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and The Jeff Knapp Club
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14-MAR-2005 photo by Jeff Knapp

Knapp Family History
and The Jeff Knapp Club

Knapp family history top of this page # 1 thru # 4

 Allen / Knapp family history middle of this page # 5

Jeff Knapp Club below family history on this page

Jeff Knapp #17 NOLA & Jeff Knapp #18 in Georgia have recently joined.


Knapp Family History starts here.


1. Jeffrey Lewis Knapp in Mesa, Arizona.


[m] married [b] born [d] died [m.n.] maiden name


James Mason was married three times.


James Mason [b] 08-28-1773 Rehoboth Massachusetts [d] 06-07-1849

Hope Smith [b] 08-10-1768 Smithfield state of Rhode Island [d] 05-??-1821


James Mason [m] Hope Smith 10-20-1793


They had 5 kids.


1. Allan Mason [b] 3-11-1795 in Pownel, Vermont.

2. Elizabeth Mason [b] 7-18 1797 in Mass.

3. Nancy Mason [b] 10-12-1800 Pelmyra, Onterio County NY

[married and became Nancy Braman] Nancy Mason Braman [d] 6-21-1850

4. Mercy Mason [b] 7-31-1804 Perington, Onterio County NY

5. Willard S. Mason [b] 8-25-1810 [d] 6-12-1850


James Mason [m] Sally Aldrich

James Mason and Sally Aldrich had no kids.

They were married only 2 years. She probably died.


** James Mason [m] Margaret Clark 09-21-1825


James Mason [b] 08-28-1773 Rehoboth MA [d] 06-07-1849

Margaret m.n. Randall marriage 1 Allen 2 Clark 3 Mason

[b] 03-01-1783 [d] 04-10-1863


Margaret Clark who married James Mason was married 3 times.


marriage 1


William P Allen [b] ?? [d] 07-15-1810 in Paris Township, Oneida Co., NY

Margaret[m.n.] Randall [m] William P Allen 09-28-1807

Durham, Cumberland Co., Maine. [ Durham, Androscoggin Co., since 1854



A note from David C Young in Danville Maine to

Tom Cook and Jeff Knapp dated 12-08-2002.


" Okay, I did not see this in the History of Durham, Maine by

E. S Stackpole the first time. Page 292, Appendix,

All the marriages record in Durham, not mentioned in

foregoing genealogies, down to 1840 30 Sept. 1807,


William P. Allen and Peggy RANDALL


There is no Allen genealogy in the Durham, Maine History, but on

page 241 there is a Margaret Randall, born 1 March 1783.


Let me rewind now. page 240


John Randall of Durham, Maine counted in the 1790 Census 2-3-4-0-0.

Was the brother of Stephen Randall, Jr. John Randall was born 16 July 1747,

married 22 Nov. 1769, Anna Roberts, who was born 9 March 1749.


He was one of the first settlers in Royalsborough (early name for Durham),

on lot 126. His house stood near where James Hascall now lives, (1899) and

he and his wife were buried on that farm. Here he kept a store. The road

from South West Bend came over the hill near his house. Near by was

the School House and Church. This was the original "Methodist Corner,"

which was shifted eastward by a change in the road.


John Randall's family were thus registered:


Jacob, born 24 Oct. 1770, settled in Pownal

Anna, born 19 Dec. 1772, m Simeon Sanborn

Molly, born 18 April 1775

Sarah, born 6 Jan 1777 married Richard Doane

Benjamin, born 12 April 1781

Margaret, born 1 March 1783

John Jr. born 13 March 1785

Isaac, born 18 April 1787, marriage int.

recorded 20 Feb. 1809 to Mary Haskell of Poland, Maine

Hannah, born 9 March 1789, died 24 June 1790

Ebenezer, born 27 Nov. 1791

Samuel, born 5 Jan 1794, moved to New York state

Sincerely, David C. Young  PO Box 152 Danville, Maine 04223 "


William P Allen and Margaret Randall Allen had 2 kids.

