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The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 23) - The Label Machine

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 23) - The Label Machine


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The Label Machine

February 2, 2013

I had an opportunity the other day to listen to an interesting roundtable discussion involving a number of researchers who were examining various approaches that might be used to help address and/or fix the mess that the human race is currently in. During this discussion, there were quite a few opinions and perspectives that were shared, as well as many good thoughts and ideas on a variety of different subjects.  

The participants in this particular roundtable discussion were introduced as people belonging to or associated with certain groups, belief systems or ideologies. This is of course a common and customary practice of introduction in society today. However, is this practice beneficial to the speaker and to the audience? When labels are combined with existing social conditioning and psychological (subliminal) programming, what is usually the end result? 

For the speakers and the listeners of the roundtable who might be unfamiliar with these specific labels, it doesn't necessarily create an issue. However, for others who may have previously encountered various views in association with such labels, it opens up the door for unfounded prejudices, rejections and/or dismissals before the speaker has even had a chance to make his or her initial point(s). The next time that listeners hear those labels again, they will likely associate that label with the last speaker who was identified by such a label (thereby creating a situation of preemptive acceptance or rejection of certain ideas once again). In other words, it helps to create an atmosphere where the label sometimes does the talking, instead of the individual. 

As humans, we often have a tendency to approach problems from the top down instead of from the bottom up. For example, we often begin with the premise that we belong to a certain group or ideology which is presumed to be right or correct. Therefore, by default, any opposing ideology is usually assumed to be incorrect or void of useful or important information. We see this type of situation occur quite frequently in politics (left, right, conservative, liberal), in religion (Christian, Muslim, East, West), in race (black, white, yellow, red), in socioeconomic ideologies (Capitalism, Socialism, Communism), in sports "divisions" (American, National, East, West, Central) and so on. 

Why is our system set up this way? The simple answer to this question is to promote division and polarization among the people. A divided population is much easier to control than a united or unified one. 

What if we were to approach social, political and economic issues from a bottom-up perspective instead of a top-down view? In other words, what if we looked at these issues with the simple idea that we are all human beings first, and that we all have common desires and needs such as life, liberty, love, freedom and happiness?

 Programming and Conditioning

Social programming and conditioning (learned mostly via TV) teaches us to categorize and divide people into neat little packages or groups. Most of the time, the conclusions that are reached (via this programming) seem to be based more on generalizations or inferences rather than on logical deductions, actual facts or real history. For example, most division and categorization today occurs along such insignificant lines as race, color, religion, political views or even from a single statement or observation made by an individual or a group. The result of this categorization is that valuable opinions and individual contributions often get dismissed or overshadowed via the labels and preconceived (or assumed) associations with certain group memberships... whether they actually exist or not.  

There are good and bad people within every group or organization. There are aware and informed people, and there are conditioned, programmed and misguided people. There are loving people, and there are hateful people. There are protagonists and there are antagonists. There are truthful and sincere people, and there are dishonest and deceitful people. In other words, the ideal "ology" or "ism" that is associated with the group doesn't necessarily reflect the characteristics of the individual (although "group think" can sometimes have a very powerful effect on individual behavior patterns).

Labels and generalizations usually serve to confuse and complicate issues (by way of over-simplifying them). They open the door for individuals (and sometimes even entire philosophies) to be thrown out based upon simple preconceived associations. New ideas (that may have validity) are often dismissed because they are erroneously "matched-up" with old, unpopular or out of style concepts or ideas. This is very similar to the idea of the baby getting mistakenly thrown out with the bath water. It's a very effective tool for those that wish to quell dissent (or limit progress) in order to keep the status quo in power and control.

A few examples involving social programming, negative associations (typically programmed) and throwing the baby out with the bath water include:


Love (as a universal concept) has often been associated with such controversial groups as "hippies" and the new age movement. Since these groups (labels) have traditionally included many non-traditional philosophies, practices and beliefs, they have often been criticized and chastised by the government, established religions, the mainstream media and the alternative research community. This "bad press" has led to the idea that those suggesting peace and love must be either be closet hippies, proponents of the new age movement or social engineers for the New World Order. The idea (or philosophy) of love has, therefore, been subsequently tainted by a simple association with what some people might perceive to be the misguided philosophies of hippies and "new agers" or by way of an erroneous association with the New World Order (or via an association with some form of socialism, communism or fascism). (1) 

It has almost gotten to the point where love has become a taboo word in our modern culture today. Many people avoid using the "L word" in public for fear of being ridiculed (unless it is used to express affection towards material possessions such as I love my car, I love my tablet, I love my smartphone, I love my new clothes, etc). Where does this type of behavior originate from? The answer is that it most of it is programming that is (initially) delivered via TV, film, music and the internet (and then later reinforced in society).

