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Loretta sadler 14-Jan-2014 02:02
Shelly, I love the picture of Dad & DT from yesterday, 1/12/14. Can you give me some information on purchasing.
Patti 08-Mar-2012 02:44
Trying again...I am amazed again with your shots today of the fight. We have some eagles here that we went and watched tonight, but I just can't get the clarity that you do. What kind of camera do you use? Thanks so much!
Patti 03-Mar-2012 13:35
Hi! Your pictures of the Eagles are absolutely amazing! I was wondering what kind of camera/lens you use? Thanks so much and keep on clicking!
Shelly- VA Beach18-Nov-2011 12:40
Pat, I would be happy to contact you but you didn't leave an email.
Guest 16-Nov-2011 02:07
Your pictures of the eagles at Norfolk Botanical Garden. I am interested in buying a pic of the female (mom Norfolk). It is in 2011 nest (10/11)Gallery 4-7-11 8474 female.jpg.
Please email me with info. Thank you,
Guest 16-Nov-2011 02:06
Your pictures of the eagles at Norfolk Botanical Garden. I am interested in buying a pic of the female (mom Norfolk). It is in 2011 nest (10/11)Gallery 4-7-11 8474 female.jpg.
Please email me with info. Thank you,
Guest 21-Sep-2011 14:27
Shelly, I would like to use one of your images with permission of Mom Norfolk for a charity CD of my song Eagle. I am already also using one of Duane's photos. I am making no money off this and in fact have spent a lot recording. I'm hoping to recoup some of those costs, but the most important thing for me is to raise money for NBG, WCV and other wildlife charities. Would you contact me as soon as possible at to discuss? many thanks, Holly Lamar (one of the Eagle Peeps, also singing at the memorial dedication oct 15th my Eagle song and other songs)
Susan 06-Aug-2011 19:39
Shelly, I am very interested in purchasing a copy of Mama Legacy that you posted shortly after her death. Some one on wildlife center on facebook said at one time you offered it for free after she died. I am only saying this so you know which one I mean. It shows her in flight. Right now the only one I have has the copyright on it. Please advise how I can do this. Thanks. or susan coseglia on facebook. Susan
Susan 06-Aug-2011 19:36
Shelly, I am very interested in purchasing a copy of Mama Legacy that you posted shortly after her death. Some one on wildlife center on facebook said at one time you offered it for free after she died. I am only saying this so you know which one I mean. It shows her in flight. Right now the only one I have has the copyright on it. Please advise how I can do this. Thanks. or susan coseglia on facebook. Susan
Ginger 30-Jun-2011 11:00
I just saw your photo of the parent eagles in the nest after the second egg was laid. I purchased a picture from you about a year or so ago and I would LOVE a copy of this photo if it is for sale. Please let me know.
Phyllis Hosbach 16-May-2011 00:33
Hello: I am interested in purchasing several of your photos of the NBG male and female eagle. Are they forsale? If so, would you please contact me via my email address. Thanks so much.
Phyl 13-May-2011 17:11
Shelly, still interested in getting a price sheet, would like to purchase pic of Dad Norfolk handing off to Azelea (its a great shot!!) ... Thank You
charlie 13-May-2011 16:52
Shelly how do i buy pictures? Thanks C B
Lee Reyes 10-May-2011 23:19
Shelly; Your photos are out of this world incredible. I'm interested in purchasing #s 2679, 3069 and 9120. What are the prices and how do I go about it. Please email me. Thanks so much. Lee
Terra 08-May-2011 18:47
Shelly: I would like prices for a screensaver image of the following images and am interested in your permission to paint one for donation to the auction fundraiser in November., 132163181 and 85262058
Carol 05-May-2011 16:41
Shelly--You gave permission on the eagle cam blog for us to use the magnificent photo of mama eagle in flight that was taken in early April. I'd like to buy the photo and have it as my permanent screensaver--without your name on it. Please let me know how I can do that. Your photographs are magnificent. I have enjoyed all of them immensely.
jtstar04-May-2011 01:45
Shelly, I love your eagle pictures so much, and would like to be able to buy some, can you tell me how to go about this, is there someplace I can go to view prices/sizes etc?