 1. Ebinezer Allen

[b] 09-12-1808 Derhan Cumberland county Maine

[d] 12-15-1808 ( 3 months 3 days old ) Paris Township, Onida county NY


2. William P Allen Jr.

[b] 08-17-1810 Paris Township, Oneida county NY

[d] 04-29-1867 Millville is in the Town of Shelby, Orleans Co NY


Margaret Randall Allen marriage 2 to John Cook Clark


John Cook Clark [b] 12-12-1767 [d] 08-18-1823 Columbus Franklin county OH


marriage 1 John Cook Clark [m] Lidia Bancroft [b] 02-19-1768 in Conway, Franklin, MA 

John Cook Clark [m] Lydia Bancroft 02-09-1792 in Northhampton, Hampshire, MA 


they had four children:


Stillman Clark [b] 12-19-1792

Sereno Clark [b] 12-08-1794

Harvey Clark [b] 06-07-1796

Horace Clark [b] 03-02-1798


After 1798, following the birth and death of their fourth child, John and Lydia

moved to Floyd, NY where she died and where he remarried.  He then moved

to Madison, OH and finally to Columbus, OH.  John had four children, names

known [see below] by his second wife, who after his death, married James Mason.

sources = ID 114575 and Knapp Family bible located in Sacto., CA


Margaret Allen [m] John Clark on 08-17-1813 Parris Township, Oneida county NY


They had 4 kids. [ plus William P Allen Jr. ]


1. Lysander Clark [b] 08-15-1814 Floyde Oneida county NY

2. Olando Clark [b] 08-25-1816 Rome Oneida county NY


3. Margaret Clark [married and became Margaret Church]

[b] 06-30-1819 Madison Franklin Co., OH [d] 09-28-1856 Brunswick Medina Co., OH

A note from Barbara Roth, town clerk  dated 09-13-2002

"I have found in our City records, that we do have a Margaret
Clark 6-30-19 buried in our Westview Cemetery, Section A, Lot 155". 


4. John Clark {Jr. ?} [b] 07-30-1823 Columbus Franklin county OH


** Marriage 3 James Mason [b] 08-28-1773 Rehoboth MA [d] 06-07-1849


Margaret Clark [m] James Mason 09-21-1825 in Parma, Monro Co., NY


They are my great great great grandparents.


They had 3 kids.

Plus William P Allen Jr. and the 4 Clark kids.


all 3 girls were born in Millville Orleans county NY

Millville is in the Township of Shelby, Orleans Co., NY


1. Sally R Mason [b] 06-22-1826 [d] 08-10-1864 married and became Sally R Welton

2. Edna S Mason [b] 01-01-1828

3. Anna M Mason [b] 03-31-1833


Anna M Mason is my great great grandmother.


John Gregg [b] 01-25-1831 Grand isle Franklin county OH


John Gregg [m] Anna Mason on 10-03-1853 Medina OH


They had 4 kids.


1. George Edward Gregg [b] 08-06-1854 in Brunswick Medina county OH

2. James Madison Gregg [b] 04-06-1856 in Climax Kalamazoo county MI

3. Josephine Mahala Gregg [b] 12-07-1858 in Climax Kalamazoo county MI

4. Alma Isabelle Gregg [b] 11-02-1860 [d] ?


Alma Isabelle Gregg is my great grandmother.


George Fayette Knapp [b] 1856 [d] ?


George Fayette Knapp [m] Alma Isabelle Gregg on 11-11-1884 Calhoun MI


They had 2 Kids. 1. Lewis Ross Knapp [b] 1884 ? [d] ?

2. Lowell Mason Knapp [b] 03-28-1888 [d] 08-22-1978 St Helena CA


Lowell Mason Knapp is my grandfather.


