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Patrick Mayer 05-Aug-2018 21:13
Hi Pete,
Would you happen to have some documentation about the Minolta AF 1.4 Teleconvert II APO. I'd be looking for assembly and disassembly instructions to change its function and make it usable on Sony A7 bodies ( through LA-EA4 adapter). I'm thinking of removing the chip so that the teleconverter isn't seen by the camera and actually becomes usable with a Minolta AF 200 f2.8 HS lens.
Rudi Lauwers 15-Jan-2018 10:10
I have seen on the net you removed the MC mount from a Minolta bellow III. How do I proceed ? I can not get it out.
Wolfgang 09-Aug-2017 20:44
Hi Pete,
Can you Change my Minolta MD 50mm 1.2 to Minolta/Sony AF A-Mount with 5 focus contacts?

from germania.
Chantal 20-Aug-2016 08:26
Hi Pete,

I have seen your dissassembly page of the Minolta Rokko 58mm F1.2. I am currently trying to correct the inner barrel of the focus ring because it is not smooth all the way when turning. I suspect a slight change in diameter accross the threads, most likely coming from a shock. It is not visible, but large enough to prevent the move smoothly. After trying to shape it with a c-clamp I got something better, but it's still not smooth enough. Do you know which camera could serve as organ donor for a the full focus assembly ? Also, do you know the typical grease use in this lens ? Thank you for your input !

Best regards,

Bill 14-Mar-2016 00:23
Just purchased a Minolta 1200AF Macro Flash. I need adapter rings for it as it did not come with them.If I purchase a 72mm ring can it be used with step down rings for smaller lenses?

Julian Kaiser 17-Aug-2015 18:36
Recently purchased the Sony HVL-MT 24AM macro twin flash & I'm interested in the adapters you make. Do you have the 72mm available? Figure I can use commercially available step down rings to get to 58mm Canon macro (& others). Any suggestions?
Thank you for your time.
Julian Kaiser
Russ Adams 22-Jun-2015 03:57
Hi Pete,

Do you still make the Minolta MD 58mm 1.2 to Minolta/Sony AF adapters?

Would love to purchase one to convert a Minotla MD 1.2 58mm.

Thanks so much,
cafe18-May-2015 09:43
I can tell that you put a lot of effort into your pictures.
cheveux boucles16-May-2015 08:49
nice pictures
huile de ricin14-May-2015 12:46
Je suis impressionnée par vos photos, woow !
Avoir une belle peau01-May-2015 13:06
Vous êtes incroyable dans vos photos.
mathieu17-Feb-2015 19:39
Hi Pete,

at first thanks for your helpful works.
I bought a Minolta 58mm f/1.2 Rokkor MCII. My camera is a Sony Alpha 77.
Now I'm looking for one of your adapter kits for this combination.
Please let my know, how I get the newest adapter and how I can pay it.
Is paypal also possible?

With best regards

Wanda 15-Feb-2015 05:04
I lost my 49mm adapter ring for the Sony HVL-MT24AM Macro Twin Flash Kit and need to replace it. I am also possibly interested in a 72mm one as well. Do u have either of these and what would be the cost?
Wanda Hill
Leonard 13-Jan-2015 01:37
Hi Pete,
Found your wonderful site, - a lot of helpful info, - thank you.
I am looking for 72mm adapter for Minolta/Sony twin macro flash (to be attached to Sigma 180mm macro lens). Do you have one? How can it be ordered?
John 29-Dec-2014 21:02

I found your site and am interested ti know if you have a source for the Kenko fisheye adapter rings. I managed to gut one at the local pawn shop for $10 but have no way to connect it to my camera.
Helge 09-Dec-2014 14:36
Hi Pete,
I found your gallery while searching the internet for information about repairing a HVL-F58AM flash. You seem to know some of these things:-)
I got a broken HVL-F58AM were apparently the thermal fuse was broken. I replaced the fuse but the flash is not properly powering up and it seems that there is somewhere a short that burned the thermal fuse in the first place. When measuring the current it consumes much more then e.g. mentioned in the service manual as rating for an external power supply. It seems that there are some reports of similar errors on the internet after placing the wrong batteries in the flash.
Do you have any idea what could be wrong with the flash and how I could track the error down? Basically the flash powers up and stops after a few seconds with a low battery indication. After that the batteries gets quite warm and also the part to which the thermal fuse is glued gets very warm. Any help is appreciated.
mark 16-May-2014 13:44
Looking for minolta 72mm adapter ring for the twin macro flash? Do you still have one for sale? Mark
Tanner 03-Feb-2014 18:26
Hey Pete,
used your lovely disassembly guide to clean up a minolta 35-70 f4 and have a quick question. The lens came with a loose front tube (comes unlocked from the front element and spins freely. What is the mechanism by which the front tube locks to the front element and allows for AF? i suspect it is the very thin (x and z dimension) plastic ring that underlies the front element pressure ring. Is this correct? should i try and replace this ring? do you have any for sale? thanks for any and all help, sorry to overwork your hospitality.
Vito 15-Dec-2013 14:09
Just discovered your womderful site. I am hoping you can help. My 50mm 1.7 is overexposing. I don't see any real indication of oily aperture. When I removed rear lens mount I notice that the spring does not snap back crisply. Could the spring have lost the proper tension? I am told that this is unusual but I really suspect that is a contributor to the problem. If so, where might I find a replacement spring? Thanks
Jeff Cooke (UK) 21-Nov-2013 12:58
Hi Pete just discovered your site - brilliant thanks. I have just bought a Minolta 50mm f1.7 for use on my Sony SLT A65 which is working great and giving some beautiful shots! My concern is that when mounting the lens it seems VERY tight turning into place before it locks. Any ideas/suggestions please? Is it a problem or just a 'feature'? I don't have a problem mounting my Sony and Tamron zooms - they are much freer and easier. I'm just worried about scraping or possible other damage it may be causing.
Peter Davies 02-Oct-2013 23:55
Just discovered your site, thanks for all info so freely available, it has been of great help in playing with my 7D and 50mm lenses. Could you advise me what further information is available and how much it will cost for electronic transfer. Next task is ti fix the dreaded FFB on the 7D.
Kind regards
John 20-Apr-2013 11:57
I would like to purchase, and then convert at least one heligon XR or optical lens (60,75,100,?) to use on my Leica S2....for the obvious purpose of limited or spectacular DOF......I have an idea how this might be mounted, but do not have the skill to do it....also interested in an opinion from someone experienced on if this is even possible and what might be expected as results....thanks John
Michael Garcia 03-Apr-2013 16:31
Hey Pete,

I contacted you a couple days ago about interest in purchasing set of 72mm adaptors for the Macro Twin Flash and Ring Flash and a handle for the Tamron 180mm Macro, and I see that on the Vivitar bellows, you list a macro stand/stage. I was wondering if you have any photos of this, or have any available? I do dragonfly research in Minnesota, and am looking at a better way to photograph preserved specimens.


Louis 29-Mar-2013 22:09
I was looking at some reviews/info on the mirex tils shift adaptor and noticed you mentioned you was or were using one successfully the A77. I have an A77 and was looking at purchasing the T/S adaptor. I'm looking for your thoughts, views and user experiences on using that combinations.
All the reviews seem to be cnetred around using it with full frame DSLR's (A99 mostly) but what are the differences when using it with a cropped sensor DSLR like the A77.
Is it easy to use and intuitive?
Do you have any example imges made using the A77 and mirex combo?
I'm assuming that you can use any M42 lenses with adaptor as i have a decent collection of M42 mount lenses laying around.
Is there an adaptor to use Bronica ETRS lenses (PE versions) with the mirex adaptor, as i also have a fair few of those that i wouldn't mind taking advantage of?

Thanks in advance for your help.


rexatasch10-Jan-2013 23:10
Hay Pete,
im interested in buying the rokkor 58 with a-mount and the rodenstock objektiv with a-mount, if u dont have them available i would love to get the adapter kit for rokkor ;)
Greetings from Germany
Cathy Smith 01-Jan-2013 04:16
Dear Pete,

I am an artist and am interested in buying the rights to use your photo oak leaves8142.jpg as a background to a painting that I would like to do. Could you tell me if the image is available and, if so, what the charge would be to purchase it. The painting I am planning will be done and put up for sale.

Thank you.

Cathy L. Smith
Sloan Lindsey 26-Nov-2012 13:15
Hi Pete,
I stumbled across your mirex-nex adapter using google. I'm really wondering if there is a post available online with a synopsis of your findings. Is it at all worthwhile to use 35mm lenses or is it just a better idea to simply use the m645 lenses? I'm intrigued by the thought of a samyang 14mm f2.8 on a tilt shift adapter.
Where could I source the intermediate adapters?
There were a few c-mount to e-mount adapters that also had m42 threads which makes me think that might work against the camera. However the minAF to m645 adapter looks difficult to produce. Thanks and I look forward to any news you have.
Kevin 20-Nov-2012 17:57
Hi Pete,

I read a post on Dyxum saying you have constructed an adapter for the Rokkor 58/1.2 that will fit a few rokkor having similar structure. Just wonder if that's correct and what will be those few lens. I would like to get a one/ two of those and convert the mount to use on my Sony digital cam.

