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Yannick Lebrun

Here is SHATTERBUG'S shot of me making this one

other sizes: small medium large original auto
Steve Price06-May-2014 19:15
Good shot. You photoshopped out the bungee cords tied around his ankles, right?
Margot W29-Feb-2012 20:33
You got the best leg extension in your shot.
I am so impressed.
MarcViskens24-Feb-2012 18:14
excellent work Richard
Barri Olson22-Feb-2012 18:14
This is priceless. And I can certainly see why all the comments.
traveler7116-Nov-2010 02:34
Its good composition with the pedestrian...
chriswhitehead0724-Oct-2010 17:02
simply incredible let me join the long list of people who appreciate your work fantastic simply fantastic big vote
Jeff Real08-Aug-2010 17:47
Incredible photo of this incredible athlete. Both are wonderful ~V~
Ricardo M26-May-2010 13:02
Wow! Wonderful pic, V!
patrick jaquin 28-Dec-2009 15:54
bravo pour le spectacle hier 27 dec au NYCC

Ca fait plaisir de voir un Français au sein de cette magnifique troupe

patrick de passage a NYC
Kristen 03-Aug-2009 04:53
the one with just cracks me up! that's proof that new york is like New orleans, you never know what you're going to see.
karo 02-Jul-2009 07:36
wilberelsalvador27-Jun-2009 04:04
Guest 06-May-2009 04:28
Without pedestrian: surreal.
With pedestrian: proof.
Andy Lopušnak Photography03-Mar-2009 18:51
The one with the pedestrian is funny, but the one without is the best. Great work! Voted!
Buba Jafarli15-Feb-2009 06:45
Full of dynamism and keeping all details at same time! A perfect photo! Big V.
bobby 17-Jan-2009 04:24
i like the pedestrian
it has a person other than the jumper kind of giving it a feel that hes not the only one you know?..i think the ped adds to the picture
Korigan 28-Dec-2008 12:56
I Just can say WOW...*!^^
Guest 25-Dec-2008 23:28
FANTASTIC SHOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Larry Hill14-Dec-2008 18:12
I prefer the pedestrian version; it adds a smile and layer of context to the picture.
Rich Hepworth 05-Dec-2008 23:15
Both are superb. I just wish I could do it (also the jump)
ns sunil kumar 02-Dec-2008 06:14
i disagree that with others that the 1st snaps is a clean one. it has a messy background which takes away the importance from the dancer.
i liked the 2nd snap for the following reason.
at a first glance i thought the pedestrian is kind of taking away the center of attraction, but he diverts it back to the dancer with even more force.
once you take your time for a closer look, you will pay more attention to the dancer than anything else.
the onlooker complements the dancer, and the backdrop suddenly vanishes from your interest.
hope my view helped you to make up your mind.
keep up the great work & best wishes to both the photographer and the dancer....
Guest 27-Nov-2008 16:29
I prefer without. It 's stronger.
Dave Wixx18-Nov-2008 15:07
Excellent. I'd also go without the pedestrian, if only because of his expression An interested, or amused expression may have made a difference.
Pawel29-Sep-2008 02:02
Wow this is so fantastic! V
Alan Mars01-Sep-2008 01:14
They are both great photos. The pedestrian shot is funny because the look on his face says "What the F*!@ is this weirdo doing"? but the first one draws more attention to the jumper.
Guest 27-Aug-2008 04:27
Crazy.. I think i like the Second one.It is closer and more detailed and the face on the pedestrian is great.
Guest 18-Aug-2008 19:52
Voted! i like the second picture... i like it with the pedestrian, beacause his facial expression and the pictures come out more realistic.... just me.
Gervan13-Aug-2008 09:16
Hard to make a choice! I prefer the first one, because all attention is concentrated
on the dancer. V.
foto61.net13-Aug-2008 04:25
The first one, no doubt, is the better, 'cleaner' one (at least for me). It keeps the eyes focused on the dancer and astonishing background. -GMV-
fred_il12-Aug-2008 20:40
Of course, the second one!
The pedestrian adds so much to the shot with his so expressive look that says so much!
Amazing shot!
