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The 2012 XXX Olympic Games - Occult Symbolism and Mind Programming

2012 XXX Olympic Games - Occult Symbolism and Subliminal Mind Programming


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The 2012 XXX Olympic Games
Occult Symbolism and Mind Programming

July 20, 2012

It's been suggested that the 2012 Olympic Games could possibly be the staging ground for another grand false flag event -- perhaps one with even more influence and consequences than 9/11 had. Everything from an act of terrorism to a staged alien invasion (similar to Project Bluebeam) has been suggested.

The reasons for staging such an event would be the same as they have always provide the justification to move forward with a particular covert agenda (or set of agendas). In this case, it would most likely be to provide the justification for an invasion of a middle-eastern country or perhaps to gain public support for the ultimate goal of the create a one-world government and a New World Order.

Even in the absence of such an event, the 2012 Olympics are guaranteed to be filled with much occult symbolism and ceremony, as well as many opportunities for the use subliminal programming on a massive scale. Whenever there are large numbers of people that are focusing their attention and energy on a particular place or event, that is when and where you are most likely to find a considerable amount of subliminal programming being directed at them via a variety of different delivery methods.

A few things to consider: 

Should we view the Olympics with the idea that something sinister will happen? If we did that might result in a lot of negative (dark) energy being focused and directed at one place. This could end up playing right into the hands of the black magicians who use such energy for their "magickal" practices. Awareness is important, but equally important is the understanding of how we are directing our energy. Ideally, the Olympics should represent a celebration and a coming together of humanity in peace and harmony.

However, that being said, I believe that it would be unwise to simply ignore the fact that there are so many things with occult significance that are concurrently converging on this single place at this specific time. As such, perhaps it might be prudent to remain alert and aware of the possibility that this event could be used for other purposes.

Below are just a few of the many examples of symbolism that can be found throughout the 2012 Olympics (before the games have even begun).

The XXX Olympic Games
(Interesting Correlations with XXX)


The are four different trinities in the image above (four triangles). And there are two sets of polarities (above/below and inner/outer). Each triangle has three points of intersection (or two polarities times three). The center point (balance point) of each triangle is the Fourth Element. And the center point (balance point) of the four trinities is the Fifth Element. The Fourth Element and the Fifth Element are multi-dimensional in nature and may be represented in many different ways (beyond just a linear/fixed mode of thinking). 

There is a light aspect and a dark aspect to all things. Thus, the "X" symbol (and multiples of the "X" symbol) can represent both the light and the dark. It is important to understand that the light can blind us in much the same way that the darkness can blind us. The light and the dark can exist together in harmony and in synergy, or they can exist apart in opposition and division. Light ("Good") is found through awareness and understanding (i.e. the proper use of light and dark through freewill). Darkness ("Evil"), on the other hand, is found through ignore-ance and mis-understanding (i.e. the mis-use of light and dark through freewill).

There is an opportunity for greater sight and understanding to occur at the point where two polarities cross (X). However, there is also an opportunity for understanding to become corrupted, inverted and "crossed" at this same point. If corruption exists above, then it is likely that corruption will exist below. And if corruption exists below, then it is likely that corruption will exist above. Similarly, if corruption exists within us, then it is likely that corruption will exist around us. And if corruption exists around us, then it is likely that corruption will eventually find its way into us.

For positive and lasting change to occur, awareness and understanding must be brought to the above and to the below, and to the inner and to the outer.

For more information regarding polarity, duality, synergy and division please see: Universal Code;  Numbers, Paths and Destinations;  The Battle Between the Light and the Dark;  Two;  The Nature of Creation and the rest of the series Journey of Awakening - The Spiritual Gatekeepers.

The All Seeing Eye



The significance of the "all-seeing eye" (in its corrupted form) goes back to the concepts that were described in part one and the idea that there are a group of malevolent "entities" who have a greater awareness and understanding (sight) that control and oversee the human race for their own purposes.