Thanks for your kind attention.
Brian 24-Sep-2012 01:50
Hi Pete,
I found your Minolta AC-1000 (4000AFl fash AC power supply) pinout diagram in a google search.
Thanks for posting it. I am wondering if you know why there is a 230 V pin? Does that 230 volts come from the AC-1000 power supply or is that voltage discharged from the flash when it cycles?
I have several of these flashes that I plan to use in my studio and really would like an AC power supply for then and the AC-1000 is a very rare item. I have never seen one for sale anywhere.
Brian Aldrich
Sony A85 & Sony NEX 5N
gregglee21-Sep-2012 20:48
I got the 72mm adapter, which fits fine on the Sigma 180. Nice that it accepts a lens cap, though I overlooked that it fits 77mm cap rather than the original 72mm lens cap. To avoid vignetting? Easy to get a 77mm cap of course.

Q. The Sony supplied 55mm adapter does not accept the 55mm cap and a 49mm is too small. cap. Do you have a 55mm adapter that does accept a cap?
gregglee12-Sep-2012 16:06
I see recent comments on this so I guess you are still selling the 72mm adapter for sony twin flash. But I can't figure out how to order it.

I plan to use on Sigma 180mm macro which is also 72mm filter thread.
Daryl 30-Aug-2012 23:15
Hello Pete.
I am searching for some M42 to Sony MA AF Confirm adapters that are made of brass and are of very high quality.
I can only seem to find adapters that are made in China and I have no clue as to the quality of any of them.
I bought four on ebay that were claimed to be made of Copper.
Turned out to be made of Aluminum and the Takumar lenses fit very loose and sloppy.
Do you know of a Brand and supplier of any high quality adapters?
Thank you.
Jos 21-Aug-2012 13:28
Dear Pete,
I'm a happy owner of a Minolta 200mm Macro lens and a Sony twin flash.
I came across your blog by Google searching for an original hood for my lens and found you offer a 72mm adapter for the Sony twin flash, I really want one but how can I pay you, though I don't have a credit card but I have a Paypal account or let me know by what other possebilities I can pay you.
I'm still in search for the original Minolta/Sony lens hood for my Minolta 200mm F4.0 macro lens, any help is appreciated.

Kind regards,
Stephen 19-Aug-2012 13:13
Hello Peter. Some very impressive information! We owe you a big thanks for the time and effort put into it. It has benefited many people, I am sure. If I may ask you a question, or rather clarification. I put a great tutorial on how to dissemble a Rokkor. The 58 mm came in two version: the PG at 1.2 and the PF, that was a 1.4 One of your photo shows the trim ring, but your hand is covering up the model number. The serial number lends me to believe it is not a a PG 1.2 as their serial numbers started in the 200's range. So, if it is a 1.4, are the mechanics basically the same as on a 1.2?
antonio 23-Jul-2012 11:08
I just got the Minolta / Sony twin flash to 72mm adapter ring. Perfect, just what I needed to use the twin flash with my Sigma 180 mm macro.
Thanks and regards from Spain
shayne 23-Jul-2012 05:54
still have the rodenstock 95mm for sale?
Bernhard Lunkenheimer 15-Jul-2012 11:46
Hi Pete,

I'm also interested to buy a 72 mm adapter for the Minolta twin flash.
Do you still offer this adapter?
I would be happy if you couls sent a short info to
Thank you and many regards from Germany

antonio 11-Jul-2012 21:55
I have a Sigma 180mm macro and a Sony twinflash. I needed an adapter for it. Do you sell them? In that case I would appreciate to tell me the price and if you send to Spain.
saeed 09-Jul-2012 07:29
dear Pete,
Thanks for your great site
My minolta 35-70's aperture is oily and i would like to disassemble it. is it possible to disassemble only rear group? may you help me what steps it has.
yours sincerely,
bala09-Jun-2012 11:35
Hello Peter,

Following your instructions I took apart a Minolta AF 35-70/F4 objective, because it's iris was dirty. I refitted it and the iris is OK now, but from 3-5 metres or more distance the pictures are blurred. Since from 1-2 metres the pictures are sharp I assume that I couldn't realign the front tube and the back lens. Is there a definit position in which the alignment is correct or everything I can do is to try and slew it until I find the position in which it will work.

Thanks for the instructions gallery and for your help

Guest 01-Jun-2012 17:14

Thanks for showing your tinkering projects. I see you are using a hood with loupe on a Sony NEX. I have a NEX 7 and I am looking to buy on of those. Can you please let me know where you found those?

Thanks, Horst G. Dierolf
Guest 01-Jun-2012 17:04

Thanks for showing your tinkering projects. I see you are using a hood with loupe on a Sony NEX. I have a NEX 7 and I am looking to buy on of those. Can you please let me know where you found those?

Thanks, Horst G. Dierolf
Dave 31-May-2012 07:25
Pete -

The CD is a great resource - thank you so much.

But... (there's always a 'but', isn't there?) Aboute removing the iris form the first gen Minolta f2.8 28mm. Wouldn't it be a whole lot easier to hold the iris open, insert a T-headed tool of some sort that looks like a closet bolt or maybe an over-sized thumbtack partially driven inot the end of a dowel - the idea being a large surface below the iris with a handle sticking up. I'm going to look into a lightweight device which could be clamped before removing the retainer.
The idea is to lift the iris in one piece, clean it without dis assembly and then have the same tool to re-insert it.
Also, why does the rotation of the iris vis-vis the lens matter? As long as it is located so the actuator can fully open and fully close it, what gives with the marking?

I'd be thrillled by a personal response, but seeing the instructions updated to use a t-headed tool for extraction would be wonderful.

Thanks again

Robert Henrickson 29-May-2012 23:25
Hello Peter,
I have heard so many good things about you and I have a question, if you don't mind?
I have a broken lens hood on my 100-400APO and would like to fix it rather than use a sloppy rubber hood.
I tried "Crazy Glue", but the extra pressure of the bayonet type mount seems to put too much outward force eventually breaking open the repair. I thought of using "Plastic Model Cement", as this glue sort of welds the seam, but I'm not sure of the composition of these hoods, so I fear that this is not the correct glue to use. I have emailed and phoned every local repair shop and even emailed KEH, but they didn't even bother to reply and no one seems able to suggest anything.
Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you....
Nicodemus 20-May-2012 00:25
Hello Peter,
I posed one of this lens : Minolta MC Rokkor PG 1.2 58 mm and want to use with my Sony A77.Please advice what should buy from your adapter.

Best regards
Nicodemus 18-May-2012 15:59
Hello Peter,
I posed one of this lens : Minolta MC Rokkor PG 1.2 58 mm and want to use with my Sony A77.Please advice what should buy from your adapter.

Best regards
Axel 17-May-2012 22:38
I own a componon-s 100/5.6 and would like to use it on a m39 Novoflex bellows (REVERSED). Can you tell me what adapter i would need. The thread on the filter seems to be a 37mm or something. Thank you in advance. Greetings from Belgium.
Clark 14-May-2012 16:45
I have the Maxxum 70-210 f/4 Beercan Lens. The zoom ring has come loose. I taped it back in place using 3M electrical tape. That didn't last long. Any idea what kind of tape was originally used by Minolta and where I might get some, or a suitable substitute that will hold the zoom ring in place? Thank you.
Shao Zhang 24-Apr-2012 14:12
Hi Pete. Its been a long time but you helped me with some Minolta SR to A mount conversions back in 2008.

Anyway, I was curious if you still had any large aperture xray lenses and if any of them could cover full frame and possibly be adapted to Nikon F mount?
Jörg 12-Apr-2012 10:16
Hi Pete,

do you know the exact signals triggering the "Sony HVL-F7S" Flash and preflash of the NEX 5 Camera?

I am looking for a solution to get rid of the Preflash!

Do you know the exact pin assignment of the 14 pin connector?

