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erereh123-Feb-2023 21:57
ucok18-Nov-2022 16:52
ucok17-Nov-2022 15:59
hudskintil16-Nov-2022 17:46
hudskintil16-Nov-2022 17:45
hudskintil16-Nov-2022 17:45
ucok16-Nov-2022 17:25
mamang kintil09-Nov-2022 12:40
lou muenz09-Jul-2013 13:46
hey lars, love your photos! we have similar taste in music. -lou
Tissue 13-Apr-2013 02:01
it was a pleasure chatting with you at the buzzard! please never stop, your site is a Tardis for people like myself who love to travel back in time to taste some of the best shows you've witnessed. thank you!
Juliana 19-Jan-2013 00:13
hey Lars, we talked last sunday at replica/no statik show, awesome pics! Thnx a lot, I posted about it at replica FB page
KEVIN BROWN 30-Dec-2008 03:48
Hey Lars! Long time no see. Just checkin' out some of you awesome photos! Are you ever gonna put up anymore? Hope all is well. Kevin Brown
Guest 20-Jun-2007 05:57
Thank you for sharing your work. Had a great time looking at them.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:57
It's a pleasure to spend a lazy evening sifting through your pictures.
vinny 18-Jul-2006 16:35
are you gonna post the pics you have of gospel at gilman street??
I would love to see those shizzles.
ML 20-Jun-2006 08:13
Where are you Lars??? Haven't seen any life on this site for ages. 12-Jun-2006 10:29
This site is very useful. Keep up this excellent work - very good.
Guest 08-Jun-2006 14:33
hi lars,
may want to use one of your photos in our mag. could you drop me a line to say if that's ok? it's a polysics one.
james dot kendall at brightonsource dot co dot uk
F(_)CtUp 06-May-2006 05:07
hey good luck w\the whole thing people like this realy make the world go amazing good LUCK
Brian 12-Apr-2006 10:07
Wow, look at all the love. I just wanted to say nice job, and that you should be proud of the photos and the site.
Joe Demaree 11-Apr-2006 02:59
He Lars, I was going to use one of your photos of the unit breed in our new LP. What's your last name? also what's your address so I can send you one. Also there's some new unit breed website junk. All that stuff on your site sure doesn't work anymore.
art -
old,new,tomorrow -
Evan Pacewicz 16-Mar-2006 18:21
I can't seem to find an email for you on here.
I'm doing the art for a Yellow Swans+Moth Drakula CD and I wanted to know if I had your permission to reproduce one of your photos.
Evan//Moth Drakula
Zack 09-Mar-2006 06:59
Lars, I'm also a photographer and am interested in chatting.. I admire your work and I'd like to know how you got some of your shots. Such as in the 400 Blows gallery, the action type blur shots, such as this one here:
I'm going to be photographing a band soon and want to try to get a similar look. I'm a film photographer, and I don't do any post computer editing, so i'm not sure how you got the shots. But I'd love some info on how you got them, if you're willing. Thanks, my email is
Lars01-Mar-2006 01:45
Okay, I've actually started to build the images for a gallery that will show before and after images of some editing techniques I use when processing my shots. I don't want to post something vague or overly simple, so hang in there while I gather my thoughts. I'm not used to "thinking" about how I do stuff. Technical writers get paid a handsome wage to produce that kind of thing. Now I know why.
Lars24-Feb-2006 23:58
No, ML, you didn't miss it. Sorry for the delay. Shoot me an email and I'll explain the drama that went down December/January. The Guestbook is not the appropriate forum to discuss such things. I'll be brief, but honest.
ML 23-Feb-2006 07:15
Did i miss that gallery of before and after shots??
See my post below...26-Nov-2005 17:33 :)
wert 10-Feb-2006 14:31
Nice, well done!
Mike Sutter 01-Feb-2006 22:55
Hi Lars, I'm Mike Sutter at the Austin American-Statesman, a newspaper in Austin, Texas. The lead singer of World Burns To Death got stabbed real bad here, and we're working up a story to publicize a benefit concert for him. I saw your photos of the band on pbase (classic hardcore work), and I'd like to talk to you about using one. If you would, will you please call me or e-mail back? The e-mail is, and the number is (512) 912-5902.
Thanks for your time, Mike
priest 25-Jan-2006 22:32
what's up Lars! I tried pistolswing on myspace but they said you don't exist!!! email me!
mikeattacks 17-Jan-2006 22:43
incredible pictures and awesome website!
keep up the great job, dude.
luv from rome, italy
bjřrn 20-Dec-2005 19:51
hi Lars,

i have to thank you for making such an excellent site!! i really love it man..

