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The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 15) - Mechanisms of Control

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 15) - Mechanisms of Control

Human being and the mechanisms of the matrix

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Welcome to the Machine
Mechanisms of the Matrix

 September 22, 2012

Ever wonder why so many people appear to be asleep these days? Ever wonder why so many people are becoming seriously ill with conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, (early) Alzheimer's, autoimmune diseases, autism, etc? Ever wonder why depression and violence are on the rise? Ever wonder why it feels like the world is closing in around us?

If so, then please read on... 

1. Television - Television is the most effective brainwashing/social engineering tool that has ever been created. Television controls us on multiple levels. It effectively programs our desires, fears and general perception of the world around us. In the past, television "programming" was accomplished mainly through the use of emotionally charged imagery, subliminal messages, flicker rate (creating a hypnotic/suggestible state of mind) and the continuous repetition of desired ideals.  

However, since the inception of digital TV, programming now includes highly effective (hidden) electronic methods such as SSSS (Silent Sound Spread Spectrum) technology and the use of the UHF broadcast signal itself as a carrier wave to deliver specific radio frequencies which can act directly on the brain and influence behavior. 

To illustrate just how important TV is to the social programming agenda, several years ago the US government spent billions of dollars (conservatively) to make sure that "no child was left behind" during the transition to digital TV and to insure that everyone would have full access to digital broadcast television. In a document titled the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, the US government outlined the expenditures that it planned to make in order to transition the US population from analog TV to digital TV: 

After adding up all of expenditures for the transition (just in this document alone), the amount comes out to roughly $2.7 billion dollars that was spent in order to make sure that we all have access to digital TV.  


TV mind control, hypnosis and social programming


2. The Mainstream Media and Entertainment Industry - Today, the mainstream media is owned and controlled by six major corporations. Unfortunately, most of the great journalism of the past has now been replaced with "newspeak" and robotic teleprompter readers. Deviation from the canned story (dialog) is openly discouraged in many news organizations today. In fact, engaging in such (unwelcome) behavior has actually resulted in the termination of employment in some cases.

Plainly stated, the mainstream news media that we see today is not unlike the historical "Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda" (the agency which enforced Nazi Party ideology and regulated Germany's culture and society). 

The modern entertainment industry is full of subliminal messages and occult symbolism. Much of the music and film that is produced by the industry today is specifically targeted at youth. There is an old slogan which states "Whoever controls the youth, controls the future". There was also an infamous leader who once stated "He alone, who owns the youth, owns the future" (Adolf Hitler).

During the last decade, the imagery in music, movies and print has been steadily moving towards the "dark side" (in a rather alarming trend). This transition has been mostly incremental and insidious in nature. Therefore, much of the general population has become slowly acclimated to it rather than openly opposed to it. Many people (and celebrities) have actually become unknowingly indoctrinated into the control system through the overt and covert occult messages and symbols which are intricately interwoven into the images, music, video and various products of the entertainment industry.  

Fox Fires Journalists over Milk, Cancer and Monsanto


 Mainstream dinosaur media is truth impaired


Dark Satanic imagery in music and entertainment


3. Money - Money makes the world go round. The controllers would like us to believe that the whole purpose of this existence is to collect as much money as possible so that we can buy as many things as possible. The ultimate goal of course is buy a big house so we can store all of the things that we collect. Since money is a scarce commodity (for the average consumer), debt was created in order to help fill in the gaps of that money scarcity. Money is the perceived freedom and the realized servitude (debt) of this existence. The "things" that we buy and the debt that we incur is the anchor (or ball and chain) that keeps us forever tied to the system.

The necessity and need for money also keeps us quiet. People, families, homes and cars all require money. We have been conditioned (by example) that speaking out or standing up isn't always compatible with the accumulation of money. In the workplace, being a "team player" and conforming to the corporate 'cult'ure is usually associated with moving up the ladder. Those that step outside of the hive (speak out/stand up/or criticize corporate policy) are less likely to be considered for promotions or tenured positions and are more likely to be laid off or let go during hard economic times.  