Typically our "normal" field of view is quite limited. For example, if we were walking down a city street we would be able see what is directly in front of us and what is immediately around us, but not what exists on the next street over. In other words, our awareness and understanding would be blocked by the limitations of our physical sight and the physical obstacles in our environment. However, if someone was flying in a plane overhead, they would have a much broader perspective of not only what exists directly below them, but also what exists around them in many different directions.

When you consider the analogy above, these "entities" (and those who are in contact with them) really do have an "all-seeing eye". Another thing to consider is the idea that these entities have access to certain aspects of our consciousness and most likely also have an extended or alternate (non-linear) understanding of time

Is the occult symbolism in the 2012 Olympic Games just another example of the arrogance of the "watchers" of this world? In other words, have they placed all of the clues right in front of us with the idea that few people are likely to see or understand the significance of them? Or, are they knowingly or unknowingly trying to communicate something to us?

Moving Through Time

The darkness of night doesn't last forever, nor does the light of day. The darkness eventually resolves into light, and light eventually resolves into darkness. Although the cycle of a day (light and darkness) continues to unfold in much the same way over time, there are actually many different elements within those cycles that can vary greatly based on how we utilize our freewill. The same is true for the cycles of a month, a year, a century, a millennia and so on.

As smaller cycles are changed, they also affect (or reflect) how larger cycles unfold. Those who have a good understanding of the nature of cycles can "program" different "elements" within smaller cycles, so that the larger cycles unfold in a manner that is highly predictable. Thus, we get the idea of "history repeating itself".

Cyclopes or Alien Mascots?

Mascots Wenlock & Mandeville (and marks on their forehead W & M)

The senior officer of a Masonic Lodge (Freemasons) is the Master, normally addressed and referred to as the "Worshipful Master" (WM). The Worshipful Master presides over all ritual events and ceremonies. The office of Worshipful Master is the highest honor to which a lodge may appoint any of its members. Is it just a coincidence that the mascots that are presiding over the Olympics also have the initials W and M? Perhaps. Other symbolism contained within this image include the rainbow, a state of duality (one-eye-blindness) and an inversion and a relocation of the heart.



The Cyclopes were giants with a single eye in the middle of their forehead. They are often described as being very powerful, stubborn and "abrupt of emotion" (acting without conscience). The Cyclopes are sometimes associated with a type of massive masonry known as Cyclopean Masonry. What type of structure typically comes to mind when you think of massive masonry? The pyramids? The Cyclopes connection with masonry is interesting in that the Freemasons are intimately connected with the occult (both light and dark) and, as some suggest, were very much involved with the building of the great pyramids. 

It's interesting to note that the description of the Cyclopes (being strong giants with great power and a foul disposition) is also descriptive of another type of giant creature that was known in ancient times as the Nephilim. The Nephilim were said to be the product of the union between the Watchers (Fallen Angels) and human women. When the Nephilim were destroyed in the great flood, their spirits were bound to the earth and were said to be cast into hell (Tartarus) along with the Fallen Angels.

In classic mythology the Cyclopes are released from Tartarus. Tartarus is known as a deep gloomy place filed with much torment and suffering. The location of Tartarus in the underworld is similar in many ways to the description of hell. It's interesting that Tartarus, hell and suffering are typically associated with the darkness (ignore-ance), while heaven, paradise and happiness are typically associated with the light (aware-ness).


The "one eye" symbolism is extremely prevalent in occultism. It is also seen widely throughout modern society, especially in the entertainment industry. In occult terms, hiding one eye represents a celebrity's status of being owned or used by the Illuminati, being in a state of (programmed) duality or being "one-eye-blind". Today, billions of people flock to these celebrities and become unknowingly indoctrinated into the "dark realms" through various types of occult symbolism that are intricately interwoven into the images, music, video and various products of the entertainment industry.