Guest 11-Aug-2008 10:33
Both shots are equally superior. The pedestrian adds to the dynamism of the image. The focus on the dancer's athletic prowess is amazing. V.
Steve Morris11-Aug-2008 09:55
The second without a shadow of doubt for me. The guy looking at the dancer adds so much more interest to the shot!!!!
carol j. phipps10-Aug-2008 23:38
The second portrait tells a more interesting story, while the first would be great in the dancers' portfolio, perhaps.
Paige Havens 08-Aug-2008 22:22
I love the second one because it proves you didn't just photoshop the dancer into another shot. It's just amazing!
shatterbug08-Aug-2008 17:29
Tough choice! The first one showcases Yannick better, but the one with the pedestrian is a brilliantly timed street shot, which you know I I'm split on this. The first one is better for Yannick's portfolio, and maybe the second one is better for yours :-)
MarcWildPassion08-Aug-2008 16:50
What to say that was not said .../... Splendid as usual and particulary this fantastic one. Big V
Guest 07-Aug-2008 20:50
I like the first one, even thought it is edited (well done BTW). But then, I guess it depends if you were using this for a specific purpose, then the original may work better. My legs are sore just from looking at this again!!

Guest 07-Aug-2008 08:31
I like the first one...without the pedestrian...I think is more "clear".
Aloha Diao Lavina07-Aug-2008 07:47
I like the one with the pedestrian because it adds story to the shot, some emotional tension.
Tom Briggs07-Aug-2008 00:22
Both are great but the one with the pedestrian gets my vote ... adds realism to the shot as well as depth.
Patricia Kay06-Aug-2008 21:06
Richard both are stunning shots but i prefer the one without the pedestrian as it distracts the eye a little from the handsome dancer!!!! V
Debbie Blackburn Beierle06-Aug-2008 05:32
Tough choice but I slightly prefer the one with the pedestrian just because it gives the image an added human element and solidifies a candid street shot and not a set-up! Can't go wrong with either one!!! Super job, Richard!!!
Guest 05-Aug-2008 12:45
Really fantastic, I would go for the without pedestrian but find them a winner pair that have more strenght together.
Rudes05-Aug-2008 12:27
Ok you have huge load of comments on this one and we are all in unison that this is a fantastic image. Now for my 2 cents worth..........I am going to sit on the fence on this one(dont you just hate fence sitters, unless my voices can help:-) but I like both....I like the one with the pedestrian for the humour it invokes in terms of his "ouch and wow" look on his face. Its a priceless expression of awe and wonder...and the pedless one for its sheer artistic splendour. The pedless one is one to be savoured as the more artistic shot and depending on what mood I was in, I'd have to say they both work for me, but if you really pushed me then I would go for the pedless one. So Score one more.
Ed Jay05-Aug-2008 01:57
I vote for the one with the pedestrian. It just adds a little more realism to the shot. Without the pedestrian, one can't really tell this was a shot that you only had seconds to take. Also the fact that he imposed himself on the picture just conveys the New York attitude. But, either one is such a work or art, from the master...
alfredo camba jr.05-Aug-2008 01:16
I prefer the one without the pedestrian. The viewer is more focused on the dancer in action. Great action shot Richard!! Vote!
Guest 04-Aug-2008 21:55
I prefer the second one but I still wish the ped wasn't would be perfect...:-)
Bart Aldrich04-Aug-2008 17:24
A toss up for me, as both are terrific!
Yi Feng04-Aug-2008 14:09
Prefer the image without the pedestrian. No distraction although the pedestrian does add reality. Both are excellent shots Richard! V
Robert Marcsa04-Aug-2008 13:10
I prefer the image without the pedestrain (no.2), on this bring one's my mind to bear upon the details and art of Yannick .... BigVote!
Guest 04-Aug-2008 05:09
i prefer the one with the pedestrian. gives it an equilibrium in reality...v.
JOSE MATA04-Aug-2008 04:39
Bill Warren04-Aug-2008 03:36
I prefer the image without the pedestrain in that the cars provide plenty of setting and he more fills the frame. V
Julie Bird03-Aug-2008 23:13
The yellow car in the foreground reflecting the yellow car ad on the tall building behind Yanick is more pointed with the absence of the pedestrian in the shot.