Therefore, in this fragile economic climate, the fear of losing a job often takes precedence over ethical considerations in government, pharma, police, military, media, medical and other professions. The system rules over us because we support it in order to survive. And while we support the system, we are producing the very same products and services that are controlling us and killing us (GMO's, toxic pharmaceuticals, fraudulent medical practices, the police state/military industrial complex, bloated government administration, mainstream media, chemicals (fluoride, pesticides, etc). As economic woes continue and unemployment rises, the need for conformity in the workplace also increases in order to ensure job security.  

Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve


 Money, credit and debt are the chains that keep us prisoner


4. Big Pharma - In modern (western) society, we have been conditioned to accept the idea that we all need pharmaceuticals in order to remain healthy. When a single drug fails to live up to its promises, additional pharmaceuticals are usually added to the "cure" or to help counter the undesirable effects of the first drugs. The cycle is somewhat analogous to the "revolving door" between the FDA and the Big Pharma companies...once you are in the system it's a never ending circle (only without the financial benefits that Big Pharma executives enjoy).  

Pharmaceuticals are highly toxic to our system and create a multitude of undesirable effects on our minds and bodies. The adverse effects that these drugs have on our memory, behavior patterns, cognitive function, sleep patterns, hormones, major organs (liver, kidneys, heart, brains, etc) and long-term health is astonishing. Many modern SSRI's (antidepressants) literally act as virtual chemical lobotomies in the brain and work to destroy that which makes us human (suppressing desirable attributes such as compassion, creativity, empathy, caring, etc).

There has been a phenomenal rise in the use of SSRI's during the last decade, especially in very young children. Associated with that increase, we have seen many bizarre shootings and acts of violence that were quite rare before the widespread use of these drugs began. Children with developing brains are most likely being permanently affected by SSRI's. Adults and children alike often complain that these drugs make them "feel nothing" or make them feel like a "zombie".

Perhaps this one of the reasons why we have seen the astronomical increase in the use of these drugs by military personnel (encouraged in large part military doctors). No doubt this is a continuation towards the stated goal of the military to develop a more perfect fighting without care, compassion or empathy (human attributes which are certainly unwelcome in the battlefield). 

Are we controlled? Would a non-controlled population willingly accept (and pay for) chemical poison just because it is suggested to them by someone wearing a white coat? We trust doctors because we have been conditioned and programmed to do so. Most doctors, however, have been trained in universities which are funded and controlled by Big Pharma. As such, many mainstream doctors have been programmed and conditioned to ignore highly effective natural remedies and instead favor highly toxic (lucrative) pharmaceuticals. Doctors are tracked by the type and number of prescriptions that they make and are rewarded for their efforts by Big Pharma through hidden-in-plain-sight bribes disguised as "consulting fees". 

There used to be a golden rule (Hippocratic Oath) that doctors were bound by..."first do no harm". Not any more. Perhaps this is just another casualty of the modern commercialized, capitalized and commoditized world that we live in. 


Big pharma money making machine


Antidepressants are clouding the minds of modern society


5. Peer Consensus/Peer Pressure - Peer pressure is one of the most effective behavior modifying mechanisms of the control grid. Fear of what others think of us rules much of our behavior. Peer pressure, in effect, is the sheepdog of the flock.

In social circles or corporate associations (industry memberships), conformity rules while black sheep are often isolated from the flock. In other words, those that support the hive are usually rewarded with membership perks, while those with dissenting opinions are usually shunned. It's a powerful herding mechanism that creates collective thought patterns and ideals that support the agendas of the few at the expense of the individuals contained within the whole of society.

Five Monkeys (herd/hive mentality experiment)


The police state keeps us quiet


6. Education - Public education teaches us to be good and obedient citizens, not free thinking intelligent beings.


dumbing down children via the education system


7. Internet - The internet is responsible for some of the greatest leaps in knowledge/understanding that we see today. It has been the engine for much truth and discovery over the last decade. However, it has also drawn us deeper into the virtual world and away from the natural world. It keeps us indoors much of the time and more isolated from others (real human beings). It has become a vehicle for the anonymous/faceless hatred of others. 

