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Jeffee Art4u 28-Dec-2010 07:53
I enjoyed photography since a small child too, and also took a dark room class in college. I regret not working in my field of art though or photography. Oil painting has been something I did over the years while building our home, designing and creating the gardens. I enjoyed artistic things on my own by doing what I just mentioned, and other forms of art, but worked in the medical field 10 years, then just stayed at home and made it nice. I think it is great that you got to work in a museum, I thought about starting a private museum, using my work. Designing my gardens in the Smoky Mountains of TN accidentially created a habitat for geen Anolis Carolinensis Lizards. My account is expired here but see Gourley Garden or Private Paradise
krishan30-Jan-2010 10:38
Hi.... like your photos so much..... you are really great photographer..... im an artist and i paint on canvas. I hope we can be good friends.

ANITA CALDERONE 06-Jan-2010 19:40
Tania Bounader28-Aug-2009 21:57
You have some awesome shots in your galleries Mindy!!
STEPHEN 27-Feb-2009 21:17
STEPHEN 27-Feb-2009 21:16
Guest 06-Nov-2008 21:34
Hi Mindy;
I found your picture of the Wyoming Highway (Black and white with the broken road) and was wondering if I could buy that picture. Please e-mail me your cost at if you are interested.
Dave Perez30-Jun-2008 23:22
Very impressive work! One of the best group of galleries on Pbase. Thanks for sharing!
Doug Kessler22-Jun-2008 21:54
Hi Mindy-
I think that time spent looking at your galleries is time well spent. Wonderful collection.

Guest 20-Jun-2008 12:50
Thank you.
Guest 14-May-2008 22:47
Dear Mindy, Your pictures are spectacular. You have a very good eye and you see also what I see within everything that is around us. Thank you for sharing I hope to share also Good Lord WILLING............ Good Luck to you and yours.......
kimene S29-Mar-2008 02:34
A master behind that lens are you mindy! Looking forward to revisiting your galleries again soon!
Andrew Vincent26-Feb-2008 10:08
Really enjoyed looking through your galleries Mindy! Beautiful work.
Sundevil325-Feb-2008 18:59
Thanks Mindy for your comment.
Guest 22-Feb-2008 16:12
Many thanks Mindy for your nice comment on my sunset image...
Sam Bashir15-Feb-2008 18:06
Mindy, you have some very inspirational images in your galleries. Looking at your work makes go out there and be more creative. You have the eye.
Jesse Henslee24-Jan-2008 04:56
Hello Mindy
Thanks for your comment on my Fern n Fall image. After seeing your galleries I felt honored to have you given me reconition. Thanks for building my esteem and learning by your examples. This is tops.
Thank You
glimpses by lu23-Oct-2007 04:57
Hi Mindy - You are a truly amazing photographer!! As i stroll through your galleries I continue to say "wowwowowowow". Your talent and vision is an inspiration and your pursuit of quality and originality in your images is commendable"!!!!!!!! I stand in awe of your work and will learn from you for sure!! Thank you for sharing your vision with all of us!!!!! peace always lu
alfredo camba jr.04-Sep-2007 14:56
Hi Mindy,
Your images are very beautiful. keep up the good work!
Jun Camba
Guest 13-Jun-2007 17:23
You got some mad skills.
Debbie B.25-Apr-2007 14:59
Hi Mindy,
Thank you for the kind words. It is not my usual type of picture (kids, dogs :-) He wanted a picture that emphasized his body. It was a fun shoot, his Mom was holding the reflector. :-)
tomr-photos25-Mar-2007 22:57
Hi Mindy. Thanks for the comment.
Guest 25-Mar-2007 19:25
I hope you don't mind my asking, but how do you get the second image (the small one) on the same page?
Guest 11-Mar-2007 00:57
Thank you for the kind comment in my "ramblings of a coastalgirl" gallery. I loved perusing your galleries. You have many superb shots with lovely colour, sharpness, textures, and expression. A great place to visit. I too, switched to digital kicking and screaming....I have the same problem with the use of a cell phone.
Guest 09-Mar-2007 23:27
Nice Gallery
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:51
I love your work. Thanks for sharing.
DC Witmer14-Feb-2007 02:00
Outstanding photography

