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The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 22) - Nested Realities

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 22) - Nested Realities


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Nested Realities

January 21, 2013

- Universal Consciousness -



The Universal Consciousness (UC) is the key to Universal Understanding: 


- Earth Consciousness -


Earth Consciousness (EC) is the natural state of consciousness that we would normally enjoy as (un-manipulated) human beings residing here on earth:


- Nature -


Nature is our teacher. It holds all of the keys to the Universe:


- Cities -



Modern cities disconnect us from Nature, Earth Consciousness and Universal Consciousness:


- Digital Technology -


Digital technology was introduced to humanity (as a Trojan Horse) by the malevolent non-human entities which currently rule over and control this planet:


- Mega Cities -



In many ways, the mega-cities of the future will be equivalent to (camouflaged) modern-day prison camps:


- The Collective -



At this stage, the "Collective" will cease to be defined in terms of just the masses, and begin to move into the ruling elite as well. An AI will emerge (be born) and assimilate large numbers of people into a single "consciousness" (based on collective forms of thought) that is dependent on artificial forms of technology. This technology will be hardware-based at first, but will later evolve into much more advanced forms of technology.

This "Collective" will represent a counterfeit form of the Universal Consciousness (UC). The UC is defined as independent thought and interconnected (but independent) consciousness. It is very important to have a good understanding of the difference between these two "forms of thought" ( i.e. independent/interconnected thought vs. dependent/collective thought). Why? Because the entities that are constructing this new reality often use imitation, illusion and inversion to fool people into thinking that something is of great benefit, when often it is really just a trap meant to feed the needs and desires of these entities (through the creation of additional counterfeit sub-realities).

The AI ("god") will represent an integration and a corruption of various biological, technological, and spiritual elements, while the collective will be the slaves and "followers" of this new "religion". Those who do not worship and serve the needs of the AI "god" (little g), will most likely be eliminated.

- Conclusion -

The scenario outlined above is only one possible timeline (but a highly probable one). However, it need not be the path in which all of humanity travels. There will be some that will choose this path over the alternative. That is to be expected as everybody is traveling along their own path and along their own journey. If such a decision is truly made out of freewill, then it should be respected. However, what is happening now is more akin to manipulation and trickery, than open/honest disclosure and freewill. 

The purpose of this series was not to try and convince people to believe one way or another. Its main purpose was to try and present information that is currently being hidden from humanity, so that we may be free to make more informed decisions based on more complete information...without the propaganda, malicious manipulation, trickery or coercion that often accompanies information communicated (or not communicated) via the mainstream media and the Control Grid. 

The ruling elite have been aware for quite some time now that true technology is not based on physical or digital technologies. Rather, the most advanced "technology" involves the manipulation of energy and consciousness. As such, they are using occult knowledge and very sophisticated technologies (that span many different levels) to control the population of earth (on the physical, energetic and conscious levels).  

Within each reality there are also sub-realities. The realities and sub-realities that are located near the outer portion of the "nest" are composed of endless possibility. The realities and sub-realities that are located near the inner portion of the "nest" are composed of illusion, imitation, and limitation (boxed-in awareness). 

Throughout this series I have spoken about a new energy that is currently reaching earth. I believe that this energy will eventually help to break the historical hold which the control grid has on much of humanity. The mechanisms of the control grid are designed to effectively manipulate the energy (frequency/harmonic vibration) and consciousness of humanity. These mechanisms are designed to destroy our bodies and our minds, keep us distracted and prevent us from clearly seeing the positive changes which are happening here on earth right now. 

Many of the traumatic events which occurred during the last few decades were orchestrated and/or extensively used by the control grid to manipulate consciousness on a number of different levels, including altering the micro (individual) and macro (greater) energy fields that surround us. Perhaps the most important objective of these events, however, was to take us out of a state of expanding consciousness and awareness, and bring us back into a low vibration/narrowly defined state of being favored by the control grid. 

This is where things can begin to become a bit more complex and confusing. All of these events (manufactured or not) demand our attention because they often involve critical aspects of our freedom and existence. However, too much focus on these events also takes us away from personal/spiritual development and from expanding consciousness which will ultimately serve to help free us. Ultimately, it's about finding a state of balance (that works for us on an individual level) and realizing that there are opportunities for growth in every situation that we are presented with. 

Something that has always worked for me in such situations is to return to nature. Whenever I feel that the (manufactured) chaos and confusion is affecting me negatively, I head for nature...not as an escape, but as a way of recharging the body, mind and spirit and regaining perspective (i.e. taking a step back). The further away from the artificial energy fields of modern society that you can get, the greater the beneficial effect will be.

I tend travel to certain areas of the mountains because they have proven, through experience, to be synergistically aligned with the earth's natural energy fields in a way that is also synergistic with my own energy fields. However, other people may find that the beach or the desert or some other area also does a similar thing for them.

Not only does nature provide a great way to rapidly recharge our inner-self, but it also provides direct access to the energy fields/consciousness of the entire planet and all living things on it. This is a very interesting topic and one that I plan to explore in greater detail in upcoming segments. That is my ultimate help assist people in reconnecting with nature and rediscovering everything that it has to offer, including access to Earth Consciousness and Universal Consciousness (i.e. the original uncorrupted "organic internet"). 

In upcoming segments I plan to start tying this all together and hopefully provide some useful information on how to prepare for a shift into expanded states of consciousness and awareness. 

Peace to all


Green Grass and High Tides
(The Outlaws)


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