The internet is also a highly effective tracking, data mining and social engineering tool for the controllers. Social engineering agendas can now be disseminated with lightening quick efficiency (and anonymously) by virtually anyone. Intelligence agencies use this medium extensively to illicit and instigate desired behavior in targeted groups and individuals from around the world. Why do regional/worldwide riots and "springs" appear to be breaking out simultaneously these days? Could it be that existing tensions are being manipulated, managed and encouraged via the internet (please see "social media" and "microwave/EMF" below as well)?

Nested Realities

8. Social Media - Social media has some obvious benefits. However, it was designed specifically for social control, not social contact. What if the CIA/NSA asked everybody worldwide to upload a photo of themselves, post photos of friends/family, provide a summary of their background, details their social life, links to their favorite sites and then update their personal database periodically in the future? Would people comply with that request? On the other hand, what if they introduced a free "service", got people hooked on that service and then incrementally removed privacy protections so that various agencies could easily data-mine this enormous social database?  

What if this service was actually designed by psychologists to specifically target the ego (one of the most powerful control "portals" to the human psyche) and provide "food" which constantly fed and reinforced the needs of its users...belonging, ego, page views, virtual friends, "likes", etc? Would that be an effective way to influence behavior and keep people tied/addicted to that service (despite privacy concerns)? Are our virtual friends really friends? Take a look at this Air Force job solicitation request for software to control 10 virtual "personas" per user without detection Persona Management Software. Is the Air Force the only agency that is interested in (or posses) such software?  

The NSA is currently constructing a massive "data center" in Utah. The $1.2 billion National Security Agency Data Center at Camp Williams is one of the largest construction projects in the US... 

"The state-of-the-art facility will include 100,000 square feet of a Tier III raised floor data center to support the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and 900,000 square feet of technical support and administrative space. Nicknamed "The Spy Center," the Utah Data Center will use the climate controlled environment of its computerized core as a repository for information gathered by different branches of the country's intelligence apparatus. The facility will be the nation's first Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cyber Security Initiative Data Center." (reported by Utah Facilities, September 14, 2011) 

State of the art data (surveillance) facilities such as these have the ability to gather massive amounts of data from multiple sources concurrently and then analyze the results very quickly. By scanning large online social databases such as Facebook or Twitter, emerging social trends can be identified, analyzed and modified almost at will. Trends that fall outside of state sponsored agendas can be tweaked very effectively via the corporate controlled media or by the army of paid anonymous/faceless internet "sheepdogs" currently employed by various intelligence agencies.  


  Facebook and the CIA tracking and cataloging us


9. Smart phones, tablets and personal media devices - Corporations introduce cool gadgets (distractions) to the consuming public, get us addicted to the technology and then they incrementally remove privacy features little by little while subsequently adding various tracking/remote disabling abilities. Do the masses rebel against such practices? Do we stop using these products? Or do we line up in the streets to get the latest model? Again, it begs the question, are we a conditioned/programmed society?

Texting Addiction (no worries...Big Pharma will surely come up with a cure)


Modern distractions


 Cell phones, looking down instead of around


cell phones are a hazard to walking and driving

Image Above: Think that these people have any idea what is going on around them or above them? This is a good example of just one (voluntary) mechanism  of control that effectively keeps us distracted from the "conspiracy theories" that are happening right in front of us every day. Chemtrails...what chemtrails? Looked up lately?


10. Microwave/EMF (electromagnetic fields) - It seems that we have been effectively programmed to automatically associate the word "microwave" with "tin-foil hat". This association (like so many others) has been subliminally programmed into our sub-conscious mind by the mainstream media. The question is why is there so much interest in discounting or discrediting such a word and any speaker that dares to utter its sound? 

