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Noor Khan | all galleries >> Pakistan >> Lahore > Hira (Heera) Mandi
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November, 1989 Ayesha

Hira (Heera) Mandi

Lahore, Pakistan

Dancers plying their trade in Hira Mandi.
You can read a bit about my experience in Hira Mandi here

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Noor Khan02-Dec-2015 05:57
Thanks yaar... btw, I'm the man in the dark blue shalwar kameez standing between the 2 dancers... give us a kiss
Guest 30-Nov-2015 16:50
noor you are so saxi yar ma na abi tumhary pics dakhe hn dill chahta ha ka tumhari chutti ma apna dall kar so jao.
ayan khan 14-Oct-2015 18:26
Hello frnz how r u
Noor Khan15-Apr-2014 02:31
atteb 13-Apr-2014 18:23
Hello I am romance for you
Noor Khan05-Feb-2014 14:58
Wow Shabir, you miss me? Have you seen my newer photos. I let my beard grow out and it is white.
shabir 02-Feb-2014 05:54
i miss you noor plz apna number as number pr sms kar do plz ph-03477490876
Noor Khan28-Sep-2013 03:45
Guest 25-Sep-2013 17:24
Janu i love u u r so sexy taxi
Noor Khan20-Sep-2013 14:53
000-000-0000... duh.
rais zafar iqbal. 19-Sep-2013 20:06
main ap se dosti krna chahta hun.ap ka mobile nbr kia hai.plz send kro.thanks
Noor Khan26-Aug-2013 16:58
Do you guys realize I am Noor Khan and this is my web site and I am the man in blue showering money over the dancer in white. Or are you folks looking to hook up with a man?
my neme khan 15-Aug-2013 20:08
i love you mohmmda noor khan acha to meri bat kaane khol kr suno min tumsay shahdi krna chahat hn
usama khan 08-Aug-2013 08:35
hi noor how r u? i m usama khan my age 20 years old so u contect wid me plz my sel nu 03062182894 u snd me one txt and me cal back 4 u noor
Noor Khan07-May-2013 17:36
Yeah, hai Ali Zain. Glad you think I am so sexy. Do you also like the girls in this picture?
ali zain 07-May-2013 15:35
hai noor u r so sexy
Guest 05-May-2013 03:06
Me ap ka dance dekna chahta hon to me Lahore aa k ap se kese milonga ?
Noor Khan04-May-2013 02:53
This snap has brought out some intelligent comments, har har.
Guest 01-May-2013 13:20
i fucf you at 2000
usama khan 28-Mar-2013 16:48
guest u r right jasa tm sochty ho wohe ma sochta hu ma to noor mahal ki history dhond ra ta to ye nikal aya so ap thek keh rahy ho kese ko apne ezath ka janaza banay ka koe shok nae hta ye mjbore asa krwate hy
Noor Khan23-Mar-2013 21:35
Salaam and hi r j zee. Why don't you look at a bit more of this site. You may notice that I am the beautiful boy standing between the two girls. You can find more like them in Lahore, Insha'Allah.
Rj zee 23-Mar-2013 11:59
hi n0or...i'm zeeshan and my nick name is rj zee,u r beautiful girl and baby i want 2 meet u,i'm watting 4 your sweeet reply ok
Noor Khan09-Feb-2013 17:08
Did you just copy this comment from Fareed's back in 2008 (at bottom of comments)? You spelled caught the same way even.
hassanaftab 09-Feb-2013 05:56
hi i m your fan
hi i am reporter i was resarch on the diffcult way of serving lives in hira mandi but one i was so existed when i saw a young and very beautiful girl in the corner of the main enternce i was shoked and fall in love. this is my request for your management can please forward my massage to high authorities to help me to caugh that girl. really i ensure you that i want to marry with her yours faithfully with best regards.