Guest 11-Feb-2007 23:39
Hi Mindy , thanks for all the comments and for sharing your work , made for a nice lil' birthday present for me . It's so nice to find someone with the gift to appreciate & capture natural light at it's best . Kevin
tomr-photos29-Dec-2006 01:10
Hi Mindy. Thanks for the kind words. :)
Guest 24-Dec-2006 20:12
You are a talented woman Mindy. Enjoyed looking at your galleries. Thanks for sharing!
olivier bruning03-Dec-2006 11:49
Hi Mindy! Only just starting to discover your site, and already I feel so excited! your macros are superb as ever but I just as much enjoyed your other work! Will sure check it out whenever I do my "round", as I have placed you amongst my favs now! regards, olivier
Guest 02-Dec-2006 15:33
I appreciate all your nice comments on my images and your vote...
Guest 02-Dec-2006 13:20
Thanks Mindy for your vote and nice comment on my deer image...
Guest 01-Dec-2006 13:55
I appreciate your vote and nice comment on my snowy hores image...
Guest 27-Nov-2006 23:58
Thanks Mindy for your vote and nice comment on my image...
Steve Highfield27-Nov-2006 19:03
Hi Mindy,
Not only did I enjoy your works but learned a lot about excellent compositioning as well.
I can see much thought has gone into these shots, the more one looks the more one finds.
Your B&W's made me really 'think' and 'see' !!!
Wish you the best.
Guest 26-Nov-2006 02:30
Fantastic galleries, really excellent work. Congratulations.
Roozbeh Shivayi23-Nov-2006 08:15
Astounding works throughout all your galleries. This is photography on a different level, unique, artistic, the works of a true pro!
1moremile26-Oct-2006 22:17
Wonderful photography. All your images are very impressive. Wow.
Guest 08-Oct-2006 14:46
Thank you very much.
Marcie Wright 05-Oct-2006 19:47
Hi Mindy, your Greece photos are beautiful! Makes me want to jump on an airplane and go there myself. You are so talented and captured such beauty. Marcie
Debbie B.05-Oct-2006 03:54
Thank you Mindy! I have really enjoyed your pictures from Greece. Well done!
Guest 27-Sep-2006 11:58
Thank you for your comment on my green garden door photo. I'm enjoying viewing your recent travel images--a fine body of work. I'm planning a European trip next year--if I can decide which of many places to visit! Regards, Steve
Guest 25-Sep-2006 10:06
Thank you for visiting my galleries and for your comments!
Gar Cropser22-Sep-2006 05:29
You have a wonderful eye! Great galleries.
kipetok 12-Sep-2006 23:49
sspkts16 I'm really impressed!
temnotak 01-Sep-2006 06:44
sspkts4 HI! I love this place!
Guest 09-Aug-2006 16:50
Thank you for your nice comment on my PAD. I hope you sill visit Istanbul to. And sned me email to your visit date. Have a nice click. Regards
Katie Chew01-Jul-2006 15:18
Thank you Mindy for the comment on my Untitled photo.
You have some amazing pictures. I still have a long ways to go!

Guest 24-Jun-2006 12:14

Your pictures are simply amazing!

It was a real pleasure visiting your galleries!

Best Regards & Congratulations!

