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Rosa Mattless 15-Oct-2015 15:22
Happy 10th anniversary Dan Bush. Today will be the first comment entered for 2015,I don't see any other entries ? So you won't forget, today is exactly 61 years since Hurricane Hazel came into our lives, looks like she left Missouri alone, lucky you, eh. I am not as old as Hurricane Hazel but I am sure many seniors remember her !
Mary Alexander 02-Sep-2013 16:40
Dan, your photography is breathtaking, never knew Missouri skies were so beautiful. Do you give photography classes?
Guest 26-Feb-2013 03:58
I only have my droid computer or tablet...but I've enjoyed your work. Thank you for allowing me to view it. I'm sharing with friends.
MP Carney07-Jan-2013 03:58
Oh my gosh Dan! It takes a lot of effort to be in the right place at the right time with the right skill and equipment to capture the moment beautifully. You've done that again and again. I work for a weather agency and I know others will also find your missouri_skies pictures both technically interesting and enjoyable as natural art. Thanks for sharing your passion.

Mike Carney
Guest 30-Sep-2012 05:00
Hi Dan!
I came across your site while researching the Harvest Moon and was thrilled to see an entire collection of beautiful pictures! With the Kansas City lights, I hardly get to experience the night sky as you see it in the country. Now I feel like I have experienced it through your lense. You are incredibly talented and humble. Sincerely, Amy in KCMO
Kate Wolfe 18-Sep-2012 01:54

My daughter Beth directed me to your site. It is awe inspiring. You do phenomenal work! What an eye for beauty; I find your photography rejuvenating. You have captured the moon, especially the night sky and moon, in all it's glory. Thank you.
Lisa 26-May-2012 02:01
Hi Dan... Great pictures, how would I buy a copy or Moon and Corral> I can picture my mom sitting next to me in the chair looking at the moon with me. When I miss her, I look at the moon and it brings her to me. That picture is so perfect, almost like you took it for me. Thanks for sharing
Rick 02-Apr-2012 04:13
Looking for astrophotography tips and found your site. It's incredibly inspiring to see and feel the emotion you capture in those Moon photos. Several of them literally took my breath away. You are an inspiration for any aspiring photographer, and I plan to visit your site many times to enjoy the awe and majesty you have captured. The one in the cemetery with the sunset and Moon made me tear up, and several others with the tree/Moon action are just masterful. Wish I could plaster these all around my home. Consider an online store. I hope you enjoy your hobby as much as we do! :) - Rick (fellow Missourian)
Steve Yates 31-Mar-2012 14:27
Dear Dan Bush,

I'm very interested in your photograph of the churchyard and Milky Way image/117411498

Here's what's happening: I'm Steve Yates, born and reared in Springfield, MO, and author of the novel Morkan's Quarry. University of Massachusetts Press just awarded my short story collection, Some Kinds of Love, the Juniper Prize, and it will be published in 2013. I have asked the editors at UMASS press to take a look at the Milky Way churchyard photo for a possible cover shot. I'm hoping through the pathways and contact info here at Missouri skies it will be a breeze to coordinate with you. Whether they use the shot or not, that's up to them.

Meantime would you consider allowing me a web-ready jpeg to use on my blog ictionandhistory at I want to write there in praise of your work, and about the search for a cover.

In hopes that this is agreeable to you, I am,

Sincerely Yours,
Steve Yates
Beth K-M 01-Jun-2011 05:53
Aloha Dan, Are you on FaceBook? I'm trying to link some friends to your photography because it's entirely awesome! Thank you for sharing your amazing shots online. I, too, am an amateur astronomer/photographer and I LOVE your work!
Elnie 13-Mar-2011 13:57
Stumbled upon your site, while googling to find out what are the non-moving red dots I see in the night sky while shooting star trails. Your photographs are breathtaking. I have bookmarked your website, and will definitely re-visit it to study carefully, to learn how to identify planets. Really very nice work.
lena 17-Jan-2011 09:07
Mr Danny BUsh. I came to this site a whole ago. when i want the best pictures of something on the internet, i come here and just gaze, sometimes a hour on the beauty you have captures in each and every picture. the awesomeness of creation, and the rainbow which was put in place to remind us God will not destroy the earth by flooding anymore as in Noahs day. I appreciate your pictures soooo much. Thank you for appreciating earths beauty then captureing up for us many viewers. You have the mose appreciation for Gods Creation Thank You again ;)
Robin 05-Jan-2011 02:47
You have a wonderful eye. God has granted you that. My family comes from Grant City so I know about where you are. Keep up the good work
Becca 21-Sep-2010 16:49
Found your website looking for pictures of old barns to paint. I love the colors you achieve in your work and it is truly inspiring for my artwork and photography. Thanks SO much!!!
Smitty in NE 02-Jun-2010 15:50
I stumbled across your gallery while doing a search for E-4B photos. I absolutely love the aircraft in flight shots taken by telescope. By pure chance I saw a pair of B-2A bombers in flight one late afternoon while goofing around with a pair of binoculars. How you captured so many in-flight refueling shots suggest that you are a very patient person, or a very lucky person. I'm envious.
Connie in IL 29-Apr-2010 13:36
I love your work. These photos are just incredible!! DO NOT let the naysayers deter you in your quest to capture God's handiwork. He has blessed you with a gift, I pray you continued success in using it!
Guest 09-Apr-2010 03:47
I am in awe of your work it is inspiring
Paul 30-Dec-2009 18:04
BEAUTIFUL work! I actually found your site by mistake when one of our local amateur photographers tried to use one of your photos (Which I recognized)in a online club photo contest. My daughter also recognized it and traced it back to you. After looking at the style and quality of your photos and the photos of our local amateur, it was very easy to see who the photo truly belong to.
Guest 12-Nov-2009 03:34
Tis a pitty some of your photos you claim to have taken is actually done by someone else...
Paul 28-Oct-2009 17:35
This is a great website. And you Dan are one good photographer. I just came across your work. It was recommended to me and I have recommended it to others.