Microwaves occupy the lower half of the electromagnetic spectrum. Microwaves are used in a variety of communications and weapons technologies today including radar, cell phones, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, cordless phones, baby monitors, Bluetooth, GPS, radio astronomy, microwave ovens, satellites, military communications, HAARP, mobile HAARP (Sea-Based X-band Radar), Active Denial System (a military directed energy weapon) and other classified military weapons. 

We are literally bathed in a constant soup of microwave radiation and electromagnetic energy every day. The radiation that is produced by microwaves is referred to as non-ionizing radiation (as opposed to ionizing "radioactive" radiation from radiological sources/devices). Although, technically, the power of non-ionizing radiation is less than that of ionizing radiation, the detrimental effects on living tissue can be much the same. 

Some of the side effects/symptoms of (higher power) microwave radiation exposure include:

Some of the possible long-term health effects include: 

The adverse effects that are experienced by an individual depend on a variety of factors including:

The entire US (and much of the rest of the world) has been invaded with multi-use cell towers (microwave/wimax/other). People living in close proximity to these towers have experienced a wide variety of adverse effects. In addition, some cancer and suicide clusters (larger than normal numbers) have developed around the towers. 

During World War II, radar operators regularly reported experiencing clicks and buzzing sounds (microwave auditory effect) and other adverse effects from high power microwave exposure. It wasn't too long after this that the military (USSR initially) began to experiment with microwaves for weapons use. Interestingly, many of the Soviet (and US) experiments involving weapons use and psychological manipulation with microwaves occurred around (or exactly at) the same frequencies and pulsed-modulations that are now being used in many consumer and utility (smart meter) communication products (900MHz and 2400MHz specifically). Is this just a coincidence?

The fact is that this technology is currently being used to influence and control the population in many parts of the world. It can be used to invoke a variety of behaviors including aggression, agitation, apathy or submissiveness. The Soviets (decades ago) actually mapped the brain frequencies associated with many emotions, behaviors and bodily functions.

Want to create an apathetic population? How about an agitated population? Want to create a perpetual feeling of fear? How about depression (great for the pharma industry). Want to agitate protestors or police at a demonstration? How about encourage aggressive behavior in military personnel? It's all possible with this technology. 

This technology can be delivered via a variety of methods including commercial cell towers, Gwen towers, HAARP/Mobile HAARP (and other similar facilities), Smart Meters and mobile systems designed for targeted groups or individuals. Interestingly, the so-called Smart Meters aren't so smart. Many of these devices actually emit very high intensity pulsed microwaves (just like military weapons systems). Is it any wonder that there are so many people getting sick from these things? Again, is this just a coincidence? Bad engineering? Or perhaps it is something else?

This is not new technology. And this is not science fiction. This is a mature, very effective and highly dangerous technology that is being used by people who could care less about those who are exposed to it including highly susceptible segments of the population such as small children and the elderly. 

Think that the government wouldn't do such a thing? Think again (please see the links and "GMO's" and "Chemicals" below).


HAARP and SBX radar


Cell phone radiation hazards


Common microwave and electromagnetc health hazards

Image Above: Other sources of microwaves and electromagnetic fields


11. Vaccinations - Vaccines contain many toxic substances such as mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, Polysorbate 80, stray viruses/bacteria and cultured animal cells. When given to adults, vaccines can cause a wide variety of adverse reactions including both short-term and long-term disability. However, when given to young children, the effects of vaccines can sometimes be disastrous or even deadly. Many of the substances in vaccines are known neurotoxins which have the potential to significantly inhibit both brain/cognitive function and memory. In addition, there is a strong correlation between many diseases and vaccinations, including an incredible rise in childhood autism. 


 Vaccinations run for your life


Vaccinations and Autism correlation


12. Video Games - Video games are fun but they can also be highly addictive. They are a known form of social engineering (utilized especially by the military industrial complex) and they are yet another type of technology which effectively disconnects us from nature and the Earth. Video games keep us indoors tied to a virtual world that is removed from that which is going on around us.  

