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Terry J. Graham18-May-2013 12:03
Michele, I often return to all your galleries because it reminds me of the great time I had in Nova Scotia and of all the great stuff I missed when I visited. I guess I will just have to come back. Terry in Regina SK.
Dennis Love 06-Feb-2010 17:29
Hi Michele, I had bookmarked your galleries but had not been back to check for quite a while. The galleries posted since I last visited, are equally as enjoyable. I'm planning a cruise this coming September that stops in Halifax, so I hope to get some great photos there. Thanks for sharing your talent. Dennis in Marietta, GA.
Steve Dowling 04-Aug-2009 20:32
Very nice.. You have a good eye. Amistad 09 is an impressive shot
Mark Nichols 03-Aug-2009 00:55
Hi Michele: I too stumbled across your albums - You REALLY make me miss my home of Nova Scotia. I live in Southern Arizona now, and miss it every day. Your talent if far beyond getting the most out of your cameras - you have a gifted eye in composition. It is beautiful work.
Perhaps I can use your beautiful work to convince my wife Sherry we need to move back there.
Anthea's Photography14-Jul-2009 15:23
Hi Michele, I stumbled across your galleries and I am so glad I did. I really like the way you post your images each month. You have some very special moments amongst these and I like it how each month tells a little more about you, it is like a story of your life. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Take care! Anthea :o)
Teresa Stieben 26-Dec-2008 01:35
love your photos, our mutual cousin Eric referred me to your site and I am so glad he did. Your photos make me want to visit that side of the country.
Karen LeBlanc 17-Dec-2008 17:39
Hi Michelle,
I'm speechless!! Just WOW!!! Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. You definitely found your calling in life! Thank you for allowing me to see them. I feel honoured.
Caitlin 18-Oct-2008 21:38
Thank you :) I love taking pictures so I should be updating very often. Your pictures are very good too I especially love the squirel he's so cute!
HMCS Uganda12-Oct-2008 03:13
Hi, Michele
Where are the October pictures? I need my Nova Scotia image fix! You can't expect me to quit cold turkey on thanksgiving :)
Guest 15-Apr-2008 22:40
Thanks for all those great Nova Scotia shots to look at! I got a bit nostalgic for back home in the Maritimes. I have put you under my favorites so that I can get another fix! :o)
John gibson 24-Oct-2007 12:42
wow, your gallery is great! not what i expected at all. you have a genuine talent for photography. keep it up. hope to meet up with you again soon.
Guest 27-Jun-2007 13:57
One world. Stunning.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 08:47
I really envy your pictures.
fotoopa02-Dec-2006 15:12
Hi Michelle,
Thanks for your comment on my most recent experiments gallerie!
You have so many wonderful galleries!
Best regards,
Guest 27-Oct-2006 23:40
hi michelle..
do you sell your images? I am interested in the 'old candle' image ..
please let me
thank you!
Guest 12-Oct-2006 02:37
Thank you, Michele, for visiting my galleries, especially since your visit introducted me to yours. Many wonderful photos (see that you are already busy working on October this year!). My wife is from coastal up-state Maine, so many of the scenes are famiiar and having visited your land, it is indeed a beautiful place. Your photos show that very well.

Best to you,

Guest 20-Aug-2006 14:04
Hi Michelle:
Thank you for your comment on my hummingbird picture. I enjoyed looking through your photos of Halifax. Since I moved to Beaver Bank a year ago I rarely ever get into the city anymore. Seeing your photos was almost like being there!
Cheers, Cindy
Ilana 31-Jul-2006 20:31
Hi Michele,
You have some really great photographs of Niagara Falls. I'm putting together a publication and would like to consider using your photographs if possible. If you are intersted, please contact me at Thanks.
Tim Culp 10-Jul-2006 13:53
Hi Michelle--I enjoyed your photos on pbase very much. I am very impressed by their clarity. they appear sharper and more contrasty than many other photos with the S2 IS which I've seen. Was wondering if you have done any contrast work or unsharp masking on them before posting them, or are you just that good with a camera? Thanks for your time. I am 51 years old, and am tempted by this camera. Tim Culp
Chris Spracklen08-Jun-2006 14:55
Dear Michelle,

Thank you so much for your kind comments on my work. I'm only sorry that I don't have the time to return the favour. I'm genunely very busy and only just about have the time to keep up my 'photo-a-day' gallery.