Trudy Starks
Guest 04-May-2011 00:13
Shelly, You are indeed a gifted Photographer. Thank you so much for "lending" me your lens on Sunday afternoon. It allowed me to get a closer pic of Dad. But you have no reason to be worried. My photos did not come out anywhere as good as yours! Thanks again for your generosity. That was very kind of you. But I should not have been so surprized by your actions. Everyone I met on Sunday was so fantasticallt wonderful. Their love for the Eagles came right from the heart. Diane
Lisa 03-May-2011 20:32
Shelly, I love your pictures of the eagles and I would like to buy 2 of them to honor mom and dad especially for our great nephew who turns 3 this month and we have been teaching him about these two. He does not understand it all but just loved watching mom feed her babies and dad flying in with fish so I was hoping to get a couple of your pics for us and him to remember them by. They are 2679 the eagle pair and 4423 the female. Hope to hear from you just email prices and how to go about it. Thank you Lisa
Carol DeBeradinis 03-May-2011 11:47
Shelly, Your pictures are stunning!!!!! Thank you for sharing them. I am a VERY amature photographer and know how difficult it can be to get good pictures of wildlife. I am very interested in purchasing a couple of your eagle pictures. Please let me know your prices etc. Would love to have the eagles in a place of honor in my home.
Thank you!
Carol DeBeradinis
Suzanne Joers 02-May-2011 15:45
I would like to order copies of some of your beautiful photographs. Plese contact me with the to order, prices etc.
I prefer to send a check rather than ordering on line.
Thank you very much.
Suzanne Joers
Suzanne Joers 02-May-2011 15:45
I would like to order copies of some of your beautiful photographs. Plese contact me with the to order, prices etc.
I prefer to send a check rather than ordering on line.
Thank you very much.
Suzanne Joers
Connie 02-May-2011 00:49
You really take beautiful pictures. And you have captured some incredible shots. Great work. Thank you for sharing it
Guest 29-Apr-2011 20:16
Thank you for sharing the picture of the BGNV Mom - it is a beautiful picture of her and a wonderful way to remember her.
Marsha Silva 29-Apr-2011 03:14
Where are the fish exchange pictures that everyone was talking about?
Marsha Silva 29-Apr-2011 03:12
I would like to purchase some of your AMAZING pictures. Can you e-mail me your prices and what sizes I can get? Thanks so much...what a treat you had being able to see and photograph these amazing animals.
Jeanne 28-Apr-2011 16:26
I would like to order pics of Mom. 2-21-10 female eagle 8327 for sure, and I'd like another two - your choice/recommendation of your favorites, as you know certainly knew her better. Please send pricing for 8x10 and 4x6 please.
Michele King 27-Apr-2011 17:31
How can I purchase photos? I am heartbroken over the Eagle family at Norfolk.
dee ann yager 27-Apr-2011 17:28
i would like to know the price of virginia eagle pics 4-24-11 3069 female and 4-21-11 2679 eagle pair. What sizes do you offer. These are of the norfolk eagle nest right?
Cathi 02-Apr-2011 16:16
My goodness Shelly! What a gift you have! we are avid bird watchers and feeders here on our 20-acres in N. florida right on the St. Johns river. VERY big and little birds are our "cuisine customers" as well as little foxes, hares, various little rodents and a whole pascal of little varnmits-- and a family of white-tail deer. But your photographs bring so many of the creatures we see to life. Especially the marvelous eagles! thank you so much for sharing!
Pink 31-Mar-2011 21:46
Hi Shelly, you are certainly a very gifted photographer, and I love your work. I watch various nests, including the Norfolk eagles, and post screenshots in a critter thread on a forum I run for an Australian opal auction site, and I would like to request your permission to post your photo of Azalea taking the fish hand-off from papa on the forum, along with a link to your Norfolk eagle pics, if you would be so kind as to allow me. Thanks! Can't wait to go through your other pics too. Best regards!
Phyl 27-Mar-2011 21:27
Shelly, first off, beautiful photography, you had to be so excited on your end of the "fish exchange" ... and the world of digital you didn't have to wait for days to see if you got it!! I would like to get price sheet of different sizes to purchase. Thanks for all your work, I know it takes a lot of time and patience.
Birder 27-Mar-2011 16:19
Shelly, I just found your site from the eagle cam and can't wait to have enough time to view all your photos. What an amazing gift you have. Life-long Birder
Suzanne Reynolds 25-Mar-2011 21:47
These are awesome photos.... What a fantastic photographer!!! You are giving all of us such pleasure and immeasurable joy watching these regal eagles... Thank you SO MUCH !!!
Guest 14-Mar-2011 01:34
Shelly, I love your website! I was just looking at the fish exchanges from last year. So cool! I have to spend more time seeing the rest. Can't wait to see it all. Sue
Jim Yandle 28-Feb-2011 15:52
Dear Shelly:
Last yr. I asked your advice on buying a camera, and I settled on your suggestion for a Canon rebel xs eos 1000. I bought a lens 75-300 which is nice, but it doesn't reach out far enough for me to get the Birds I want. I see where e-bay has a lens which is compatible with my eos-1000, a 650-1300, at a good price. Do you think this would be a good move? Thanks! Jim
Jane Korbett 08-Aug-2010 01:03

I would like permission to use some of the Bald Eagles photos on your site. I watched the VA Bald Eagle Cam in VA all spring and sent photos from the site slide shows to Soldiers. I sent mail with a number of photos, cartoons etc to locations where the Soldier get "little or no mail." The Soldiers really have been enjoying the photos I sent of the eaglets as they grew and I would like to send to several of the professional photos on various photography sites. I realize that this is a business and you cannot give away your product but I hope you will be able to agree to my request. I can send you examples or the previous eagle presentations and other works to show you my honesty and sincerely in this request. Thank you Jane Korbett
Jo Ann 22-Jul-2010 22:03
Love your are so talented. I bought your book and and hope to purchase a copy of some of the pictures in it if possible. Just saw the photo you took of NC in CCB Newsletter.....Great Job!!!!