Thank you for sharing. Thank you for the beauty. Thank you for the inspiration.

Cindy 17-Oct-2009 23:49
When I came across your website a few years ago, I would go back again and again to view the amazing cloud pictures. I wish I could send you the series I took of a roll cloud here in Springfield. Of course they were not as beautiful as yours, but I got some really good shots. And the moon... I am always gazing at the moon when its out. Thanks so much for sharing these awesome pictures.
Emma Howard 06-Sep-2009 18:12
Your photographs are poetry without sound!
Donna Schirmer 04-Sep-2009 18:29
Dan, used a beautiful photo of an orange full moon on FaceBook today and I was quite delighted to find your site and enjoy your slideshow images of the moon. I can't begin to express to you my gratitude to you for capturing the awesome beauty of the moon in all its stages. You are one talented photographer. Thank you so much. Donna Schirmer

Milton, De
Jules 25-Aug-2009 20:11
I saw the write-up about you in the Homestead publication this morning. I had to check out your work immediately. Of course I bookmarked your page after one moment. I very much enjoy sunrises and sunsets and take many pictures of them myself. I am extremely amateur with just my pocket digital camera, but that doesn't lessen my interest any. Your pictures are stunning and paint a serene picture of Missouri. Thank you so much for sharing such an artistic talent of capturing natural beauty.
Guest 09-Aug-2009 02:28
Your work is outstanding. I see your work as interpretive photographic art, which I am in the process of experimenting also. I have used Corel Essentials, but plan to Corel Paint II due to more powerful modules. You have shared a very powerful body of work. Thank you.
Lalex - Lawton OK
Rosa M. 09-Aug-2009 01:40
I have been off the internet for a bit. Now that I am back on, I will go over all of your treasured photographs again. I just added a comment on one of your older pictures....yeah, it took that long(years) to find the proper comment for such awesomeness. I still have not been to Missouri but when I do, I hope to see Missouri with the naked eye(s)-- until then, I will have to see Missouri, through your "eyes".
Steve Mills 09-Jul-2009 14:16
Absolutely stunning photography. I came upon the site whilst looking for the 'rainbow tree'image and found so much more! Many thanks for sharing these images. Are any available to buy? If not, why not?! I am sure many people would enjoy owning a framed copy of one of your photos. All best wishes. Keep watching the skies!
Steve and Niki - Essex
Guest 22-Jun-2009 18:53
Just breathtaking! Sometimes we forget the sheer pleasure that comes from just observing the natural world. Thank you so much for sharing your talent!
Tam Dobson 12-Jun-2009 22:47
I just happened on your site and it is magnificent!!!! Hope I spelled it right. I agree with the others just too beautiful for words. Thank you so much.
Tam in Wisconsin
Priscilla Sadan 28-May-2009 14:57
Hi Dan...
All your pictures so inspiring me. I love Skies at nite time..i luv spent my time outside of my window juz to look at them & thinking how beautiful it is.Dan...all ur works so meaningfull to me...for me every picture got meaning. its so touchable...This feeling is more thn words...hard to explain. U such a great man & i knew your heart just so beautiful as your work also.Dan...May God Bless U & Good Luck all year long.
Guest 29-Mar-2009 04:42
Mr. Bush,
Thank you So Very Much for sharing these beautiful, breath taking, awe inspiring pictures!
I've been coming back to visit for some time now and have always been wanting to tell you how much I appreciate your work and to Thank You!
Gail in St. Louis
Carrie Horvath 24-Feb-2009 08:08
Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures to brighten my days! You are a fantastic photographer!
Dani 14-Jan-2009 21:23
Hi Dan,
I'm from Missouri and have been looking at your photos every now and again for years. They're just incredibly beautiful. I have never found any other photos that so perfectly capture what I see all around me. I try to explain to people in other parts of the country and the world how incredibly beautiful my home is, but ultimately just end up pointing them to your site. Thanks so much for posting these online for all to enjoy.
BixBunny 05-Jan-2009 01:58
Dan, I love nature and photography. Thank you for posting such beautiful work!
gabe lange 01-Jan-2009 02:00
Dear Dan, I was lookin' for a shot from tonight (newyearseve) but it was to cloudy. And so I ran across your sight here. Great Pics!
Phee 13-Dec-2008 03:42
