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The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 20) - One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 25) - One Step Back, Two Steps Forward


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One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

December 31, 2012

The information that was provided in Mechanisms of the Matrix, For the Children and Prison Planet (and the format in which it was presented) was not intended to induce a state of fear, be critical of any one individual or create a focal point based solely around the "negative". It also wasn't about placing blame or pointing out mistakes (which we all make). It was about "seeing" and "recognizing" that which is broken within our society and how those issues are affecting us all. It is about learning from our mistakes and breaking the cycle so that it doesn't continue to affect the children of future generations. It was meant to serve as a wakeup call, or perhaps more accurately, as an alarm bell.  

Quite often, when we are right in the middle of a situation, it can be very difficult to see the bigger picture and how the individual pieces are related to the greater whole. This is especially true in a society (system) that is designed to keep us constantly busy and forever distracted. It is a very clever system in that we (the people) are actually the ones who constructed the system that ultimately controls us (and is killing us). The constant distractions in our everyday lives combined with the daily over-stimulation of our senses prevents us from properly seeing the system for what it really is, how we are contributing to it and how we are ensuring its very survival and existence. 

When we take a moment to step back, things often become much clearer. The system can only survive if we support it. To use a film analogy, those that rule over us are essentially like movie directors. However, they only represent a tiny portion of the overall film production. The movie can only be created with the help of the entire cast and production crew. And the movie can only play out if the supporting characters are willing to follow the script that they are given. How long a movie stays in the theatres depends entirely upon the support it receives from the target audience. If the film is unsuccessful, then plot/script is likely to be much different the next time around. 

This is where we are now. More and more people are beginning to realize that they do not like the movie that is playing out and they are not at all happy with the directors/producers who took the investment capital (taxes) of the people and subsequently produced a movie which is a complete flop. This time around there is no amount of popcorn, candy or soda that will help create the illusion of a wonderful night out on the town. 

I imagine that it has been difficult for some people to accept the premise that there are malevolent non-human entities at the top of the (current) food chain of the this planet. Whether you believe that there is a greater darkness involved here or just one involving certain aspects of the human race, the solution is still the same.

Personally I believe that true freedom can only be obtained through a full understanding the (non) nature of this system. However, everybody is unique and everybody is traveling along their own path and along their own journey. No matter what kind of entities that you believe are ultimately responsible, I think that many would agree that there is certainly some type of darkness involved here.  

Perhaps, the most important thing to remember is that we are all connected...not in a communist, socialist or collectivist sort of way...but as unique individuals and spiritual beings who are all connected via the very fabric of nature, through this beautiful planet and by way of the amazing universe that surrounds us. 


Often the most beneficial of all knowledge is that knowledge which is the most difficult to face. Many times that is because it involves looking within ourselves first, in order to subsequently change that which surrounds us in a meaningful and lasting manner.  

The pursuit/climb to something better can sometimes seem daunting, difficult or perhaps even dangerous at first glance. For example, the idea of rock climbing might invoke a certain amount of apprehension in some people initially. However, once the climb actually begins, those initial concerns often fade away quite quickly and are subsequently replaced with feelings of exhilaration and accomplishment...leaving us to wonder why we felt such uneasiness in the first place? 

Fear of the unknown is most often something that we generate internally via the external stimuli/programming that we receive from outside sources. However, such apprehension is usually unfounded in true reality. Fear of the unknown is a very effective tool which is utilized by the system to keep us comfortably residing inside the box, rather than exploring that which exists outside of the box.  

There are always challenges involved in pursuing something new and unfamiliar. But the perspective that is ultimately gained from the experience and the achievement which is ultimately realized is well worth the effort.

Sometimes it's necessary to take a step backward in order to make a leap forward.


(Fleetwood Mac)


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