The military often act as consultants and contributors to some of the more violently themed video games. These games (along with TV, movies and other media) help to desensitize us to violence and killing and also help to prepare indoctrinated children for future careers in the military. Think of the value that such skills would be in supporting the ever increasing fleet of drone aircraft. 

Video games conditioning children for careers in the military


13. Chemtrails - The topic of chemtrails is a large and complicated one. That is because there are so many covert programs and agendas that have been associated with the phenomena. Perhaps the most publicized program associated with chemtrails is weather modification. This has actually been fairly well documented/disclosed both in patents and through other sources as well.  

Another program that is associated with chemtrails is the military's over-the-horizon-radar initiative. In this application, the particles contained within chemtrails permeate the upper atmosphere and help to increase the range of military radar systems which are normally hindered by the curvature of the Earth. 

The primary particulates associated with chemtrails include Barium, Aluminum and Strontium. However, other substances have also been seen in chemtrails as well including various biological agents, nano-particles and some yet unidentified agents. The metal particles (Barium and Aluminum in particular) are classified as heavy metals and have been shown to have significant adverse effects on both cognitive function and on memory. They can also significantly affect the immune system in higher concentrations. The effects of these metals are cumulative and increase with exposure. 

Many areas that have been heavily sprayed with chemtrails are experiencing various effects in the environment as a result of changes to soil pH which is adversely affecting both the growth of indigenous plants/trees and the viability of food crops (in addition to the weather modification effects). 

Chemtrails have also been associated with certain agendas involving the concurrent use of HAARP technology. Chemtrails can help to enhance the effective distribution/propagation of radio waves produced by HAARP type transmitters, thus increasing the efficiency of HAARP (for everything from weather modification to mind control). 

Even though the chemtrail program has been ongoing (quite heavily) now for more than a decade, there still seems to be a significant number people who believe that chemtrails are just some imaginary phenomena cooked up by delusional conspiracy theorists. I cannot help but wonder if this is not related to the increasing amount of time that we spend indoors these days? Or perhaps it is related to the massive amounts of mind control that we are subjected to on a daily basis (which, ironically, includes chemtrail technologies). 


Chemtrails in the sky


14. Organized Religion - Religion can be a source of comfort and provide a framework in which to fall back on when things begin to get a little crazy. However, organized religion also has the potential to mislead, control and limit the growth of its followers. Many modern (major) religions today have been corrupted to one degree or another. In many cases, valuable ancient knowledge/wisdom/teachings have been twisted into something that serves the political, economic and social control agendas of the ruling class (and their overlords), not the followers of the religion. Of course there are varying degrees of corruption within each religion and also among the different types of religion.

15. GMOs - Genetically modified organisms (GMO's) are everywhere these days. Many of the major (natural) staple foods in the US have been almost totally replaced by GMO's including corn, soy, sugar beet, cottonseed and canola. GMO's are now found in virtually all commercially processed foods because corn derivatives, sugar (beet) and canola/cottonseed oils are found in nearly all of these products. 

Consuming GMO's can trigger a wide variety of adverse effects in both animals and humans. Animals have developed digestive problems, organ damage, tumors, genetic/reproductive damage and some have even died after eating GMO plants or feed products. Humans have also reported a wide variety of health problems including digestive issues, allergic reactions, autoimmune diseases, behavior (mood) changes and many others (not to mention the longer-term effects which may show up later such as genetic damage, infertility, cancer and other problems). 


Monsanto, GMO and poisoning of children


GMO tumors in rats


Children of the corn - widespread GMO modification of food staples


16. Chemicals/Radiation - Chemicals are all around us. They make our life easier, but they also pollute the environment and subsequently pollute our bodies. Many chemicals are persistent and do not break down very easily. Therefore, many of these substances tend to accumulate on the land, in the lakes, in the rivers and in the oceans. The end result of this widespread environmental pollution is the contamination of our water and our food supplies. Chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins are now found throughout the food chain...from tiny fish to larger fish; from grains to livestock; from reservoirs to drinking water; and from the farm to our dinner plates.

