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Pawel01-Nov-2008 20:35
I've seen your larger than life galleries. They are terrific! It was realy nice to see them all.
I will visit you again for sure. I spent limited time on pbase too.

Best, Pawel :)
Barababy12-Jul-2008 07:13
Interesting work to say the least. Thank for putting them up.
...duncan09-Jun-2008 21:31
Kal, One of the reasons that I enjoy your work so much is that you have the ability to work in many ways with a variety of techniques but yet make work that is your own. It is a difficult thing to do and many people can't. Your voice comes through in your work. I find it, personally disgraceful, on my own part, that I have yet to sign your guest-book. Perhaps I have just, like many people that get the chance to see your work, taken it for granted. Nonetheless, thank you.

BTW: You are one of the biggest reasons that I find myself back here a Pbase.
Steve Viscot21-Jan-2008 22:40
Hi Kal,

I'm completely blown away by your body of work! You are truly a genius. I'm ashamed to say that I haven't seriously looked into your work before but you can be sure That I will be all over it from now on :-)

Best regards
Kal Khogali25-Sep-2007 06:15
On behalf of Ashley Lyon Email:
Here is a copy:

Hey Kal,

I was particularly struck by your black and white photojournalistic photos... Your photographs carry the grace of that personal framing, with a veil of light. Great ideas and reinforced by well chosen captions. Congratulations!


Martha Albuquerque18-Jul-2007 19:09
“I take pictures in my head as well as with my camera, the ones with the camera will last longer”

This is so true, so beautiful and so similar to the way i think :)* Are those your words? Loved to see your home page. I was trying to find a guestbook overthere but I couldn't.. then I realized that i never came to your guestbook in pbase. Here I am :)*

Kal, you're an amazing photographer with so much to show, teach and share. Love your unique style :)* Keep it up!

Guest 16-Jun-2007 11:45
Great work! Hope you post more pictures soon.
Guest 18-Apr-2007 09:42
Dear Kal,
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent my friend...Greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa and i will come back with pleasure...
regi olbrechts09-Mar-2007 11:10
Hello Kal,
you have some terrific- no, stunning - galleries here... wow!
I must go now but I'll be back
because you're one of my hero's now!!!
photo's "of flesh and blood"! impressive...
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:21
Guest 03-Jan-2007 19:52
Dear Kal Khogali

I realy admire your work in the Shanhai Gallery.
Love the way you capture Moments of the unexpected
and seen from your point of view!
your images are defenatly one of my favorites i have
seem on pbase so far.
thank you for sharing and looking foreward to see more
work in the future.

Guest 25-Dec-2006 20:08
Hi Kal
Thanks for the message. I hope Santa was good to you and the family in Shanghai. Hopefully we can meet once again before 2007 gets too old.
Avshi Goldberg06-Dec-2006 14:08
From the little I saw, I think this is one of the best galleries in pbase.
Your photographs are full of life and it seems like each one has a story behind it...

Keep up with the great and inspiring work.
Guest 21-Nov-2006 21:34
Upon looking at different galleries, I found yours. Your works are so inspiring and you have so much to offer to others like myself who is just starting out. Thank you! I hope to someday take photography to a new height like your photographs.
Guest 04-Nov-2006 17:23
Hi Kal

It was wonderful to meet you this evening. The book launch did justice to the quality of your pictures but more important to the stories which you tell so well. Sorry, I couldn't stay longer. Next time. Take care for now and thanks once again
Yves Rubin03-Aug-2006 16:10
Thank you for your feedback in my galleries, Kal! I was happy to discover your work and will be back often!
Cheers, Yves
Gilles Navet20-Jun-2006 12:30
Happy to have a look on your galleries, great sense of light and composition
Bravo, you are now in my favorites, better to see what you do
Guest 25-May-2006 09:34
Hi there just spent the longest time looking through your galleries and I thought you would probably get fed up with the amount of comments I have instead of bombarding you with all of them I tried to keep some self Wonderful galleries I will be back in the near future and more than likely leave much more:)