Hi Dan, I thoroughly enjoy your photos. I am a huge fan of the sky and particularly the Moon. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the world. It has been my pleasure to behold your creativity and fantastic sights. Can we expect any from tonights glorious Full Moon?! Look forward to it, I hope! :) Phee
barryml12-Dec-2008 00:02
Dan I have to say that your work is a inspiration to us all, you show the USA in a light that we all need to see. I thank you for sharing your hard work.
miyuki 30-Oct-2008 11:45
Thank you for your beautiful photo. From your photo, I could feel cool air and stillness of the lake.I found that photo and your site on science@Nasa.All of your photos are so beautiful. Thank you.
jonanern 26-Oct-2008 13:04
Hi Dan
I am 71 and feel so alive when I watch the sky building crazy, colourful patterns which you have captured in such a unique and wonderful way. As one of my hobbies I create pictures in pastels which have been exhibited and just looking at the colours you absorb into your camera gives me the motivation to continue to produce my own pictures. But like so many others I will never achieve the beauty you have been able to. Hope you might read this. Thank you.
Terrena 12-Oct-2008 02:25
Awesome...In the true sense of the word
Carol O'Neill 07-Oct-2008 07:57
Dan, Was looking at homepage for my hometown when I clicked on a site for pictures taken in the area, awesome. I grew up in Eagleville, so some of the pics I knew. Loved the Northern lights......remember seeing them as a kid on the farm north of Eagleville. I now live in south central Mo and have seen the lights a few time this far south. Keep of the great work; will make this a site I come back to often to see what you have added. Thanks so much. You have a great gift. God bless.
mrs.timpers 19-Sep-2008 18:00
thank you for posting such beautiful photos of the Old Brick Church. there are a few generations of my family buried in the cemetary there.
Rosa M. 14-Sep-2008 18:29
Have you ever decided to let Leanin' Tree (Colorado greeting cards) print your work on greeting cards? Also, do you have any pictures of the big storm of March 2004?!.
My brother won a prize so I went with him. We drove from Canada down to Miami.
I will never forget Winter Storm'94. We did not pass by Missouri, though--so I do not know what Missouri looked like in the storm of '94.
Rosa M. 14-Sep-2008 18:21
I just wrote in a lot of entries, directly under the pictures.
Sure hope you check them out, Dan.
In case you can't, in one entry I suggested that you add the lyrics of Neil Young, to your Harvest Moon picture. I am Canadian but love your American artists.
I have two twin mini-poodles named after the famous; Tammy Wynette & Tanya Tucker.
That is why I have TamTan for my e-mail, folks.
This August I saw the moon for the first time with my eye, through our telescope.
Does anyone know how we can adjust the telescope so the view is not opposite of reality?!
gael 28-Aug-2008 04:50
In researching my genealogy found your photo of Knox Church where many of my ancestors are laid to rest. Then started viewing your photos. I love to take pictures of clouds, also, but don't have good camera like you (or the expertise). Beautiful work. Thankyou.
Barbara 08-Aug-2008 00:03
I cant tell you how truly moved I was by your gift - there is such feeling in your work and your ability to capture the skies. I only wondered if your were a professional photographer or these truly were "just for you." Thank you for sharing you.
Gar Cropser04-Aug-2008 03:58
Great work! I'm very impressed. Happy shooting!
Kathy Petty 26-Jul-2008 17:29
I love your photos you are good! thank you! Kathy Petty Indep.MO
sharon 20-Jul-2008 13:44
Your photos are absolutely amazing. I've always loved photography and the way people choose to capture different scenes. I love the way you can make things we see and take for granted so beautiful and makes me wonder how much I miss out on as I busily rush on.

Thanks for all of it. =)
Karen Hurm 18-Jul-2008 16:14
I stumbled accross your work while checking out the moon. All I can say is "WOW" . I love your winter snow shots looking over fields. I grew up on a farm and it brings back the joy I had of see nature and it beauty. Keep it up and I will be back to see more.
Guest 08-Jul-2008 23:53
I live near Columbia Missouri, I have not seen as many beautiful pictures of our missouri skies as I have on your website. I enjoy nature photography, own a Nikon D300 and love too just sit and wait for that one moment as you have in many of you creations. We have so much in missouri to photography and you have done a wonderful job of capturing some of what missouri has to offer. Keep up the good work.