Some of the harmful chemicals in our environment include:


Hazardous chemicals


Monsanto poisoning humanity and the earth


Agent Orange causes genetic damage and deformity


Depleated uranium and birth defects in children


17. Transhumanism and Transgenderism - Transhumanism is an ongoing and evolving concept. In popular fiction, much of the concept of transhumanism has revolved around "bionic" (implant) or technical (hardware-based) add-ons and improvements to the human body. This idea is not new and actually goes back many decades (or even further depending on how you define the idea).

In reality, transhumanism is a combination of both genetic (software based) and "bionic" (hardware based) technologies. Science has been making huge amounts of "progress" in both arenas lately: 

Perhaps the most alarming aspect of this technology is that we are now reaching a point where both forms of modification can be done covertly. Nano technology will eventually progress to a point where physical deformities and/or illness may be repaired internally by preprogrammed or even autonomous nanobots. New and "improved" body parts/systems could be constructed from the inside out. Similarly, scientists are now discussing techniques/methods that can be used to program or rewrite DNA in living cells.

The question is how much of this is going on right now? For example, are we being experimented on with GMO's, vaccines, chemtrails, pharmaceuticals and electromagnetic fields? All of these elements have the potential to deliver transhuman modifying technologies to us covertly. Perhaps this sounds far out? It is actually being talked about right now in the mainstream science community. When you consider the fact that many military black ops programs are typically 20-50 years ahead of mainstream science, then the idea may not be so far out after all. 

Gender modification (transgenderism) may be a result of either a covert agenda and/or an accidental result of the modern world that we live in. Just to be clear, the word "transgender" (in this context) is not a reference to homosexuality, but rather it is a reference to the blurring of genders by way of hormone and/or genetic manipulation via the chemicals and/or radiation that we are being exposed to on a daily basis.  

There are some obvious drawbacks to a widespread and unplanned (or forced) physical/genetic blurring of the genders. Some of the these adverse effects might include infertility, a breakup of the family unit, social stigmas, identity problems and other similar issues.

The Transgender Agenda (the covert chemical manipulation of gender - radio interview)




18. Environmental Disasters - The Earth is an amazing (and amazingly beautiful) place. But it is under assault. Oil spills, nuclear disasters, chemical spills, smog, GMO contamination of the biosphere, water pollution, fracking and other irresponsible mining practices are destroying our planet (and us along with it, since we depend on the Earth for our survival).

We are seeing and feeling the effects of this onslaught against our home almost every day now, whether we realize it or not. Water is becoming unsafe to drink in many parts of the world now and the land is becoming increasingly contaminated with garbage, chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides and industrial waste. We see the effects of this pollution showing up in birth defects, increased cancer rates and various other forms of illness which insidiously work to weaken and destroy our bodies and our minds.


Environmental disasters - oil spills, radiation and pollution


The natural environment is being killed by modern society


19. Disconnection from Nature - The Earth is our home. It supports us in every way imaginable and it asks little in return. Unfortunately, we (the human race) seem to have forgotten how to give back to it as we take from it. Picking up a piece of trash, planting a garden or a tree or some flowers are simple ways to reconnect and give something back to the Earth. Spending time outdoors in nature (mountains, beaches, desert, lakes, etc) is a great way to recharge our inner-self and reconnect with that which has been lost in our modern society. 

The natural energies which are found in nature are perfectly balanced and are essential for true spiritual awakening. On the other hand, modern cities are plagued with loud noises, pollution, high density populations, traffic and high levels of microwave and electromagnetic radiation. These modern "distractions' can be extremely detrimental to both the spirit and to the awakening process. In addition, the high-density populations in large cities can bleed into individual minds and help to create/support a more negatively aligned collective "hive" mind or herd mentality.