Regards Lorraine
George McCarten25-May-2006 03:56
I am so glad to have had my attention called to your gallery. I see you are living abroad, but are doing something so much more than just routine travel photography. The different locales do provide unique opportunities for exploration into the unknown, and you exploit these well.
Guest 13-May-2006 09:30
hi kal,
i am now in shanghai
i dropped your number
please send it again if possible.
i stay one week more
regards andrea
Guest 24-Apr-2006 22:05
hi kal!
i am coming to shanghai in may. need some hot tipps for photographing.
i am very interested in arcitekture and in abstraction of architecture!
Guest 27-Mar-2006 12:54
hi kal,
thankyou so much for the wonderful comments you left on my pictures. after looking through your galleries and seeing so many beautiful pictures i am flattered that you think so highly of mine considering im only a newbie. its nice to know im on the right path. take care. rebbecca...
jaac09-Feb-2006 12:40
Hi Kal, you have many wonderful galleries here, I need to spend more time, not just a quick browse. Be back soon :-)

Guest 21-Jan-2006 18:36
my travelling is my work. of course it is also fun!!!!!!! i work as an artist and
use photos as my tool. yes, leica becouse of style and transparency in bw. ciao andrea
Guest 16-Jan-2006 12:12
Kal, I though just to drop you a note to let you know that I really enjoy your daily picture of China. It's almost like a story book, I come back here everyday to see how it evolves...Bravo! Dandan
Guest 10-Jan-2006 05:05
Thanks for you interest and suggestion. I have posted a BW version of my 2003 Cleveland Snow image. I must agree with you that it needed to be done and is a better image. This opens up a discussion I started earlier with Ray regarding my feelings that any post processing strays from the ability to see the image, compose the picture and properly expose and capture what you see. All of you "stars" of pbase, I am fortunate to have discovered, surely disagree. I don't mind being wrong and learning from all of you.
scott clarke14-Dec-2005 12:43
Kal thanks so much for insights into my photography. Your comment on my Santa got my wifes attention. She pointed out that I do things by insticnt and without thought. She thinks it is wonderful you are able to explain what I don't even understand. For that many thanks. I don't know if it is instinct or I have been doing it to long and have become Jaded. Regards Kal!
autumnfragrance 11-Dec-2005 20:14
I am sitting here with my mouth wide open,,,,your pictures are absolutely overwhelming.
thank you

Guest 10-Dec-2005 10:11
Hi Kal,

Thanks for visit my photos and for the comments that you left. I had a chance to visit your galleries and what FANTASTIC work you have !! Congratulations and best wishes for continued success.....

Josy's Pics08-Dec-2005 15:02
Thanks for all your comments and for visiting my galleries.. i really appreciate it...
I'll back to see more of your work soon.
Take care!
Guest 07-Dec-2005 14:25
You have a lot of wonderful photos and I really enjoyed going through them! Thanks for taking and posting all of these!

lacandonna 06-Dec-2005 20:14
the guest comment about seeing is lacandonnas comment, the pistol is a graffitti on the former
embassy of amerika in theran!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for your looking and comending my pictures i am now in argentina
comming back hopefully with lot of material. hastaluego andrea
Peter Chou27-Nov-2005 01:19
Hi Kal,

Just went through your work and I enjoyed your vision and perspectives very much! Keep the photos coming!

Guest 26-Nov-2005 02:08
Thanks for your continuous visits to my galleries. Your input is always welcome. I also enjoy visiting your galleries and I learn a great deal from them.