Best regards,

BC Ferries and Ships on the BC Coast05-Jun-2006 04:43
I also checked out the Canon A620, saw you had dropped by the pbase site.
With the good video and pocket size I thought it might replace my A80.
It is a good thing they keep making new cameras,
Phil 14-May-2006 01:41
Michele...pls email me direct and we can discuss the sale of the Canon Pro 1...I am selling it to go with DSLR...I have extras..the PRo 1 is really almost brand new..Pls email me at: Here is my office number 602-771-5639....I am a Detective, so if you call, don't be alarmed...Hope to hear from you soon....Phil
Winter2705-May-2006 23:47
I was sent your pictures of Norman from a friend who knew I was longing for squirrels- I'm not likely to get many with two frisky dogs and two kitties that like to lounge about the yard. So I'm vicariously enjoying Norman! Wish I could feed that little rascal. Your other work is stellar, really enjoyable shots. Keep up the terrific work!
Guest 18-Apr-2006 16:01
Thanks for looking at my waterfalls gallery. I haven't been to Liscomb yet but I'll get out there some day... I enjoyed browsing through your galleries!
G.M. Hattrup10-Mar-2006 04:20
Thank you very much for your nice comments about my "Travels with Gumby" gallery.
It is a lot of fun taking him out. Everybody recognizes him, both young and old.
But he does not get the "look how cute," Frimpong must get. One of the best parts
is that Gumby never complains when I want to take his picture!
Jeremy26-Feb-2006 05:08
Hi, Michele
You have many nice and cute pictures in your galleries. I will have to return and view them one by one. Cheers.
Guest 20-Feb-2006 20:21
Thanks for your message in our guestbook, yes we are very happy with the G6 but still dreaming of buying a dslr! Saw your galleries, love the different pictures. We will come back to see the new ones!
Greetings from Holland,
Chan, Twan and Guus.
Elizabeth O'Neill10-Feb-2006 05:14
Hi Michele,
Your galleries are so diversified... and everything so appealing. Is there anything you DON'T like to shoot? lol Very well done!
BC Ferries and Ships on the BC Coast17-Jan-2006 23:26
My friend Vlad, the Nikon user, bought a Canon S1 just to use for work. I sent him to your site to show how well the Canon worked. Another convert.
Marc Bernard24-Dec-2005 20:29
Thanks for visiting my galleries. I have really appreciated your comments about my tits galleries.
I don't have time enough to visit your galleries this night but I promise to do it as soon as possible.
I already had the opportunity to visit your country five years ago : Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, Niagara Falls... and even Halifax ! Beautiful rememberings and really nice people !
Guest 09-Dec-2005 08:13
You have some nice shots from the S2, actually some of the sharpest pics I've seen from anywhere. Good work.
Guest 30-Nov-2005 06:00
we have the same name. Have you ever looked up your name on the internet to see what comes up? well, you did. Nice pictures.

Michele Rodgers
knowledgeseeker26-Nov-2005 17:21
Norman's great. My daughter (7) loves the pictures. She is a budding photographer and ran to get her camera (fixed-focus film, that she bought herself) after seeing them.

As for me, I'm thinking of an S2-IS, Sony DSC-HI, or Panasonic FZ-30 to augment the S45; your shots, and those of Peter Robertson, speak well for the Canon. Am interested in shooting soccer (outdoor and in).
Guest 21-Nov-2005 16:29
Thanks for your comments michele. But he is a typical Jack russel. He is a little terror.
Theoron 09-Nov-2005 20:06
Hi Michele thanx for signing my guest book it's me Theoron you've got some realy nice pictures in your gallary. My hotmail is if you want to talk again. Thanx again Theoron
sam boyd26-Oct-2005 21:06
hi michele, your galleries fill me with admiration. thanks for sharing with us your powerful seeing ability, and a lot of the beautiful landscape of one my favourite parts of this one planet we have to love and cherish. cheers and best, p/s
Guest 16-Aug-2005 01:46
hi michele
do you mind if i copy your birthday picture
i enjoy your pictures
i just recently brought a digital camera
Peter Robertson30-Jul-2005 22:40
Hi Michelle. You took the trouble to comment on my hover fly pic - part of my first day's shooting with the s2. You have a superb set of pictures. Thanks.

Maurice Hogue 15-Jul-2005 00:40
SUPER pictures Michele. A real treat for the eyes.
I've just ordered a Canon S2 ( upgrading from a Canon A80 ). Would you have any friendly/useful tips for me to try? I'm eager to take any advice from someone who takes such great pictures. Trying not to get too involved in PP.
Thank you, a fellow CANADIAN from Winnipeg.
Charlota Pacalova 13-Jul-2005 10:04
Was serching for information about S2 IS and ended up on your pages - really wonderfull photos!!!! S2 just came on market here in Czech Republic - unfortunatelly the price at the moment in the web shops is still around $640 so the camera would be my choice (your photos helped) but will wait a while for the drop in prices. You are quite lucky with your prices. Hope one day I will be ableto take similarly beautifull photos.
Christopher G. 11-Jul-2005 01:15
Awesome Niagara Falls photos. Hope mine turn out as well.
Maurice Burke Photography30-Jun-2005 01:58
Thank you, Michele, for your kind comment on my "Praise" Gallery. It's been attempt on my part to show the deep down in the heart feelings and expression of religious devotion that led me to share these images. I have been very fortunate in that the subjects have let me photograph their most intimate ceremonies. Take care and keep up the GOOD WORK!

