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Alchemy of Three

The Alchemy of Three


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The Alchemy of Three

January 7, 2014

Spirit, Mind, Body

Sun, Moon, Earth

Father, Child, Mother

Three, Two, One

Three to One

The process of alchemy involves the art of Creation, the act/path of Destruction (literal or symbolic) and the formulation of Balance. At its very core, alchemy is a synthesis of spirituality, philosophy and science...and of spirit, mind and body. It is a path, a journey and a destination that is always evolving and forever unfolding.

Experience, Learning and Growth

When a male and female join together (in an experience), they create a synergy between two polar opposites which can lead to something new (balance). In the process of creating balance, a portion of each individual is destroyed. However, from that apparent "destruction" emerges an entirely new way of viewing the world (experience leads to learning). When a male and female bond together and create a child, the same process repeats itself once again, but with an even more profound effect (experience leads to learning and learning leads to growth).

  • One (individual) becomes Two (a couple)
  • Two (a couple) become One (balance)
  • One (bonding) becomes Three (father, mother and child)
  • Three (father, mother, child) become One (family)

Polarities often appear to be in opposition, however they are in essence one in the same thing. For example…

  • Male Polarity – within the male being exists both male and female components (male is dominant)
  • Female Polarity – within the female being exists both female and male components (female is dominant)
  • Male combined with Female – produces offspring and then returns once again to the beginning…Male + Female → Returns back to Male or Female

Some more examples…

  • Day → Night → Day
  • Summer → Winter → Summer
  • Birth → Death → Birth
  • Age of Light → Age of Darkness → Age of Light
  • Up → Down → Up (Circle) Right → Left → Right
  • Creation → Destruction → Creation
  • And so on


The alchemy of three

Is the master key

That opens the lock

To set one free






















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Alchemy of Three