Regards, Jörg
martin 04-Apr-2012 16:35
Hi Pete
could you tell me is the rear element of a rokkor 58mm 1.4 the same as the rear element of a rokkor 58mm rear element on the F1.2 has a scratch on it .so im wantng to replace it.
thank you and a great site you have
martin 04-Apr-2012 15:42
Hi Pete
could you tell me is the rear element of a rokkor 58mm 1.4 the same as the rear element of a rokkor 58mm rear element on the F1.2 has a scratch on it .so im wantng to replace it.
thank you and a great site you have
Dennis 29-Mar-2012 19:30
I was looking at your article on the Mamiya M645 view finder prism. You show removing the silvering but you don't mention how you got it re-silvered.
I talked to a guy that coats telescope mirrors. He wanted $50 to do the prism. That seemed a little expensive to me.
texaskt10-Mar-2012 06:01
Pete, Well bad news for me on the 24mm 2.8 AF. I was so close and was finally able to clean most of the fungus from the rear lens. Just when I was finished cleaning and putting it back together, I barely overtightened and broke off a cam barrel screw in the Inner Barrel. There goes a great lens down the tubes. I figure you may be the only one on the planet that may know the answer to this, but is there another lens in the lineup that uses the exact same Inner Barrel as the 24mm 2.8 AF (non-RS version). I'm hoping I can pull the part from a cheaper lens such as a 28mm 2.8 or something. Or as another resort, I may see if there is a way I can delicately tap & turn the broken screw out and find another screw. Any guidance would be very much appreciated. I've been using your CD to help me, but it doesn't cover "bonehead" moves like this. ;-) Thanks, Kent
texaskt09-Mar-2012 04:19
Nevermind. I was finally able to unscrew it out. Now trying to figure out the rear lens and how to clean fungus from that end. Thanks, Kent
Guest 08-Mar-2012 03:46

To add to my prior note on the 24mm, I've removed the name ring, filter ring, and even the focus ring. I just cannot get the glass to pop out. Any trick I'm missing here. Thanks, Kent
Guest 08-Mar-2012 02:06

I bought your CD about a year ago and also looked at your step by step procedure on disassembly of the 50mm 1.7. Very helpful and I will say the suggestion by someone to use latex gloves to remove the front ring works easily every time.

My question now is regarding the 24mm AF 2.8. For the life of me I cannot remove the front lens glass. I just need to clean some minor fungus. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kent
Pete Ganzel23-Feb-2012 07:25

Try lubricating the edge of the ring with a little alcohol. That might help.

Charlie 18-Feb-2012 23:31
I have a Minolta 1.4 50mm lens with oil on the blades. I am trying to remove the front trim ring but it will not budge. I loosened once and then froze up again. Any suggestions other that the 1 1/2' crutch base.
Mark Nurcombe 15-Jan-2012 05:13
Pete, only just come across this site. You've certainly got some great info.
I have a Tamron 300mm f2.8 and was wanting to use the minolta apo teleconvertor to see if it's any better quality than the tamron convertor. The issue is that the minolta convertor needs to fit "into" the rear of the lens but the Tamron's diameter where the contacts are is too small. I fiqure if you can use either lens on the same camera, there should be no reason why it won't work. If I could get hold of the correct minolta apo parts, should I be able to do a straight swap. I can forward somephotos to better explain.
cheers, Mark.
Bob Robeson 26-Dec-2011 23:41
Peter... thanks so much for the diagram and CD available to us fellow people with the small screw drivers! I was able to clean the oily blades on my Minolta 50mm 1.4 and 50mm 1.7. It was the second time I had done it (with your guidance). After about a year the oil came back (I didn't clean ALL the old grease, which turn into oil after time). This time I not only cleaned the blades, but all of the old grease that was inside the lens. The lenses seem to function perfectly even though they have no grease what-so-ever. You are an inspiration to me and I imagine to so many!! Thank you.
hycent 24-Dec-2011 12:13
send me motin pictures .thanks
Vince Ishler 01-Jul-2011 22:29
I used your tutorial to successfully dissassamble a Sigma 400 5.6. It was great. I am wondering if you have any experience with Zeiss ultron with a BM mount. The focus is very stiff. I need help on how to remove the BM mount in order to dissassemble the rest of the lens. Thanks in advance
scott levin 12-Jun-2011 02:08
Hi Pete,
Hoping you can help me out. I dropped my minolta af 135mm 2.8 lens from 9 feet on to my carpet. No cosmetic damage at all. However the focusing ring will not turn - as it is extremely stiff. I noticed that 2 little screws are missing under the collasible hood, that must have fell out at the fall. When I line up the barrel over the empty screw hole, lens is still stiff. The lens was working perfectly before the fall. Thanks for any advice, would love to fix on my own as cash is tight. Scotty
Larry Tice 08-May-2011 15:55
Hi Pete-
I've admired your images and creative use of legacy cinema lenses in an m43 mount. I understand that a M42 to m43 helicoid can be used to facilitate mounting different lenses. The helicoids are for sale, but I do not understand where to get the mount for various c-lenses to the M42 helicoid. Are all of these adapters custom made or is there a more universal one with different collar sizes to accomodate different size lenses to attach to the M42 helicoid? Where can you buy and or find someone to fabricate these adapters. Please advise if you can help.
Thank You-
Michael 08-Apr-2011 23:23
Hello Pete,

Do you have the repair manual for a maxxum 7? My autofocus only works in steps (I have to press the shutter half way down a bunch of times to inch my way into focus) Do you know of any fixes?

Hans van Driest 01-Apr-2011 12:48
Hi Pete,

I was wondering if you could give me some more information of the use of a Mirex T/S adapter on Sony NEX. I would be interested in using it in combination with Nikon lenses, is this possible?


richard cooper 29-Mar-2011 18:48
Pete, do you have instructions for making a custom lens hood for my Minolta AF 28-135.
I will be using this lens on my A850.
Thank you very much in advance.
jose chavez 17-Mar-2011 06:21
Where and how do I get a Mirex Tilt Shift Adapter for M645 to M42 Sony alpha??
Thank you
ricardo massey 04-Mar-2011 14:14
hey pete, sure hope you can help me, i have a sony 18mm-70mm lens when i turn the camera on i get a buzzing sound for a few seconds then the camera is ready untill i turn the camera off in which i get the buzzing again for a few seconds. can you help me ?
del20-Jan-2011 07:23
halo pete, nice work very good info here.
my sony lens SAL-75300 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 have fungus inside the "Cylinder lens" near blade. it is same disassembly of the Maxxum 70-210 f/4 Beercan Lens for sony lens
kaka 06-Nov-2010 11:49
amazing... sooooo talented wish u share u'r knowlage for free....
Malorie Bertrand 20-Oct-2010 19:22
Hello Pete,

I'm in search of polarized snowflake images for my employer's corporate Christmas cards. I'm interested in using one or several of your images to print out on 500 cards that will be sent out to our corporate contacts.

How may we proceed?


Malorie Bertrand
Assistant, Communications
Canada Foundation for Innovation
Wen Wu 18-Oct-2010 03:11
Dear Pete:

I have recently scratched the front glass surface of my Minolta AF 50mm f/1.7 lens. I am just wondering, instead of purchase another one, if the old Minolta MD 50mm f/1.7 lens has the same kind of front group that can be used to replace my scratched one. Thank you very much
Noble Deed 17-Sep-2010 21:25
Hi, Dear Pete,
I have a old Hasselblad SWC/M camera. For a long time I have not used it because of the difficulty to find a place to develop films. Now I see the Sony's new mirrorless camera NEX5/3 are so small in size, I think it may be possible to take sensor unit out of the NEX5/3 and put the unit inside Hasselblad's film magazine, converting film magasine to a digital back. Do you think my idea is realistic?


Noble Deed
Stan 17-Sep-2010 19:01
Hi Pete, I wonder if you've worked with Minoltflex before. I was cleaning the upper lens the other day and tried to dissemble the top lens. Now I got the glass elements cleaned but when I put them back, the focus is not sharp now. Do you have any idea what order should I put them back in? I can send you pictures of the lens parts. Many thanks.
Ralph 16-Sep-2010 07:58
Dear Pete,

I need some help for taking apart the NEX-5 display. The display cover (coating) got scratched and I'am wondering if I can remove the back of the display to replace it with a GGS display glas. At a first examination a very tiny connector stopped me from taking it completely apart. Do you know if the display glas and the LCD are in one piece or if my plan of the new glass may work? Any help is appreciated! Please contact me via email.
THX in advance,
kim 12-Sep-2010 06:26
Hello Sir,

i have seen one of your camera set up Mamiya M645 mounted a CZJ 4/50 Flektogon lens im just wondering how it works all through out with that kind of set up? how did the adapter render its mechanical performance that the body and lens work together well. did you have good results with adapting the flektogon image quality wise? i would like to set up same adaptation on my M645 i just want to know if its worth investing though i know Zeiss optics works very well in terms of image qualities. Any advice sir in your own ecperience with this kind of set up? thank you so much!
Mike Sellers 08-Sep-2010 03:12
I have an Angenieux 35-70 in Minolta MD mount that I would like to use on my Sony a850. I believe I need to convert it to m42 so I can then use a m42-Sony adapter. I read that you sell a m42 conversion for the Minolta mount? Any help would be appreciated.
Markus 31-Aug-2010 22:17
can you send me an email!? I have a question cause your Nex5 disassembe. Thanks!