mosin 22-Jan-2013 08:16
m.shahbaz 18-Jan-2013 11:15
hello jnb how are you miss
Ali Khan 07-Jan-2013 06:40
hi guyzzzz
Ali 25-Nov-2012 16:21
Shame on u
Guest 24-Nov-2012 09:28
i i am shanu but i dont no english just urda
naeem asif 27-Aug-2012 14:56
koi saxy pic sand kar do pakistani fmail ki tanks
Mansoor 05-Jul-2012 09:35
Hi hera mandi
Rohan 14-Feb-2012 06:59
hi noor khan how r u
khazaf 11-Feb-2012 18:50
dear noor khan salamat; i want to release a message to our muslim brothers those people fell on a prostitute they are like theif and a prostitute spoils only those few poeple whom go near to her and this is kind of theft but a mujra dancer spoils thousands of men through her nude actions and showing boobs and so and so. Oh we do'nt under stsand our souls became ill. and a dancer collect money with easy way. as like Abrar ahmad fistly he makes the soul of youngests by dancing with Kakies then after he arranges Hospital with name his late mother to to remove bodies not souls . he does not know that body can remove easier than than a soul.Wah wah once shaik saadi said on an occion about money of Khusras'Shair (loin) Bhookha mer jata hai magar kuttay ka jhootha nahi khata' according to shaikh saadi all the which earns in a easy way that is kuttey ka mall he hota hai Par qaum kab samjhay gee. Allah Hafisand forgive us. wassalam.
Noor Khan02-Feb-2012 14:44
It was just a phase 22 years ago, but the people and memories are good.
mujtaba 02-Feb-2012 09:22
noor aap ye sb kyn karti ho aap aesy na kia karen plez
Noor Khan24-Jan-2012 14:41
Not sure how hard it is to figure out but this IS my website (and fyi I am a male)... hehe
Naushad Khan 24-Jan-2012 12:45
Dear Noor Khan Can i get password to see your website.
Noor Khan04-Dec-2011 15:51
A guest left this message but I accidently deleted it, but they left it as a private message too, so here it is...
"assalam alakum bhai noor kahan..suddenly one day I saw chanda mujra babe and remeber my past many years ago when I used to go a shoe factory owner in shahi mahalla He died of cancer his little son asked me to help but I could not help his femily that time I went abroad after 30 year i returned but i had forgaton his house location when I saw the face chanda that was familiar to that family those good people. if she belongs to that family I would like to help her as a daughter or sister to leave this job. can she likes to talk me as a real brother for the sake of Allah- I want be her family suporter. If she has earn a lot of money what can i do? minimum i would like to see her as her elders. can you help me? Every body has different kind of his own sins attached to his soul.Quran-e kreem says :dont be so pure We know all your in and out. Allah save all of us from the fire of hell.We fear death but not fear our bad actions.If we have some money we spend it to bring a dancer at the right and respectable path who saye that she is doing this bad jab for money.the writer of these lines ba-hamdillah never walk on this dark way-we love Allah and \his MaHboob wa howel Ghafoor ul wadood muaf farmane walla dost hai.Allah ham sab par rehm farmae." guest
Noor Khan25-Nov-2011 23:56
Hahaha... Would you like to, kuni?
Don't be so angry... Allah knows true intentions.
Guest 24-Nov-2011 21:38
fuck u noor khan
malak shiraz ahmad 16-Nov-2011 06:42
Karar Hussain 15-Nov-2011 20:19
DEAR NOOR Khan may i ask u how to help the poor girl in Hira mandi becoz i accepted they are not randi they all are doing this to create some comfort for their home and family ? but i have seen many others who have money every thing but again in the line of Randi bazi ? should i call them real randi ?
Noor Khan09-Nov-2011 15:09
Hahaha... thanks for the concern... that was 22 years ago.
Guest 07-Nov-2011 15:49
Hi noor do ur best and leaves all bad activities which u done in past...
Guest 17-Sep-2011 11:53
plz stop this
Noor Khan11-Sep-2011 15:05
Dear 'guest.' I actually delete the really bad comments, but some comments I do answer. Hira Mandi, like the Taj Mahal encludes much pain, suffering and injustice, but it is also a colourful part of a culture that is dying... to be replaced by...?
Noor Khan14-Aug-2011 13:40
kabir 13-Aug-2011 19:50
hi noor khan sanga shve .zalima zaana kho da khan lare ka kana .khan d usharmul
khan 26-Jul-2011 07:02
shaheen ansari 22-Jul-2011 10:41
i lovn heera mandi boobs.
Noor Khan04-Jul-2011 01:04
Salaam... you can read the first chapter of my book at link below picture, or here Otherwise, it is a short journey down GT Rd. to Lahore.
jawadmughal 03-Jul-2011 19:59
helo i m jawad from rwp and i want to resrch abt heramandi
Noor Khan28-Jun-2011 13:22
Wa Aleikum a salaam Sara Khan Ji... I will leave your comment as you asked plz twice. Hira Mandi is a remnant of a colourful and incredibly artistic culture. There was/is also 'sex' there, but as I was once told, "who in this duniya doesn't do this?" What culture do we have now... even more corrupt politicians, sex on the internet and still available on the streets and by mobile phone (not only in one neighborhood by trained specialists), fake moralities, and terrorists in the so-called name of God. Toba, istaghfir!