Tad Janocinski - Australia 22-Jun-2006 09:50
Sehr nützlich, informativ und anschaulich!
Debbie B.21-Jun-2006 05:29
Thank you Mindy. I am still in the learning stage but know enough to find fault in nearly every picture. I tried every which way to get rid of that spot on her shoulder. In the end I did what I intended, which was to concentrate on her eyes. So if that is what you saw..mission accomplished. :-)
Thank you again,
Guest 16-Jun-2006 17:06
I think your pictures are worth more than a thousand words. Keep it up!
Debbie B.15-Jun-2006 02:45
Thank you Mindy! We had a lot of fun. I will go back there again.
Mom & Dad 06-Jun-2006 13:30
I am almost doubled over with laughter - having just looked at the June 5-6 comments on your most recent picture of the blue cornflower, or whatever it is, only three persons remarked on the ant that is crawling or sitting there!! You should put a comment about this on your next one!!
Doug Kessler05-Jun-2006 03:18
So, so many great galleries with so, so many great shots. I will return often follow your work. Great stuff! 27-May-2006 22:20
Enjoyed ur work. Susi
pasparty 24-May-2006 02:02
I like your site
ssbornik 19-May-2006 15:06
Very good site. Thanks for author!
cirkyl 19-May-2006 01:10
Great website! Bookmarked! I am impressed at your work!
peto4ok 18-May-2006 10:37
Very good site. Thanks for author!
temnotak 17-May-2006 19:28
May we exchange links with your site?
Alida Thorpe17-May-2006 12:40
Looking through your photos was such a pleasure. I especially enjoyed your flowers! Alida
cirkyl 17-May-2006 10:31
Great website! Bookmarked! I am impressed at your work!
ppionerka 17-May-2006 02:14
I like your site
utilizera 16-May-2006 21:45
HI! I love this place!
utilizera 08-May-2006 11:35
May we exchange links with your site?
Anny 06-May-2006 00:41
Best site I see. Thanks.
Guest 05-May-2006 19:25
Thank you for your nice comment Mindy. Regards
Sean Blumenhein03-May-2006 03:58

Thank you for the many kind comments that you have left in my galleries over the last year or so, I have learned alot by looking at your photos and I always enjoy stopping by. Smile and have a wonderful day.

Tom Even03-May-2006 03:23
Thanks for your comments on my photo ( ), I have been looking through your gallery and love your work!
Marcus Rugger03-May-2006 02:28
Thank you for the comment on my photo of the day. It is very much appreciated!
Guest 01-May-2006 21:07
One of the best galleries I have seen. Simply beautiful!
Sue Robertson25-Apr-2006 23:25
Hello Mindy, thanks for visiting my gallery. I love your work.
Regards Sue
David 20-Apr-2006 05:25
Hello there! Just want to say that I find your site enough interesting for me. Usefull information and all is good arranged. Thank you for your work. I will visit your site more ofter from now and I bookmarked it. 19-Apr-2006 14:34
Fabulous site.
Paulo 17-Apr-2006 08:35
Alleen onder Glamour versta ik wat anders maar dat moet kunnen.
James 17-Apr-2006 03:09
Great website! Bookmarked! I am impressed at your work!
Kelly 17-Apr-2006 03:08
It's my first visit to your website. After just a quick browse, I'm really impressed!
Guest 15-Apr-2006 08:39
Thanks for the comment. You do excellent work. Love your Macro's (and all others).

I'm always pleased when a talented photographer appreciates my work.
Guest 08-Apr-2006 08:37
Thank you very much :)

Debbie B.03-Apr-2006 03:38
Thank you Mindy! :-)
csmallari30-Mar-2006 10:44
Thank you so much for the recent visit to my PAD gallery and for the wonderful comments. Your galleries are amazing :-)
Debbie B.13-Mar-2006 03:34
Thank you again for the nice comment on the wilted tulip, it means alot coming from the "queen of macro". :-)
Debbie B.26-Feb-2006 03:08
Thank you for your encouraging words about my gallery, it is really appreciated.
Guest 25-Feb-2006 22:34
Mindy you are so kind, as you visit my galleries often and leave comments. I on the other hand...well, I should get out more and leave comments too. You are in "my favorites" and I think your work is awesome, which makes your comments all the more valuable. Thank you so very much, I really do appreciate you.

John Hastings18-Feb-2006 18:29

Thanks for visiting my galleries and for your kind words. Both are greatly appreciated – all the more so when I see the fine work that you exhibit. My visit to yours has been enjoyable and instructive. I hope the capture, processing and presentation was as much fun for you and that you keep on sharing.