Jerry Hensley
Natural Creations Photography, A division of Addie Jane Originals, Hallsville MO.
wayne powell 07-Jul-2008 16:45
Hello Dan,
I feel like I have a cousin in Missouri! After seeing all your photographs,
and reading your 'how I did it' page, you are my Missouri counterpart.
I am up to the same thing out here in California's Mojave Desert.
Have a gallery online:
Take a look, note the common Aurora Borealis, 11.5.2001
Also, the digital paintings, please show some of yours!
Write back if time allows,
sincerely, wayne powell
mel 06-May-2008 23:22
I'm in year 11, at PCS NSW Australia.
and have been asked to do an assignment on a photographer that i've taken an interest in.
I chose you Because i love you work, your photography, and i love rainbows too :D
i've been asked to find out your moulding influences, what made you become a photographer, and how you became involved in photogrpahy etc.

if you know a website, or could tell me i would really appreciate it.
:) my email is

Victoria MVH 21-Mar-2008 20:55
Your eye for color and hue is incredible. I did not see any photography of California. Perhaps, if you get a chance, the Pacific Basin might be your next venue.
Kevin P 18-Mar-2008 15:33
Wow! I really enjoy your work. Thanks for sharing them. You have an amazing gift.
GAY CAUTHRON 10-Feb-2008 04:46
Judy Nail 27-Jan-2008 04:48
3-31-06(1st time) Again...I am just awed by your fantastic photography! Thank you!
Fran Johnson 23-Jan-2008 22:25
I love your work! I have been shooting pics for awhile, but not a professional. I self teach myself by playing around with different settings on my adobe photoshop. I just recently started a blog displaying my work. It's better than letting it just sit in a file somewhere so now I'm sharing them with the world. My friend encouraged me to do the blog thing and I'm lovong it! I'll invite you to my blog. It'll say FRAN'S BLOG in the subject. I have weather related photos and landscape.
Guest 14-Dec-2007 17:42
Great work! I live in Missouri and I dont get pictures like this! I guess I need to get out more! Keep posting!
wartooth 09-Dec-2007 15:18
Some outstanding photograph keep up the good work
Linda Barfield 16-Oct-2007 15:49
You have done a Great job,,Your pictures just over whelm me,
Such a Beautiful site of God's Great Earth.Your pictures remind me of PSALMS chpt104,
May the Good Lord keep blessing you Today & Always
Kym Edwards 11-Oct-2007 02:02
Stunning. I check daily to see if you have added new pictures.
Gary Olander 09-Oct-2007 19:02
Beautiful Pictures – Enjoy looking at your site..
Guest 14-Jun-2007 04:37
Words can't describe how impressed I am of your work.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:51
You're truly in a class of your own.
Guest 19-Jan-2007 23:23
Stunning Galleries..
Guest 25-Dec-2006 00:55
You photo are really great Dan...I had you to my fav's so I can follow your work.
Pamela Shelby 06-Dec-2006 15:10
My work is driving from Meridian,Ms to Dallas,Tx.and back 3 times a week.Every day I am blessed by a sunrise or sunset.Seeing them I think God has painted the sky just for my eyes and I feel loved beyond belief.Seeing your beautiful photos tells me he has sunrises and sunsets for each one of us to see, we only have to be there watching!
Guest 17-Nov-2006 10:42
Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us.......
Guest 14-Nov-2006 04:42
I am so impressed with you work i can spend a long time on your web site you do AWESOME work. Thank you for sharing them with us. I find it so peaceful.
Brigitte 12-Nov-2006 21:22
wow beautiful pictures
margaret 01-Nov-2006 01:07
love these views absolutely fab ,so nice of you to share with buddies
Guest 25-Sep-2006 19:39
Dan -
AWESOME pictures!! Keep up the great work.
Your classmate,
Valerie Cherry
Darcy 24-Sep-2006 13:27
Wow! Dan, I think your photography is BEAUTIFUL! Capturing nature at it's best is one of my most favorite types of photography, you do this wonderfully! I wish I had your talent for that!
moon (Singapore) 17-Sep-2006 05:36
well done!!
excellent werk!
Guest 14-Sep-2006 01:44
My 9 year old son and I was looking at your pictures and enjoyed it so much. Thank you....Awesome Work.
Michelle & Dustin Hughes
Cindy 29-Aug-2006 17:55
Dear Dan,
Thank you so much for sharing your lovely viewpoint through pictures. I'm amazed at the shot of the airplane in front of the moon and your milky way shots. Also Orion over the farmhouse. Well, the sunsets/sunrises are too beautiful to look at, and the storm clouds fill me with awe. Thank you so much. I'd agree with the others, that your pictures evoke a deep sense of Peace and the Divine.
charli 29-Aug-2006 17:22
all these pictures are breathtaking, i was really amazed and taking away by them...i want to be a photographer when im older, i wish i could take them just as breathtaking and outstanding as these... i wish you could show me how. :( charli xxx
Nancy Beckmann 24-Aug-2006 00:24
Hi Dan, I was looking for something else when I came across your photographs. I've never seen any so beautiful as these. I am from Joplin,Missouri, and remember the very wide Missouri sky. (Why is it so much bigger there???) Thank you for your generosity. I'm touched.
deepti(india) 12-Aug-2006 19:41
Hi Dan,