Guest 28-Jun-2011 07:11
Aslam o alaikum g i like heera mandi then sex go to heera mandi and only dance and muzk there sara khan plz leave this plz
Noor Khan20-Jun-2011 14:00
Okay Mr. Aqeel Ansari, though this isn't a 'dating' group I decided to 'show' your comment cause I appreciate the effort! lol
aqeel ansari 17-Jun-2011 03:52
i am 26 m from islamabad i am un marrid i love lohare girls plz call me for friendship and marriged lahorei girls
Noor Khan06-Jun-2011 15:31
Sorry Nomi, I don't speak urdu. Zeh sada sarray yem ou urdu nashum walay. This site is mostly anglayzee, or Pukhtu jeba ba keejee!
Nomi 06-Jun-2011 05:48
I m nomi frm gujrat' majbori k lye ye kam krna zrori hy kya jis mey izt na ho mazdori kr lo kamizkam hilaal ki to kha lo gy na just my reqvest plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Noor Khan28-May-2011 19:25
Sorry Wahid, I don't speak urdu... please use english, or Pashtu.
Guest 28-May-2011 18:19
my name wahid jis ko ham hera madni ka nam de rahe he ur us ke bare me ghalt baty kih kar hansaty he ag ham me thorhe se be insanhyat ho to ham es trha na kare kiyo ke kis ka dil karta he ke wo apny ezat ko lotae ur na he kise ka shoq hota he asal me jo be kam hota he majbore ke waja se hota har kise ke koi na koi majbore hote he har kise ke andar ek dil majod hota he har larhki ka khwab hota he ke har koi us ko ezat se dikhe us ka ek apna ghar ho us ka ek acha shohar ho bass es zalim donia me ghareb be koi na ho Allha sab ko ziada halal rizak atta farmae ur sab ke izat mehfoz rakhe ?masag from al pakistan .agr aj tum kise ko izat do ge to any wale wakt me tum sab ko be izat mile ge ur har kise ke liye acha socho any wale waqt me tumare liye be koi acha soche ga . this my nambr 0300 8875866
Noor Khan28-May-2011 12:29
Why? What do you think?
alis 28-May-2011 11:49
i am wait to call me please tum call kro wait
Noor Khan19-May-2011 13:04
You can read a few chapters of my book if you click the link under the photo (in yellow).
Guest 18-May-2011 16:47
lol Noor Khan would you please tell me what happend to you when you got in heera mandi and did some one take you there ? through kidnapping or some thing ?
Noor Khan08-May-2011 13:15
Salaam Kashif... I think if yu look at this site a leetle bit, or even from the coments here you might realize I am not Miss Khan. I am Mr. Khan. But I think with a bit of money you can find someone like you think I am in Lahore. Money makes the mare go! Look around this site. There are many beautiful pictures from Pakistan. All the best, good luck.
Guest 08-May-2011 00:06
my name is kashif my email is
Can we meet am in lahore now
Guest 08-May-2011 00:02
hi, miss khan, can we meet am in lahore right now.
Noor Khan03-May-2011 19:47
This wasn't my work... just play and research and cultural study. More fun (and honest) than studying those Islamabad seeasat wallas!
M.saqlain bhatti 03-May-2011 11:04
aslam o alakum we ignor this type of society sara khan u do good left this work. I like u because u left this god bless u
Noor Khan25-Apr-2011 11:34
Thank you Ji!
Masood Khan Shalmani 25-Apr-2011 09:58
Noor Khan!!!! Your work is mind blowing and amazing.
bilal 24-Apr-2011 04:28
it is so good and i like heera mandi
BASEER 02-Apr-2011 07:06
Noor Khan19-Feb-2011 14:46
I think it interesting the last two comments came within an hour of each other. Maybe they are from same person? I was only around this scene for a short time but what I found was that many/most of the girls were doing the 'zot' they were born into; ie. their mothers and their mother's mothers did this (not that that makes it right-but if this was let alone and more emphases was to eliminate political corruption and religious bigotry and tribal bigotry etc it would really be good-Insh'Allah).
Naser Dostdar 19-Feb-2011 09:44
Guys am coming Lahore, I gotta have much sex with Hira mandi Girls any one wanna help me I'll be glad thanks...