The first rainbow photograph above is titled "Out of a Rainbow, the Story of the 2012 London Olympic Mascots". It features the mascots Wenlock and Mandeville mystically coming down from the sky on a rainbow. The official song of the Olympic Mascots (middle photo) also has a rainbow theme and is titled "On a Rainbow". If you look closely at the mascots in these images, certain parts their bodies appear to be semi-transparent or partially materialized (almost as if they are existing in two places simultaneously).  

When most people think of rainbows, they think of something beautiful in the sky. However, in many occult circles, the rainbow is often representative of something much different. It is believed that the rainbow actually exists in two different places at once -- the spiritual realm (an alternate "dimension") and the physical realm (the physical plane here on earth). The dual nature of the rainbow is also symbolic of it containing both light and dark components (with the rainbow acting as a "bridge" that connects the two components together). During certain occult rituals, people are sometimes placed in a trance state using various types of drugs and/or mind control methods. At the height of this trance state, they are often described as having traveled "over the rainbow".

What does this mean in terms of the symbolism of the 2012 Olympic Games? Are the images above supposed to communicate the idea that we are living in a manufactured state of duality? Or, are the images supposed to represent the possibility of a coming together (unification) of opposites sometime in the future?

Zion Spelled Out in the Olympics Logo?

Why Be Concerned About Symbols That Seem to
Have No Particular Meaning?

Consciously we may not be aware of the significance of certain types of occult symbolism. However, subconsciously we have been unknowingly programmed to take this information in and then match it to other information that has been previously received and stored in our subconscious mind. Such information has traditionally been received mainly by way of visual queues that are dispersed throughout the media in the form of TV, movies and video or through specific "sound bytes" that are communicated in radio and music. Video, by itself, is a very effective programming tool. However, the most effective programming is by way of both visual and auditory queues, with each method reinforcing the other. Today, these methods have been supplemented/enhanced with even more effective (and highly technical) electronic programming methods that are employed every day against us, completely without our knowledge. 

As an illustration of this idea, I gave several examples above of what the letters XXX might communicate to various people depending on what their unique background or frame of reference might be. However XXX can actually communicate anything that the control grid wishes it to communicate. This letter grouping, or any other type of symbol (be it a word, an image, number pattern, an idea, etc) can be programmed into the individual and collective consciousness to communicate absolutely anything. It can be used to influence general behavior or it can be used to act as a latent trigger point for a highly specific set of previously stored (preprogrammed) instructions which activate when another symbol is viewed sometime in the future (much like the idea of a queue card). 

For example, over a period of several years, the word "Zion" could be programmed into the individual and collective subconscious to communicate something very specific. However that specific meaning might not surface in our conscious mind until years later when another "trigger" word/symbol is subsequently applied to our subconscious mind. Usually the "instruction word/symbol" and the "trigger word/symbol" will be something hidden in plain sight within some type of configuration that does not register to our conscious mind. Unique patterns, odd symbols and shapes, unique word groupings, and "busy" images are often employed for this purpose. This provides not only a form of camouflage to the conscious mind (of intent), but it can also help to provide protection against the accidental triggering of specific instructions before the desired time of activation.

Perhaps this idea sounds far fetched or like science fiction? It is supposed to. It is actually part of a very specific programming methodology that is designed to get us to automatically and decisively reject certain ideas as ludicrous or conspiracy if they threaten to expose our (hidden) psychological programming and conditioning. Many times this is accomplished with word association techniques which are communicated repeatedly by various media and entertainment sources. For example, conspiracy = nut, Muslim = terrorist, microwave = tinfoil hat, protester/activist = anarchist, and anarchy = destruction. This of course is not the true meaning of these words, but rather the way in which we have been programmed to understand them.

There is actually a very easy and effective way of discovering ideas which may have been subliminally programmed into our subconscious mind. If you immediately and strongly accept, reject or condemn an idea (without thinking about it), ask yourself this question: What is the basis for this reaction? If nothing logical comes to mind, then it is most likely a (pre)programmed reaction.