Your pictures are as breathtaking as nature itself! You sure have a god-gift.
i hit upon your site while i was searching for rainbow pics for my 3yr old son. he has never seen a real rainbow and is fascinated with them. so i showed him your pics to help him visualise how a rainbow looks like - up there in the sky. he was thrilled. thanks a ton!
Anu Ng 04-Aug-2006 07:57
Your photos reveal the majestic beauty of God. Just awesome. Thank you.
Patty Barnes 28-Jul-2006 22:18
Dan i am in tears of the beauty you have captured in your photo's Thanks so much for sharing Gods most awesome miricals of beauty for all of us to see. Wish you lived closer to Wichita Ks. and i would love to take lessons....I have some beautiful shots on my camera, but nothing like yours. Thank You so much for showing me that God is still in control and loves us all. Patty B. PS my dad was from Excelsor Spings MO. and i always loved Mo.
Anne in Atlanta 28-Jul-2006 14:33
These are the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen - you are amazing, and wonderful to put them out here for all to see! It's easy to forget what wonders are "out there" all the time if we only look! Fabulous!
Betty Knox 22-Jul-2006 14:42
Mr. Bush, you are truly a genius with a camera. I have added this site to my favorites. You certainly presented a tranquil inviting picture of Albany, makes me want to be there. Do you have prints or posters for sale?
Mary Lou 18-Jul-2006 21:17
Dan, Awesome is the only word I can think of. I have sent your site to all of my friends to enjoy. Thank you for sharing such beauty through your camera lens.
Jane 30-Jun-2006 20:58
Mr. Bush, Your photography is breathtaking. I am inspired to get out my camera. There truly is beauty all around. You really have an eye for it. Thanks for sharing your gift with the rest of us.
Kathy 29-Jun-2006 02:21
A friend sent me yoursite address. You are a marvelous photographer!!! Each and every picture was amazing and some just downright wonderful. I hope you make a mint on them. Thankyou for allowing me to experience what you see!
Guest 28-Jun-2006 15:14
Simply Amazing!
Kathy 22-Jun-2006 13:50
Your web page is being passed around through email. That's how I arrived here. I am from Northern New Jersey. Your pictures are GREAT! I loved every one that I have looked at. And I have just spent over an hour going through your site. I am saving your web page in my favorites folder.
NETO 19-Jun-2006 03:35
great job, i live in mexico city, i´ll show them to my family
Lorie -St. Charles, MO 17-Jun-2006 02:50
Dan, Thanks for sharing the beauty of Missouri, I have spent hours looking at your photos. I witnessed what we thought was Northern Lights in central Mo in the early 80's and have never seen any photos that came so close to showing what I experienced. All of your photos are amazing, and I am inspired to become better aquainted with my own camera! Thanks again, Lorie Busby
Joe 14-Jun-2006 07:55
Excellent site, very helpful, thank you for sharing, keep up the fine effort and excellent job.
kate 09-Jun-2006 19:50
hi dan nice work ,i really loved all the pictures but the ones i loved most are rainbow, and the moon pictures , thanx for sharing such amazing nature.
Guest 05-Jun-2006 23:16
My heart aches for home. We had a farm for three years in Rich Hill, Mo. and now I'm in Long Beach, Ca. Who would have thought, I'd end up in L.A. (for all intensive purposes.) But, I don't think I'll be here forever. I'll enjoy the flowers and ocean, and then move along...maybe back home to Missouri after looking at these photos! But for now, I'm in "Iowa by the sea," rowing gondolas. 04-Jun-2006 12:10
Looked through your site. Good work! Ken.
Linda Parsons 02-Jun-2006 23:31
Hi Dan: A friend sent me your site and I set for hours just looking at your breathtaking photos. you capture detail like no one I have ever seen. Its amazing how much beauty we find just by looking at the details of the moment we are in. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us. keep up the good work.
Sue Lewis 02-Jun-2006 18:42
The magnificant images you have captured leaves me speachless. I am so glad my daughter forwarded them to me.
Bob Conboy 31-May-2006 22:42
Your Missouri Skies photos are magnificent.
thanks for sharing them
Bob Conboy 31-May-2006 22:40
Your Missouri Skies photos are magnificent.
thanks for sharing them
Mary Cumming 25-May-2006 14:39
Dan... Beautiful work!! Thank-You for sharing your photos..Keep up the Great work.
Upendra 23-May-2006 11:05
What a wonderful Photograph I ever seen...It's heaven on earth ...........Upendra
Nina J. Stone 21-May-2006 23:15
Hi Dan,
Your photos are simply out of this world. My boss and I are hams and belong to Sky Warn and we spot storms and communicate with the Nat'l. Weather Serv. locally. Wetrabrl quite a bit he is Chief Broadcast Eng. for local PBS sta., and I'm his asst. This year we plan to go to Texas,New Mexico,Arizona and Oklahoma. Hopefully we can gt some great photos, espically lighting. He has one; the lighting is traveling down our 1100 ft. T.V. tower. Quite spectular to say the least! Thanks for sharing.
Guest 15-May-2006 01:39
Awesome photo's
Mikki Berryman 08-May-2006 04:15
It was a great joy to go thru your galleries .Thank you for sharing
Mikki Berryman
John K. Mires 07-May-2006 07:50
Dan Hi I'm from Maryville,MO station in Afghanistan right now and it is nice to see photos from the home area. I should be back in the area soon. Thanks a bunch Dan
Guest 06-May-2006 01:59
It was a real pleasure visiting your galleries!
James venus 05-May-2006 02:56
Dan, Thanks for a splendid website and a most enjoyable viewing experience. I will share your site with many friends. Thanks again for all your effort and thanks for sharing it with so many.
Jean Leeper Hoelscher 01-May-2006 20:34
I loved seeing your beautiful photographs -- especially the gorgeous rainbow ones. Keep up the great work! You really get out there and get it done! For the past 10 years I photographed the Big Tujunga Wash in Sunland, California (it's actually within the city limits of Los Angeles). It provides a very photogenic area of cacti, and Giant Yucca, and scrub brush with mountains in the distance (sometimes with snow on them). But now I've moved to Midland, Texas, and enjoy photographing the downtown buildings.
wendy 25-Apr-2006 20:32
can you come to tasmania and teach me how to take such gob smacking photos.
i see such great photo chances with my eyes but i just cant get my camera to take what my eye sees. i see that your eyes and camera really connects. keep taking those happy snaps
Guest 21-Apr-2006 16:51
Dan, my aunt just sent your web site to me. Awesome photography - did my heart good just looking at all that beauty - something we sorely need more of in these present times. I have forwarded you on to my friends. Thanks for sharing.
LCDR G.D.Pasrham USN(Ret) 20-Apr-2006 16:15
A friend passed your site to me. I am a retired meteorological officer USN (former Hurricane Hunter). I have been a photographer for over 60 years including two tours as
Photo Officer in large Navy Labs. My hobby is photography and astronomy. I have done some deep space photography but my age (almost 84) and sight hinder me considerably. After examining your site I must say you are doing the things I would like to do. I enjoy your work with a very critical eye but with great enjoyment. I am surprised that you are familiar with cloud types. Now, if you can get an image of a noctlucent cloud you will really have something. I shall keep tabs on you from time to time but so far
your work has been "Bravo Zulu" (Well done) P.S. I live in a light polluted neighborbood in Middleburg, Florida about two seconds north of the 30th meridian. Keep going, please.
ginger 19-Apr-2006 13:57
Dan, I love your photo's where can I buy your print's.
Robin 17-Apr-2006 01:20
There are some things made by nature that just cant be duplicated. These are absolutly breathtaking. My friend in North Dakota has sent me some pretty brilliant pictures, their skies are beautiful as well. Thanks for sharing!

