
Guest 17-Jan-2006 04:37
Thanks for your nice comments on my image...
AL07-Jan-2006 14:58
Thanks for your kind comment and glad to get the chance to view your beautiful collection! Look forward to learning more from you but I'll need quite a while to study every single fine work of yours. Thanks again for sharing.
nordic07-Jan-2006 11:40
Steve, you see nature in the most beautiful way, thanks for the comment and leading me to your wonderful galleries.
Guest 02-Jan-2006 20:06
I won't start with "Thanks Steve", but thanks Steve. I liked your Natural series, which gave me the push to do some more artistic things with some of the photos I have. I began by trying to truly represent the bird and environment. But so often you have the ability to do a great crop and change light and texture and whow. So anyway I think both ways now. I also know I have the artistic ability to do other landscape etc shots, but I just have to learn more about how my digital camera and software works. If you want check out my "Acid Geese" gallery in my "Swans and Geese" gallery. Thanks,
Scott Meyer
Guest 31-Dec-2005 16:19
Steven - I would like to thank you for commenting on pictures in my gallery. Your kind comments are greatly appreciated. I would like to wish you a very Happy New year and will be looking forward to see your submittals in the coming year. Thanks again
csmallari30-Dec-2005 14:39
Thanks for dropping by my PAD gallery again and for the nice comment. Your galleries are truly wonderful !!!
Guest 11-Dec-2005 12:28
I'm really enjoying all these galleries, lots to think about!
Guest 27-Nov-2005 14:42
Thanks again Steve for your nice comment on my frost the way, I have put your galleries on my favorits list of artest to view each morning...
Guest 27-Nov-2005 00:33
Thank you for your nice comment, you have an interesting perspective on things in your galleries. Love them.
Eckhart Derschmidt20-Nov-2005 11:49
Hi Steven, thanks for your encouraging comments. Browsing through your galeries is a great inspiration. I really appreciate what you are doing. Best, Eckhart
Roald Synnevaag19-Nov-2005 21:51
You have some great images in this gallery...very nice work
Guest 15-Nov-2005 16:34
Hi Steven,

Many thanks for your interest in my meagre efforts.
By the by you have a very interesting site. I enjoyed it very much

Guest 08-Nov-2005 11:51
Thank you very much for your kind comment. Your galleries are wonderful...full of color and texture!
David Simerly26-Oct-2005 14:02
Thanks for your continued interest in my galleries. It really means a lot to me!
Someone with your talent givnig me such nice comments just makes my day whever i see them.
Guest 24-Oct-2005 07:04
Hi Steven, thanks for taking the time to comment on my image, I appreciate it very much.
I enjoyed visiting your great galleries also, especially "not so natural", brilliant work, I will be visiting often.
Thanks again
Mark Koeppen19-Oct-2005 14:38
Hi Steven,

Thank you for viewing my galleries and taking the time to comment. You know, I think we all strive for some recognition through our camera lenses via our galleries. Your work is superb. The images are crisp and clean, color is extremely well balanced and composition and sense of space is very creative.

Thanks again for your input. Your galleries have been a source of inspiration for me.

sara turner10-Oct-2005 23:28
i cant believe that you gave me a positive comment on an image in one of my galleries- your art is fantastic! i could only dream of being able to capture some of the image sthat you have with such beauty and grace. i love the simplicity and elegance of your natural series especially. any advice from you would be cherished! sara (
Brando Ho06-Oct-2005 05:03
Hello Steven,
Excellent shoots in your "natural" gallery!! Great composition and colors.....nice job, Steven.
Guest 25-Sep-2005 07:22
Thank you for your most recent commenton: and previous ones if I have not already thanked you before.. My mind is not what it use to be.. I have visited before and once again have enjoyed the tour of your galleries.. wonderful work.
Guest 06-Sep-2005 14:26
Thanks for visiting my PaD gallery Steven.
The "Green Abstract" that you liked belongs to this series:

I visited you galleries. Great quantity and quality. I particularly liked the "Not So Natural" series. Lots of excellent shots there.