Guest 19-Nov-2005 16:58
Kal, I'm so glad Phil "referred" me to your site. Amazing work. How fortunate you are to live in such a dynamic, interesting city! Your work is both inspiring and depressing. Depressing because I see how much behind I really am in my own work. But, inspiring because you (and Phil) have shown me how much more to photography there is! I will immediately add you to my favorites and be back often! Thanks for sharing your work.
Guest 31-Oct-2005 19:08
Hello Kal, a praise for your terrific work portraying daily life scenes with a creative touch. I had a real pleasure browsing through your galleries.
Rene Hales30-Oct-2005 15:07
Thank you so much for the very kind and thoughtful comments you left in my gallery. I am enjoying your work and will return often.--Rene
Guest 25-Sep-2005 20:06
Wonderful photos, Kal. I really enjoyed them. - Rod :)
Guest 24-Sep-2005 22:57
I had such a blast browsing through your Shanghai galleries. You really do the city justice. Also of particular interest were your expressive galleries. It's very unique, and it's also very evident a lot of work was spent slowly improving your skills.

If you have the time, do stop by my galleries (especially the Shanghai one) to take a look. Some comments (constructive or otherwise) would be greatly appreciated.

Guest 13-Sep-2005 11:42
Thanks for looking at my work. I must say I like your street work an awful lot, so I'm putting you in my favs for future reference!
ckuhn55 06-Sep-2005 06:41
Great galliers, especially the Shang-hi series
check out great pictures of Vietnam
Gilles Navet22-Aug-2005 09:47
Un vrai style, you have your own style my friend
Pleasure to discover you and your vision of our world
I like your work so you are now in my favorits
Marisa Livet16-Aug-2005 05:49
Your pictures are the map to start and inner travel over intercultural connections.
When images catch one's eye so strongly and make one feel like thinking over and going deeper, then they are worthy images.
Kal, I'm glad I have found your galleries and I'll visit them often, there is a lot of excellent food for thought here.
Thank you
Dougie Young09-Aug-2005 14:08
Hi Kal Thanks for your visit to my galleries and your encouraging comments I have no time to check out your galleries at the moment, but it sounds like I am in for a treat judging by Alem's comments. Must work!! Cheers Dougie
Guest 06-Aug-2005 19:09
I wish all pbasers can enjoy the chance to have their pictures viewed and commented by you.
Until then, they all should visit your galleries and learn.

Thank you very much

Robbie D7028-Jul-2005 15:57
Hello Kal, Thanks for your time spent looking at my photos . I agree with lots of your comments and opinions on my pictures. However not all . But then each person views and sees in their own way and enjoys many different things , this is good .I took alook at my image you dident like (Iron Ring)and still prefer my own .But understand how cropping and positioning the ring to the side would be better.The time was 6.30am and the sun was getting higher I had to leave, I really wanted the curling wave line to be in line with the ring ,with shallow foam to the right but the tide was wrong . Alas not how I wanted at all but we have to try our best. Im reluctant to put my very best work onto Pbase at the moment ,need to set up copyright also im limited to 10meg. Thanks again for all your effort and valuable time . Will go over your many other observations when time allows.
It is good to learn from others, even the best miss things .Im reluctant to be too harsh myself and know now, not to exhibit anything I know is not quite right as others WILL pick it up very quickly.Lets hope we can keep this intersting site interesting and fun .
Guest 26-Jul-2005 00:32
Hi Kal

You have some very beautiful and powerful images Kal and I look forward to returning here often!

Guest 18-Jun-2005 17:37
Hi Kal,
first, thanks for visiting my galleries and for the comment you left in The Journey.
I followed the link and here I am, enjoying your pictures that shows a very interesting sight of the world.
i'll have to come back again, for sure!
Best regards,
Guest 27-May-2005 18:18
Great stuff, my friend, you really are inspiring me. Speak to you soon.

Guest 23-May-2005 16:02
fantastic galleries, thanks for sharing !

Guest 23-Apr-2005 20:41
Kal-great black and white photos. Very good idea. Camera definitely worth it!!!!
Saib & Helen
Guest 22-Apr-2005 17:10
Kal,congratulations.It is a pleasure to view your gallery and it is very nice indeed.
Ali & Faryal
lesley 19-Apr-2005 17:08
kal, fantastic..........well done!!!!
UB 18-Apr-2005 05:01
Very very nice pictures. You could make a fortune by selling them!