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Intermission - Land of Confusion

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (Intermission) - Land of Confusion

Land of confusion and chaos

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Land of Confusion

December 29, 2012

Ordo ab chao is a Latin phrase meaning "order from chaos". Confusion and chaos are powerful tools of illusion which, in many ways, are related to the magician's technique of illusion known as sleight of hand. Sleight of hand involves the use of distraction/misdirection to mislead or fool the audience.  

Another closely related concept (often used in illusion) is a process of change based on the Hegelian Dialectic. The Hegelian Dialectic is named after the philosopher Georg Hegel who described a method of reasoning/resolution involving three main states: Thesis → Anti-thesis → Syn-thesis…or as some have described…problem → reaction → solution (i.e. create a problem, wait for the reaction, then offer the solution). It is important to understand (in relation to the Hegelian Dialectic) that Hegel, like many others in history, simply helped to identify, describe and illustrate a particular concept. He did not invent this process, nor is he responsible for how it has been used (or abused) by others.

Similar concepts (related to illusion) include corruption, imitation, inversion and reversal (of other ideas or concepts). 

What do all of these mechanisms and techniques have in common? They are all very effective forms of psychological manipulation which have been used by the ruling elite (and their overlords) throughout history to influence, divide and herd the general population towards various secret (and not so secret) agendas. 

What we are seeing now is a confluence of all of these forms of psychological manipulation being unleashed on the population all at once in a manner and efficiency which is rather disturbing.  

Perhaps the most important thing to remember right now is that our minds and our perceptions have been (and are being) programmed by outside forces. However, our intuitive side is independent of our brain. To use a computer analogy, our intuition is much like having a backup of the original system files when the main hard drive gets corrupted.  

A combination of knowledge, experience, awareness, logic, understanding, independent thinking, intuition and heart are all important factors in decision making. Ideally, they should all work together like pistons firing in an engine. However, in this manufactured reality, it is most often our (programmed) mind and the (reactive) reptilian part of our brain that ultimately takes over during times of chaos and confusion. Therefore, having a backup in such cases is always beneficial (as is taking the time to step back and look at things from several different perspectives). 


More than ever, it is important to try and remain centered and maintain a sense of balance. Hard division among the people can only occur if we allow it to.

Land of Confusion


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