Rolf 07-Aug-2010 22:13
Hey Pete,
So many thanks for your tutorial about Minolta 50mm f1.7 lens. I'm so grateful coz mine had the iris with tendency to stick in full open position. I was initially fearing of opening this lens, furthermore since I wasn't sure about the root of the trouble, but I just discovered that you were absolutely right: the iris got contaminated by grease which kinda got into oil. But I went a bit farther than you by separating individual iris blade, in order to wipe them off as well as the slotted plate and the backplate. After having cleaned all these parts using isopropilic alcohol, everything got installed back to original position and the lens works like brand new!!
Once more, thank you so much indeed for your great job!!
Greg 31-Jul-2010 05:44
Hi Pete,
Thank you for doing what you are doing and helping many of us to fix our toys. This is about Minolta 50mm 1.7. I noticed lately that manual focus ring is not smooth any more. Sometimes just something grinds inside. So, I followed your instruction and took lens apart. Unfortunately I noticed that inner helicoid is made of plastic (cheap version). After taking it apart I spotted small plastic derbies. I removed them and put lens together. It is better now but not perfect. I need to clean both helicoids and lubricate them again. Any suggestions how to approach that and what lubricant to use?
Please help me to save my baby. It is my favorite lens.
Thank you in advance.
Dennis 21-May-2010 20:42
Thanks Pete. Your mockup for bent lens ring repair is beautiful. Can't thank you enough for the valuable information. Best, Denns
Robert Steadman 11-May-2010 13:05
Hi Pete,
What a resource you are!
I have a Minolta AF 28-135 (f4) lens. I tend not to use it any more since it took a knock a few years ago and now it 'wobbles' just in front of the focus ring. However I miss its versatility and, having seen your gallery, am considering undertaking a repair!
What you may be able to help me with is some terminology: Do you think the wobble could be due to a bent/damaged zoom bearing ring (as per or something else? Thank you.

Kind regards,

martin 06-May-2010 18:12
Hi Pete
i wonder if you can help before i go ahead and try to clean the front element of a minolta 75-300 big beercan.
I have used your descriptions in the past to clean and repair various lenses with success .
Is the dissasembly of the front element an easy job on the big beercan .The problem is between the 2 front elements .it almost looks like spots of oil about 9-10 of them .
Please could you adivse accordingly

Many many thanks and again what a great site you have here

matt 24-Apr-2010 06:16
Hi Pete, I'm also interested in the DIY conversion kit for 58mm f/1.2. Please include me in your correspondence with Dave.
Dave 23-Apr-2010 05:03
Hello Pete,
I have an old Minolta MC 58mm f/1.2 PG that is in great shape and I would like to convert for use on my Sony A700. Do you still do conversions or sell the kit for DIY? What is the best way for me to make this happen? Please contact me via email. Thank You.

doug 07-Apr-2010 13:38
I'd like to talk to you about the fiber optic flash system you have for sale
Jean-Marie Wallet 06-Apr-2010 23:36
Hello, Peter. I would like to ask your advice. I happen to have three Minolta AF 80-200 f/2.8, two black ones, one of which is in a bad state, having been sent to me in a very badly wrapped parcel. The second black one is excellent, very sharp, but the zoom rattles a bit when put vertically. The third one is an almost immaculate white one, High Speed. Unfortunately it is not as sharp as the black one. Could you tell me if something could be done to the white one to make it real sharp, like the other one? I have never opened a lens and presume it would be best to have it done, if anything can be done. The trouble also is to know where to have it done well (I live in France and often go to London, Great Britain). Your advice would be much appreciated. If you think I could do the job, so much the better. I am rather meticulous and could follow instructions, but again I have never done anything like that yet.
Thanks in advance,
Jean-Marie Wallet
Eugene Golovin 16-Mar-2010 23:50
Hey i am interested in your peleng cover, email me. Thanks
Gert Jan 25-Feb-2010 21:04
Hello Pete,
I dissambled a Minolta AF 28 mm F2.8 but didn't follow your description.
I dissambled the lens by removing the mounting ring and then dissamble the two brackets that hold the front lens. Now i think i have a problem finding the right way to assemble the front lens assembly. I should have marked it before dissambling.

I reassembled the lens until i could focus from minimum distance until infinity.
I there a way to check if is the right position of the front lens ?
Maybe you can give me a distance the front lens moves in and out when focussing from minimum to infinity ?
Thank you.
Gregory 10-Feb-2010 21:27
Hello there,

I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of detergent you use to clean an iris blade with Minolta AF lens 50mm 1:1.7?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.


Gregory 10-Feb-2010 21:26
Hello there,

I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of detergent you use to clean an iris blade with Minolta AF lens 50mm 1:1.7?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.


Gregory 10-Feb-2010 21:22
Hello there,

I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of detergent you use to clean an iris blade with Minolta AF lens 50mm 1:1.7?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.


Pawel Oldak 09-Feb-2010 18:53
Hi Pete,
With the help of your tutorial, I'm trying to convert my old 5D to IR. I have the whole thing disassembled and I'm stumped. How do you remove the filter stack from the sensor? Is there an adhesive that has to be cut/removed to seperate the stack from the sensor? Also, once the IR filter is in place does it need to secured in anyway, or does the force of the spring clip keep it in position? Thanks!!
Wenhao Wu 01-Feb-2010 17:25
Hi, I want to take my old Minolta 135mm f2.8 lens apart and clean it since there a few dust particles inside. I am consider purchase your CD which includes the details of about 30 Minolta lenses. However, I need to make sure that the 135mm f/2.8 lens is included in this CD. I appreciate if you could email be to confirm this. Thanks.
philip 02-Jan-2010 01:21
Im looking for bellows for my sony a200. it is getting a bit confusing on what I need [adaptors,lens] I saw that you are selling bellows and wanted a little more info on everything I would need to purchase. can you help me?
thanks Philip
Mike Cilenti 28-Dec-2009 17:34
I have a 50mm 1.7 with just a little oil on one blade. I was going to give your repair a shot but wanted to know if the entire lens needs to be taken apart or can I get to the blades from the rear, (looks like I can). Any ideas would be great. Mike. I'm on dpreview
jose Luis Sosa Godina 24-Dec-2009 04:57
I, I have a Konica/Minolta 7D and the shutter has stopped working. Camera powers up fine, when you look in the view finder the Antishake lights are all the way on and blinking. No errors whatsoever come up. At first this was just every now and then, I would turn off the camera and then turn it back on and it would go away for a while but now it will not work at all. It just clicks for a few seconds and then it does what I had already wrote. Any ideas? This is not the First black frame issue that a lot of users are having. Thanks!
philippe le Jeune 13-Dec-2009 22:22
Hi, I saw your very nice infrared photos. One question, how did you do to remove the filter innside the camera ?
KURT 05-Nov-2009 18:49
Elijah 28-Oct-2009 22:35
hey there just browsing through and saw that you have an aftermarket peleng lens cap..i actually hate the one it came with (it keeps coming off!) and i would like something more stable! I was wondering if this was made or purchased and if you could point me in the direction of where i could get one? if they are made i would totally fork over the cash if you could replicate one for me! let me know thanks!
Ed Lomax 18-Oct-2009 19:57
Just visiting
Derrick Anderson 23-Sep-2009 04:03
Good day Pete i am using your instructions to fix my Minolta 70-210 F4 that i purchased but before i put it back together i want to grease the zoom slider pins, what would you recommend for me to use. I have read that people are using helical grease from micro tools but i would like to know what you would use since you are so knowledgeable on this topic.
Thanks Derrick
PS. thanks very much for the guide for this lens very useful.
Derrick Anderson 22-Sep-2009 23:09
Good day Pete i am using your instructions to fix my Minolta 70-210 F4 that i purchased but before i put it back together i want to grease the zoom slider pins, what would you recommend for me to use. I have read that people are using helical grease from micro tools but i would like to know what you would use since you are so knowledgeable on this topic.
Thanks Derrick
PS. thanks very much for the guide for this lens very useful.
David Kovaluk 11-Sep-2009 18:11

Hello! I picked up an auxillary fisheye like those posted on your site some time back and found it a great resource. I was wondering if I might have permission to link to your site and perhaps use a couple images (will full credit) on my blog. Im just doing a write up on these little guys. I would like to use the image of the directions on the underside of the lens cap as well as put together a side-by-side image of some of the variations between brands. All images would be clearly credited to you and a link to you site would accompany. Feel free to take a look!

Any help would be much appreciated. Take care!

Nalaka 03-Sep-2009 10:32
Dear Pete,

I really appriciate your work, Specially the tinkering page.
Viktor Hedefalk 19-Aug-2009 11:08
Hi Pete!

I found your gallery on Mirex tilt/shift adaptor when googling for tilt/shift possibilities for Minolta/Sony DSLR. I've just started to explore tilt/shift with a 5*4" Cambo but found the pain with going back to film-development too daunting.

I found your gallery very interesting since I have a Sony Alpha A700 and a couple of Bronica 645 lenses and also a Mamiya 80/2.8 macro. I'm trying to figure out what I need in order to get started with these. This is what I found so far:

Mirex-Tilt-Shift-Adapter for Mamiya M645/M42.
A M42 adaptor for my DSLR.

To be able to use my Bronica-lenses I also need some kind of adapter from M645 to Bronica mount, right? Do you know where I could find this?


