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The Art of Alchemy - Transmuting the Darkness into Light

The Art of Alchemy - Transmuting the Darkness into Light

The Art of Alchemy

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The Art of Alchemy - Transmuting Darkness into Light
(Understanding Polarity, Eliminating Duality and Creating Balance)

August 16, 2014

1. Darkness + Darkness = More Darkness

Revenge, rage, retaliation, hatred and aggression -- These actions and emotions do not help to release us. Rather, they help to anchor us to the very same "vibration" (state of being) as those who originally harmed us. These actions and emotions encourage a backward movement (further into darkness), rather than a forward movement. Injustices should be confronted and addressed. However, true (and lasting) justice must be based on rightful action, rather than wrong action.

2. Darkness + Light = Less Darkness (more light)

The "addition" of light helps to "lighten" the darkness, increase awareness and promote balance, understanding and completeness. Bringing light (awareness) into a dark situation or a dark memory creates the opportunity for true growth and true release to occur.

The Constructive Construction of Consciousness

How do we turn something that is unconstructive to our consciousness, into something that is constructive to our growth? We deconstruct that which is unconstructive to our well being. Using a building analogy, one method of deconstruction can be achieved through the process of demolition (using explosives). However, this usually leaves quite a mess to clean up afterwards. Alternatively, deconstruction can also occur in small increments (which usually leaves a much cleaner foundation from which to rebuild).

To accomplish effective deprogramming, one must learn to communicate properly with both the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. If only the surface of a much deeper issue is recognized, then attempting to communicate it may actually compound the issue by creating a feedback loop. In this type of situation, communication typically becomes unproductive (circular) because it is only addressing a fragment of the underlying issue(s). However, when the issue is examined in its entirety, then it can be effectively transmuted (into something positive) and released.

To properly heal ourselves (and the planet) we must get to the root of the problem. This usually means accessing areas of the subconscious mind that may have been hidden or compartmentalized for many years.

Methods of Recognition, Communication and Transmutation

Below are some activities that may be useful in accessing the subconscious mind, addressing emotional pain and helping to identify hidden psychological programming (to restore balance and completeness):


What do all of the activities above have in common? They are all constructive actions. We are much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. When we choose to face the darkness, we have the opportunity to grow and become stronger from the darkness. However, when we choose to live in the dark, the opportunity for growth is suppressed, and we end up withering in the darkness.

Strength is often seen as something coming from an action that is taken. However, strength can also come from avoidance as well. For example, when we consciously choose not to participate in a system that promotes harm to ourselves or harm to others, then this form of avoidance is actually an action (or an expression) of Will power.

Weakness is often seen as something coming from a lack of action. However, weakness can also occur from an "action" that is taken as well. For example, when we choose to take on a victim mentality or choose to become stuck in our past (instead of learning and growing from it) then this is an example of an act of ignore-ance and a lack of will.

Most of our energy today seems to be directed towards creating division (both within and without), rather than creating synergy, balance and completeness. When we are divided, we are only half of our true potential. To heal our pain is to become one (complete) once again with ourselves, with each other, with the planet and with Creation (while at the same time celebrating all of our individual uniqueness and diversity). This is when our real "being" has the opportunity to truly become human once again and potentially grow into something that is quite incredible.

Peace to all


With regard to light and darkness, I think that it is important to examine the difference between defensive action vs. aggression (and also "no action" vs. inaction or passivity).  

A defensive reaction (or action) is not the same as an aggressive action. True (natural) defense does not promote darkness. To defend oneself from aggression, is to preserve the light. To passively succumb to aggression, is to allow the darkness to over-shadow the light.

Sometimes a defensive action requires a physical action. When this is the case, the action that is taken should be limited to only that which is necessary to remove the immediate threat. Anything beyond this action starts to move away from the concept of defense and into the area of aggression.

There are also times when a proper defense may involve "no action". To help illustrate this concept, below are two examples of defense, one involving an action, and the other involving "no action":

With regards to the concept of "no action", I'm not suggesting that we should stand down to bullying or give ground to tyranny. Rather, what I am saying is that the greatest (and the longest lived) warriors are those who choose their battles intelligently and spend their energy wisely.

The intelligent implementation of action (and no action) is a function of the intelligent use of discernment. Inaction, on the other hand, is usually a result of ignore-ance, apathy or fear.

Speaking of discernment, it is important to identify what are true threats, what are "potential" threats and what are smokescreens. For example, one country could manufacture evidence to support the idea that a potential threat exists by another country. They could invade and bomb that country to remove such a "threat". However, this is not an example of a defensive action. This is an aggression. The invasion was based on a manufactured smokescreen, not on a clear and present danger. Even if there was a "potential threat" present (one that might materialize sometime in the future), invading, bombing or firing a barrage of cruise missiles at such a "threat" is not an example of a defensive action.


Peace Train
(Cat Stevens)

Healing Resurgence
(Medwyn Goodall)


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