Joan Shaver 08-Jul-2010 15:21
A friend of mine and I love watching the Norfolk Eagles web cam. I would like to purchse a gift certificate for her to pick out the photo she likes best. Is that possible?
Angela 16-Jun-2010 21:02
Thank you for being at the right place at the right time to see NE in the canal! Not only do you take amazing photos but you helped save NE. What a blessed ending to something that could have been so terrible. Keep taking those amazing shots and thank you again for sharing your talent with us!
Connie in Baltimore 15-Jun-2010 01:21 have got some great pics of NE and his whole ordeal. I became hooked on the eagle cam when they hatched...and had to pull myself away, because I was becoming way attached to the eaglets, that's a mom for you :o)
Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. They really are great!
Diane in Iowa 06-Jun-2010 01:58
LOVE all your pictures. You have such a great talent that is so wonderful for you to share. Please let me know how I can go about purchasing some of your pictures. I have become entirely hooked on the eagles this year and am totally amazed at the photos you manage to capture. Thanks!
Nancy Harris 03-Jun-2010 19:54
Shelly......I would like to purchase the entire series of Dad transfering food to Azalea but I'm not sure how I go about this as this is my first year with the Eagles. I would also like a pictue of Buddy in the nest before they removed him if you have one. Thank you.....
Angela 03-Jun-2010 11:56
Once again you have captured the most amazing photos of the eagles at NBG. Your talent takes my breath away. Thank you so much for sharing all the wonderful shots. Your photos give insight to the Norfolk nest that we don't get from the live camera - PLUS you have captured some shots that will be talked about for years to come!!!!
Carolyn 30-May-2010 14:31
Shelly, really enjoyed looking through your eagle shots this morning. Glad you got lots from yesterday. Thank you for the great talent you share with us. cwkbird
Guest 25-Mar-2010 11:58
Shelly, your photos are fantastic!! How long have you been doing this? Your work is very impressive!
Sam 23-Mar-2010 03:21
Shelly...great pics.......I was at NBG this past Friday, Mar 19th. I could not think of the lady who had the Canon 40D and 100-400 zoom lens. Was that you? I had the same camera, lens and had my tripod. I meant to ask you what settings you used on your camera with that lens. If you are not the lady I met, I apologize and again your pics are great!

Sam, Richmond, VA
Sandy Arnold 06-Mar-2010 22:39
Shelly I love these prints they are so awesome!!! My son just became an eagle scout and I would love to purchase one of your prints for him.
candy27-Feb-2010 14:38
Shelly I love the 8327 jpg. How much do you charge for an 8 x 10 photo of this picture? I just might want to buy one and frame it for sure and put it on the wall right in front of this computer. My days would always start out laughing. Please let me know. Happy picturing taking to you and for us!!!
Jim Yandle 20-Feb-2010 14:08
Am now looking at a few Canon Cameras-The new GS-11 looks especially interesting-Whaddaya think? Iv'e never had a serious camera further than a Sony Cybershot,but would like to experiment shooting birds up close or in flight.Would appreciate your opinions.
Jim Yandle
Jim Yandle 19-Feb-2010 13:50
Great Photos!-Saw your article in Mary Reid Barrow's "Coastal Journal",and am now inspired to get a new camera-Maybe like the one you have---?
TX Claudia 02-Feb-2010 01:18
Shelly, you've touched my heart with your photos and humor, and you have my respect. My husband and I are planning a trip back to NBG this spring or summer--can't wait,--but I have a question first and need your advice. Could you email me?
Guest 30-Dec-2009 10:58
Very Nice
Mark from CBBT 29-Oct-2009 00:39
Hi Shelly,
Lots of nice galleries you have.
Sandi 19-Sep-2009 19:11
Your photos are amazing! I found you from the eagle website. Thank you for letting me share the beauty of nature.
Linda Cohen 24-Aug-2009 16:22
Your website is great and your pictures are amazing. Just beautiful!