Robin, Connecticut---
Laura 14-Apr-2006 00:32
Hi Dan,
I loved all your sunsets and also the rainbows so breath taken I am from upstate NY so even to go up north a little more I dont get to see such beatiful colors and sence as these I thank you so much for alowing many of us to be able to see such great work

very truly Laura
Guest 13-Apr-2006 03:30
Beautiful! How can anyone view the beauty of nature, & not believe in God? Thank You for sharing your gift with us!
irene Wayman 12-Apr-2006 19:39
Absolutley the most beautiful pictures of God's Creation's I have ever seen. You are Blessed to have the ability to get them and Thank you for sharing. May God Bless You. In Christ, Irene Wayman, Blue Springs, Mo.
MBW 12-Apr-2006 15:50
Your photos are fabulous! We don't get to see the stars like that here in St Louis county...too many lights! It's hard to pick a favorite, but the full Rainbow comes pretty close! Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures.
cs 10-Apr-2006 23:03
You're photos are wonderful. I'm in Florida and we get some nice sunsets here too! I especially liked your photos of the auroras. I didn't know they occur in the continental U.S. I've never seen them in person, but your photos were magnificent. They made me wish I'd been there too.
Dale Henderson 10-Apr-2006 12:36
Dan: I really enjoyed the pictures. The rainbows were something special. Keep up the great work. Dale from Auburn, AL
MAYBELLE GREER 09-Apr-2006 06:45
Guest 08-Apr-2006 13:01
It's been a long time since I have seen photographs of nature that has me saying, "wow"!
And that's it, wow! I was sent your dbl rainbow shots and then checked out the rest of your site. Thanks for sharing your tech info. I started in photography before I moved into film and this was motivation for getting out the ol' Pentax :)

Keep up the beautiful work...