What happens in TV "programs", in movies and on the internet when a male character mentions love or expresses affection? They are usually ridiculed and laughed at by their peers. What happens in "real life" (I hesitate to even use that term here) when someone mentions love or expresses affection? The same thing happens. Therefore, in real life many people become afraid to express love and compassion towards each other for fear of being ridiculed.

I would suggest that one of the main reasons why this world is in so much trouble right now is because hatred (inverted love) and (dis)compassion and (un)empathy are continually encouraged via cleverly disguised forms of programming and psychological manipulation (referenced above).

If war, hate and intolerance are symptoms of the "dis"ease, is it unreasonable to assume that love might be part of the answer? Why is humanity constantly steered away from love and towards more destructive behaviors that are the inverse or reverse of love? 

Frequency and Harmonic Vibration

Frequency and harmonic vibration are two very important concepts to understand because they represent two key/core components of the often unseen control mechanism (grid) that is used to manipulate and control the general population of Earth. Interestingly, the concepts of frequency and harmonic vibration also represent key components in the new age philosophy as well. As a result of this association, these concepts are sometimes ridiculed (in much the same way as love is) as some type of new age mumbo jumbo by people who may be unfamiliar with these concepts and/or have been programmed to dismiss anything that might have a perceived association with the new age movement (please see footnotes 1 & 2).  

When we turn on the TV or open a newspaper, what do we usually see? Reports of terrorism threats, school shootings, war, murder, violence, pandemic scares, seasonal flu scares, financial worries and scandal in politics. Essentially, this is "information terrorism" created by the mainstream media (and their controllers) to subdue and control the general population. It is designed to keep us locked up in a very narrow view of reality by placing us in a perpetual state of fear, unease, conflict and confusion so that we are blinded to seeing what exists outside of the system. It keeps us swimming in a soup of manufactured chaos, instead of learning to recognize the real mechanisms which are being used to control us. This is a key difference between the alternative media and the mainstream media. Much of the alternative media seeks to educate people (to recognize the mechanisms of control) while the mainstream media simply reports on all of the chaos created by the system (regardless of whether it is real, manufactured or illusion).

What is the opposite of the negatively aligned and manufactured control system that we live in today? Love, peace, contentment, increased levels of awareness and expanded states of consciousness and understanding. The controllers cannot control a population that is knowledgeable, aware, at peace with themselves and others and in a state of expanding consciousness and understanding. Thus, this is the main reason for all of the chaos, distraction and misdirection in our world.

Low harmonic vibration = fear and confinement (and an alignment with some not-so-friendly non-human entities). High harmonic vibration = freedom and expanded states of consciousness and awareness that can help to transcend the artificial confines of this virtual prison (the control grid). High harmonic vibration represents the path back to our true/higher selves

The Environment

Individuals and organizations who express concern regarding the environment have often been portrayed as extremists by the mainstream media and the established political system. And in some cases, environmentalists have even been referred to as job killers, eco-terrorists and anarchists.  

Recently an obscure political/environmental initiative known as Agenda 21 has come to the attention of portions of the general public. This initiative, disguised as environmental protection, was actually created in large part by the ruling elite in order to enable the realization of various profit and control-motivated agendas (i.e. further access to natural resources, additional taxation and to drive people off their land and herd them into large cities where they can be more easily manipulated and controlled).  

As a result of the increased news coverage on this topic, environmentalists are sometimes now attacked on both fronts (by the mainstream media and by the alternative media). Actually, there are some eco-terrorists that do exist. However, they are mostly over-hyped by the media in order to demonize the environmental movement as a whole. In fact, there are many responsible, informed and concerned citizens out there who have a very good understanding of the environmental threats that we are facing today. However, now these groups and individuals are erroneously getting bunched together into generalized labels such as job killers or eco-terrorists (on the corporate/political side) and proponents of Agenda 21 or secret agents of the New World Order (on the alternative media side).  

Those at the top have a very specific (if not redundant) strategy that they follow: Confuse, divide, rule and conquer. The ruling elite understand that a certain portion of the population can always be manipulated. Sometimes this manipulation can be accomplished rather easily via something as simple as short (but highly effective) media sound bytes. If we aren't careful in how we approach things, nature and the environment may end up losing on both fronts as those that value and wish to protect nature are labeled as potential threats by both sides.  