Ch Hasssan Jutt 19-Feb-2011 08:59
here is rich one user of such galeries from house of punjab and city is gujranwala. i am gonna assuming that u had left it but it doesnt mean that u completely left such the gals favourite hobby for earning . here is jutt and i give u atleast twenty tusand for a night,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and wether i abuse u slap u or watever u people didnt stop this program coz its i think yours favourite hobby to dispoil young generations ..... ok just telll me the gals that u kidnap were also sisters of their brothers daughters of their mom dad if such a mishap is happened by your sister or daughter in age of just 17 then wats your oponion about this all u left her in heera mandi or shot him or u say its best way to earn ................................. replies
Noor Khan15-Feb-2011 06:09
Great and intellingent comments! Thanx!
usman 14-Feb-2011 11:51
shame 4 u
SHAHID 07-Feb-2011 17:22
noor khan plzzz 1 raat mere sath guzaro. 10000 dunga
Atif Lodhi 02-Feb-2011 13:17
Asalam Alaikum Noor how are you and i am very happy that you have changed your life. please reply me on my id....ok its my id. plzzzz save it.
Guest 02-Feb-2011 13:14
Assalam Alaikum Noor how are you and i am very happy that you have changed your life dear.
My name is Atif. if you want to reply me so plzzzz reply me on my id.
it's my id. plzzzz reply me...ok
Noor Khan24-Nov-2010 23:17
And right on, Photo Printing janab!
I do cut off the really rude or ignorant comments.
Noor Khan24-Nov-2010 23:14
Thanks for your kind comment.
Guest 24-Nov-2010 16:23
hello noor h r u i love u r work keep it up
Photo Printing 26-Oct-2010 04:10
They may be kanjar, but they could be your sister, too. Let's be polite. Ah cha.
Guest 20-Oct-2010 07:13
very good job
Bilal 13-Oct-2010 16:08
All iz well
saqi 25-May-2010 13:21
shami 14-Apr-2010 16:43
hi im shamran plz give me a girl for only one night
hmood 21-Mar-2010 12:35
plz stop da bad comments on heera mandi girls.they r not here due to their own wish.i m sure that there is not a such girl who want such kind of life.this is all bcoz of God's will.
immi 13-Mar-2010 21:50
kya kanjar pana lgaya hoa hai lahore mai
salay karachi mai aisi jaga hai to plz btao
request 2 all
haider 29-Jan-2010 18:58
i like noor khan and also heera mandi
4rm haider
Noor Khan30-Dec-2009 15:12
Thank you for the kind wishes Bilal. If you look at more of these galleries you will realize that I am the blurry man in dark blue standing behind the dancer. That was 20 years ago. I have moved on, al-hamdu lillah. Don't know about the girls. Maybe now their daughters are dancing now? God know better.
Well, it's probably better than being polititions... lolz.
bilal 27-Dec-2009 12:40
i am so much happy that you have left your past and enjoying happy life now without this type of sins be happy my sister
achakzaibaqi 20-Dec-2009 18:58
pakhair dilbarra i love to see real face of pakiz, they are very proudy i dont undstand why pakiz s shy about this culture,all pakiz proud to be a hira mandi s culture,wo man i love to be a part of this wing ,,,,,,,ohhh hey guys indi and pakiz love there roots,they are belong to RANJIT SINGH ,,,,,,,,,,,,hhho sorry guys i forgot to intru my self i am son of sher shah,who cut the throt of ranjit,pakiz are still proud to be a part of hira mandi,
Guest 16-Oct-2009 12:57
I never saw before this
persian man 15-Oct-2009 23:16
My dear noor khan i admire your honesty and guts and im sure you are much a better person in socaity and in front of GOD than those people who are hypocrite .
and i promiss you some of them wishe to have your experince ;o)
all the best buddy !
Noor Khan10-Oct-2009 14:01
I guess I was being more Pakistani (lol)... it was 20 years ago...
'every saint has a past, every sinner has a future'
if I was still at it that would be another story!
time moves
Allah hafiz
Guest 10-Oct-2009 10:17
hey noor....r u a muslim after doing this all fuck.... just think
Noor Khan16-Sep-2009 13:45
My dear guest,
Please note the date. It was 20 years ago. I am not ashamed of my past, it brought me to my present..."Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future".
Actually some of these people were better people than some people with beards and tassbees I met in Mosques. Check surat Al-Maun.
Asalaamu aleikum
Guest 16-Sep-2009 11:46
plese give up this sin
Guest 12-Aug-2009 12:37
Hi it`s WASI you all such girls belongs from same categories. i really don`t like such type of girls. and you are saying that you are like our religion sisters. shame on you.
