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"Quotes" about Savannah

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"Quotes" about Savannah

General Sherman spared it from the torch, Clint Eastwood filmed in it, and tourists by the millions flock there. People just love Savannah's classic Old South look. -- Stephen Henkin
The "visual architectural delight of Savannah manifests itself in three distinct scales, entwined to create a visual fabric unlike any city in the United States." -- Eric Meyerhoff

"There is no question that Savannah packs a visual punch." -- Tim Rutherford, "Savannah Style"

The sheer number of distinguished buildings is astonishing for a city of Savannah's size. -- John Berendt, Author of Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil.

SAVANNAH is the most beautiful place I have ever seen in The United States. On a trip to Florida, driving from Massachusetts, my father, brother and I decided to stop in Savannah on the way to Florida. I had never been there and when we arrived, I was spellbound by the absolute beauty of it. -- Colleen Levesque, North Attleboro, MA.

Savannah is truly unique. It has the party atmosphere of New Orleans, the historic value of Boston, and the charm of the Old South. -- J. Bennett, New York, NY

"I recall my fleeting instants in Savannah as the taste of a cup charged to the brim." -- Henry James

It's fair to say there's no other American city like it. In this way Savannah belongs to an illustrious and dwindling list of unique US cities -- New York, San Francisco, New Orleans. All cities which have no twin either in North America or abroad; cities which are immediately recognizable and have an incomparable flavour. --Doctor's Review

Savannah is a gracious Georgia city basking in beauty, riches, and history. Radiant in her architectural splendor, she flaunts her stately mansions and beautiful homes, many of which boast impressive, ornate lace ironwork.--Marilyn F. Winey, Standard-Times correspondent

I recently moseyed down south to Savannah, Ga., a city that now tops my list for the loveliest in the United States.--KRISTA RAMSEY The Cincinnati Enquirer

�Savannah is the most preserved planned city in America� -- Ardis Wood, a guide known as the Victorian Lady.
"Savannah is truly a southern gem. In my opinion, it is one of two cities that truly has an European aire. The other is Charleston. New Orleans would be a far third. Before coming to the U.S. I was told by Americans that Boston and San Francisco were very European, but I find nothing European about either other than their large numbers of Europeans living there. Anyway, I pick Savannah as my number one unique American city. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also walkable." --caterpillar, SSP forumer
"The historic district has a profoundly unique sense of place. It exudes a sultry sensuous vibe. I could sit on a park bench in Forsyth Park for hours and not feel one minute of guilt for such idleness".--jddar, SSP forumer
"Savannah is a lovely, gentle, sad old city. You can walk through the shadowy, cobbled streets of the town on a tranquil Sunday morning and feel the atmosphere heavy with the burden of lost greatness and relaxed by quiet decay" --Mills Lane
"There are vaster and wealthier cities, but for architectural simplicity, for an indescribable charm about its streets and buildings, its parks and squares, there is but one Savannah. Without a rival, without an equal, it stands unique." --Timothy Harley, a minister who visited Savannah late in the nineteenth century.
"A beautiful woman with a dirty face. --Lady Astor of England in 1946
As one walks from square to square, passing each building, discovering a different nuance of detailing, from the eaves to the railings and stairs, the visual-architectural experience can be as overwhelming to the eye as a symphony is to the ear." --Eric Meyerhoff, Architect
Not long ago, when I introduced Savannah to an acquaintance who had spent some years living in France, she insisted that the city was as lovely as Paris. Le Monde, France's world-famous newspaper, is not so bold, merely calling it "the most beautiful city in North America." --Henry Chase, American Visions, August-Sept, 1994
One of the most enchanting destinations in the United States, Savannah is adorned with extraordinary architecture, lush botanicals and charming city squares. --Historic Tours of America
We'd gotten a tip from a Charlestonian that, after Charleston, we could pretty much blow by Savannah since it was mostly the same, except with a little less charm and beauty. After a few days here, we kindly beg to differ. We're hereby anointing this little Georgian city with the coveted title of "Southernmost City of Eye-Pleasing Appeal We've Visited Thus Far On Our Little Tour". Eye Candy: Huge oak trees ornamented with Spanish moss hanging like tinsel from a Christmas tree, giving shady cover to the antebellum mansions genteely separated by cobbled walkways and grassy parks bejeweled with lazy fountains and commanding monuments. It's all so nice. --
If you have time to visit only one city in the Southeast, make it Savannah. It's that special. --
Despite the rococo fame Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil brought to this southern gem, Savannah's sexy side remains elusive to casual visitors. Beneath those airs of antebellum gentility, the city is a kitschy party central, but where to find the fun? Good-time junketeers who want a taste of both sides of the town's split personality should check into the classy Gastonian hotel, and head immediately to Vinnie Van Go Go's, the pizza joint�cum�social hub of the City Market district. From there, locals migrate to the live music at Velvet Elvis or Jim Collins's, where the beer is cheap enough to keep you out all night. Jump-start the next morning at Gallery Espresso before walking through every leafy square from River Street to Forsythe Park. Even without a hangover, your eyes will ache to see such beautiful architecture and gardens. As for day two? Rinse, then repeat. -- ANN MARIE GARDNER,
Savannah was a different sort of revelation, a city that simply blew me away. I expected fabulous architecture and syrupy Southern atmosphere. But not to such a degree. -- Joe Yogerst,The San Diego Union-Tribune
Most of Oglethorpe's (Savannah's founder) city has passed on to the ghostly realm, too, but his urban-planning legacy remains: a walkable, bikable, town, one of the loveliest haunts in the South.--- Chris Dixon, The New York Times.
In my opinion, Savannah is easily the most charming, captivating, underrated city in the American South. What puzzles me is that I had to make this discovery for myself. Savannah has somehow managed to keep its charm a relative secret. Even though my family is spread throughout the Southeast, none of my relatives ever bothered to mention Savannah as a worthy vacation destination. I grew up thinking of Savannah as a vague sort of burg that one remembered only in order to be ready for trivia questions concerning port cities in Georgia. I had no idea that the city was so unique and fascinating. -- Sloucho,
Savannah has a wealth of history and architecture that few American cities can match. --
I had the joyous experience of visiting Savannah not too long ago and it took my breath away. -- Bobbie J. from Yspilanti, Michigan
Savannah's a gorgeous, richly historic Southern belle�with a decidedly decadent, free-spirited edge. --
I believe it's arguable that Savannah Georgia is the highest quality example of urban design in the United States. For sheer pleasure in wandering around I've never found a place more enjoyable. -- Larry Felton Johnson
As I have been to all 7 continents and Greenland and nearly all 50 U.S. states, I'll say my top 4 cities are Ft. Worth, Tx, Savannah, GA, Melbourne, Australia & Buenos Aires, Argentina. -- Craig Coffaro
If you only have the opportunity to visit one southern town in your lifetime, Savannah should be the one. Surrendered to William Sherman at the end of his March to the Sea, Savannah was spared from destruction during the Civil War. As a result, Southerners and Carpetbaggers alike can partake in its timeless splendor and charm. If you like a rainbow of flowers and huge live oaks dripping with Spanish moss, then Savannah is your ticket. --
Savannah is well known as a preservationist's wonderland, a city of Old World charm, with remarkable architecture that was spared from the torch by Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman and presented to President Lincoln in 1864 as a Christmas gift. -- Kevin Sack, NY Times
With its cobblestone streets, historic squares, opulent mansions, and spreading Live Oaks dripping with Spanish moss, Savannah is one of the most distinctive cities in the United States, ranking with New Orleans, San Francisco, and Charleston, South Carolina. The town has a lazy, genteel feel, accentuated by the humid southern climate and laid-back nature of its citizens. --
Visitors to Savannah can enjoy a unique blend of history, Southern charm that make Savannah a "treasure" of the South. --
Savannah's enduring charm is a direct result of the city's respect for its past. Nowhere is this more evident that in the many small neighborhoods, which often seem more like pictures from a storybook than the corners of a 21st century city. --
Savannah is a city of contrasts, the historic district with its amazing architecture and city squares which seem not to have changed since the Civil War, rubs shoulders with a vibrant city of nightclubs, bars and new hotel complexes. Whatever you're looking for in your trip to the Hostess City of the South, you certainly will never be bored in Savannah. --