It seems that much of the modern world today helps to keep us isolated and disconnected from our true home (the Earth). Many people are spending a significant amount of our time indoors these days with work, TV, computers, video games and similar pursuits. Not only that, we are officially encouraged to stay out of the sun for fear of skin cancer. The sun is what sustains everything on this planet and regular exposure to it is vital to maintaining good mental, physical and spiritual health.  

The sun is an essential component for the natural production Vitamin D (one of the most important vitamins/hormones for good health and, ironically, for cancer prevention). The sun also helps to regulate our sleep patterns and activate our pineal gland. The sun is like the local node in an enormous energy/data network that is made up of billions of other node points (suns) throughout our galaxy. Regular exposure to the sun is vital for spiritual growth and awakening. Interestingly, some religions have confused this relationship to the point where speaking of the sun and spirituality together is sometimes equated with "sun worshiping" (as though the sun was a negative thing).


Modern prisons disguised in modern society


20. Fear - Fear can be classified as either orchestrated (not real) or valid (real). The control grid is a virtual machine for fear-based propaganda. Orchestrated fear is prominently and continually displayed for us compliments of the corrupt/corporate controlled mainstream media.  

Orchestrated fear is geared towards supporting the corrupt banking system (bailouts, deregulation), big pharma (vaccines, ineffective wonder drugs, cancer treatments), the military industrial complex/police state (terrorism or similar types of bogeymen), the energy industry (scarcity), the New World Order Agenda (a combination of all of the previous systems) and of course controlling the herd (human population).

Real concerns are typically swept under the carpet by the mainstream media. For example, valid issues such as GMO dangers, cancer treatment dangers, microwave/EMF dangers, fluoride dangers and vaccine dangers are usually mocked by the mainstream media and by similar tools of the system.

21. The Police State (US) - The police state includes...Local Police, Sheriffs Department, Highway Patrol, Homeland Security, TSA, FBI, DEA, ATF, ICE, CIA, NSA, FDA, USDA, IRS, FEMA, CDC, Border Patrol, Customs and Border Protection, Federal Protective Services, Federal Air Marshals, Coast Guard, Coast Guard Police, Coast Guard Investigative Services, National Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Department of Commerce, Secret Service, Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigations Division, Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, Office of the Inspector General, Department of Justice, Attorney General, Diplomatic Security Service, U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement and Investigations, Bureau of Land Management Office of Law Enforcement & Security, National Park Service, National Park Rangers, United States Park Police, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Office of Law Enforcement, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Office for Law Enforcement, Central Intelligence Agency Security Protective Service, Federal Reserve Police, Library of Congress Police, National Security Agency Police, Smithsonian National Zoological Park Police, United States Capitol Police, United States Postal Inspection Service, United States Probation Service, United States Supreme Court Police, United States Mint Police, US Secret Service Uniformed Division, Defense Criminal Investigative Service, Pentagon Force Protection Agency, Bureau of Firearms - Special Agents, Bureau of Forensic Services, Bureau of Gambling Control, Bureau of Investigation and Intelligence, Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement, Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud & Elder Abuse, Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud & Elder Abuse, Department of Mental Health, State Hospital Police Officers, Department of Fish and Game, Game Wardens, State Park Rangers, State Park Rangers, Department of Insurance, Department of Insurance, State Tax Board, Lottery Security and Law Enforcement Division, Department of Consumer Affairs, Division of Investigation, Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, Department of Health Care Services, Local College/University Police, Local School District Police, Airport Police, Harbor Police, Port Police, Railway Police, Private Security Guards, Private Security Forces, Private Prison Guards, Corporate Police, Veterans Affairs Police, Security Cameras, Drones, Body Scanners, Web/phone Wire Tapping, Facial Recognition, DNA Collection...and so on.


The police state is massive and it is growing rapidly


The modern police state is a massive machine that consists of many different agencies. However, they all have one thing in common, they are all made up of (mostly) people. So who is really controlling us?

Peace to all

Eminence Front
(The Who)

Come and join the party DTK (dressed to kill)...or not


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