Guest 03-Aug-2008 23:13
I'm going with the second one, the focus is more on dancer..imo..;)
Julie Bird03-Aug-2008 23:10
I much prefer the second image Richard.
PauloCGama03-Aug-2008 18:19
both are awesome!
in terms of image itself i prefer the 2nd although considering the mood for a street shot, the 2nd.
The Suburban Hippie 03-Aug-2008 17:29
The second is much better with much greater impact!
Mike Stobbs03-Aug-2008 16:46
I'm going to have to go with the second one..but they are both great....V
Guest 03-Aug-2008 16:22
It's unbelievable how perfectly Yannick reproduces second jump... it says all about his training... these two photos can be used in completely different manners. First one in more candid style for difference of second one that's ready for some commercial work... big vote!
Guest 03-Aug-2008 16:11
Richard, I prefer you ask other pretty dancers looking at this guy while he is jumping.
Guest 03-Aug-2008 15:37
i prefer the one without the pedestrian! nothing on the second image distraks my attention and all eyes are on the dancer- thats why!
Martin Schiff03-Aug-2008 15:29
As an artistic picture, I prefer the second one. However, the first one has a "human interest" aspect that might be useful for certain purposes.
Vilone03-Aug-2008 15:08
The second picture is better.
gardener03-Aug-2008 14:56
You are a devil of a photographer and a very good showman. What a clever way to reap clicks...Both are good, but the first is a more appealing photograph as it puts the dancer in a better perspective of the street scene. Peter
John Glines03-Aug-2008 13:59
Much prefer the send one. In the first I find my eye drawn to the face of the spectator.
Guest 03-Aug-2008 12:20
IMHO the pedestrian is just a .... d i s t r a c t i o n

The 2nd one is F a n t a s t i c ...... An Amazing Jump!! :-)
Carole Stevens03-Aug-2008 11:26
They are both breathtaking from both your point of views, but I prefer the 1st, I think, what a hard choice, can I say both lol!
Alain Boussac03-Aug-2008 11:08
They are two extraordinary pictures : the pedestrian brings something, but I prefer the second photo, without the pedestrian, because it is purer and than it values more the dancer. And bravo again, Richard & Yannick !
RadioWonder03-Aug-2008 10:40
I love the second one...
Both are superb compositions!
Guest 03-Aug-2008 09:47
Hi Richard, can't choose both have something special, it's what you need or want to see, for some reasons I would choose the first and for another one the second.
Guest 03-Aug-2008 09:38
I think I prefer the second its more symetrical and the pedestrian did distract the eye a bit. But the first has the advantage of adding a talking point in the photo. If you want to show a relaxed candid shot number 1 but if you want a more formal set photo number 2
Guest 03-Aug-2008 07:59
I like them both. The second looks better from a composition standpoint, but the first looks more real. However, when I first saw your work with the dancers outside in the water, field, bridge, etc. I had to really look hard because I thought they might not be real!
_Eric M
Paco López03-Aug-2008 05:18
I think the second one (without people) makes more impact!!! anyway both are excellents and incredibles!!!! Big vote!
Doug Kessler03-Aug-2008 05:18
Totally unreal that he could so perfectly recreate that jump so quickly.
Just a wonderful shot again.
I like the second shot that allows me to totally immerse myself in his city art.
Huge, Huge Vote!
Guest 03-Aug-2008 04:52
I am going to have to go with the majority and say the second, without the pedestrian,, is my favorite. On most of your other shots where there are pedestrians, they give a little something to the shot. This however is a pure jump with a crystal clear photo. To be distracted from his lines is a crime.
VSU03-Aug-2008 04:50
I like the first one better myself. I like the guy in the picture. Looks less staged - more of the real-life street scene in tact, with Yannick the jumper seeming even more incredible and out of place. The bottom shot is awesome, but the top is more preferred for me. Thanks for asking.
Naret Visesvongsa03-Aug-2008 04:19
For me, I like the second image.