Lowell Mason Knapp [m] Veda Estelle Smith


----- ----- ----- ----- -----

written by my grandfather on his typewriter [undated]


Geogge Fayette Knapp, born New York, Nov. 27, 1856

Alma Isabella Gregg--Knapp-Michigan Nov. 2, 1860

Her Mother--Anna Mason

Lowell Mason Knapp, March 28, 1888, Springport, Michigan

Veda Estella Knapp, July 29, 1892, Vassar, Michigan

Her Mother, Agusta Daniels-Smith (Augusta--Correct spelling)


I was born in Eaton County, Mich. and been eatin’ ever since

I was born in 1888, & I ate and 8, & 8 and still Eatin’.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----


They had 1 child.


1. Milton Elwyn Knapp [b] 03-28-1923 [d] 02-14-1980 Elk Grove CA


Milton Elwyn Knapp is my father.

411579 Milton Elwyn Knapp - Ensign, (D), USNR
b. March 28, 1923 - d. February 14, 1980

NAVY Lieutenant JG Milton E Knapp date of birth 03/28/1923

date entered military 07/01/1943 date discharged 09/01/1947.
deceased 02/14/1980 heart attack age 57 years old.

Officer Lt. JG United States Navy World War II
served July 1, 1943 to December 13, 1945

20. Qual. Naval Deck Line - 21. AS, Mid'shipman
22. Foreign and/or Sea Service World War II - Yes

23. service schools completed
V-12 Midshipman's School Redlands, Calif. 1 yr.
Northwestern Univ., Chicago, Ill. 4 mos.
Communications School, Pearl Harbor T. H. 2 weeks.

24. remarks
Entitled to wear the following:
Asiatic-Pacific, American Theatre, Philippine Liberation,
World War II Victory Ribbon and Occupation of Japan

24. service vessels and stations served on
Amphibious ComPac LCT GROUP #92 ComSerDiv. #102


Milton Elwyn Knapp [m] Catherine Frances Sharp


They had 4 kids.


1. Jeffrey Lewis Knapp 1952

2. Cathryn Frances Knapp [b] December 13, 1953 born at 948 AM and died after 3 hours.

3. Randy Scott Knapp [b] 06/29/1955 2:32 PM 9 lbs 2 oz [d] 06/26/1969 (3 days before he turned 14)

4. Sandra 1958


The father of my great grandfather George Fayette Knapp

was Herman Knapp [ NY Dutch]. Herman Knapp was my great great

grandfather on my fathers fathers fathers side.


E-mail Jeff L Knapp in Mesa




2. Jeff W Knapp in Edina, Minnesota


My Knapp's hail from the Pittsburgh area. My ancestors were all farmers from

Western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. My fathers name was Frederick and his

dad's name was Joseph. My Grandfather started a working man's building and

loan association in Pittsburgh. My Dad told me that every Friday (Payday) Joseph

would go around to the taverns and collect the dues from each guy. Dues were

about 25Cents per week. From the accumulated funds, He would make loans to

working men to buy homes. This is how the Savings and Loan industry got started.


My son goes to college in Menomonie, Wisconsin and we drive right past the

village of Knapp to get there. It's a small town with about 675 residents. The village

of Knapp has a post office and the zip code is 54749.


Jeff W Knapp "Finding the home that’s right for you"


E-mail Jeff W Knapp HERE


Century 21 Luger Realty, Phone: 612-240-6858, Fax: 952-925-0019,




3. Jeff C Knapp in Kearney, Nebraska


I have 5 typewritten pages. They are old photocopies and I'm not sure

I can copy them, but I will hit the highlights! Much of this information

comes from the Daughters of the American Revolution application papers

of Elizabeth Knapp Brown ( Mrs. W.E.), daughter of Jonas Selley Knapp,

son of (note different spelling) John Holley Knapp, son of Jabez Knapp.


