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some favorites

A collection of stuff from my other galleries.
wilting tulip tree flower (macro) (large) may apple rhododendron (large) tiger 2 (large)
pond lily borage flowers being shy, looking away pentaflower 1 blueflower
tulip tree flower (macro) more mums (large) sky trees golden tree 4
orchid6 (large) moss fronds macro (large) field of ferns 1 Polypore 1
jack in the pulpit thistle Cantharellus lateritius (smooth chanterelle) Bolete
32 succulent thorny leaf (large) cactus2 cactus1
lemonade stand soft silky white orchids blossoms help us
N Ice Glass (large) a silhouette for a snowy day (large) hoboken parking garage nighttime and moonlit south san francisco
tyler house stairwell tree stump sapwood archie someone else's blackcat
ripplefish the hound from hell abandoned 86 (available light)
04 Dave Gregory, Andy Partridge 1 three Dave Gregory, Andy Partridge 2
Robert Forster 16 28 Jeff Berlin
Tense Jeff Berlin Intense Howard Devoto 1 Dave Stewart Intense
U.K. '80 26 David Byrne (Talking Heads) '79 Lilywhite Lilith
tl, in his element stick2 stick fire frets Bloom / Lanier / Rondinelli
Christmastime (back in) NYC, just down the block green mike and phil tricolor pastel lights
phil hugh emoting hugh looking cadaverously sinister cicadas 2
moth 6 black butterfly bumblebee 2 bee g
jumping spider 2 (macro) dark orb weaver poised spider on window screen (macro) dance of death
hiding (macro) sodium lamp spider spider suspended MX1
MX4 mx21 berm shot smith lapping
smith leaning smith jammin kent howerton gassing it watching the clouds go away
pyramid gericault: Raft of the Medusa mona lisa admirers venus
louvre goldilocks art lover short line this way arc3.jpg
arc view.jpg arc6 noflash.jpg arc4.jpg arc6.jpg
lion.jpg bacchus after the storm.jpg versailles gardens1.jpg arch1.jpg
arch5.jpg arch.jpg elevator passing by.jpg looking up.jpg
silhouette.jpg gardens.jpg psst - this way.jpg champs elysees virgin music store.jpg
les halles place de la concorde fountain in rain.jpg paris night scene.jpg pigalle metro station.jpg
F.D.R. metro station.jpg metro stairs.jpg champs elysees1.jpg morning reflecting pool
plaza front translucent marble inlay detail khajuraho_figures
khajuraho3 agra_red_fort2 khajuraho_kid maharajah_sundial
khajuraho sculpture jodhpur fort tower madras peace monument lovers in hyderabad
hyderabad_temple gwalior_kids doorway chili_vendor
eggs cp indian_funnel_cakes hyderabad_sewing_shop four on a bike cp
jaipur vendor cart cp jaipur scary monkeys cp Maharajah vacation house wedding
madurai_temple3 madurai_temple1 madurai_temple4 autoricksha_ride
candid shot of train passengers1 eyes on train akihabara kyoto temple1
oarai trees crumbling crater edge eroded pahoehoe 2
worf field of fire1 volcano flower gimme sulfur
mauna kea summit volcano cinder cone mauna kea summit selftimer hotel brunch in honolulu dock
dry dock cornwall sci-fi bridge road cows land's end cornwall 2
view of brevent tram and chamonix too many red roof inns to choose from bavaria autobahn hotel room bridal suite
roofline 2 towers munich square merchant window hofbrau beer man
hacienda mundaca guardhouse (abandoned) upper doorway view valladolid blue broom el castillo 4 (large image)
temples el castillo backlit el castillo viewed from games court carved wall (large image)
temple of the warriors, chacmool watching sunset tzompantli (wall of the skulls) dock at dusk sunrise 2
look no further samurai posing on top of rock (4) coast highway misty morning coffee at ventana
solitude ventana bench relaxation dune sonoma 2
sonoma barn manhattan beach sunset 1 manhattan beach treetop glow
fraser river tributary mountain road 2 misty rent a car salmon ladder
roots hayes river valley alpine 2 rock
The New Jersey Master of Duct Taping batsto Superman beware 89
delaware river snake four on the wind gnarly hemlocks forgotten
buildings in Trenton wanko grounds for scuplture delaware Duck
delaware river eddy view from calhoun street bridge, 27 august 2005 hopewell farm ravenous witches gorging their unholy appetites
voodoo candle the beautiful juliette binoche santa silhouette fairy devil square off
kewl, no fingers rocky horror the zombies attack, but very slowly frank zappa dreams of jeannie!
_DSC5431tff.jpg _DSC5432tff.jpg _DSC5433tff.jpg _DSC5436tff.jpg
_DSC5524tff.jpg _DSC5525tff.jpg _DSC5531tff.jpg _DSC5538tff.jpg
_DSC5554tff.jpg _DSC5562tff.jpg _DSC5564tff.jpg backstage teleprompter view
splash The Gravitron CDs for your Car Mirror! you still have to pay, baby
Wow! check your fluids evil clown revisited tuna tataki @ sono sushi
mackerel and eel @ sono sushi 3 can keep a secret if 2 are dead coast guard fish eggs
horseshoe crab hand in hand beach pano beach @ dusk
snow fence it's cold! territorial dispute seagull feet
were frisbee uninhabitable beachhouses backlit beach cloud
pastel beach at dusk _DSC8159a.jpg _DSC8174a.jpg _DSC8192a.jpg
_DSC8196a.jpg _DSC8204a.jpg _DSC8219a.jpg _DSC4695.jpg
_DSC6700kay.jpg _DSC6703kay.jpg _DSC6690kayedit.jpg _DSC6675kay.jpg
_DSC6655kay.jpg _DSC6614kay.jpg _DSC6621kay.jpg blur of activity the night before
Speed is Limited Scudder Falls Park '05 flood Rt 29 mailbox
'05 flood (large) bridge scene2 NJ State Police (and 747 vapor trails) 4 April (PM) Mesa has the Spirit
christmas party gift box rotelle pasta with peas and tomato sauce mussels meuniere prosciutto garnished breadsticks and pickled pepperoncini
frying plantains (recipe) parboiling sausages spicey dogs on buns cep and bluefoot omelette
clams in zuppa pot eggplant frying in hot oil for lake palace eggplant pasta with tomato sauce (recipe) oranges and olives
mint chocolate chip ice cream and homemade blueberry pie black beans pancetta closeup of clams for zuppa
assortment i love my honey sauteeing bacon for refried beans indian eggplant slice
fresh figs opal basil italian style lesso mushroom saute
steak, wild mushrooms, pan roasted potatoes grilling burgers & shrimp (high ISO showing hot coals) burgers (info) rib roast served 4
new years meal (2005) mojito chicken grilling peppers ingredients for christmas eve zuppa (large)
here is the harvest mirepoix ingredients for old family recipe poultry stuffing (large) prawns roast pork loin
kumquats rigatoni macro cher o bowlies strawberries
chili pot roast spices supermarket agaricus white mushrooms broth from freezer to oven beef roast coals
ribeye steaks on grill 24 july 2005 chives kiwis fig (macro)
foccaccia dough just shucked chesapeake oyster freestone peach sliced oiled waxy potatoes (for Greek potatoes)
browning sausages ingredients for wild mushroom risotto pots collard greens
mustard greens fig tree closeup garden bounty zuppa is served
chuckie reductionist no tomato chili (recipe) swordfish steaks grilling tuna steaks cooking eggs and taters together
pan-grilled red taters pepperoni deep-dish pizza (large) refried pinto beans and cheese flapjacks and sausages
radishes and fennel (dip in seasoned olive oil) vanilla pudding with dark rum and strawberries kiwi and berries fresh figs
prosciutto, mozzarella and olives (large) florida green sea beans preparing blueberry pie filling 1 (info) beech mushrooms
black trumpet chanterelle, beech and honey mushrooms honey mushroom saute charcoal grilled ribeye steak, grilled zucchini, pan roasted potatoes, tomato salad red corn
suppli di riso preparation italian style rice and cheese cakes prep 1 suppli di riso watermelon
fresh fig (macro) Cantharellus lateritius (smooth chanterelle) Wild chanterelles in pan for filet mignon wild mushrooms sauteeing closeup
wild morels from supermarket mushroom saute chiltepin chili flower (1:1 macro) one on the vine
mesclun salad with sauteed black trumpet chanterelle mushrooms turkey day now, have a lemon verbena margarita! delaware water gap national recreation area panorama, near dingmans ferry
bowman's hill: millrace pond and dam panorama Delaware Water Gap, New Jersey (quasi-panoramic, viewed from pennsylvania) near Dingman's Ferry (large original) raymondskill falls
bowman's hill wildflower preserve bowman's hill wildflower preserve: millrace pond pittsburgh - the day the earth stood still pittsburgh panorama (vertically tiled, nearly 360 degrees) 26 February 2005
pittsburgh - point state park, more than 180 degree view, dusk (31 July 2005) rainy pittsburgh (about 180 degree panorama) 28 April 2005 pittsburgh from mount washington, more than 360 degrees, standard wide pano presentation, 26 February 2005 polished marble upscale hotel bar
polished marble everywhere concrete vines sunrise over the Mon River 09-19-05 nor'easter
Father - Summer, 2003 franca - 29 Feb. 2005 two