KAZUYA KIMURA –Ø‘ºˆê–ç03-Aug-2008 04:10
I love this image with out a guy.
I think this is better way.
Guest 03-Aug-2008 02:25
I get distracted by the pedestrian, I'd rather think of Yannick's incredible jump as a show or traffic stopper. And by himself with cars behind looks more special, the latter i think is little ordinary. Kenneth's version of you with Yannick is actually very fascinating. Really great work Richard!
jychamberland03-Aug-2008 01:33
its a pleasure to give you my opinion about this image. the second is my favorite.
Wendy O03-Aug-2008 00:38
First of all, Yannick is an incredible athlete/artist to be able to duplicate this move so perfectly. Secondly, you as the photographer are phenomenal to be able to capture this move so perfectly twice. That said, I like them both. The second one is cleaner, but there is something about having that goofy pedestrian in the picture that emphasizes the contrast of this amazing feat happening within the setting of normal life going on around him.
Guest 03-Aug-2008 00:25
Richard, I think the one woth the pedestrian makes us see it as a "snap shot" instead of an artistic piece. I definately love the bottom one as it shows so much intensity and looks more professional, IMO.
Thanks for asking for my opinion!
Nick Arena03-Aug-2008 00:07
Both amazing images ..the first one with the pedestrian gives the viewer more of a subjective view as if you were standing behind the photographer (wow factor)..the second is more powerful without the pedestrian, (less of a reality shot) but more with more impact
in its composition.Its the second for me..
Guest 02-Aug-2008 23:34
Top shot !!
Guest 02-Aug-2008 23:07
I like them both but I prefer and the lower image without the pedestrian cluttering the foreground overall and this shot would be definitely be my 1st choice. The gawking pedestrian I think could have added much more if
1) he was more obviously gawking directly at the dancer (to me I get the impression he was more focused on you the cameraman)
2) If the pedestrian was more out of shape :-)
However, I think the pedestrian accentuates the height of the leap (even without Yannick being caught at a slightly greater height in this shot) and it really highlights Yannick's athletic performance.
Pauline02-Aug-2008 21:40
Prefer the one without the pedestrian.
A cleaner line.
No distractions.
My gosh Richard this dancer is pure power!!
A beautiful shot!!
Guest 02-Aug-2008 21:37
I like more that without the pedestrian, it focuses on the jump, and it seems that the cars can go straight under him, great sensation!
Jeroen Bosman02-Aug-2008 21:26
Hi Richard, the first one fits better in the series. It is more telling and has a more natural strong contrast between the special beauty of the dancer and the daily goins on in the city. The second picture though is more appealing esthetically.
an nguyen02-Aug-2008 21:01
I like them both, but prefer the one with the pedestrian looking at the dancer. Oustanding and exquisite shot of a very dynamic action shot. Only you have the ability of stopping the NYC traffic jam with this legendary photo. My HUGE Vote.
Martha Albuquerque02-Aug-2008 20:51
WOW!!! LIke both, but the first one with the pedestrian my favorite! V~
Marcia Colelli02-Aug-2008 20:34
I like both of the shots. I am one for a more clean image, so I prefer the one without the pedestrian. Although the pedestrian does give a true candid and realistic element to the shot. V
Guest 02-Aug-2008 20:24
Maybe the one with the pedestrian cause I like his expression that give a sense of surprise for the unusual scene.
but both are superb!!big vote
Didier Vanderperre02-Aug-2008 20:22
It is kind of a toss up for me, both are outstanding. The first one has more of a candid feel to it because of the second character in the picture; and since candid photography is my favorite it might go for #1.
Carol Rollins02-Aug-2008 20:14
Absolutely the cropped image, without the pedestrian!
Fantastic shot and comp of this incredible dancer! BV
Barry Ailetcher02-Aug-2008 20:14
No thought about it the second one for sure
Guest 02-Aug-2008 20:05
Without a doubt it has to be the second image. The eye flits between the dancer & the onlooker in the first image & with him gone the image is cleaner bringing out the pure skill of Yannick. You have done a great job of editing this image, one would never know. Fantastic work Richard & a hefty vote for yours & Yannick's skill. Wonderful work.