Jabez Knapp b 1752 Goshen, New York, d 5-1-1801, Goshen, New York


m 5-4-1777, Hannah Holley, Orange County, NY


They had 10 children:


Amy b 11-27-1777

Mary b 11-11-1779

Bethiah b 11-29-1781

Hannah b 1785/6

Fanny b 1789

John Holley b 5-30-1791 m. Harriet Selley

William T. b 5-19-1793

Elizabeth b 9-20-1795

Margaret b 3-27-1798

Sarah b ??


General John Holley Knapp

b 5-30-1791, Goshen, NY, d 1-4-1837 Fort Madison, Iowa


5 children:

Almeda Ann b 8-28-1813

William D. b 12-20-1815

Jonas S. b 9-5-1821

John H., Jr. b 3-29-1825  --  Founded Knapp WI in 1875

Elizabeth Selley b 6-7-1817


William D. Knapp

married Deborah G. Ketcham (b 4-14-1816) m 5-2-1839 d 1-6-1895


His son John W. Knapp

b 11-26-1851 d 10-26-1933


married Belle Tull (b 9-15-1856) m 12-25-1873


His son LeRoy Clinton Knapp (my grandfather)

b 2-1881 d 1-20-1945


married Elizabeth Ann Reeb b 11-14-1886 m 1-26-1908


His son Lorin Clair Knapp (my father)

b 11-20-1918 d 6-01-2002 Kearney, Nebraska


married Imogene U. Baumgartner b 8-30-1917 m 1-23-1949


I will try to photocopy the old "photocopies", if it works,

I will send them to you. Thanks!


E-mail Jeff C Knapp in Kearney




4. Fred and Judy Knapp in Kansas City, Missouri

Visit Kansas City, Missouri


Frederick Knapp [b] 2-26-1826 Borgentreich, Prussia [d] 8-15-1914 Edina Missouri

Mary B. Doehling (Dailing) [b] 10-2-1836 Roettingen, Bavaria [d] 5-18-1915 Edina Missouri


Frederick Knapp [m] Mary Doehling 1856


They had nine children

George Francis Knapp [b] 6-11-1858 [d] 9-5 1859

John Henry Knapp [b] 7-16-1862 [d] 10-6 1932

Francis Bernard Knapp [b] 7-12-1864 [d] 4-29-1945

Margaret Elizabeth Knapp [b] 8-2-1866 [d] 10-13-1922

Frederick Anthony Knapp [b] 9-11-1868 [d] 8-1-1929

sixth child * Joseph Clement Knapp [b] 9-11-1870 [d] 2-13-1936

Clement Albert Knapp [b] 12-31-1872 [d] 4-17-1958

Mary Anna Knapp [b] 1-21-1875 [d] 7-30-1876

Peter Jerome Knapp [b] 6-29-1877 [d] 11-5-1965


(These are my Grand-parents)


Joseph Clement Knapp [ b ] 9-11-1870 [ d ] 2-13-1936

Mary Elizabeth Herr [ b ] 1-21-1879 [ d ]


Joseph Clement Knapp [ m ] Mary Elizabeth Herr 11-22-1898 Edina MO


They had ten children.

John Frederick Knapp [ b ] 11-26-1899 [ d ] 5-21-1960

Mary Cosmas Knapp [ b ] 1-11-1902 [ d ] 1-13-1902 ( I n f a n t )

Mary Clementine Knapp [ b ] 4-25-1904 [ d ]

Mildred Frances Knapp [ b ] 7-21-1906 [ d ]

Josephine Elizabeth Knapp [ b ] 1-17-1909

sixth child * Francis Bernard Knapp [ b ] 8-11-1911 [ d ]

Dorothy Agatha Knapp [ b ] 2-8-1914 [ d ]

Paul Jerome Knapp [ b ] 5-11-1918

Rose Rita Knapp [ b ] 2-5-1922 (Twin)

Ruth Constance Knapp [ b ] 2-5-1922


(These are my parents)


Francis Bernard Knapp [ b ] 8-11-1911 Virginia Jean Mossman [ b ] 1918


Francis Bernard Knapp [ m ] Virginia Jean Mossman 09-03-1938


They had five children.