Yury Ershov 14-Aug-2009 06:47
Hi, Peter!
I've got old minolta 100/2,8 macro, and there are one problem:
focus is rather tight.
Do you happen to know how to disassemble this lens to clean it?
Thanks, Yury
Andre B Chéné 09-Jul-2009 04:14
hello peter

Bought your book and would like to know if i can do something about a dusty front element
of a minolta 28-135. Anybody selling this part somewhere?

Moses Israel 21-Jun-2009 20:30
Hello Pete
Do you provide CD version of your Minolta related work, Repair-convert-referance
which appear on this site. under Tinkering, besides the Minolta Lens Repair manual CD.
I am unable to down load full repair informatiom to work off line.
Ridley 17-Jun-2009 03:18
Hello Pete,
I've been told by a friend who peered through the backend of my Minolta Rokkor-x 200mm telephoto lens that I've got fungus inside it. It's small groups of white cloudy or scalely stuff all around the inside ring area. My question is I don't want to spend much money getting a pro to take it apart and the residue I was told could be permanent. Can I take it apart myself. I don't know anything about lenses that's the problem.
Thanks, Ridley
John06-May-2009 20:55
Hi Pete. From all of these questions you must be a busy man but I hope you can help. I have an ebay dimage 7i and have followed the IR conversion instructions to remove the rear cover on a dimage 7 to the letter but it wont come off. Seems to be held some where around the middle top. All of the bottom and both ends of the top will move. It was described as blank screen, unused dealer return. Thought maybe something was loose in side but with charged batteries both displays are ok appart from no picture. Just fuzz usually black and white. Sounds like the ccd to me but I may as well look.
Mike Garcia 25-Apr-2009 21:40
Hey Pete,
I was wondering if you know much about the onboard flashes on Minolta cameras. I have a Maxxum 70 that doesn't want to flash, even on fill, but will blink a blue light a couple of times. I know that it was used with an external, non-Minolta flash (Quantaray QAF6600) by the previous owner, wondering if maybe it shorted out, or maybe I have a setting stuck somewhere that's making it do this...thanks in advance!
Paul Prosko 23-Apr-2009 16:33
I just aquired a Minolta RF Rokkor-X 500mm 1:8 lens and i noticed that the front lens has spots on it which may be oil or fungus. My question is --how do you disassemble the front lens on this type and if it is fungus can it be cleaned or is the lens worthless? thank you , Paul
A.M. Rela 23-Apr-2009 12:57
Dear Pete Ganzel:

Please, would you give your permission to include your photo calculus 6636.jpg in a non-profit book of electricity and electronics edited for the Argentine Education Ministry? That book will be given to schools without any cost. Thank you very much. AgustIn M. Rela, agustrela(at), April 23, 2009.
AgustIn M. Rela 23-Apr-2009 12:54
Dear Pete Ganzel:

Please, would you give your permission to include your photo calculus 6636.jpg in a non-profit book of electricity and electronics edited for the Argentine Education Ministry? That book will be given to schools without any cost. Thank you very much. AgustIn M. Rela, agustrela(at), April 23, 2009.
kennym 17-Apr-2009 15:56
hi pete,
how do i take off the front element vivitar 35-105mm f3.5,its mf, canon fd fit 72mm glass,
its got fungus behind the front lens,
Esteban 08-Apr-2009 00:40
Hi Pete,

I'm interested in your MD to MA lens converter for a Rokkor MC 58mm 1.4; can you make this happen?

Larry 07-Apr-2009 01:26
Hi Pete,
I have a minolta 50MM f1:1.4 and need the ROM chip and board.Do yo know where I can get one.
Thanks, Larry
sevey5405-Apr-2009 19:19
Hi Pete,

I have a Minolta Rokkor-X MC 135mm F:2.8 telephoto lens that has some fungus and needs cleaning. Do you have any detailed disassembly pictures for this lens.

Stan Pustylnik 24-Mar-2009 03:04
Hi Pete,
I don't need anything. I just came from dpreview to check your photos and liked them very much!

Stan Pustylnik
Bob 24-Mar-2009 00:13
Hi Pete
Recently received the Lens Service Repair Manual CD. Great stuff.
I picked up a Contax Auto Extension Bellows - can you tell me what adapter(s)I need to mount it to my Minolta 7D and what adapter(s) do I need to mount a lens to the bellows? Do you have any recommendation for a lens(es) for either or both macro and infinity focus?
Also do you have a lens or adapter that might wish to sell that would work for me?
Guest 22-Mar-2009 02:17
Hi Pete,
I need your help. I have Maxxum Macro 1200 AF but without lens adapter. I need 55 adapter for 50/2.8 anf 100/f2.8 Also 72 mm adapter ring for Macro Twin Flash2400 and Tamron 180 macro combo. If you could email me and let me know, I would be VERY interested in getting. Thanks! Sohail
Tom 19-Mar-2009 05:10
Hi Pete,

I have a alpha 300 and am interested in using a bellows that I can attach various lenses to. Is it possible to buy one bellows assy to fit my alpha, with interchangable (lens) end mounts?

Ian Wilson 18-Feb-2009 22:34
Hi Pete,

I've seen your slideshow on the repair of the Minolta 35-105mm lens. I have one with a spot or two of fungus behind the front element. is it possible to access this from the front of the lens or do I have to dissassemble the lens totally (something I am not confident of doing, even with your excellent guide.)?

ibrahim teke 06-Feb-2009 22:41
hi Pete
i need your help about a lens called leitz picker x-ray , 65mm f:0.75...i want to adapt it to my eos 5d. may you help me ?
Michael 06-Feb-2009 07:20
Greetings from another Meenasootan!

I'm getting an HVL-MT24AM Macro Twin Flash for my Sony A200 for some research work (Dragonflies and Damselflies). I'm planning on getting a Tamron 180mm Macro, but it has a 72mm filter ring. I saw on Michael Hohner's Minolta/Sony website that you made an adapter, and was wondering if you still make them. If you could email me and let me know, I would be VERY interested in getting one. Thanks!
Ted Kutzer 02-Feb-2009 05:10
Pete,I've got aa standard md Rokker md-x lens that was the stock f2 lens they used with the camera.I am disabled and would rather pay someone to modify this to an a mount for my sony alpha camera and use it completely manually so I don't care if the aperature lever is cut off as I don't want mirror or other problems.I am willing to pay shipping both ways and a fair price to modify it.I've seen the m42 rings that people adapt and the contac.I could do it but suffer a parkinson type illness and am afraid of shaking working with the tools.I've also seen some folks that talk about an electronic ring that can be bought to make the lens automatic.I don't care.I looked at it fully opened and it looks to rival any nikkor lens I've ever seen.I own 30 lenses.I will pick up the range of fixed focal lengths and pay to adapt them all as I can use them if they work as well as they look they would.I also happen to havee 3 50 mm f1.7 minolta a mount autofocus lenses that I don't think more than a roll of film was shot with any of them.I am looking for a 20 mm version or a 24mm or an18-whatever or a good price for one or both of them.I live in Matthews North Varrolina ,thanks Ted
Nick 26-Jan-2009 09:48
Hallo Pete,
i saw you were selling a RMS/M42 adapter. Is it still available?
Thanks For your answer.
Regards from Switzerland.
Dan 22-Jan-2009 23:16
Hi Peter
Good tutorials on your site. I have a 28-105 Xi lens. /lenses/ detail.asp?IDLens=264
It is a motorised lens, I have used it on my Sony A700 and it produces very nice photos, it was my favourite lens on my Dynax 9Xi. However using the motorised zoom it almost stalls at one point and it looks like it is just about where the zoom element internally changes from moving forward to moving back. I am thinking that a little lube inside is what it needs. Do you have any experience or any fact sheets on dissasembly of this lens so that I can get to the internals and lube them up a little.
I was in Minneapolis only a year ago. Was doing some work at Siemens at Wayzata blvd Minnetonka, got my A700 around then, really loving it.

Many thanks

Giuliano Becchi 21-Jan-2009 21:30
Hallo I am Giuliano from Italy .I would like to buy one of your flter for modify my dimage 7hi on ir.Is it possible? what is the price?


Gordon 17-Jan-2009 21:16

I have a maxxum 28-85 lens which had problem on focusing. The problem is the focusing ring can't rotate beyond the 5m mark from the right most side (infinity) of the lens. It feels like it hits the end of the traveling, same feeling as it got stop when you rotate it to the infinity. I was trying to open it up but I can't find any screw holes what so ever that allows me to open the front part of the lens. Do you have any experience or instructions on how to get this done.


Gordon 17-Jan-2009 21:16

I have a maxxum 28-85 lens which had problem on focusing. The problem is the focusing ring can't rotate beyond the 5m mark from the right most side (infinity) of the lens. It feels like it hits the end of the traveling, same feeling as it got stop when you rotate it to the infinity. I was trying to open it up but I can't find any screw holes what so ever that allows me to open the front part of the lens. Do you have any experience or instructions on how to get this done.


Michael Gibbons 06-Jan-2009 12:33
Hi Pete,

very impressed with your work! I have both a Vivitar Series 1 105mm f/2.5 Macro & a Vivitar 28mm f/2 that have MD mount that I would love to convert so they fit my a350. can you sell me kits for this or offer advice or instructions. Both are wonderful lenses especially the 105mm.

