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Bob Moul | all galleries >> INSECTS >> SPIDERS (Araneae) >> FAMILY ARANEIDAE-(Orb Weavers) > Black and Yellow Garden Spider
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Black and Yellow Garden Spider

Argiope aurantia


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Jacqueline C. 12-Jul-2016 19:06
I just bought a house and I have two of these in my garden. I don't want to disturb them, because I know they are good for trapping pesky bugs. They are beautiful, but they are huge and ominous-looking, even scary! I'm in Texas, so "huge" means they are about the size of a small child's hand!
armymom 03-Sep-2013 01:26
I'm not a spider lover, at all, but when I saw this beautiful garden creature that had made a web between my pink rose bush and the fence, I decided it was probably harmless. She lives and if I accidentally water her web, she re-builds. We have a couple of things in common!
Rebecca 07-Jul-2011 09:04
Its Such a beautiful Spider i wish we had them over here
Amy 17-Oct-2010 18:18
We have one of these on our front porch beside the door. She has been living here for a couple months and I wouldnt let my husband kill her--I wanted her to stay atleast for Halloween. I'm so happy that she isn't poisonous! She's made 3 little round cocoons. I was really hoping that they weren't babies.
Jeff Herrinton 09-Oct-2010 20:35
Our Charlott was missing today. Any idea where she could have gone? I found out that garden spiders have several enemies; some birds, mud wasps, lizzards and others.
Mary 09-Oct-2010 03:26
I have a spider just like this one with the zig zag down the middle of web, It was disrupted 2 different times by the gardeners and it came back the 3rd time moving closer inside the trees, I am amazed by the perfect weaving down the middle. It came in time for Holloween, I got a living decoration.
Guest 02-Oct-2010 22:05
I am so excited! Our Charlotte came back again this year! My kids swear it is her! She has spun a beautiful web right above my basal plant.
Jeff Herrington 02-Oct-2010 15:33
Our Charlott has taken care of our wasp, masquito, and hornet problems. She lives just outside the front door. We enjoy opening the door and being able to watch he quite closely with a glass between us.
Elizabeth 01-Oct-2010 01:56
bocephus is our spiders name.she has 3 egg sacks!we love her.she has been in the same spot by the back door for 3 months.she is fun to watch when we throw insects into her webfor her to eat,shes fast!the grandkids like watching her also.
Guest 22-Sep-2010 06:28
I have a new neighbor on the rail of my front porch. Her name is Bella & she is an exterminator. So, she is my new best friend because I am soooo sick of being eaten alive by mosquitos.
Dinah Carpenter 18-Sep-2010 01:09
My fourth grade class room has this garden spider . The students put it in a `10 gallon tank , add sticks, rocks for bottom and grass for the grasshoppers that they toss to them. We have observed them making their web, catching their insect ,wrapping it and then sucking it dry. They have also observed the spider making its egg sac . The students have learned the spider is a fascinating creature and the spinerrets are powerful tools for survival.
Valerie 01-Sep-2010 11:53
found one of these by the back door. I had never seen it before, but having small children and many poisonous spiders where we live it dint get the chance to live. I'm not a fan of spiders in the first place but I'm kinda sorry I wasted a whole can of wasp spray on sometyhing that was not poisonous.
Sharon 31-Aug-2010 00:45
Found this spider and web above my one Azalea Bush - looked to be in "sleep" mode so I left it alone not knowing if the species was poisonous, see it's not - so the spider stays! Hope this ones' a good eater.
Vickie 28-Aug-2010 02:26
I've got one of these by the door on the side of my house. (I live in Oklahoma). It's huge and I've never seen one, but I left it alone. On day two it was there, there was a wasp stuck to it. I didn't know who had who, but the spider won. Ha. I hate wasps, so the spider stays.
Guest 25-Aug-2010 21:49
wondeful photo!....catch an appropriate sized mantis and feed it to her!
charlene 22-Aug-2010 00:26
this spider is what I have in my front flower bed it got real big and it was gone for one day now it doesn't look as big I am thinking it has had babys when do they do that because it is late Aug.
Guest 21-Aug-2010 16:12
I don't care if it kills bad bugs. It is where I open the car door in a flower bed of black-eyed Susans. She is getting ready to have more and more and more! It is very scary!!!
Leslie 18-Aug-2010 01:47
One of these built a web on my front porch this morning and it is HUGE!!!! But in a few hours it had a large web and had caught 7 horse flies and wrapped them in cocoons. There are so many horseflies this year that I welcome this spider and hope it kills more horse flies tomorrow.
Guest 30-Jul-2010 16:41
Had a bad mosquito problem till spider put web by my back deck. No mosquitos and spider is amazing to watch.
Guest 22-Jul-2010 18:02
Harmless ugly ouick just leave it alone
Guest 04-May-2010 16:48
Dont be afraid it a good spider!
Ashley Hockenberry06-Oct-2008 19:23
Superb !!