Francis Bernard Knapp Jr. [ b ] 1940

Frederick Joseph Knapp [ b ] 1942 [ d ] 2005

James Rodney Knapp [ b ] 1944

John Randall Knapp [ b ] 1948

Stuart Lynn Knapp [ b ] 1954


E-mail Judy Knapp in Kansas City




Allen / Knapp

Family History starts here.


Tom Cooks family history connects with the

Knapp family history at Margaret Randall Allen Clark Mason


Margaret Randall Allen Clark Mason is Tom Cook’s great great great

grandmother from her first marriage to William P Allen Sr.


Margaret Randall Allen Clark Mason is Jeff L Knapp’s great great great

grandmother from her third marriage to James Mason


( Great-Great-Great Grandfather of Tom Cook )


William P Allen b ( ? ) d July 15, 1810 Paris Oneida Co., NY


Margaret Randall b April 1, 1783 d March 10, 1863


William P Allen married Margaret Randall

on September 28, 1807 Derhan Cumberland Co., Maine


Parents are now known and will be updated at a later date.


children of William P Allen and Margaret m.n. Randall Allen were


Ebinezer Allen

b September 12, 1808 Derhan, Cumberland Co., Maine

d December 15, 1808 ( 3 months 3 days old ) Paris, Oneida Co., NY


b August 17, 1810 Paris Oneida Co., NY

d April 29, 1867 Millville Orleans Co., NY




 William P Allen Jr. (Great-Great-Grandfather )


b. August 17, 1810, Oneida NY

d. April 29, 1867 buried in Millville, Shelby Township, Orleans Co., NY


second son of William P Allen Sr. and Margaret m.n. Randall Allen


married Lucinda Dwyer (b.1813 in Lynn Massachusetts),


children of William P Allen Jr. and Lucinda Dwyer were


Charles W. Allen b. 1839, Monroe Co., NY

Margaret Allen b. 1841 Monroe Co., NY

Henry Allen b. 1843 Orleans Co., NY

Sarah Allen b. 1845 Orleans Co. NY

Randall Allen b. 1847 Orleans Co. NY

Harvey Allen b. 1849 Orleans Co. NY

Gilbert Allen b. 1851 Orleans Co. NY


Other Information - William was listed in 1855 as a tanner.

There was a tannery in Millville at this time period.


(Sources - 1855 Census of New York State, other family records.)




George Ebenezer Allen ( Great-grandfather )


b August 11, 1836 in Brockport, Monroe Co., NY

d September 30, 1913 in Medina NY


buried in Boxwood Cemetery, Medina NY


son of William P Allen Jr. and Lucinda Dwyer Allen


married Elnora Hunt in 1862


children of George and Elnora Hunt Allen were


Daniel F. Allen b 1876 d. 1953 m.

Amy P Allen

Fred Allen

Edith May Allen b. 1862 d. 1934

Millie m. Evelyn Rowe


(Sources - Medina Newspapers (see obituary),

Death Certificate in Medina, family memories),

Boxwood Cemetery Records




Leon Hunt Allen ( Grandfather )

b 1871 in Medina, Orleans Co., NY d 1926 in Rochester


buried in Riverside Cemetery, Rochester NY


son of George Ebenezer Allen and Elnora Hunt Allen


married Grace Smith in November of 1897


children of Leon Hunt Allen and Grace Smith Allen were


Arthur Louis Allen and Charles Allen (b. 1903)




Arthur Louis Allen Sr.


b. May 25, 1898, Rochester NY d. July 17, 1979, Brockport, Monroe Co., NY


buried in White Haven Cemetery, Rochester NY.


son of Leon Hunt Allen and Grace Smith Allen


married to Margaret Blekkenk October 17, 1917 at Rochester (?)