Jeff B.02-Aug-2008 20:01
I love them both, but I think my preference is photo #1. The whole gallery works because of the contrast between the grace and beauty of the dancers and the raw, often unbeautiful city. And there's nothing more unbeautiful than a slack-jawed gawking pedestrian! To me, it speaks to the contrast at work here and doesn't take away from Yannick. Having said that, I just spent time looking at #2 and can't believe under any circumstances that this is a "second place" photo. What a tough choice!
Rick Bricker02-Aug-2008 19:47
Richard....I do prefer the 2nd image.Capturing Yannick's amazing abilities in that beautiful freeze frame needs no other abstractions.
Guest 02-Aug-2008 19:45
Richard this is just state of the art brilliant editing skills, just Perfect! but the gorking pedestrian kinda puts a Witness aspect to this magnificant image!
Bartosz Kotulski02-Aug-2008 19:45
Both images are amazing and is really hard to say with one is better.
Second one is just perfect but top one have samething more to say: a story. Pedestrian has little bit idiotic face:)and this is great as well.
For me: no.1
Guest 02-Aug-2008 19:45
Richard this is just state of the art brilliant editing skills, just Perfect! but the gorking pedestrian kinda puts a Witness aspect to this magnificant image!
Kees Terberg02-Aug-2008 19:43
Whow... really remarkably small differences and it almost looks as if you cloned out the gob smacked grockle in the second shot but nope... I do prefer the first one. The jump appears fractionally higher and the hands are slightly more centred. It is also funny how I generally prefer the square format (especially for Time Square) but here the portrait format seems to accentuate the height. The legs and the pose remain outstanding and this is the proof of all these years hard work are worth it in the end, of only you get captured by one of the greatest photographers in this way... and the proof is in the pudding... Yannick jumps twice and you capture the height of the jump, the exceptional fragment in time... perfectly, twice.
Guest 02-Aug-2008 19:34
The first picture is fantastic VOTED
poetry66602-Aug-2008 09:25
Terrific & awesome shot!!!!...V!!
Guest 29-Jul-2008 18:33
Johan Gerrits27-Jul-2008 14:22
Wow, awesome shot Richard, and fantastic jump from Yannick!!!!
Mindy McNaugher27-Jul-2008 06:00
Phenomenal shot!!! Vote!
Guest 25-Jul-2008 17:13
Wow, Richard, that is awesome. Different approach to represent your dancers. Voted.
Guest 25-Jul-2008 17:10
Well done!!!!
Guest 25-Jul-2008 16:20
Guest 25-Jul-2008 07:16
Awesome!!! V
Guest 25-Jul-2008 01:12
:-O .... incredible image! GREAT!!!!! VOTED.
Marcello Rodarte24-Jul-2008 17:24
wow...this is crazzyy!!!! amazing!!! V
Guest 23-Jul-2008 14:55
Only an asshole would stop right in the middle of a photographer's image. This is an amazing shot,but had the idiot would have kept walking, the shot would be perfect. I love the concept of the dancers and the city environment.
Aisha 23-Jul-2008 05:31
hahah I love that guys face!!!
Jean Chiasson22-Jul-2008 21:51
Wow fantastic composition love the background Richard vote
Cynthia22-Jul-2008 17:09
John Potter22-Jul-2008 13:31
Brilliantly executed Richard!
Kathy Pedersen22-Jul-2008 12:27
Incredible capture.
Lloyd & Sandy Spitalnik22-Jul-2008 04:54
So totally brilliant!!!!!
Guest 22-Jul-2008 02:51
Oh wow!...haha I love the pedestrian's expression...BV!
KAI-WING LEUNG22-Jul-2008 01:19
Excellent capture! V
Guest 21-Jul-2008 22:32
Dan the Man21-Jul-2008 02:44
INCREDIBLE!! Just right and so unique!! V
Ted Chappell21-Jul-2008 01:11
We need a a totally new standard of superlatives to describe this work.......I am grateful you mentioned this particular image to me.

Just.............I am 'Gob-smacked.'
(Goes without stating, I voted).