John H
Guest 06-Feb-2006 22:01
You have excellent galleries there. This is very inspiring. I will add you to my favorite list right away!
fdt16-Jan-2006 15:36
Thank you for your comment. It let me find your galleries. They're amazing. I added your name to my favorites list.
joandaniel14-Jan-2006 23:32
Thank you, Mindy, for your comments on my PaD gallery. I have spent time viewing your galleries and am truly inspired by your wonderful images. I particularly love your coastal scenes gallery. Exceptional work!
Lloyd & Sandy Spitalnik07-Jan-2006 21:56
Hi Mindy, thanks so much for the kind comment on my owl picture. I just love your galleries - from landscapes to flowers to people, you capture them all beautifully.
Guest 06-Jan-2006 04:39
Initially I wanted to write to say thank you for the nice comments, but after seeing some of your work I think I should also thank you for all the beautiful pictures that you have on here. I am quite flattered that you found some pictures that you liked. Thank you!
AL05-Jan-2006 15:25
Glad that I found your beautiful galleries - what an amazing collection! Thanks for sharing your fine works and the inspiring learning experience I've looking at them... Will be back again :)
Sharon Rogers31-Dec-2005 18:30
Happy New year Mindy, hope the foot heals quickly and you can ditch the crutches! (Lovely indoor shots despite all that.)

Cheers, Sharon
csmallari30-Dec-2005 14:27
First, let me thank you for your nice comment regarding my sunset photo. Secondly, let me thank you again for sharing your wonderful photos with all of us. I love your macro shots the most though :-)
Debbie B.11-Dec-2005 17:09
Thank you Mindy, Lake Tahoe is my favorite place to go. It doesn't hurt that I live 20 minutes from there. I have gone there more in the last year since I got my digital camera that I had in the last 20! The hard part is finding the time. I want to shoot all the moods of the lake...that will be quite a project! :-)
Debbie B.05-Dec-2005 19:20
Mindy, Thank you for the kinds words about my Emerald Bay picture. Your galleries are amazing. Wonderful work!! I will put you in my "favorite artist" group.
Didier Vanderperre20-Nov-2005 13:29
I really like your PAD, and as difficult as it is to come up with a good image everyday, you manage to always make it happen. Every time you come up with an extremely well executed picture. Your work shows your attention to details and good quality photography, which is seldom seen on PBase. I will keep following your PAD.
Guest 08-Nov-2005 04:29
What a great way to get ready for bed - perusing your lovely photographs - hope they are what I dream of - hopefully, others will be as enchanted with them as we are!! We will have to build on another room if we are to frame and display all that we think are perfection!! So proud of you!! Love, Mom and Dad
@ Bruce Gilling06-Nov-2005 14:32
hey Mindy thanks for your commnents again
Greg Harp18-Oct-2005 16:35
Thank you for having dropped by gallery (as a result of my having previously dropped by yours. :) Looking through your galleries it's obvious you are a very talented and accomplished artists, and so your kind words especially mean much. Regarding the Pottery gallery the potter, Bill Gossman, asked me to document the firing process to illustrate a magazine article he was writing, and it was an assignment I was very nervous about. A friend of mine told me not to worry--"If he wanted good pictures he would have hired a pro." LOL I think many of them came out pretty well, and your kind words are much appreciated. Obviously I have a ways to go, and so find your work something to shoot for myself.

Again, many thanks,
Greg Harp
Vixi 15-Oct-2005 14:07
Wat een prachtige vernieuwde website. Heldere opzet en ook een goede kleurstelling. Mooi.
Mijn complimenten!

