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Jonathan Wong 22-Dec-2020 10:15
2003年巳認識您, Haven, 當時我仍有用pbase
後來轉用facebook專頁: 光影藏情:jonathanwgphoto 希望您看到留言啦.
Guest 10-Sep-2014 04:42
Long time no see , love to see your photo here again!
hermankervel03-Sep-2014 16:10
Nice pictures
roulette 28-Nov-2006 04:56
u have the beauty site
roulette 27-Nov-2006 21:46
u have the beauty site
roulette 27-Nov-2006 18:47
u have the beauty site
Adultkh 18-Nov-2006 19:27 04-Jun-2006 12:09
was concerned in this formerly. nice.
Guest 20-Dec-2005 06:32
µL·N¶¡§ä¨ì§Aªºgallery, ¤@¬Ý, ¤ß¤¤¦³ÂI·P¨ü, ³Ì³ß·R"Lovely kid", "§Ú¦³§Ú¤Ñ¦a", "night" , «e¤GªÌ»P§Ú³ß·R¤p«¬µ£¦³Ãö§a, ±q¬Û¤ù¤¤¬yÅS¥X¥L­Ì¤Ñ¯uµL¨¸ªº²´·ú, ¯Â¯uªº¯º®e. "night"¤¤, ±N±ß¤WªºÁcºa´º¶H²Ó½o®·®», ¥O¤H·Q°_³o­Ó®a--­»´ä
³Ì«á, ¦]¬°§Ú¨à®É´¿¦í¦b¥Û"¥Û§¨"§À¤C¼h¼Óªº²Ä¥|¼Ó, ©Ò¥H¹ï"¦A¨£¤C¼h¼Ó"ªº·Ó¤ù¯S§O¦³·Pı, ¤@ª½·Q¦^¥h¬Ý¬Ý, ¦ý²{¦b§A±N³o¸Ì±a¨ì§Ú­±«e, ¥O§Ú¸£®üªx°_«Ü¦h¨à®Éªº¤ù¬q, ÁÂÁ§Aµ¹¤j®a³o¼Ë°Ê¤Hªº·Ó¤ù
Guest 08-Dec-2005 13:11
Hi Haven
We are the same kind of people, both like capture the real face of life.
Keep in tounch, I like your work!

Guest 13-Aug-2005 19:31
Landscape,Snap Shot....¼Ë¼ËÕi,¦n§Q®`!
D 29-Jul-2005 10:26
¼ö¯P¯¬¶P --- ­»´ä¡uÄá¼v·s¤HÃþ¡v

Please find compliments from my friends and my sister's friends about your interview in DC Photo issued on August 2005.

From Eric Li, my brother -- Jul 27, 2005 7:10 PM
Congratulations..........Haven, Add oil.....^u^

From Ajay Kumar, my friend in US ---- Jul 27, 2005 9:22 PM
Wow! He is really good
My congratulations to him

From Hankle Wong, my sister 2's friend --- Wed, 27 Jul 2005 10:23:30 +0800
Oh this guy really know how to use his HEART to take photo!
I'm still at the very begining......and I always said that it didn't
matter how long you've been in photography!
Thanks for sharing!

From Brenda Li, my sister --- Jul 27, 2005 11:15 PM
"chu wan" is really doing great on his photography and captured lots of beautiful landscapes, buildings, people and moments full of colors. i enjoy to view his photos and looking forward for more in the coming future. i'm proud of him.

From Angela Siu, my secondary schoolmate in US --- Jul 28, 2005 2:31 AM
very nice pic. -A

From Venus Lau, my friend --- Jul 29, 2005 3:29 AM
wah!!!! yes ar, he is really a talent photographer!!! haahaa.... picture with "heart"..... haaahaaa!!!!


Congratulationsssssssssssssss !!

Guest 17-Jul-2005 14:01
Haven¥S, §O¨ÓµL®~¶Ü?
§A³ÌªñÂà¤F·s¦W¦r, §ÚÁÙ¥H¬°¬O¥t¥~¤@­Ó¤H,
¤£¹L, ¬Ý¦^¬Û¤ù¤S·P¨ì±q«e¥÷¥~¿W¯Sªº¿Ë¤Á! Yeah!

David Dong14-Jan-2005 17:07
You have an interesting and creative eye for photography... I enjoyed browsing your images! keep up the good work!
27-Dec-2004 13:42
Very nice photos. I can see a lot of familiar faces on ¡¥Your D-Day¡¦, ¡¥On Wedding Day¡¦ and ¡¥Somewhere¡¦. Keep in touch.
Ezekiel 2015-Dec-2004 02:29
Some exceptional work here.. i was planning on visiting HK for a day (to buy lenses) but need to definitely stay longer after having seen your photos. Well done
Guest 16-Nov-2004 09:41
Ú»Lovely Kids o¬J®É­Ô¡A§Úı±o¦n¶}¤ß¡Aµ£¦~¡B¥Ã»·¥Ã»·³£·|«Y³Ì§Ö¼Ö.
Guest 22-Oct-2004 18:20
«Ü¦nªº­»´ä¬Û¶°. ¦hÁ¤À¨É.
bookmark ¤F, ºCºC¾Ç²ß. :)
Guest 03-Aug-2004 23:04

My album :
Alex Lau20-May-2004 01:36
Hello Hei, You have so many wonderful photos in your album, I am really amazed, my photos are nothing compare to yours. Your photo is so ispiring!!!