Judy Forkert 07-Apr-2006 18:41
Dan, I live in Indiana and a friend of mine sent me the rainbow photos. I am so glad she did. They are beautiful and I am going to send them on to some of my friends. You do beautiful work. I will be back to see more.
Judy Forkert
Guest 07-Apr-2006 17:07
Dan, I lived just outside Albany for a couple years & had not visited your gallery before. Thank you for sharing your art! I saw a sunset 2 or 3 weeks ago in St Jo that was beautiful & was definitely worthy of your artistic talent. I don't know if it looked the same in Albany or not, but the sun was a bright orange globe & the sky was very dark around it. I had never seen such a sunset.
Thanks again for sharing.
judi 07-Apr-2006 08:44
Hi Dan.
These are absolutely breathtaking. I can't drink in enough of their beauty. It doesn't seem to be the work of an amateur. you are very humble. I agree with others, I would
certainly be interested in purchasing framed work of those unbelievable rainbows.
Terri 07-Apr-2006 06:43
The creation itself tells of Gods Glory!! You have captured it for all to see. Thank You for sharing. It brings tears to my eyes! Beautiful.
Barbara Mickan 05-Apr-2006 19:53
Wow! I LOVED your photos. You are a great photographer and have captured nature in all its beauty. Keep up the good work. It would be great if they could be presented in slideshow format. (I guess I'm lazy!)
Guest 04-Apr-2006 23:46
Hello Dan,
Growing up in the country in Australia, we were taught to really see what was around us. It's just awesome that you have captured some of nature's most quietly spectacular moments wheere you are and shared them. Thanks so much.
Rachelle N, Australia
Neil Gold 04-Apr-2006 16:42
Hi Dan,
I've enjoyed looking at your photos at

....we live in the east and most of the time, the suburban lights of Slingerlands, NY(suburb of Albany, NY), ruin our obervations....
Best wishes,
Tracey Leigh 04-Apr-2006 15:56
Hello Dan,
There's an expression here in England you may of heard: 'flabbergasted'.
This is how I felt viewing your extraordinary photographs. I was completely in awe.
I have tried some sky & macro photography with a little 3.1 Meg camera - I must try harder!!
Albany, Missouri is very lucky to have such beautiful skies and a such a talent to show it all off to the world.
Thankyou very much.
Tracey, London, England
Susan Newman 04-Apr-2006 14:44
Dan, These are simply breathtaking! My sisters and I sat around a computer at the last family dinner just taking these in! Please consider making these into a series of calendars or selling framed, matted prints- I'd love to have one!
Tilly 02-Apr-2006 14:26
What a wonderful way to start the day, looking at your lovely rainbow pictures. I will share this with friends. Everyone needs something beautiful in their lives and you have been able to find and capture it for all to enjoy.
Judy Nail 31-Mar-2006 13:48
I am thankful to my friend for sending me your web-site. Wonderful photography. Thanks for sharing.
Lucy 31-Mar-2006 05:56
All your pictures are awesome! I lived in Albany until 1968 and the pictures of the downtown square area brought back some wonderful memories and even a couple of tears! My daughter and I spent lots of time looking thru your gallery. Keep up the good work, and now I know for sure that area is "God's country"
Melissa Bell 30-Mar-2006 15:59