Noor Khan08-Jul-2009 00:18
I don't speak much Urdu. Serf or serf Englaizee ya Pashtu zaban.
Ek sada admi ho!
Sadia 23-Apr-2009 16:16
Hi every body never comment without thinking because every story has some background either its negative or positive
Noor Khan25-Mar-2009 14:06
I like very much intelligent sophisticated viewers. Maybe you mean your sister and your aunt in Lahore in the summer??? (HOT summer-get it?)
Malik Sajjad 25-Mar-2009 11:35
i like and i love very much hot teen,and hot aunt
farhan 08-Mar-2009 05:08
they all are in the hell plz allah forgive them
Noor Khan22-Feb-2009 15:28
Dear mmm,
Thought I would share your opinion (not delete it).
If I am 'worse than anyone you ever know' you shouldn't be in too bad shape, Insh'Allah.
ps; that was 20 years ago!
mmm 22-Feb-2009 04:37
how discusting your worse than then anyone i ever know shame on heera mandi shame on pakistan.yhay are your sisters in religion shame shame shame
Guest 16-Feb-2009 16:04
do they even allw 10 year olds
Sarosh 01-Feb-2009 00:44
Hi Noor, what kind of work u do, whats ur role in heera mandi? and how longer u been dere
Noor Khan31-Jan-2009 14:56
Umer Farooq bhai, walaiekum asalaam,
I understand you sentiments. Yes, some are kidnapped, and some left dirt poor rural areas to try to make some money... and then many (my experience) are 'mirasi' and are following in the profession that their mothers, grandmothers, etc did. Not that makes it any less of a trap.
Umer Farooq 26-Jan-2009 20:04
Asslam-o-Allikum Noor Khan your work is good but can you tell me what's the history of Heera mandi why we not think about that why we not help about her ladies,girls and whatever plz yaar think these mostely girls are kidnap in diffrent areas diffrent state Thank you Your Viewer Umer Farooq Qureshi.
Guest 24-Jan-2009 09:42
worst place.i agree with waqar.
munna bahai 06-Jan-2009 17:31
mazay karo jigs kaam hi aisa hai.dil khol kay karo.looooooooooools
aCID_bURN 16-Dec-2008 20:52
You need to peel one by one the petals of rust and agony, to touch the pure, divine and beautiful heart of the “Mandi” Girl, once you have done it she is all your ....... for ever. It may take you 1, 2, 3 , 4 .........? years to reach that stage.... But once you touch the true heart of the girl, you will never find such a beautiful and loving heart in the entire world.
asad 03-Dec-2008 19:44
beautiful place of pakistan asad
rosy 24-Oct-2008 18:52
wow fareed i hope k tum appnymaqsd mainkamiyab ho or tumhary sath jo ho woh behtar ho par hamara yeh mashra jo k kabhi aisi larkiyo ko accept nhe akrta show them reality that they are not in that mandi for purpose there is sum strong reasonbehind it
may ALLAH save aevry girl
Arfeen 01-Oct-2008 11:31
Salam dear ap log kaisa ha meri taraf sa Eid mubarakAp sab ko khoob daba k kamao
SHANIII 21-Sep-2008 15:21
no doubt that pakistan is a beautiful country, but i like lahore and heera mandi is the heart of lahore. guys like me realy enjoys our lives there because the cool whores of heera mandi attract us.

Rafi ullah 10-Sep-2008 07:21
ADDMISION open in madrasa arabya asraful olom bannu
Noor Khan04-Sep-2008 13:44
Imtiaz bhai,
If you happen back here, I did not display your comment. They may be kanjar, but they could be your sister, too. Let's be polite. Ah cha.
Waqar 16-Aug-2008 16:03
Yes, Fareed, you can marry her with the blessing of the management and the government.
You may caugh her as you were very existed, we fully understand you.
Guest 19-Jul-2008 07:58
kanger khana bend karoooooooooo
Noor Khan16-Mar-2008 20:31
I love this last intelligent comment. Especially the stupit spelling! Thanks for the laff!
Guest 16-Mar-2008 19:51
fareed khan 05-Feb-2008 10:10
hi i am reporter i was resarch on the diffcult way of serving lives in hira mandi but one i was so existed when i saw a young and very beautiful girl in the corner of the main enternce i was shoked and fall in love. this is my request for your management can please forward my massage to high authorities to help me to caugh that girl. really i ensure you that i want to marry with her yours faithfully with best regards.
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