Terry 06-Jan-2004 18:16
Great photo gallery. I've bookmarked your web. Keep it up!!
Proud to have HK photographer like u!
Hang 05-Jan-2004 05:21
Johnson Chan 04-Jan-2004 09:58
I'm a designer. You have a wonderful eye. Great compositions. Tone is well-adjusted. Keep up the good work.
Guest 01-Nov-2003 08:28
you gallery is just too good.

i have lots to learn......

great job!!
Guest 17-Sep-2003 07:03
¦n¥¿ªº snap shot, bookmark ¤F~ ^^
Guest 16-Sep-2003 15:12
EXACTLY the kind of images that click to me, each of the image has a story behind them
I feel them, the emotions, the moments, the excitement and anxiety
Thank you!
-Adi- Http://
Guest 16-Sep-2003 10:51
«Üºë±mªºgallery!! Great shot!
Guest 29-Aug-2003 09:46
Hi, Hei Wong:

§Æ±æ¤é«á¯à»P§A¦bÄá¼v¤W¦h¦h¥æ¬y¡Cbye bye~! ^.^
Guest 21-Aug-2003 17:03
Guest 14-Aug-2003 00:40
great photo~

do you mind telling me what lens you have to go with ur 10D?

thank you^^~
Marvin Lee24-Jul-2003 02:28
Very nice photos:)
Guest 10-Jul-2003 17:02
great hk pics!!!! love them!!!
Maric 30-Jun-2003 09:25
Fantastic! Goregous work! You are right, HK is a real mystical city, and your work has portraited HK in angles we have never realized. I especially like the SARS outbreak-series, lots of emotion in it. Good job and keep it up!
Guest 20-Jun-2003 01:15
Hi Hei, your photos are AMAZING. You have very good style and overall some VERY VERY good images. Keep up the good work, I will return often to see your new stuff. GOOD WORK!
Guest 19-Jun-2003 19:17
did I ever tell you you are my favourite artist on Pbase? Everytime I come back and look at your photos I am really impressed. I hope to see more of your great works. The Outbreak-Series or the shots of lonely people in HK are haunting me, festivals and kids enrich my heart, and I also like Tea Time. :)
Guest 17-Jun-2003 08:46

§A¦n~ ¦nÄÁ·N§AD¬Û¬Û§r~ ¦nè°~..
§Ú¥»¨­·QŪGraphic¬J~ ¤£¹L¹ï¼v¬Û¤è­±³£¦³D¿³½ì~
¤£¹L§Úo©¥o©¥¥ý¶}©l¾Ç~ §Æ±æ§A¥i¥H«üÂI¤@¤U³â~~ ^^"
Guest 16-Jun-2003 09:11
Very nice gallery, I like all of your work!

Especially the new gallery of Chi Lin!
Guest 12-Jun-2003 11:27
ahhhh~ >.< sorry about sendin' those msg for 3 times!!! i didn't mean 2 do it!
sorry about causin' u inconvenience... would u mind delete them??^^""
Guest 12-Jun-2003 10:56
pofessional!!!!! this is da only word i can describe u!!!
ur pics r all beautiful + nice... + all da topics r really interestin as well!!!!
keep workin'!^.*
Guest 12-Jun-2003 10:56
pofessional!!!!! this is da only word i can describe u!!!
ur pics r all beautiful + nice... + all da topics r really interestin as well!!!!
keep workin'!^.*
Guest 12-Jun-2003 10:54
pofessional!!!!! this is da only word i can describe u!!!
ur pics r all beautiful + nice... + all da topics r really interestin as well!!!!
keep workin'!^.*
Guest 08-Jun-2003 10:55
Hei, you have great eye and sophisticated technique. I enjoy watching your photos very much.

I like hiking. I have been to places like Cheuk King and Tai O and taken some photos there. But just can't find any good enough to share with others. I've been looking for some modals that I can learn from and found your galleries. I believe I will come back from time to time to learn, and to enjoy.

Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful photos.
Guest 28-May-2003 23:38
hei wong,

Haven Wong28-May-2003 01:34
«È®ð,«È®ð! «üÂI§ó¤£´±·í,¤j®a¬ã¨s¬ã¨s§a¤F ^_^ ¦hÁ§AªºÆg½à!
Guest 27-May-2003 22:52

Guest 23-May-2003 05:46
Ecellent .. Impressing me !All is remarkable pics!I like your photo very much ...
I will add you be one of my favorite artist .. looking for up new photo update soon.
robocop 01-May-2003 17:42
hi ! Great pics !

I took some pics of SARS in HK. Pls take a look look !

Guest 24-Apr-2003 07:21
Hihi, hei wong,
¦n©¯¹Bclick¤J§Aªº¬Ûï, «Ü¬OªY½à§Aªº§@«~!
¤×¨ä³ßÅw«°ªù¤Îªø¨FÆW, ¦n¯S§O©O!

Guest 22-Apr-2003 00:17

I like your photos very much, they are very beautiful! May I ask you which objective you're using? Because I also want to purchase a D10 soon, but its quite hard for me to choose the right objectives. You have much more experience with D10, maybe you can give me some advise. Thanks!

Shu Ming
Guest 08-Apr-2003 07:54
Guest 30-Mar-2003 15:08
Great Work! Many nice pics in your galleries. Thanks for your sharing!
Guest 19-Mar-2003 15:00
Hei great photos!!!
steve 03-Mar-2003 07:05
I am so touched by your photos ...
meg 26-Feb-2003 05:58
it is nice to have wallpaper.