These techniques have actually been around for centuries. However, it wasn't until the advent of TV, radio, movies, magazines and the internet (specifically social media) that these techniques could be employed in such a manner as to effectively influence so many people at the same time. Recently (during the last few decades), a mapping of brain frequencies and their associated behaviors has been completed. This has enabled very sophisticated programming technologies to now be delivered at any time to the general population, either though the commercial wireless grid or by large antenna arrays such as HAARP or similar installations located around the world. In addition to large scale applications, local wireless devices can also be used to communicate information which is targeted to specific individuals (please see mechanism # 10 from Welcome to the Machine - Mechanisms of the Matrix for more info regarding elctro-smog, electromagnetic mind control technologies and health issues related to electromagnetic radiation).


Why include so much occultism (hidden information) within the 2012 XXX Olympics Games? That is a good question. I think that it has to do with the unique thought processes of different occult orders and their specific intent when incorporating various types of symbolism into the buildings, sites and events that are in plain public view. While a particular type of symbolism may seem to have little meaning to us, it usually has a very significant meaning (of intent) to them. Another example of this idea can be found at the Denver Airport

Many secret societies engage in ritualistic ceremonies that are designed to call up the entities or "gods" that they worship. There are some that believe that these "gods" are the source of their knowledge and power and that their "bloodlines" are actually direct descendents of these "gods". While it's true that some of their knowledge and power is probably gained in this way, I think that the actual process is mostly reversed with the dark entities drawing from the energy that is given to them during various rituals and ceremonies. To use an analogy, dealing with these entities is similar to gambling in a casino...the house always has the advantage. Despite these dangers, however, it seems there are many people that are still willing to participate in their game. 

Many of these entities are energy based (non-physical) in nature and thus require specific types of energy in order to sustain themselves. Drawing from many different sources (both ancient and modern), it is my opinion that some of these entities have probably been trapped for many millennia in a form that keeps them confined to their chosen "state of being". Continuing along this line of thought, it would make sense that during this time such entities would have probably learned how to use other life forms around them to feed and sustain themselves.

It is my belief that the 2012 Olympic Games will be the granddaddy of all ritualistic events. All the symbolism seems to point towards this. Studying the symbolism of the past and the symbolism leading up to this event, I think that one has to ask themselves, what is their intent here? Are they simply giving praise to their "gods", or are they actually trying to manifest them into this world (as they have tried to do many times before).

A Sign of the Times?

Actually the human race has already been incrementally conditioned for the return of the "gods". All you have to do is look around to see this. There is a pervasive darkness today that is present in advertising, media, movies, books, the internet and in current events. In fact, it seems like many people have either willingly adopted the darkness or accepted it as an inevitable part of modern society. Ten years ago, you might have said that this was an alarming trend. Today, however, it seems like this is the norm, or even in vogue. Want to be part of the "in crowd"? Adopt the dark and chastise the light.

The point that I am trying to make here is that it is time for us to make our choices, to follow that which is truly contained within our individual hearts (which I believe is something essentially good in most people), or continue to collectively and blindly travel down the same path towards ever increasing levels of darkness (by actively and passively supporting the corrupt system via destructive behaviors which have been unknowingly programmed into us). Freewill is the key. We still have a choice. However, most will probably agree that our "will" is becoming increasingly less "free" these days. And the longer we wait, the fewer options that there will be.  

Continued in Part 2:

XXX Olympic Games Opening Ceremony - Occult Symbolism (Images)


This segment has been edited slightly and I have brought in some additional information from other segments in order to help clarify and paint a more balanced picture of the subject matter. While there is good reason to recognize and be concerned about the darkness in the world today, I think that it is equally important to see both sides of the spectrum (the light and the dark) and not get caught up in just the darkness or the "light" (i.e. the fake light of willful ignore-ance).

There is a certain form of thought in this world that suggests that ignoring the darkness leads to more light. However, in reality, it is an awareness and understanding of both the light and the dark that leads towards more Light. How can we change that which we are not willing or unable to see? And what incentive is there to change that which we "perceive" is not affecting us?  

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