Guest 29-Jun-2005 17:21

nice homepage you've got!
keep up the good work

Nick Vivian24-Jun-2005 15:00
Hi Michele... RE :
.....removing colour from pictures... all you have to do is select the range you want to remove the colour from and turn the saturation to -100 in photoshop..

Have a play...



leo 19-Jun-2005 04:28
hi, i m new here plz help me out. I bought cannon s1 1S digital camera but the pictures i took at night of niagara falls was dumb. the colors of the falls r mixed up and even i shooted the falls in white color but still it was not clear. it was the bad experienced to shoot niagara falls at night tym with night mode with canon s1 1s.
ANY ONE HERE SUGGEST ME Which camera WILLBE BEST TO SHOOT Niagara Falls pictures? (means person and niagara falls both)
i wll really appreciate yr effort.
Guest 28-Apr-2005 21:03
Very nice pictures, great photography!
Peter 23-Apr-2005 15:59
It was a joy viewing your galleries. Nova Scotia looks like a beautiful place. I hope to visit some day.
billh 22-Apr-2005 14:47
Hi --I'm new to digital I just bought a Canon S1 IS. I was quite surprised at how well it performed in the movie mode. Can you print still pictures from this mode? I've been able to find where they do it with other Canon cameras but not this one. Will appreciate any help you can give me.
Guest 19-Apr-2005 04:41
This gallery is so cool and fun :)
Thank you for sharing :D

It's spring already, hope to see more of your shoots.
Best wishes.
Guest 15-Apr-2005 01:35
Thanks for visiting my galleries! It's good to see someone else taking nice pictures with the S1 IS as well.
Isabel Cutler11-Apr-2005 16:52
Who decides where Frimpon visits next? Ricky, Louie, Beegie and I would love to show him Western North Carolina!
Steve K. 26-Mar-2005 03:31
You have an excellent eye. Your galleries are a joy to view as you capture the world as you see her.
Robert Dupuis20-Mar-2005 14:47
Hi, "BRAVO" for your very nice pictures

Robert, QC, Canada.
Guest 04-Mar-2005 19:36
We raise a squirrel from an infant. what a wonderful experience. The touching the tail is like touching the wind
David Clunas21-Feb-2005 17:07
Thanks for visiting my galleries Michele. Hopefully things will get a bit more interesting when I move up to a 300/350d. You seem to have some really nice light at the moment, really like this one: Can't wait to see your spring shots.

Sheldon and Marci Morton16-Feb-2005 04:06
Michele, Thank you for visiting my galleries. You have so many wonderful galleries, but I especially love your "Fall 2204" gallery. Truly Awsome!
Guest 30-Jan-2005 17:57
Hey Michele, yup love the FZ20 and the zoom is fast & fun! The OIS really helps out, the lighting is so poor in Scotland this time of the year and a lot of my shots I would have needed a tripod if not for the OIS! Here are a few recent shots at full 12X zoom:

Did you get my other pmail about the P mode?

Guest 24-Jan-2005 13:26
Thank you for your help Michele.
Best wishes.
Guest 09-Jan-2005 08:51
Hi There! I enjoyed all your galleries, Norman's the most! I left a comment there! You had left a post at my gallery re: splashes of color to b+w, the process I used then was hue and saturation adjustment. I have since started using the selector tool and cut process. Thanks for your information about layers!! Much Appreciated. Audra
Michael 01-Jan-2005 13:21
Photos are wonderful. I will check back again. You live in a beautiful area of the world.
Tony Dalton10-Oct-2004 15:03
Michelle, I am very impressed with your many galleries and photos. You cover a nice variety of subjects and places and I especially like that you keep a natural look in your photos. I invite you to view my galleries and I certainly will be checking back on yours from time to time. Today is a beautiful day in Cape Breton and I expect I will be out doing some shooting soon. The great fall colors are here but tomorrow we are getting heavy rain. Take care! Keep up the great work.
Peter Rackham01-Oct-2004 02:30
Hello, Michelle,
Thanks for the comment on my QM2 shots. Actually, I was on Ferguson's Cove Rd. to capture her leaving. I waited 2 hours! However, when my bladder began to scream for attention, and she still had not bothered to leave her berth, I had to leave, missing some great shots -- the ones you got for me! Thanks for that. I see that you have pictures of the two kayakers that paddled by. I have the same shot! Heck, we might have been right next to one another for all we know! All the best. Yours in photography, Peter
Darlene Young 14-Mar-2003 14:57
Great pictures Michele. You have taken some wonderful shots. Really love your flowers. Thanks for sharing them.

Keep on clicking!