Kind Regards

Curt Zimmermann 31-Dec-2008 13:50
HI, I have a Konica/Minolta 7D and the shutter has stopped working. Camera powers up fine, when you look in the view finder the Antishake lights are all the way on and blinking. No errors whatsoever come up. At first this was just every now and then, I would turn off the camera and then turn it back on and it would go away for a while but now it will not work at all. It just clicks for a few seconds and then it does what I had already wrote. Any ideas? This is not the First black frame issue that a lot of users are having. Thanks!
Piero 17-Dec-2008 21:35
I have to clean a Minolta APO II 2x Teleconverter from fungis.. so I need to open it.
where can I find an exploded view of the Minolta APO II 2x teleconverter? Is it in the mini CD that you sell? For the the urgency that I have, after the payment, can you send me by email the content on the mini CD regarding the teleconverter?

Piero (Italy)
Kurt 14-Dec-2008 02:20
Pete- I found a link showing pictures of a Kodak Carousel projector / camera system to take photograph slides. Do you provide/sell instructions on how to do this? What do you estimate was the cost/time involved to make a working system.

I have tons of slides in carousels, and would love to be able to capture their images efficiently and sharply, which a system such as yours would seem to allow.


Don Allen 08-Dec-2008 17:08
Pete --

I have two (don't ask) 28mm f/2.8 Minolta AF lenses, both with sticky apertures. With the guidance of your website, I've repaired one of them. The other one now has clean aperture blades, as far as I can tell, but the action of the aperture is still sluggish. It works, but the lever doesn't snap back; it returns, but certainly short of snappily. I think the spring is weak. The lens is in otherwise nice condition. Any idea where to get a replacement spring?
Vladislav Churakov 08-Dec-2008 16:13
Hi Pete!

I have a good lens Sigma(Quantaray) AF 75-200 2.8-3.5, they make very good photos on my Maxxum 7000, but lens not work with my Dynax 7D. In your gallery minolta_maxxum_lens_roms I have see Quantaray 60-200-2754.jpg with similar disassembled lens and comment "This particular chip is not read by the Maxxum 7D".
Have you found solution? What wrong in Sigma lens?

Please help, any info.

Many thanks!
Don Allen 08-Dec-2008 13:31
Pete --

I have two (don't ask) 28mm f/2.8 Minolta AF lenses, both with sticky apertures. With the guidance of your website, I've repaired one of them. The other one now has clean aperture blades, as far as I can tell, but the action of the aperture is still sluggish. It works, but the lever doesn't snap back; it returns, but certainly short of snappily. I think the spring is weak. The lens is in otherwise nice condition. Any idea where to get a replacement spring?
Randy Clark 08-Dec-2008 04:13
Hi Pete,
Just wanted to say that I have truly benefited from all the info you have displayed on your site, not to mention the inspiration from your photographic skills. I would like to try my hand at repairing a lens I found recently, a 1st gen 100mm f/2.8, great lens, just feels a bit rough when using the manual focus...feels like it "hands" there a section in your repair manuals on this lens? Many thanks, Randy
Tobias Kuballa 11-Nov-2008 07:50
hi Pete
I come from Germany and i have a Problem with my 28-70 2.8 G. Can you helb me?????My
Thanks Tobi
Kiril Anastasov 29-Oct-2008 09:27
Hi Pete,

I have a problem with a Minolta 28-135 - one of the inside bushings which hold the front group is smashed. Do you know where I can buy an other such bushing?

Best regards,
Hans ahnlund 24-Oct-2008 22:53
Hi Peter
I've just successfully repaired greasy iris blades on a Minolta 50 mm 2,8 Macro lens. I'm not sure I've would have dared without your guides. (Really, it wasn't that difficult, I remember tinkering with old Pentax telelenses where you had to perfectly fit ordinary but numerous threads on at least two parts)

Thanks again/Hans
Doug Gualtieri 20-Sep-2008 06:45
Thanks for the site. The shots with the Minolta 500mm AF Reflex sealed the deal for me. I'm getting one. For my Sony A-200.
Matt Staben 18-Sep-2008 06:39
Pete, I have successfully repaired a Minolta 50mm 1.7, and now have acquired a Minolta 50mm 2,8 macro that has a tiny speck (but not tiny enough) of white on the inside of the rear element. I'd like to be able to extract just the rear element and clean the speck off but looking at the pictures it's a major disassembly. Is there a way to reach the rear element without extreme disassembly? How is the rear element secured, is it a ring?
jed lasquite 10-Sep-2008 13:56
hi pete,

Jed again, please email me info once you've read this. aslo interested on the cd.
My email address is
Thanks again.
Rob 09-Sep-2008 20:57
Hi picked up your site from dyxums , I have a minolta 24 -105 that won't focus ,i have spoken to a company here in the u.k. who say parts to repair unlikely to be available.

have you any experience of this ? is repairable or could it be converted to manual focus only , I really like the glass.

any help /advice would be appreciated

Jed Lasquite 09-Sep-2008 16:51
Good Day Mr. Ganzel, I have come across your website and indeed you have a lot of stuff that amaze me. I am interested on the Rodenstock 95mm f/1 XR Heligon for Minolta Maxxum Dynax Sony Alpha and would like to ask if it is still available.

Is the 95mm the only range for Sony alpha DSLR's?

Please send me an email if the lens is still available.

Thank you!
Pete Ganzel05-Sep-2008 15:15

Thanks for your comments.
There a couple of donate buttons throughout the galleries though they are there just because people asked for them.
Otherwise if you want "something" for your donation, go to the "Items for sale" gallery and click on the lens repair CD, pay by paypal and I'll send you one.


Guest 05-Sep-2008 02:43
I would like to thank you for the excellent photo narrative on Minolta 70-210 F4 lens disassembly. Without it I would most likely not dare to take the lens apart. Lens had sticky iris blades ( I think since shots were typically overexposed) and more importantly front body barrel was attached with only a single screw three others were loose inside. I bought the lens on e-bay and it had a problem since day one. I use it on my new A700. Incidentally my first digital camera was Dimage 7 UG and second was A2.
I would like to contribute to your tinkering and endeavors. Please let me know if you have anything setup for a support.

Paul Kubat
La Mirada near Los Angeles
mike kipina 16-Aug-2008 17:25

I am looking to find a repair manual for my KM Maxxum D7. I have bent pins on the CF slot and Sony wants $285 for the repair...ouch! Any help will be greatly appreciated
Mike Kipina
Michael Mattison 14-Aug-2008 12:16
Vivitar Bellows for Minolta Maxxum Dynax Sony Alpha $95
Spiratone 75mm Flat Field t mount lens shown is sold separately $75.
Tripod Slider shown is sold separately $75

Are any of the above items still available?
Guest 13-Aug-2008 23:59
Hi Pete, I've posted my message 6 days ago and in the meantime I've solved the problem, could open the lens (zoom 80-200mm APO HS 2.8) by unscrewing the ring over the tripod collar and repair the zoom. Now it works perfectly (just as I tought, 3 screws were loosened under the zooming ring).
So ... I keep my help request for the next time. My contratulations for galleries and go on with "tinkering", I'm a Minolta user since '70 MC Rokkor lenses and I find it great!
My best regards, Roberto
G. Widger 13-Aug-2008 06:36
Hi Pete,

I've been using this lens (Minolta 28-135) for more years than I like to think, but in the past 2 years since I've been using it on a Sony A-100, it's developed a case of the fungus or something else in the front lens. I removed the front elements but you've given no info on them. It seems the problem is between glass in the front lens. There must be at least two lenses out there, but I haven't opened them up and the camera store I spoke with says they have to send it to Sony and they're not sure if Sony can fix it. Can you offer any advice?

G. Widger 12-Aug-2008 22:56
Hi Pete,

I've been using this lens (Minolta 28-135) for more years than I like to think, but in the past 2 years since I've been using it on a Sony A-100, it's developed a case of the fungus or something else in the front lens. I removed the front elements but you've given no info on them. It seems the problem is between glass in the front lens. There must be at least two lenses out there, but I haven't opened them up and the camera store I spoke with says they have to send it to Sony and they're not sure if Sony can fix it. Can you offer any advice?

Guest 07-Aug-2008 15:57
Hi Pete,
great and useful job the one you're doing. I've found your site looking for help with my Minolta AF 80-200 2.8 APO HS: I feel there's something loosened (a screw?)so that the frontal section of the lens does not match completely with the rear section and it swings a bit (about 2 mm) when you hold it. Only pressing one agaist the other the two parts it's possible to obtain correct focusing! I tried to disassemble the lens but there's no way to pull out the tripod collar. There was only one little hidden screw in the ring that's over the collar, and I unscrewed it but nothing happened. I need to reach the middle section of the lens, just under the zooming ring. Can you help me?
By the way, in case you're interested, I modified (shortening it) my 600 MD APO 6.3 to mount it (with a normal MD/MA adaptor) on Dynax9/Maxuum9 and SonyA; no infinty focus of course, some problems with exposure and vignetting (film), but nearly perfect with digital Alpha200, well ... at least it's possible to use it with other than MD cameras and take good photos up to 200 or 300 m., which is more than enough for wildlife. I guess you've already found your own solution for such adapting problems.
Thanks a lot for attention and help, if you can.