You may call yourself an amateur, but you have a fabulous eye. Beautiful work!
Yvonne 30-Mar-2006 05:48
These pictures gave me shivers as i browsed at the beauty that surronds me each morning and evening. Thank you so much for sharing, you are awesome and so are the pics !
Sabrina 30-Mar-2006 04:56
Thank you so much for sharing your God given talent and posting such beautiful observations as seen through your eyes of the beauty God has given us. Some of us can only enjoy seeing this type of beauty from your area of the world through your website. Thank you again and God bless.
Matt 29-Mar-2006 15:14
Very good pictures. Thanks for posting them.
Katie Phelan 28-Mar-2006 18:03
These are absolutely fabulous. Some of them even take on an "other" worldly effect. I worked with some people who were from Pittsburg, PA and MI and FL and other parts of the country and they had to admit, even without seeting your photos, that Missouri has the most beautiful sunsets in the country. You have definitely captured that. The lunar shots were magnificents.
Cynthia 28-Mar-2006 04:40
As a displaced Kansan living in Florida, I really enjoyed your website. Now I'm homesick. I can almost smell the rain and feel the temperature change when a storm front blows through. Thanks Dan!
Paulette Wohnoutka 27-Mar-2006 04:45
Thank you for sharing His work. We can never be reminded of the beauty of natue often enough.
Shirley Blackburn 24-Mar-2006 15:53
All of your photos are so beautiful and breath-taking. I use a lot of images making greeting cards for Missionaries and others. I am really impressed with your work. Keep it up. I have spent a lot of time just looking at the beauty you have created. Thank you for sharing.
Merri Beth 24-Mar-2006 04:29
This is so wonderful. I really love looking at the rainbows in Missouri. I hope we get to see more. I well tell my friends about this site. I live not very far from Kansas City and this was really fascinating to see. I know that all my friends well enjoy this also. Keep up the wonderful work that you do. It is really nice that someone see Kansas city for it's beauty. Thanks
Jill Lanning 23-Mar-2006 17:53
Thank you so much for sharing your talent of photographing the awe-inspiring landscapes with nature's artistic adornment. This will be one of my favorite sites to visit.
Peter Nelson 23-Mar-2006 04:49
Greetings Dan, Great clicks! I am particularly fascinated by your cloud pics. I thoroughly have been "drinking-in" your images since I discovered this site tonight. I am beginning to process my cloud photos in a beading program so I can make seed bead 'paintings' on a bead loom. Many of my favorite pics were taken in recent years living in Tucson, AZ. Since then I have relocated back to NE Iowa, near family. I welcome dialogue. My auto license plate reads, "BDDSKYZ." Beautiful work! Don't stop!
Lynda 14-Mar-2006 03:51
Thanks, Dan, for the peace and beauty and inspiration.
Guest 12-Mar-2006 16:21
I was e-mailed a link to your site and love it. I could go on but one word sums up my reaction "WOW!!!!!" I grew up in Westboro but thanks to the Navy and marrying a Yankee I have not lived back there since 1969. I love taking pictures of the skies also especially sunrises and sunsets. I am deeply impressed with what you have done. Thank you so much for sharing.
Carolyn Randall 08-Mar-2006 20:56
I really enjoy looking at these! Beautiful Scenery is something I've always enjoyed -- in Nature or in other media. I will return again. Thanks you for Sharing!
Matt Vickers 18-Jan-2006 01:00
You have taken some fantastic pictures. I often take time to watch the skies over here in Lincolnshire, England and never get tired of watching sunrises and sunsets, so I really enjoyed seeing your shots. I have never seen anything as spectacular as the roll cloud though! Thanks for sharing your views of the sky.
Charles Walker 29-Dec-2005 02:19
Your pictures are beautiful. I live in North Carolina and love taking photos of the sun rising or setting over the ocean (in late year the sun sets over water). Currently use the Nikon E5400.
marita toftgard27-Dec-2005 14:58
fabulous skies...
adore the magic of nature..!!

enjoy the holidays
Jim Ruebush 09-Dec-2005 17:43
Very nice shot, Dan. I was out that evening to get that picture. I like yours more. You had some good foreground to frame the shot.
Gary Durbin 09-Dec-2005 16:38
Dan, I am a high school history teacher and will be using some of your shots, especially the picture of five planets in the night sky, to teach my students about the scientific revolution of Copernicus to Newton. I am also using many of your pictures for my computer desktop backgrounds. Thanks so much for providing a great site to view.
Guest 09-Nov-2005 03:52
Growing up in Missouri I loved those skies and nights. I would drive out to country from my home in J.C. to watch the stars come out. Thanks for bringing back the memories!
Pralhad Goggi 12-Sep-2005 06:40
Great pictures Dan !
I recently started an Astronomy course, I am hoping to acquire a good camera to capture my own shots. Hopefully someday I will be able to take pictures as good as yours.
Thanks for the inspiration.
Lida 09-Sep-2005 04:44
Absolutely beautiful pictures. I'm blown away.
Dave 26-Aug-2005 04:47
Lived out in Kansas/Missouri back in the 70s-90s. You have taken some absolutely beautiful pix...Well done.
Guest 09-Jun-2005 03:14
AMAZING....I dont know what to say...but some of these shots are the best that I have seen for a long time....great ideas and great colors - I will be back here again, hoping for updates.... You are welcome to visit my gallery - It seems like we like the same kind of photos , but your photos are truely unique, thanks for the inspiration - I will try to learn from you! for sure you got MY vote for this gallery!!!!
James Trimbee16-Apr-2005 14:40
I found your gallery from the aviation pictures thread. What a treat - there are some beautiful images here.