Met vriendelijke groeten
victor valle14-Oct-2005 18:16
Hi Mindy,
Just took a look into your other gallery. Beautiful work, a real Pro! Don't know whether you are into color management,i.e, your camera, monitor, printer profiling? Well, I'm the Manufacturing Engineer for Gretagmacbeth. My company is into "Digital Imaging", check out our web-site at No, I'm not a salesman, I'm in charge of all aspect of manufacturing engineering, both electrical and electronic. I have friends in the "DI" department and would help, if I can, anyone on pbase with color management questions. If I don't know, I will find out. For me at the moment, photography is a hobby. I would like to take it to the next level like weekend side-jobs since all our manufacturing is moving to China. Perhaps by next year I'll be taking pictures at Wal-Mart! Thanks for visiting my site. Take care and don't work too hard.
Kind Regards,
Victor Valle
Guest 08-Oct-2005 15:36
Hi Mindy
Thank you so much for your recent comments it means so much to have positive feedback, especially as I am learning new skills! I have always enjoyed photography but only on a point & shoot basis, DSLR is a new ball game for me; it's giving me so much enjoyment in my 'old age'!
Your galleries are wonderful, you have so much talent, I'm glad I had the opportunity of viewing them, you are now firmly in 'my favourites'
Best wishes from the UK
Chris Lofty
Guest 03-Oct-2005 23:04
Hey Mindy...thanks for visiting my site too! I love your work, it is freedom for the eyes! Keep it up!
Guest 19-Sep-2005 02:02
Thank you very much for checking out my gallery and for the kind comments:)
Focus15-Sep-2005 17:16
Your galleries are amoung the best I have is no wonder that you have almost 200,000 viewers in 6 months! I cannot choose a favorite because they are all special. I have made you one of my favorites......thanks for sharing.
Stan Richard14-Sep-2005 19:24
Mindy, thanks for the nice comments on my Valley of Light photo. Cheers! Stan
moon 13-Sep-2005 04:58
John Lumb12-Sep-2005 09:11
Thanks for the great comments on my images, I loved your work as well, great variety.
Mom and Dad 11-Sep-2005 02:29
Seeing your wonderful photographs reminds me I have to send your PAD information to all our internet friends!! It is so exciting to think they might want some for prints or cards - of course, then you'll have to stay up all nite putting them together - agh!!
Love you so much. Mom and Dad
Guest 01-Sep-2005 11:57
you have some amazing galleries. kudos
Guest 28-Aug-2005 16:06
Really fantastic work Mindy. Your galleries are very inspiring, especially to an amateur like myself. Thanks for your kind words regarding my gallery -- it's very gratifying to receive comments from someone of your photographic caliber!
Guest 27-Aug-2005 09:42
Hi Mindy - just wanted to say thanks for you kind comments on my PaD gallery over the last couple of weeks. Its very flattering to get comments from one of Pbase's "leading lights"! Thanks again, Steve
Mike Moats26-Aug-2005 16:46
Hey Mindy,
I live in Sterling Hts. which borders Troy. Small world. Thanks for all your nice comments, I'm impressed with your work as well. Thanks, Mike Moats.
Anne Young26-Aug-2005 01:37
Mindy, your galleries are amazing! Thank you so much for commenting on my photos.
Guest 22-Aug-2005 19:27
Great gallery Mindy. Thanks for all the kind words. Next time your in Wyoming you have to take a look at the Dino sites they have here. Here is a galley on a personal friend of mine that has a dig site just east of us. I thought mabey this might intrest you. Hope all goes well with your mom. Thank you Richard :)
Mom and Dad 18-Aug-2005 21:59
Mindy - we are so proud of your fabulous photography - and especially enjoy reading the comments from other photographers - a big "thank you" for those who have followed my progress and care enough to send messages!! Love you loads. Mom and Dad
Stan Richard16-Aug-2005 18:33
Mindy, thanks for the nice comments on my Moraine Valley Morning image, you do some really nice work yourself :) Cheers! Stan
CJ Burianek12-Aug-2005 16:07
Hi Mindy,
Thanks for the nice comments you've left in my galleries earlier! I've been slowly wandering throughout yours and there is so much to take in! Absolutly beautiful work!
Connie Burianek
jypsee11-Aug-2005 22:03
I was reading your bio on the profile page; it seems we share similar photographic experiences, starting in the old darkroom days. I miss the darkroom, but not the film...go figure. Anyhow, thanks for the nice comments.
Tom Heim10-Aug-2005 20:14
Hi Mindy,
Thanks so much for your kind comments left in my galleries earlier. As you know, I have very much enjoyed viewing your fine work here at pbase, and at your own website.