The ruling elite have a "wide angle view" of things (sometimes gleaned from non-traditional sources) which allows them to move much of the population below them around almost like chess pieces on a chess board. Fortunately, some of this is changing now as more and more people begin to wake up and become more aware. However, the tactics of the controllers are rarely just one level deep, and what appears on the surface may not always be the real or final agenda, but simply a diversionary tactic instead. (please see footnote #3).

Why is there so much confusion and misinformation regarding the environment? As previously stated, much of this has to do with the control, greed and profit motives of the so-called elite controllers. However, their motives actually go much deeper than this (as discussed in part 22 Nested Realities).  

Below is a short summary of some of the other motives that are related to the control of nature and the environment (as historically perpetuated by members of the Church and State):

Nature holds the key to everything. This is why we have seen such a concentrated effort (throughout history) to lead people away/astray from the knowledge, wisdom and secrets contained within it. It is also why we see an ongoing war being waged by the Church and State in an effort to eliminate those people and cultures that posses the secret knowledge regarding the true path to freedom and spiritual enlightenment.


The concepts that were discussed in this article are just a few examples of how labels, associations and generalizations can be effectively used by the control system to divide, confuse, rule and conquer the people. Important and valuable information is often hidden from the general population by simply associating it with some obscure, alternate, evil or taboo group, philosophy or belief system. This has the effect of discouraging people from seeking out such information and potentially gaining an understanding of the wisdom that may be contained within it.  

When we apply labels to ourselves or to others, it opens the door for immediate rejection and dismissal of that person based on preconceived beliefs...often before an opinion is even expressed. Sometimes this is a conscious thought process. However, more often it is a subconscious (unrealized) process that results from a lifetime of subliminal programming and conditioning.  

This article was actually a review of some previous segments as well as an introduction to the next segment which will be a further examination of these concepts and a closer look at who and what actually "lies" behind the curtain of this control grid.

Some of the information presented in the next segment may be uncomfortable. However, I believe that this is essential to understand these issues. Without such an understanding, we will be forever manipulated and unknowingly subjected to the influences of the puppet masters above us who use very powerful occult knowledge in various ways that can put the general public at a great disadvantage in their efforts to try and move forward and rise above and beyond this control grid. 


(1) The New Age: This article not intended to be critical of new age philosophies or its followers (as a blanket statement). There are many different people and many different concepts, ideas and philosophies that have been grouped together and associated with the new age movement. The new age movement has actually consolidated some of the most important and beneficial wisdom and philosophies from around the world. However, in many ways, this information has also been tainted, corrupted and hijacked in much the same manner as the other major religions have tainted the original wisdom contained within the ancient texts. Therefore, like any religion or philosophy, discernment is always important.

In the case of the new age, I believe that certain elements were introduced into this philosophy as Trojan horses so that they could later be exploited in an attempt to try and discredit the other beneficial information contained within it (via various types of labeling and/or negative associations with the planted Trojan horse elements).  

(2) Frequency and Harmonic Vibration: The term 'frequency" (as it applies to humans) is often discussed in multiple contexts which can sometimes confuse the meaning of the word. For example, a lower frequency (or harmonic vibration) is usually associated with lower states of being. However, in reference to brainwave frequency, a lower frequency of around 4-7Hz (theta state) is typically associated with deep meditative states, access to the subconscious mind, profound states of learning and healing, out-of-body experiences, access to the divine, etc. Paradoxically, a low brainwave frequency can help to bring about higher states of consciousness, which can in turn help to create higher frequencies in the physical body...possibly leading to alternate physical states of being (higher frequency = more energetic/less physical).

On the other hand, high brainwave frequencies can induce a state of agitation or confusion when artificially created or sustained for extended periods of time (via the wireless communications grid, weapons systems or other artificial EM sources). Lower brainwave frequencies (in the alpha range) are often used to increase susceptibility to subliminal programming via the frequency following response/entrainment/trance state that can be induced by TV flicker rate or other sources. This doesn't mean that alpha brain waves are harmful, just that this state of "mind" can be used for either beneficial or non-beneficial purposes.

To summarize, when the terms frequency and harmonic vibration are used in a general context it is often referring to an overall "state of being" (spiritually). However, when frequency is applied to brainwaves specifically, it is referring to how different brain states can affect human physiology.

(3) Wide Angle View: I do not wish to over-complicate the issues or the situation. However, as many are aware, the powers that be are beginning to put their plans into over-drive now. Therefore, I think that it is very important during these times to periodically take a step back and look at things through the same "wide angle lens" that the controllers are using in order to maintain a good overall perspective of the grand plan as it relates to the smaller elements and pieces within it.

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