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Challenge 70: "Extreme Weather" Hosted by Dave Gaines

Challenge LXX – Extreme Weather

Are you ready to illustrate something that’s as intangible as the sky? Can you portray the weather in your part of the world? Then go capture the storms that water spring flowers. Find wind carrying sand and seed, rain against the darkened earth, fog shrouding a landscape, lightning that chars the ground, colors of a rainbow, rolling cloud formations, misty mornings and snowy nights. Make us feel the weather you see.

The goal of Challenge 70 is to see and capture images of weather: pouring rain, fog, a rainbow, a windstorm, snow falling, long winter shadows and all of the dramatic effects of weather. Find rain on a passle of people scurrying by under umbrellas. Show snow blowing into a horse’s mane, fog rolling in over the bay, wet weather reflecting the night lights, wind blowing the sand dunes, a flock of kites riding the wind or icicles hanging from a fence. If you’re cabin-bound, weather could be as subtle as frost on a window pane and the softened view beyond. Your scenic could be as big as the sky with distant thunderclouds and a torrential downpour. Lightning is always striking if you have the skill and patience to capture it. Focus on heat waves rising off the desert floor. Catch a wave crashing into the shoreline from an approaching storm. Illuminate shades of gray clouds on a stormy sky. Collect the rain splashing off an awning, umbrella or eave. Shutter-stop a raging muddy stream on a stormy day. Illustrate snow falling on a field of livestock or wild animals sheltering in a forest. The Challenge is to create striking images of Extreme Weather. Make us feel the chill of winter or the winds of summer. Conjure up the wet, wild or wind in your locale.

Weather must be the main emphasis of your image. Challenge yourself to go beyond “Sleeping Waters”. Conjure the impending change in weather. The weather should be aesthetic too. Photography is art when it makes us see something familiar in a new way, when it evokes emotion and when it is not only pleasing to the eye but strikingly vivid. Your Weather like mine, may not seem Extreme at the moment but Extreme depends on your viewpoint. So go find the Extreme Weather in your world.

Everyone is encouraged to submit up to TWO (2) images for the Exhibit Gallery. Exhibition photos DO NOT need to be taken with an Olympus camera nor shot during the Challenge period.

For Challenge 70, TWO (2) Challenge Entries will be allowed for each person. Try to submit two distinctly different images so you don’t compete with yourself with two similar photos. These Entry photos must be taken with an Olympus digital or DSLR camera during the Challenge Period. The Host has elected not to submit an Entry. The counters and I will vote when the Challenge Entry voting begins.

Exhibit and Entry photos must have a title - the more descriptive, the better. The Challenge is open to all members of the Olympus Talk Forum who joined before the beginning of the Challenge period.

Due to the Holidays and the random nature of Extreme Weather, this Challenge 70 period will run for 3 weeks. The Challenge Period starts Sunday, December 21, 2008 and ends at 10:00 PM PST on Saturday, January 10, 2009. All entries must be received by Sunday, January 11, 2009 at 10:00 am PST.

I look forward to your interpretations of this theme.
Dave Gaines
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Challenge 70 - Exhibit Gallery
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