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The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 12) - The Virtues and Sins of Religion






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I do not have a particular connection with any one religion


The Virtues and Sins of Religion



All religions have something to offer in the way of wisdom and discovery. However, they also have the potential to mislead, control and limit growth. Most modern (major) religions today have been corrupted to some degree or another. In many cases, they have taken valuable ancient knowledge/wisdom/teachings and twisted that information into something that serves the political, economic and social control agendas of the ruling class (and their overlords).


In my view, spirituality is a deeply personal experience and should not necessarily be confined/restricted to one particular belief system. Every culture on Earth has valuable wisdom to share. To deny that potential for knowledge and understanding, is to deny our own potential for growth.


There is no one “right” religion or religious belief. No single religion is going to “save” it’s followers.  There is no chosen people (only the “gods” choose people). God (however you personally define that concept) is within all of us regardless of religion, culture, or color. Therefore, the “savior” is also within each and every one of us. 


Sin is a religious control concept/term. Sin does not encourage growth. It ties us to the Church (i.e. accept that we all sinners, therefore it’s ok to sin, just make sure you come back to the Church to absolve your sins). There is something deeply disturbing about this way of thinking. Where is the learning/growth in this process?


Making mistakes and learning are part of our natural spiritual growth process. This is why we are here. The real sin would be if we didn’t learn from our mistakes (there was no growth) and we continued along the same destructive path because we were taught that there is no escape from sin. Or if we stood still and gave in to oppression/tyranny because we were taught that we would be saved by an external god or deity sometime in the future.


We were given the gift of freewill so that we may choose our own destiny. To freely give this gift away, to an outside leader/force/authority, is to deny this gift and our true power as both individuals and as spiritual beings.


The individual path that we choose determines our fate…not an external leader or belief system. The answer is within us, not outside of us.






Religions have both positive and negative attributes:


·        Multiple religions tend to divide the people, therefore they limit the power of the people

·        Each religion is a unique expression, therefore each religion is an individual expression of freedom of choice

·        Within each religion there is valuable knowledge and wisdom

·        Many modern (major) religions have been hijacked by outside forces to serve various agendas

·        Having multiple religions serves as a form of checks and balances so that no one belief system can be manipulated in such a way that would allow for total control of the entire population of Earth 




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