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The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 25) - Spiritual Protection

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 25) - Spiritual Protection


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Spiritual Protection

February 13, 2013

The idea of spirituality often means different things to different people. To me, spirituality is not the same as religion. Most major religions have been setup as very rigid and structured institutions. On the surface, these organizations appear to offer spiritual guidance. However, in reality they often act as more of a control system for information and people, rather than as a vehicle for exploring spirituality. In fact, many religions actually discourage the exploration of spiritual and religious knowledge that is outside of their own established belief systems.

When valid questions are brought up in rigid religious institutions (Churches) they are often suppressed and/or seen as disruptive behavior rather than as simple curiosity or a function of the natural inquisitive nature of the human spirit. This is especially true for children (who may not have been properly indoctrinated into the system yet). This suppression of knowledge within religion can be a significant limiting factor to our growth since we (and the world around us) are always changing and always evolving. 

Spirituality, on the other hand, is more of a universal concept that is not bound by any one belief system, institution or organization. Spirituality encompasses all the questions that we ask and all of the answers which we seek, including those questions which are most often asked such as who are we, where did we come from, why are we here and what happens to us after our physical body dies?

Spirituality does not discourage questions, rather it encourages them. Spirituality is often a very personal experience because we are all unique beings that are traveling along unique paths. It is my belief that each of us is here to learn different lessons within the context of the greater "curriculum" of the human experience.  

Like spirituality, "spiritual protection" probably means different things to different people. As I see it, spiritual protection involves three main areas of our existence: 1) Protection from various human entities that may wish to deter us from our true spiritual path 2) Protection from various non-human entities which may wish to deter us from our true spiritual path, and 3) Protection from ourselves (which, ironically, can sometimes be the most limiting entity of all). 

The ideas presented below are mostly common sense. There are no secret potions, protective spells or magical items described here. Rather, the focus is more on concepts which are freely available and easily accessible by everybody.  

1) Become awake and aware:

2) Raise your frequency/harmonic vibration (create a frequency mismatch between you and lower vibration entitles):

3) Maintain a healthy auric field:

4) Actively engage in the use of personal freewill. Freewill acts like a monkey wrench in the gears of the machine:

5) Be wary of external devices that are claimed to help in contacting the "spirit world":

6) Learn to recognize when your mind is being negatively influenced by outside forces (subliminally, covertly or overtly):

7) Learn to recognize when you are being targeted by non-human forces (i.e. "alien" abductions):


"Our greatest glory consists not in never falling down,
but in rising up every time that we fall"

- Oliver Goldsmith -


Message of Love
(The Pretenders)


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Spiritual Protection