Guest 14-Dec-2005 07:46
Lars! your pictures are beautiful. found them when i was looking up Tyrades, again! (no, i havent been able to find any web page for them either - i saw them for the first time at Trash in brooklyn and i'm nutty addicted.). Thanks - really your pics are great!

(now I'm completely distracted by tobylifehater's post - must go see what the other old punks are up to.. )

your fan
Lars04-Dec-2005 16:12
Okay?! Go for it.
Tobylifehater 03-Dec-2005 02:31
Hey- I'd like to link to your site? I have a website that I'm just reviving- it focuses on old punks locating each other and documenting early eighties punk rock history. Actually Brandon used to frequent the old site a bit (long story but MSN shut the old site down) as did a few other band guys and a lot of miscelleneous old punks(I think at the end of it's life the site had over a thousand members- about 200 were regular posters). Anyhow- I would like to put your photos up if that'd be okay. I just started a nardcore thread and your site is the first one I opened. Thanks- Tobylifehater
Lars26-Nov-2005 20:44
ML,Finland: I really appreciate your compliment. I've been meaning to create a gallery with before and after shots to illustrate the few, but effective, lab techniques I often use in my workflow. I'll post a gallery before the new year. I've wanted to do that for quite some time, but I wasn't sure if anyone was interested. -lars
ML, finland. 26-Nov-2005 17:33
Could you tell what cameras you use and have used. Other things surrounding them like do you manipulate much, programs and so on.
I've been looking pics you've taken for a long time...all i can say: Amazing work.
Chris Rolls - Le Flange Du Mal 04-Nov-2005 02:09
Vithout Lars vee vould be noting. Really, there is something so comforting about Lars snapping photos at shows and I cannot thank him enough. All praise is due!
james 02-Nov-2005 22:44
awesome work man!
Guest 22-Oct-2005 11:54
I thought I was the only person who liked both Emo music as well as Experimental Electronics things.

Needless to say, these pictures are simply amazing.
Sávio Vilela 29-Sep-2005 20:12
Greetings from Belo Horizonte, Brazil!

Your work is great, Lars.
Rally nice photos and really nice bands!
Guest 29-Sep-2005 13:34
Sorry.....I meant "aren't". (see below)
Guest 29-Sep-2005 13:33
Excellent work, Lars.
Why are MORE people doing this type of shit?!?!?
beyababa 05-Sep-2005 22:40
hello this is occasional detroit we played at the noise picnic in san francisco on august 21 2005 just wondering when will the pictures be up<'
Joe 01-Sep-2005 20:22
Lars, I posted my 50 words on the Rum Diary photos section. I think it was the photo of Schuytech and myself laughing at some incomprehensible thing. I believe it is approx. 50 words long, maybe?
See ya,
Guest 31-Aug-2005 23:29

Singing sadie here......
I am dying for you to post the shots you got of me.

Please please please!
REV0 Kadavur 19-Jul-2005 11:22
Awesome fucking photos... Sum good shows you went to there....
matt m 13-Jul-2005 07:05
excellent photos... i wanna see some of the landmine marathon shots soon! it was nice meeting you...
Flattbush 11-Jul-2005 12:18
hey Lars, badass pix. dude you think you can forward us some more pix, besides the the ones on the site.thanks,rmn
Larstafari 16-May-2005 02:57
yo Lars. Lars here. Tight pics man. I take some pics for bands, and even though they suck, I've got the best camera out of all these ghetto fools. We're coming to LA. We're tryin' to hook up a show with Mae-Shi at the Smell. Come peep it. word dude...check out our website.

mushroom 10-May-2005 03:16
waitwait to check out my band if anyone wants too go here
mushroom (mauro) 10-May-2005 03:15
show at the pyrate punx was great thanx for da show, Ill be at the next one
Matt 10-Apr-2005 17:35
Yo my main man LARS. Sup brah? Hey let me know when you get those BTH pictures up and running. We need pictures for our new cd, all credit going to you of course. Thanks again for attending the show in Sacramento. Hit me with an email soon. Lates! Matt
Cousin 01-Apr-2005 06:22
I didn't know your ass smelled like garlic. Hey, I'm going to be in town again from June 6th!
Guest 14-Dec-2004 22:27
lars u suck your ass still smells like garlic thanks for the rub down i owe you big
g-town love
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Mom 25-Nov-2004 20:08
Just visiting....
Chris 26-Oct-2004 01:53