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nicolebouglouan | profile | all galleries >> Small birds living and nesting in my garden >> SHORT TOED TREECREEPER - CERTHIA BRACHYDACTYLA - GRIMPEREAU DES JARDINS tree view | thumbnails | slideshow


A pair of Short-toed Treecreepers was foraging along the tree trunks in the pine forest.
The male has some insects in the bill, while the female appears with moss in her bill.
Both mates join on a small branch and approach from each other, until touching their bills.
The male keeps the insects and the female the moss.
They fly away from this branch and reach a small cavity in a trunk.
The female enters with the moss while the male remains outside, always with the insects in the bill.
Then, the female leaves the cavity, but she always holds the moss in her bill.
Both fly away and only one remains in the area, climbing and foraging on tree trunks again.
This scene is probably part of courtship displays, used to strengthen the pair bonds and to choose a nest-site.
The female is able to build a nest whereas the male hunts for his family.

These pictures show the cryptic plumage of these birds, making them almost invisible against the bark.
They have long claws and stiff tail, allowing them to climb vertically or to hang under a branch.
However, once at tree top, they fly down to start again from the base, unlike the nuthatches which are able to descend upside down.
An amazing species and a very interesting observation!


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g3/12/647912/3/57555706.SHORTTOEDTREECREEPER.jpg g6/12/647912/3/81020069.l9erGzCC.jpg g6/12/647912/3/81020073.uwtq2g0k.jpg g6/12/647912/3/81374598.v5aYqVfn.jpg