Herve Blandin20-Jul-2008 19:39
original, superb, and what entertainment it must have provoked. Even in the streets of New York, quite a novelty!
Guest 19-Jul-2008 23:39
Outstanding work. Love all the details that you captured. Very creative idea.. You know exactly how to stop NCY traffic :o) V
GeneWard19-Jul-2008 17:03
creative, beautiful. V.
Dallas Hyatt19-Jul-2008 05:11
How delightfully unexpected!
Simon Chandler19-Jul-2008 04:03
What power, strength and form! Excellent work of the dancer and photographer. v
Guest 18-Jul-2008 23:46
AMAZING everything, voted
shatterbug18-Jul-2008 20:52
Amazing performance by Yannick, and your capture is simply the onlooking pedestrian!
chris 18-Jul-2008 18:38
i kind not did like you are.
Paradoxal Studio Classic18-Jul-2008 16:29
I hope people around knows who you are and the honor they have to see your job, live !
craig wilson18-Jul-2008 13:20
Love the composition.The guy in the background adds to the shot.Great work Richard
Naret Visesvongsa18-Jul-2008 13:20
WOW, wonderful shot. C
BAS Photography18-Jul-2008 09:10
Incredible performance! Great shot! ~V~
Dmitry Zamorin18-Jul-2008 07:25
I have seen it recently but returned to say it is a very, very fiery photo!
alfredo camba jr.18-Jul-2008 02:06
Excellent action shot of the talented ballet dancer!! Great shot!! Vote!!
luolin 17-Jul-2008 22:32
ÓÐÒâ˼``` ºÜÓÐÁ¦Á¿µÄ×÷Æ·
Guest 17-Jul-2008 21:01
Have to respect this amazing shot !
Rick Bricker17-Jul-2008 19:10
I am thinking you had little time to set this up.What a fantastic shot.You be da man Richard!
Doug Kessler17-Jul-2008 13:51
What a great, sensational moment, perfectly immortalized. V
Guenter Eh17-Jul-2008 07:09
No doubt - this is exceptional! What a great shot Richard!
Carole Stevens17-Jul-2008 06:24
Spectacular capture incredible!
Sam_C17-Jul-2008 04:43
Wow!! Mr. Calmes you are something else, one of the most unique NYC shots EVER!!! Big Vote!!
Phyllis Stewart17-Jul-2008 02:40
"Masterpiece" isn't a good enough word for this awesome image! HUGE VOTE
John Stevenson16-Jul-2008 23:45
Amazing shot.

Big vote.
Barry Ailetcher16-Jul-2008 22:20
WOW what a capture
nomada16-Jul-2008 20:19
Breathtaking capture Richard.A true masterpiece!!!! V
Harry David Horning16-Jul-2008 19:16
That is INSANE! Fantastic capture. V
David Yu16-Jul-2008 18:40
This is an amazing capture.
Wendy O16-Jul-2008 18:16
Michael J. Parkinson16-Jul-2008 17:12
The leap is stupendous, the guy on the cross walk makes it an even more awesome image.
Vilone16-Jul-2008 16:50
Wow! What a shot! Voted
BleuEvanescence16-Jul-2008 16:27
I am speechless...
Thank you for pointing this one out to me!
That guy has wings!
He looks "calmly"
and effortlessly
suspended in time...forever!
Hodero16-Jul-2008 16:17
This one deserves a price!
Big V.
btw,fantastic catch of the guy in the background too ;-)
Jean-Michel Peers16-Jul-2008 16:03
Icredible shot! This is unique. Big vote
Guest 16-Jul-2008 15:57
Giancarlo Guzzardi16-Jul-2008 09:16
Sheila16-Jul-2008 08:03
Totally mindblowing!
Ken Chambers ARPS15-Jul-2008 18:56
Richard, however you set this shot up, it is still the work of a genius.
What a fantastic dancer............ v
Guest 15-Jul-2008 13:35
"If I can make it there I can make it anywhere...New York, New York!" Great one Richard! Vote!
Guest 15-Jul-2008 13:24
Very impressive! Vote.