Savannah's old world grace and Southern hospitality give the city a unique flavor found nowhere else in the world. --

Called "The Sweetheart of the South," Savannah has so much depth and three-dimensional appeal that "she" has been given a persona and described by "her" locals as a demure Southern belle with a vampish, dirty secret. --

With its enchanting tree-lined squares and Victorian homes, Savannah possesses an old elegance. -- Ann Brown,

PERHAPS IT WAS THE MASSIVE oaks draped with Spanish moss, or the gracious wrought-iron-accented buildings, or the cobblestone walkways along the riverfront, but my first and lasting impression of Savannah was a sense of deja vu, like a vague distant memory evoked by some provocative fragrance. -- Alice Ross,

Never have I seen a city with so many small beautiful parks. In the downtown area between the river and Hall Street there are about 25 manicured parks. I picked a perfect time to visit as all the flowering trees were in bloom. The historic buildings give Savannah a certain oldworld charm, but for me what truly makes Savannah a stand out city is its parks. -- zrim,

Savannah is a joy for an architectual buff because much of the visual charm of the city's historic district is a result of the impressive 18th and 19th century styles of architecture which have been restored and preserved in cottages, churches, mansions, and public buildings. -- deecat,

There is a quality about Savannah unmatched by any other U.S. City. -- TaureanJ,

The beauty of this city-The history of this city-the people of this city!! You name it!! You can't beat Savannah, Ga. to visit or to live in!!! -- harriettecone_adams2, Yahoo Travel

Savannah is the most enchanting place in Georgia I have ever been too. If this place does not cast you under it's spell, no place on earth will. -- meredithh8, Yahoo Travel

The best place in the world, very romantic.-- from Lake City, Florida

I knew Savannah during the Seventies and then the eighties when it really started to change into the true "Empire City of the South." -- addgmnewton from Dongduchon South Korea

Once you visit Savannah you'll be hooked for life. The History, Food, Culture, Beauty... everything about Savannah is wonderful. -- unknown,Atlanta, Georgia

Savannah is so beautiful, it will make you cry. -- unknown, Pittsburgh, PA

This is one of the most historic, beautiful cities in America. It's a walking city, a party city, a romantic city, a whatever you want it to be city!!! Perfect honeymooon spot! -- Atlanta, GA

" There is history, art, warmth, and beauty in every corner" -- Gail Lang,

Savannah and the coastal region of Georgia is one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived and spent time. -- Clifford H Caldwell

"Savannah is a . . . lovely pastel dream of tight cobbled streets. . . . There are legendary scenes . . . to rival any dreamed up by Tennessee Williams." -- Rosemary Daniell

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