Guest 05-Sep-2005 14:57
Wow.... pretty amazing stuff here.
Thanks for visiting my gallery....
Roe..03-Sep-2005 01:40
Steven..your images are magical..I enjoyed the trip..
I'll be back..
Guest 02-Sep-2005 13:14
Thank you for your gracious comments and the opportunity it gave me to visit your site. You use the camera to explore wonderful possibilities. I particularly enjoy your abstract nature work. Keep up the good work!
Guest 01-Sep-2005 20:15
Hi Steven - just stopping by to say thanks for your various comments on my PaD galleries over the last month. Just the encouragement I needed to keep me going! Really enjoyed looking through your galleries - elegant is a good word. Cheers, Steve
Guest 22-Aug-2005 05:58
You should teach the Art of Photo Composition.

dave t
Piotr Sobolewski17-Aug-2005 10:03
Very nice. These are not photos, these are paintings.
Guest 14-Aug-2005 14:24
Hi Steven,
just a pleasure to come here and visit your wonderful work!
Best regards,
Scott VanderStouw12-Aug-2005 14:41

you're work has a really wonderful style... very quiet and elegant.
coaster11-Aug-2005 03:59
I hadn't visited your galleries in a while. I see you have some terrific new shots!
TGeorgePhotography07-Aug-2005 21:14
Steve, thanks for the comment on the "Red Clouds", it was a "kodak moment". Thanks again.
Guest 05-Aug-2005 13:02
Steve, Thanks for commenting on my pigeon with the planted feet at Your galleries are a powerful personal perspective - thanks for setting that example.
Günter Borgemeister05-Aug-2005 07:58
Thank you for your kind comments to my panos.
Your work is stunning, I have you in my favorites.
shenss 03-Aug-2005 04:08
Steven, thanks for your visiting and commmenting my photos. You have better ones because you have an artistic eye. I hope that i could learn something by visiting your site regularly.
Guest 02-Aug-2005 06:04
your gallerys are amazing. i like every single one of your pictures
Sharon Rogers27-Jul-2005 22:29
HI Steven, I love your natural imaging, it's a whole other way of looking at nature. Very impressive and beautiful. :-)
JS26-Jul-2005 23:15
Thanks for checking out and commenting on my PaD photo. You're stuff is amazing!
Guest 26-Jul-2005 23:07
Steve, thank you for your comment on my image of La Compania in Peru, your galleries will be where I will come for inspiration.
Guest 26-Jul-2005 05:14
Thank you Steven for the comments on my Kárahnjúkar photo. It’s an honor to receive a compliment from a photographer like you. You are becoming a regular visitor aren't you. :-) That makes me glad.
Gabriele Hasslacher25-Jul-2005 08:40
Your pictures are outstanding! You have such a strong eye for details!
It is a great pleasure to brouse through your galleries.
Guest 24-Jul-2005 05:00
Thanks for the comment about - Pierre.
Guest 23-Jul-2005 08:21
Wow! I love the pemaquid 2 photo. If you don't mind my asking, what settings and equipment did you use to obtain the shot?
Guest 21-Jul-2005 02:07
Thanks for your kind comments Steven. I always enjoy visiting your galleries.
Adalberto Tiburzi20-Jul-2005 07:19
Great photos here Steven. It's always a pleasure to browse your galleries!
matt 19-Jul-2005 05:42
Hello Mr. Jusczyk. My friend Jannette is also a wonderful photographer with a unique sense. She admires your work greatly. If you send an email to me, I will ask for her URL on p-base and send it along to you. -You do good things.
Guest 15-Jul-2005 11:48
You found to my galleries again.  It feels nice that people find them interesting enough to come back. Thank you for the comment of my “Sky” photo. I liked your galleries as well. You have many extremely good pictures. I can’t really say which are stand out more than others they are all of very high quality. I wish I would have taken some of them.;-)
Guest 15-Jul-2005 09:31
Thanks for dropping by at my gallery and leaving a nice comment on my flower with bubbles! :o) 'Just surfed on your gallery and they're great! I love your natural imaging photos. You have captured all so natural and you have a great eye for photography. Keep up the good shooting and look forward for more.. :o)
Kimberley Hannaman Taylor12-Jul-2005 13:40
Really wonderful compilation of galleries. Natural imaging is particularly fine. Keep up the great work!
Kimberley Taylor
Jeremy Drobnick12-Jul-2005 09:59
Great work, Steven. I am very impressed.

Warm Regards,
Jeremy Drobnick
fred_il12-Jul-2005 07:14
Hi Steven,
I enjoyed your work, specially the "natural imaging" galleries
some pictures are exceptional with good handling of lighting, composition and colors
Thanks for sharing and for your comments
Allen Chester11-Jul-2005 00:26
Stunning work Steven. Thanks for sharing.
Allen Chester
Guest 09-Jul-2005 01:28
Thanks so much for your encouragement. I appreciate it greatly - especially considering how beautiful your galleries are.
Guest 07-Jul-2005 16:32
Great stuff. Are they hanging in an art gallery somewhere? They should be!
Brian McAllister06-Jul-2005 08:18
Hi Steven, thanks for your encouraging comments. Your galleries are inspiring!