Eckhard 04-Jul-2008 07:27
Hallo Pete!
I am Eckhard from germany.
I visit your excellent site about the minolta lenses.
I need the german dirrection of use from the minolta 70-210 f4.
Can you help me with that?
Best greetings from the old hansecity (Hansestadt) Lübeck in germany.

(please excuse my limited english knowledge ;-)

(Minolta Maxxum Dynax AF Lens Service Repair Manual Mini CD)
David J. Heinrich 03-Jul-2008 14:45
Hi, I saw some of your shots with the 58mm Rokkor f/1.2...very beautiful. I also noticed you have the lens hood for it -- where did you get it? I looked on eBay and can't find the lens hood.
Guest 21-Jun-2008 02:03
Hi Pete,
Thanks for being here for us. With your help, "Tinkering", I was able to buy a non-working 28-85 MinO on eBay and take it apart. I figured out the problem. It was dropped and two zoom bushing screws were dislodged and bound up in the casing. The person tried to use it broken and scored the tube pretty bad, so I have got to machine the casing smooth and retap the bushing screws. If nothing else, it came with two 55mm lens hoods that fit my two beercans so for $15.00, I still made out. Thanks for your wisdom and keep pluggin at it.

LECHER on Dyxum
Neil Willoughby 08-Jun-2008 02:33
Hi, Pete,
I'd like to know if you could convert my 58/1.2 Rokkor to fit on my Canon 40D.
I am in Australia and will need to ship it to you and also cover the costs of return postage.If you like I will also post an adapter with the lens.
Please let me know how much you're charging for it.
girgash 01-Jun-2008 17:15
Hey Pete do you have any sample photos from the 30mm arsat fisheye on the mamiya there any vignetting or loss of focal length? thanks pete!
Paul 29-May-2008 15:33
Hi, Pete,
I'd like to know if you can help me convert my 58/1.2 Rokkor to fit on my Canon 5D.
Please let me know how much you're charging for it.
Thank you so much.
Dave 24-May-2008 12:56
Hi Pete,
I have a loose joint on a 300mm minolta AF high-speed f/4. It's the joint in the lens barrel between the drop-in filter slot and the aperture diaphragm. There is a tiny amount of play in this joint, enough to deflect the image when you wiggle it while looking through the optical viewfinder. I'd say there is about half a millimeter of play in the joint. Is there a DIY repair for this that you know of?


Bob Nancarrow 14-May-2008 18:16
Hi Pete, I have a Minolta 58mm f/1.2, the older pg version, metal focus ring. I'd love to convert it to fit my A100 but I just don't have the talent or machine to turn an adapter ring. Can I get you to do one for me? Infinity focus is not that critical for my needs so it could just be an approximation. I would also like the chip on it if you do that. Can you email me to let me know if you are still able to do this? Thanks so much, Bob.
Luca 23-Apr-2008 12:23
Hi Pete,
I have got a problem with the front ring of my AF Minolta 20mm. Basically, the ring is too loose and I'm afraid that it could be broken everytime the lens hood or a filter is screwed or unscrewed from it. I'm sure that this problem can be easily repaired but I don't know how to do that. Could you help me with this regard?
Many many thanks in advance.

Luca (from Italy)
Doddy Nugroho 27-Mar-2008 13:16
Hi Pete,
You are so generous in giving away your knowledge.
Thank you very much.
josh 26-Mar-2008 12:12
Pete I saw your page on superfast lenses.
Do you convert for Nikons? The d200?
Juan 15-Mar-2008 15:55
Hey Pete,
I am interested in converting the 45mm 2.0 MD Rokker to fit my Apha 100 (just as you did).
Do you have some resources/information on how to go about making the conversion.

Thank You,
Anton 11-Mar-2008 12:48

I am really admiring your work and like to congrat you to it. It inspired me to use my small emco turning lathe on some very cheap rokkors, before i try this on a 1.2 rokkor or something of more value.
But now i do have english problems to ask my question :
i assume every cam has a certain well defined distance between the objective baseplate and the ?plane of sharpness? of the film or ccd. Would make it easier to use the lathe, if one knows the diff of two systems.
Research on internet and phoning a lot did not help, may be you know ??

greetings and a lot of fun with your work, anton
Mac 13-Feb-2008 10:13
I dun know how could i express my appreciation!you are just so great to me this time!
i m so hopeless when the service center told me my Minolta 50mm F2.8 Macro can not be repaired...but i decide to try my best to save my i search on google and thank God, you are right here to help! thanks so much for providing the pictures and structure!!!you are so kind! God bless!
Konstantinos 05-Feb-2008 00:24
Hey , I am interested in mounting a cine lens reversed for 10:1 magnifications . I am thinking about a cine ektar 25mm , kern 12.5mm , wollensak 13mm ( D-mount ) or maybe a tominon 17mm . Can you give me some suggestions please ? My e-mail is . Thank you very much !
goggeleye31-Jan-2008 16:54
hi pete cant find your email address want to buy some stuff. jack goggeleye@aol.ccom
tgaf23-Dec-2007 19:24
Just thought I'd let you know that I received the Minolta CL49-200 lens and it works fine with the Minolta 50mm 1.7 lens. Thanks again for the suggestion. Tom
tgaf18-Dec-2007 07:13
You have some great pictures here--technique, subject and even some humor. Glad you liked what you saw in my galleries. Thanks again for your tip on the Minolta Minolta CL49-200 lens. Tom
Guest 28-Nov-2007 17:17
I recently bought a 700si complte with 70-210 beercan. The lens is in good condition part from some chips/scars on the front achromat. Looking at your superb tinkering section, it has given me the will to try and change the front element. Only problem is that MD 70-210's are selling on ebay at around £99 (which is about the same price as an AF version). Do you know if there is anyone who sells the front achromats??
dr2ooth 28-Nov-2007 03:25
i have taken apart the 70-210mm beercan to find there is some fungus on the inside of the rear elements. if you have taken them apart then how do you get them apart?????
thanks in advance. by the way i am great a ripping things apart and not so great at getting them back together, this site gives me hope.
Kabay László 24-Nov-2007 14:48
Hi Pete,
Does your mini-CD contains instructions/photos for disassembling the Minolta AF 24-105 zoom lens ?
Best regards, László
Bo 21-Nov-2007 03:40
Hi Peter,

My email address is Please give me a reply. Thanks.
Bo 21-Nov-2007 03:39
Hi Pete,

Do you have the Maxxum 7 service (repair) manual? Thanks.
Bob Robeson 11-Nov-2007 05:01
Mr. Ganzel,
Your website is pure pleasure!!! The expressions you caught on those cat pictures really had me cracking up! and your tinkering section is a God-send for us tinkerers with those lenses. Question: how does one copywrite thier photos? and... do you sell many of them from your website here?
Thanks so much for all you do.
Dimitris Papanikolaou 10-Nov-2007 22:00

do you sell the eos mount that you have fashioned for the minolta 58mm 1.2 lens? I would be interested in purchasing one if you do...
Al 24-Oct-2007 17:35
Do you sell the mount for the Minolta 58mm F1 1:4 LENS? I would be interested in purchaseing one if you do

Michael Masterson 13-Oct-2007 05:04
Hi, I'm interested in the work you've done with the minolta 7d, specifically, the AS mechanism, is the AS mechanism stiff and hard to move manually if the camera's off, or is it fairly free floating?
Guest 12-Oct-2007 18:16
Hi Pete,

Great work, especially the septic tank photo!

Mark W.
David Hutchings28-Mar-2007 13:25
I am interested if anyone has disabled their AntiShake feature on the 7D. I have problems with it as soon as it is above 75 degress F and 50% humidity. All winter long the camera worked perfectly. It will also work for awhile if I put it in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Please respond to or

Rich 29-Nov-2006 05:40
Hi Pete,

Love the tinkering section! Very helpful disassembly photos - much appreciated.

I'm trying to get down to the oily aperture blades on a Maxxum 50mm 2.8 Macro but can't get the aperture assembly out of the last couple of tubes. Any hints? Have you gone any further than your pictorial on the Macro (which is about where I'm stuck!)? You refer to the 35-105, but they seem very different at that level. Any comments if you have a moment would be greatly appreciated!
steve rose 09-Oct-2006 02:28
While the tinkering is great, I have to admit that the photos are absolutely outstanding. I specifically like the watercolors, urban-gallery-graffiti, and some of the Minnesota-winter, although I have to admit there are a lot of pictures in other galleries that are outstanding as well. How much PP do you do?
Tom Lesser 27-Sep-2006 01:56
Wow ... amazing stuff !!
I was looking for info to help me determine how to disassemble an old Vivitar 120-600 zoom in order to clean some fungus from the inside of the front element. I came across your gallery which includes the photo where you're removing the trim ring from the front of the Minolta GT lens. As I inspect my lens closely, I can indeed see that there is a thin trim ring covering the threaded ring behind it ... the spanner wrench grooves are visible. Can you tell me how that trim ring is held in place? Glue? Friction fit? I'm a little anxious about forcing the X-acto blade in there, because there doesn't seem to be any give. Will the trim ring be reusable, or will removing it deform it too much? Thank you.
Steve 24-Sep-2006 14:23
What a fantastically useful little Web site!