Guest 20-Aug-2009 05:27
Beautiful pictures!!!!
gryphongirl17-Aug-2009 20:12
Your shots of the Norfolk parent and Azalea are fabulous! THANK YOU! You are being talked about in all eagle and bird chat rooms and links are being upload time after time for all to see! Once in a life time shots! Do you mind if these shots are used as back ground or screen savers? Many of us would love to use them but respect your copy rights! Again, I thank you for sharing your awesome talent and love of eagles!
Mel 14-Aug-2009 18:03
Absolutely great photos.....Thank you!
Sheribeari 14-Aug-2009 02:20
What is the pricing to purchase a few of the pictures?
What camera do you use, what lense?
Are you a professional photogragher or enthusiast?
What would you consider the two most important things to know/do to achieve such great shots?
I just got a Canon 5D Mark II
I have a long way to go to learn all the features, but love it.
email me please :-)
Mandy 13-Aug-2009 16:50
Your pictures are totally amazing! They make me want to be there myself. Maybe someday.
Leah 12-Aug-2009 19:55
The pictures of the parent passing the fish to Azalea is amazing! I am so totally hooked on the eagles now. Your work is awesome.
Ruby 28-Feb-2009 14:06
Hi Shelly! We had a moment of three eagles in the air, what a height! Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the eagles. I absolutely love your website, layout and your pictures are phenominal!
Guest 25-Jan-2009 06:40
Hi Shelly,
If you can spare some time, I would appreciate very much your comments on the gallery: to hear from you. Thanks.

Guest 26-Dec-2008 09:39
Hi Shelly,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Bruce Funk 23-Jun-2008 01:20
Shelly, thanks for sharing your talent. We are planning a visit next year in June of 2009 to Norfolk. I would like permission to download some of your Botanical gardens pictures to use for desktop backgrounds and general use to plan out trip.

Thank You!
Joe Mitchell 07-Mar-2008 20:42
Shelly - I was send the link to your pics of the red-tailed hawk tangled up with the black ratsnake by Dr. Bryan Watts at William and Mary. I am a professional herpetologist formerly associated with the Univ of Richmond and have focused most of my research on reptiles and amphibians. The hawk-snake encounter has been observed in 2-3 other species of snakes but not with black ratsnakes and certainly not in Virginia. I would be very interested in publishing this observation in a natural history journal with you as a co-author. Would you be so kind as to contact me and continue this discussion? Thanks. Joe
Duane 05-Mar-2008 12:12
Nice galleries Shelly. I see you got a shot of the Owl chicks before you left Sunday and that Red Tail looks quite Finally got around to looking at it...been busy processing 2200 images from NBG last weekend. Hopefully I can set up my own account on here. :-)
Joe Foreman 06-Nov-2007 03:46
Wonderful pictures Shelly! I especially love your NBG eagle collection.
Clyde 06-Oct-2007 08:20
Exquisite images, Shelly. Love the Tall Ships. Remember the 18th annual Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race next week.
Clyde in P-Town.
chrismyname06-Aug-2007 19:23
Spectacular views of the butterflies.. I really enjoyed viewing your galleries!!
chrismyname06-Aug-2007 19:21
Love your humming birds they are just beautiful.
yoram shpirer25-Jun-2007 19:43
Hi Shelly
thank you for your time visiting my site and leaving a comment. i hope it wont be the last.
Guest 19-Jun-2007 17:50
I'm go glad that I stumbled upon your collection of pictures. They're fantastic.
Joanne Kamo10-Mar-2007 23:57
You have so many great galleries. I really love your bluebird and hummingbird galleries. I will have to look some more. Joanne
Guest 08-Mar-2007 10:58
Can I just say that you're awesome?
Photohiker09-Feb-2007 03:47
You have some very enjoyable wildlife photographs. Great work – especially like your owls and ospreys. Keep it up…
Chris Klapheke08-Feb-2007 17:34
Hi Shelly and thanks for visiting my hummingbird galleries. There are more to come from Ecuador so please check back from time to time.

I enjoyed browsing your galleries. Don't you wish that we in the eastern part of the country had more hummingbird species? I know I do.

yoram shpirer07-Feb-2007 19:11
Hi Shelly
I'm glad I came across your galleries; you have some superb Birds shots. Definitely added to my favorites list! Yoram
Guest 08-Oct-2006 00:32
GREAT pictures. I like looking at them and I will be sending the web site to a friend who would love to see them also especially the humming birds. N Boisvert
Shelly- VA Beach26-Sep-2006 01:56
Great work Shelly, particulaly like the new shots of the racoons. Your sister
fotabug03-Sep-2006 00:40
You are doing very nice work, great galleries
Elza 01-Sep-2006 01:55
Hello Shelley
I am interested in purchasing a print of the butterflies, please contact me via my email address.
Shelly- VA Beach21-Aug-2006 01:34
Thank you Stephen for you kind comments and for visiting my gallery.
Stephen Ware20-Aug-2006 14:01
Splendid galleries, I will be back to visit again.