PBase.com Pricing

Yearly Pricing Plans

US$23 yearly for 3000 MB of photo storage.
US$43 yearly for 6000 MB of photo storage.
US$60 yearly for 9000 MB of photo storage.

Additional storage can be added at any time in increments of 3000 MB.

Included Features

  • Direct Image Linking (post your photos on other sites) help
  • Number of photos limited only by your available storage space.
  • Unlimited number of galleries.
  • Zip uploads, Stylesheets, EXIF extraction, automatic thumbnailing
  • Custom framed prints of your photos


  • $23/year is less than two dollars per month.
  • If your photos average 450 kB each, you could store 6820 photos in 3000 MB
  • This price includes not only the disk space itself, but also the webservers, database, backup systems, and the bandwidth used to show your photos to the world.

Trial Accounts

  • It costs nothing to create a PBase account and try it out.
  • Trial accounts are limited to 10 MB of storage space.
  • After 30 days from your first upload, you will no longer be able to upload, and your photos may be removed.
  • Photos and galleries from trial accounts will not show up in common areas of PBase such as recent galleries, random photos, popular galleries, the world and camera database.
  • Direct image linking is only available to paid subscribers