I just bought a 2nd hand Minolta 50mm 1.7 prime off eBay only to discover that the iris was stuck fully open. By following your dismantling guide I was able to get to the iris and fix the problem (grease) without any tears! I have also gained some expertese in lens repair to boot.

Many thanks and keep up this brilliant work.
Kai Aeberli 31-Aug-2006 12:00
Hi there,

I dropped my Dynax 7 non Digital with 28-135 Lens in a river during my trip to India. I managed to fix the lens, but do you have some idea of how to fix the body?

Sincerely, Kai
Allan Ostling 29-Aug-2006 19:31
Inspired by your Ermanox conversion, I am contemplating my first project with my new Sherline lathe. I have two Rokkors which I'd love to mount on my Alpha: the 16mm Fisheye, and the 250mm Reflex. I've ordered a T-mount adapter, to have a crack at it.

Do you know of any reason why either of these two lenses cannot be modified?
Bogdan Dumitru 05-Jun-2006 13:55
Hello! I am just going to copy paste a post i made earlier in steve's forum about a flash i want to modify.

"I've been enjoing my KM 5D for half an year now, been shopping for new lenses (mostly used ones), and lately getting a flash (without reading anything about the mettering systems). Soo.... i'm stuck with a Sunpak PowerZOOM 4000 AF witch blows at full power no matter what. Studying the fenomenon (on this and other forums) i now know that the problem is related to the way film flash mettering was done with the sensor getting light from the reflection of the film and digital slr's mettering with a series of preflashes. Well.... so far so bad, i went to the old and very used camera store and got myself a very old and very used and very cheap thyristor sensor flash. In my electronics engineer mind was floating the ideea that i could modify the Sunpak flash to use the thyristor circuit and compensate the flashing the (very) old style... by getting light info from the (added) sensor circuit. Well.... enough with the theory. I am actually getting nowere, cuz i didn't find any information on the pinout of the flash shoe. My theory is that the camera comunicates with some kind of serial protocol through the 4 pin shoe with the flash. So, my questions are: What is the pinout of the flash shoe (especially film based cuz i need to know what the flash expects to see from the camera and maybe divert the exposure info with a secondary circuit) aaand.... maybe some of you know the serial protocol (if there is one) to share it with me. That's it! Thank's in advance!"

People gracefully pointed you to be my only hope! So please HELP ME! I BEG YOU!
Max 02-Jun-2006 18:19
my email is
Max 02-Jun-2006 18:19
Pete -

Looking at your Maxxum 7D disassembly photos, I'm wondering what you know about the Anti-Shake mechanism. I'm having an exceeding amount of trouble with it, and if Sony doesn't replace it free of charge I'm considering a surgery on the camera to disable AS. In general, I'm more of a software person, and I don't mind working to reverse-engineer the camera firmware - especially if you could help me reverse-engineer the hardware side.

The entire AS system does not look TOO complicated - basically, an accelerometer and a piezo servomotor with some calibrated feedback mechanism. I've done this in the past on microscopes; aside from cramming it into a compact space and calibration, everything else looks doable. Any ideas where to plug in calibration probes? How about disabling AS altogether?

(my anti-shake mechanism had to move the CCD on a 3D servo-stage with sub-micron calibration but at least I could put the circuitry into 19" rackmount unit and calibrate from an offboard PC... The most difficult part was making the whole assembly oblivious to jets passing overhead - the system compensated for low frequencies well, but went bezerk on the over-1KHz noise... I ended up using an active noise suppression in the enclosure to compensate for the HF noise)

If you have a chance, please give me a buzz, I would appreciate hardware guidance from the wizard of 7D :-)
GeneWard26-May-2006 16:02
I enjoyed your galleries so much, I keep coming back to them. You are the inspiration for my ordering a digital SLR (sorry, Canon Rebel XT) as well as the Peleng fisheye.
Ian Turner (eboy45) 02-May-2006 04:44
Hi Peter, just purchased a Dimage 7 and need a little assistance - (1) any focus adjustmen, as with film IR you need to focus infront. (2) colour adustment steps to remove colour cast. (3) Steps to achieve B/W. Thanks in advance. Ian Turner
Aarne Rairamo 30-Mar-2006 03:14
Hi Pete:

What a cool web site. I looked at your photos on line several years ago but had no idea how extensive your photo albums were not to mention the beauty and content. Maybe you could add to the ice fishing photos next year. Or what about some photos of upland game birds with their heads shot off!! Aarne
Guest 13-Mar-2005 19:37
Thank you for providing these valuable photos. Last couple of days, I have been following your photos to repair my lenses.

These were great help.

Now my next repair attempt will be sticky aperture of my 70-210 f4.
bud arkules 16-Aug-2004 16:16
I own an A2 and a 7 and would like to get into microphotograpy, I'd appreciate your suggestion as to what equipment I should buy. One caveat, I'm not very handy so I would like equipment that comes close to working out of the box. Thank you.
Ted Zillich17-Mar-2004 18:48
Hi Pete. First of all, I love the closeup and astrophoto stuff.....

I am a new Minolta A1 user, very much enjoying the cam. Would love to get into doingsome of those supermacro shots like you have.

I notice you live i michigan, I always find it interesting to find ppl locally on the photo forums. I live about 20 mins North of Detroit in Warren.
Dave Witthans 04-Feb-2004 20:37
Thanks. Your images are outstanding.
Dennis Williams 12-Nov-2003 12:35
Pete this is really great! I contacted Jim Hunt and he directed me to you. I'm experimenting with attaching old super 8 zoom lenses to my digital camera. I utilize a 16x monoscope( 1/2 of a cheap binocular - the diopter in an aluminum tube that slides in a length of PVC that contains the objective) which I can extend far beyond its original travel to provide macro shots (from 18 inches), coupled with a Canon 1012 Zoom ( 7 - 70 mm, f 1:1.4). This contraption combined with a little Canon S230 yields fantastic 1024 X shots!
I'm very excited about your work, and plan to build my own microscope now that I've seen what wonderful shots can be had!

Dennis Williams.
Guest 21-Oct-2003 19:56
thanks for encouraging me to put something up. I just uploaded some stuff, but hopefully soon I'll be able to do something with a little moire substance

aturu nkita 20-Oct-2003 19:09
it is a very e3ducative and informative sight so keep it on
Bob Schetgen 10-Aug-2003 23:14
Hi Pete,

Beautiful and interesting work. I'm your opposite--my D7 is my first step up since my SRT-101 bought in 1971. Your work adapting the D7 in front of the lens is fascinating to me. I'm frustrated at the telephoto limit and considering a spotting scope as a looong lens. If you have any more detail available about your mechanical and telescope adapters I would be interested in seeing it. It seems to me that the vignetting problem might be answered by a longer tube from eyepiece to the lens (the cone of light exiting the eyepiece would continue to expand?). What do you think? You can reach me at
Doug Wilcox31-May-2003 22:42
Pete, A friend from the UZi group (Olympus C-2100uz) referenced me to your me gallery. I think we were brothers seperated at birth. I have collected cameras for over 30 years (2500+ so far) and I love digital photography. Your photography is outstanding.
If you get a chance check out my pbase site.
If you like American made cameras, we would love to have you join our Argus Collector's Group email group.
Doug Wilcox
Wally 19-Mar-2003 19:43
It's great to see a little humor (cats and dogs) amongst such a fine range of subject matter. Good compositions. I'll be back.
Eli Finkelstein14-Jan-2003 00:38
Thanks for you comments, I enjoyed your photos also. I use an old AO scope. I use the following tricks to improve sharpness. Narrow the light source iris, the condensor iris, and increase the camera f-stop. Clean the entire optical path well. Use digital sharpening in photoshop.
I just use vitamin C pills. I dissolve a 500 mg pill in about 5-10 mls of water by crushing it and placing it and the water on a stainless steel tablespoon and heating over the stove slowly till it dissolves. No fancy lab equipment, just everyday stuff!. I then filter it thru a clean coffee filter. The concentrated solution wont crystalize until it dries, which may take several days. The results are worth it. You can put a little solution on a plastic petri dish or cd jewel cover, and let it crystalize there to get better colors ( a tip from Mike Shaw). Thinner films work best, and have the best colors.
You may be interested in the lightscapes webring, dedicated to polarized light photos.
Eli Finkelstein04-Jan-2003 17:05
Cool Microscope Photos. I really like the polarized light photos. Ive posted some on my gallery, also.