Warm regards,
shatterbug09-Aug-2005 20:04
Thanks Mindy, for stopping by my PAD. Thanks also for the comment on my slice of the apple shot. I've been told before that I sometimes have a lopsided view. :)
Guest 08-Aug-2005 09:25
Good morning Mindy;
Thanks for your comment on the hibiscus. I have been using my 50mm 1.4 lens a lot lately. It is easier to hand hold and still get a sharp image. I prefer to not use a tripod if I can avoid it. My wife Edie and I are off to Wellsboro, Pa. to play some golf for a few days. I may try to get some shots of the grand canyon of the east while we are there. Have a great day.
Guest 07-Aug-2005 23:58
Hi Mindy
I had to take a close look at my bee again. I am somewhat colorblind and had not seen the color in the bee's wings.
I had never minded being colorblind until I bought my first medium format camera and found that I couldn't process my own prints at a local lab in Buffalo. I like to think that maybe my handicap increases my ability to compose a shot.
Who knows!
I do like my 20d and spend a lot of time shooting local scenes. Thanks again for your help. Ed
Guest 07-Aug-2005 22:36
Your western landscapes made me want to take a trip. Very nice work.

Ed Goodnight
Guest 30-Jul-2005 08:00
Mindy, what can i say.. this is a wonderful collection of wonderful images. You have inspired me amensly here. Thank you..
Guest 22-Jul-2005 20:55
thank you Mindy for comment my images
your galleries are outstanding...and you are a gorgeous woman!
Tom Heim19-Jul-2005 19:50

Really beautiful work you have done throughout all your galleries. You have a great eye and a lot of talent! Thanks for sharing your fine work with us.
Glendower19-Jul-2005 12:38
Please allow me to thank you for your generously supportive and encouraging comments on several images that I have posted since first subscribing to PBase a month ago. Thanks as well for posting so many wonderful and inspiring images in your galleries that model the very best in first class photography - both in technique and artistic expression. Photographic plodders like me can learn so much from studying your compositions. Cheers!
Guest 18-Jul-2005 01:31
Mindy, Thanks for visiting my galleries.
really like your all galleries, and liike your unique style!
Guest 16-Jul-2005 23:35
Mindy, Thanks for your continued help with the sunset shots - we haven't had many opportunities here for those shots this week - Dennis has poured down on us this week. Hope you've had a good week.
Guest 15-Jul-2005 20:22
Thank you Mindy for your comment of my photo "Sky on fire". It gave me an opportunity to see your wonderful galleries. They are totally in my taste.:-)
Pat Hemlepp11-Jul-2005 02:50

Thanks for the comment on the Ferris wheel photo. It was one of those mornings -- perfect sky, perfect light, perfect colors ... all I did was point and shoot. I was humbled after visiting your gallery and seeing the incredible quality of your work. Amazing!

Pat Hemlepp
Allen Chester11-Jul-2005 02:23
Your artist eye shows up in all your work. I agree that you need to be in the right place at the right time (luck?) but you must have talent and ability to succeed the way you have. Thanks for sharing your work.
Allen Chester
Guest 10-Jul-2005 03:20
Thanks so much for your help - I appreciate it greatly - I will check out the link you sent too - thanks again!
Guest 10-Jul-2005 02:31
Thanks so much for your comment - especially considering your lovely work. I have only had my camera for a week. Do you have any advice for taking pictures of sunsets? I took some tonight and found that sometimes the sun and the sky around it could look distorted. Do you use flash with a sunset? Again, thanks so much.
Guest 09-Jul-2005 18:43
Thank you for comment on my pictures. There are so many great pictures in your galleries, which gives me difficulties to select some specific ones to comment.