Children of Arthur Louis Allen Sr. and Margaret Blekkenk Allen were


Margaret Mildred Allen

b. July 7,1918, Rochester NY d. August 11, 1999 at Rochester NY


Arthur Louis Allen Jr. b. July 17, 1923 at Rochester NY




1. " Family Bible, Knapp Family, "

Jeff L Knapp Mesa AZ

 2. " Census, " Shelby Township, 1850

3. " Death Record for Lucinda Allen," 1895, Shelby Township Clerk

4. " Federal Census, " Town of Ridgeway, Orleans Co., NY, 1900

5. " Federal Census, " Shelby Township, Orleans Co., NY, 1880 Internet

6. " Medina Tribune, " Medina NY, October 2, 1913 and

Medina Public Library, Medina NY and George E Allen Obituary

7. " Interview with Margaret Cook, " 1978 by T Cook in Rochester NY

8. Richard O Greenman " Greenman File " June 2002


When Stillman Thomas Cook and Margaret Mildred Allen married on

June 12, 1937 in Hogansburg NY, they united two families with a long history

in New York State. The Cook family are Mohawks from the Akwasasne

( St. Regis ) Reservation on the St. Lawrence River, and the Allen family

line came to western New York as pioneers in the late 18th century.


The Children of Stillman Thomas Tsioheri’Son Cook (1917-1994)

and Margaret Mildred Allen Cook (1918-1999)


Gail Margaret Cook Herrmann b. 1938

Gary Charles Cook b. 1939

Lawrence Allen Kanentanonon Cook b. 1939

Andrew Woodrow Cook b. December 14, 1946 d. May 25, 1999

Thomas Stillman Cook b. 1953


E-mail Tom Cook in the city of Nunda in New York State




The Jeff Knapp Club
Founded in 1773

reestablished 2002

Mission statement of The Jeff Knapp Club

We are a caring club, we are, and have always been, since 1773. We treat people with
respect. We treat people as equals, never lesser or secondary. We constantly strive to
better understand how people think. We believe and act on a simple work concept, “ Do it
with kindness, compassion, care, be complete, and be fair ” We started at a moment in time
on Wednesday August 28, 1773 and grew into a group of people who act from our heart, with
kindness and giving. Problems [ opportunities to grow ] are solved by working together.
Difficulty is certain and is a part of life, thus working together to lessen difficulty is a
greater part of life. We believe that in the spirit of cooperation and flexibility, we can
now & always will arrive at a helpful solution. Mail done through the USPS by The Jeff
Knapp Club is done first-class because Jeff Knapp is first-class and we support the postal
system. Jeff Knapp is honest and lives by truth.

If people remember one thought relating to: The Jeff Knapp Club.

“ We make a difference through our action ... ”

Jeff L Knapp
Mesa, Arizona
Visit Mesa, Arizona
phone 480 827 2166
United States of America

E-mail Jeff Knapp in Mesa

a collection of photos

Jeff T Knapp Jr.
Brunswick, Ohio
Visit Brunswick, Ohio
United States of America

E-mail Jeff Knapp in Brunswick

Jeff A Knapp
Crestline, Ohio

Visit Crestline, Ohio
United States of America
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Jeff C Knapp
Kearney, Nebraska
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Jeff W Knapp
Edina, Minnesota
phone 612-240-6858
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Jeff A Knapp II
Tioga, Pennsylvania
Visit Tioga County Visitor Bureau
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Jeff R Knapp
San Francisco, California
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currently living over seas

E-mail Jeff Knapp in Japan

Jeff G Knapp
Festus, Missouri
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United States of America

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Jeff N Knapp
Erie, Pennsylvania
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Jeff C Knapp
Brockport, New York
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Jeff A Knapp
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C Jeff Knapp Jr.
West Jordan, Utah
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Jeff W Knapp
Bay Village Ohio
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Jeff J Knapp
Wilsonville, Oregon
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Jeff J Knapp
Clinton Village NY
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Jeff W Knapp
San Diego, California
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