Best regards,
Rene Hales29-Jun-2005 11:35
Thanks for leaving a comment in my galleries so I could find you. Your ability to observe with new eyes has created many fascinating and wonderful images--a feast for other eyes.--Rene
Guest 26-Jun-2005 03:13
Hi Steven, Thank you for your kind comments on my images. I love your gallery too, especially the Natural Imagining. Great composition and texture. Very soothing to the eyes
Guest 25-Jun-2005 19:53
Hi Steven, Just had a look through your galleries. WOW! You have an amazing eye for the intimate details in nature.
I truly enjoyed all of your photos. Thanks so much for visiting my gallery and your comments. It gave me the opportunity to see your work.
Ron Asp25-Jun-2005 18:13
Steven, looked through your photo's in your galleries and they are impressive "very well done. Much thought has been put into them. Thanks for sharing, I alway follow up on others who I take interest in...ron
jude25-Jun-2005 11:06
Very impressive photos .. you have an eye with imagination.
Guest 25-Jun-2005 06:03
Beautiful images, full of interest, wonderful light and superb composition.
A delightful collection.
mike j.18-Jun-2005 08:56
Thank you for your comments on my work. I hope you come back and comment again sometime, as I will do with your galleries when I get more time (it's 5 AM here and I'm just going to sleep).

The Suburban Hippie 17-Jun-2005 14:55
Steven, Your galleries are just outstanding. The composition, lighting and colors are out of this world.
Guest 17-Jun-2005 01:00
Enjoyed your spectacular galleries. Very nicely done.
Guest 16-Jun-2005 13:56
I appreciate the compliments you made in my galleries. I guess someone is looking at them:)
Mario Presecki16-Jun-2005 12:10
Beautiful! Every single photo!
Christin Tröger11-Jun-2005 17:25
Great work, i enjoyed looking through your galleries very much.
Guest 09-Jun-2005 21:59
Great galleries! A pleasure to go through on a brake!

Guest 06-Jun-2005 12:51
Your photography is remarkable.Removing labels from everyday subjects and encouraging the viewer to make leaps with their imagination is a rare talent.Impressive!
janetspain30-May-2005 15:43
your photos are very diverse. Let's have more!
Gilles Navet30-May-2005 08:31
You have a great eyes my friend, and technical practice too
Thanks for sharing that
abitkin29-May-2005 00:49
Thank you for your comments left on my page. I truly enjoyed looking at your galleries, especialy Natural as well as Not So Natural!
Guest 28-May-2005 14:29
Thank you for you comments. You galleries have incredible captures. My favorites are your Natural as well as Not So Natural Images! You paint with your vision and enhance the craft of photograhy. Keep doing what you enjoy. It shows.

Marc Vermeulen25-May-2005 06:58
You have some beautiful work here.
rgds marc
Chuck Inglefield20-May-2005 17:38
Thanks for your recent comment. It made me discover your page. You have a very good eye for detail and capturing the often overlooked. I have added you to my favorites and look forward to seeing more of your work.
Guest 05-May-2005 11:21
thank you for the note on my page, you have some great images and i enjoyed my visit.
Guest 05-May-2005 06:49
Thank you for the encouragement. You have some really fantastic images. I enjoyed yor galleries
Gul Chotrani02-May-2005 17:45
Hey Steven....
thanks for visitng my gallery - I'd love to see more of your set up.
Guest 28-Apr-2005 07:13
A fascinating, very personal interpretation of nature. Your images are a vibrant pattern of colours and sensations.
I will be back often with joy.
Thank you
David Simerly21-Apr-2005 04:41
Thanks for your comment on my gallery. I checked out some of your images, and I am even more impressed by your comment. Your work is excellent!
Donna 08-Apr-2005 19:33
Steve, I have always admired the way that you can see the hidden beauty in the things that we all pass by . Donna
jarzombek 29-Mar-2005 01:15
Steve. Massively nice. Perfect timing that I'm in a good mood.... otherwise you'd have to talk-to-the-wing. Like, dude.
Richard Gebler 27-Mar-2005 22:39
I like the web site Steve. can't wate to see more pics
Lisa 27-Mar-2005 16:27
Hey Steve,

Finally! I love it. Amazing.
Mazz 26-Mar-2005 18:05
Juice, very nicely done, beautiful images (as Jade's Art Department buddies would have it). You have a gift, Steve, hard honed over many years. My goal is to say I knew you when. Talk to you soon...........Triple J