Very Nice Galleries. Also an elegant female photographer.
Donna Hollinger09-Jul-2005 11:28
Mindy, took a trip through your PAd alternates...they are wonderful! Also visited your website which is so interesting. I want to do something like this eventually with some
of my photos. Your photography is artist and inspiring. Thanks
alda07-Jul-2005 17:00
Thank you, Mindy, for your vote (of confidence, as I like to say)!
Your galleries are marvellous. I notice the rare gift you have - that is, to find and then capture the small pockets of beauty in everyday things, simple things that others would pass by unnoticed.
Brian McAllister06-Jul-2005 16:14
Hi Mindy. Took even more time this morning to look through your galleries. Very nice! I'm inspired Mindy. Truly. Your PAD shots are all works of art. Where many PAD shots seem "snapped off" on other people's galleries, you have captured the subject matter with a wonderful eye. Thanks for your kind comments. It's nice to be encouraged by someone with your abilities. Take care.
Ron Asp06-Jul-2005 14:05
Mindy, I just took a trip through your galleries, and am really impressed. Wish I could pick a best, that's difficult with yours..They are tops. Thanks for sharing, I'll be back...Ron...I also appreciate your comment.
Guest 06-Jul-2005 07:49
Hi Mindy - thanks for stopping by to look at my galleries and for your comments. I'm envious of you being able to make a living doing this! Best wishes, Steve
Brian McAllister06-Jul-2005 07:48
Hello Mindy. I enjoyed your gallery immensely. Will come back often.
Take care, Brian.
Guest 29-Jun-2005 12:54

nice homepage you've got!
keep up the good work

Daniel Wickwire27-Jun-2005 03:58
Mindy. Thanks very much for the your kind comments on one of my rather "rough" black and white images. I've been to your galleries before and have loved your wonderful work. I'm off to look at a few more. Take care. Daniel.
Mindy McNaugher26-Jun-2005 15:09
Mom, it's great to see you back on the computer!!! You'll see as you read the comments throughout my PAD gallery that you have had tremendous support and many prayers from fellow Pbasers that I have been getting to know! This is an amazing group of people! Glad you're back!! Enjoy!! Love you, Mindy
Mom 26-Jun-2005 14:49
Am so thrilled to be home and able to view your new photos and comments on PBase -- it will take alittle time to go through all of them - but I'll give it the good-ole' college try!! Love you loads, Mom
Guest 25-Jun-2005 16:32
Hello Mindy. Thank you for your nice comment on my picture. I was travelling to France, more precisely the Normandie. The village is very small and called "Vauville". It is about 50 km / 32 miles from "Omaha Beach" where the allies and in particular the americans landed on 6 June 1944. Thanks god they came as I would otherwise be under the Nazi regime....:) If you intend to come to Europe one day you should go to France / Normandie. It is a very nice region. Should you come to Luxembourg let me know and it will be my pleasure to show you the country. Thierry
Guest 25-Jun-2005 04:15
Thank you for your gracious comments. I enjoy shooting flowers very much. Also, thank you for sharing your wonderful images. Keep up the good work!
coaster24-Jun-2005 04:58

You take the most beautiful photos, really exceptional. One is more beautiful than the next. Keep 'em coming.

Dan Wyman
Chris Branan23-Jun-2005 21:35
I just love your nature shots. You have some very beautiful images here. I really admire your work. I've added you to my list of favorites.
Guest 21-Jun-2005 04:53
Thanks for the comment in my PAD.
I looked your galleries and I was blown away,it is really one of the most incredible sites I have seen on Pbase. I saved you as a favorite and look forward checking your site often.
Guest 10-Jun-2005 01:44
Thanks for your kind words. It means alot coming from a seasoned photographer. You have an amazing gallery. I'll be visiting regularly.
Guest 06-Jun-2005 18:16
Hi Mindy,
Thanks for your response to my pad for today. I really like the "finished" look framing gives my pictures. