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Common Lacewing (Neuroptera Chrysopidae)

Common lacewing (Neuroptera Chrysopidae)-- They may even be in your own backyard.

- Adult green lacewing fly (Chrysopa spp.) with clear wings, are 1/2 to 3/4 inch long and feed on aphid honeydew.
- Lacewing eggs are pale green, and laid singly on slender stalks attached to plant foliage.
- Alligator-like larva grow to 1/3 inch long, feeding on aphids, spider mites, and immature plant bugs using sickle-like mouthparts.
- When it's time the larva spins a small white cocoon where the final transformation into the adult clear-winged insect takes place.

National Geographic Magazine photos they are not, but are shown as interesting and informative images.
All images were difficult "hand - held" captures. No insects or other animals were harmed (by me) in the taking of these photographs.
Also see a few hatching images at my Arthropods in Florida Gallery.

Use of the following macro lenses, and sometimes all are stacked : Nikon 6T, diop 2.9. Nikon 5T, diop 1.5. Raynox 2.5, diop 8.0.
Total working factors when all are stacked : diop 12.4, that gives a power factor of about 4x, at a focal length of about 3.5 inchs.
With camera maximum f11 the total Depth of Field is no more than 3/32nds inch (.094 inch or 2.38 mm).
Lacewing Adult Lacewing Life Cycle Lacewing Adult Adult Green Lacewing Lacewing Egg
Lacewing Egg Lacewing Egg Egg Size Comparison Egg Size Comparison Lacewing Egg
Lacewing Egg Developing Lacewing Egg Developing Lacewing Larvae Hatching Lacewing Larvae Hatching Lacewing Larvae Hatching
Lacewing Larvae Hatching Lacewing - Larvae Larvae on Egg Larvae Leaving Egg Behind Lacewing - Larvae
Lacewing - Larvae Empty Egg Sac Lacewing - Larvae Attack on CattleHeart  Larva (A) Attack on CattleHeart  Larva (B)
Attack on CattleHeart  Larva (C) Attack on CattleHeart  Larva (D) Lacewing Larvae Lacewing Larvae Lacewing Larvae
Lacewing Larvae Mature Lacewing Larvae Mature Lacewing Larve Lacewing - cocoon Lacewing - cocoon
Lacewing - cocoon Lacewing - Empty Cocoon Lacewing - 2 Empty Cocoons Adult Green Lacewing Lacewing Exoskeleton