Sue Robertson14-Jul-2008 23:03
a traffic stopper alright!!... fantastic!.. v
Sandi Whitteker14-Jul-2008 13:13
A real traffic stopper Richard, and a great capture. What an amazing athelete. Don't think I've every seen a jump where the legs are so high.
Susanne v. Schroeder14-Jul-2008 12:00
This shot must stop everyone in their tracks... even the traffic!
Your ideas and creativity seems limitless. Looking forward to more...
Robyco14-Jul-2008 11:20
Outstanding !!! (big Vote)
Eddie Ling14-Jul-2008 07:46
Wow Bravo!! I can feel the power!
Debbie Blackburn Beierle14-Jul-2008 06:50
I think Gus's comment sums it up!!! WOW! What a shot!!! Your imgination gets even wilder!!!!
fred_il14-Jul-2008 06:27
Gus Rosenfeld14-Jul-2008 05:56
I've seen many "I've finally arrived!" photos before. Rarely have they hit the "big-time", and none have I seen with a single knock out punch like this. The pedestrian glance is phenomenal and an icon for WTF!?! You took out lights on the stadium light panel with this image Richard. How long did it take to build this studio? ;-) Is this Corey? Sorry for the mixing of metaphors. g
12314-Jul-2008 05:39
Stunning. BV
Carolyn Rasmussen14-Jul-2008 03:11
Photo and dancer of the year! V
Yi Feng14-Jul-2008 03:06
Truly amazing shot Richard! V
Guest 13-Jul-2008 22:11
OMG..I just have to agree..Big Vote!
Guest 13-Jul-2008 21:23
this is unbelievably wonderful.

you surprise us everytime with your unique concept.

great shot, the form, the look on the spectator's face, the traffic, evrything is PERFECT. I agree, this should be photo of the year.

BIG vote!
Thomas13-Jul-2008 20:19
should be photo of the year!
olivier bruning13-Jul-2008 20:13
Ernst van Loon13-Jul-2008 19:35
I suppose you are aware of our ever increasing expectations now? ;-)
Great start op this series.
Enrico Martinuzzi13-Jul-2008 19:32
Outstanding picture. GMV
Guest 13-Jul-2008 18:03
wow is less.... V
Guest 13-Jul-2008 17:23
Another incredible shot!
Silvia Roitman13-Jul-2008 17:17
Tom Munson13-Jul-2008 17:08
This is unbelievable, Richard. Outstanding image and dancer. V
Guest 13-Jul-2008 17:03
Very irresistible! Very unbelievable! V
Paco López13-Jul-2008 16:57
Spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic work, Richard!!! Big vote!!!!
Barbara Read and Fred Schaad13-Jul-2008 16:32
I can see the headlines now..."Flying ballet dancers in Times Square!" I could see how this would turn a few heads, even in NYC. ;)
Great shot, fantastic idea, and super well executed. Richard, you are amazing. Voted
Galina Stepanova13-Jul-2008 16:31
Seems like all NY police supporting your photo session, Richard.
Great not an ordinary contest, beautiful dancer...
Guest 13-Jul-2008 16:29
This is a great shot. What a fresh & unique idea. Vote.
Guest 13-Jul-2008 16:13
Incredible Richard, spontaneous moment with the onlooking pedestrian, bringing NY to a momentary still. BV, Classic image for the future.
Gerard Koehl13-Jul-2008 15:24
Excellent.... Ils ont du être sur^ris es gens dans la rue! V
Marc Demoulin13-Jul-2008 14:51
For sure not usual pedestrians for cab drivers!!
Jola Dziubinska13-Jul-2008 12:59
The drivers must have been surprised! Great street composition, Richard and wonderful dancer. V.
Guest 13-Jul-2008 12:57
Good composition, a dancer over Times Square.
Perfect .
CM Kwan13-Jul-2008 12:52
Wow, you moved from theatres to streets! An amazing picture, Richard! V
Guest 13-Jul-2008 12:28
Superb, Richard
Guest 13-Jul-2008 12:28
Great job Richard
Apostolos Tikopoulos13-Jul-2008 12:24
Wow!!!!terrific street composition. V.
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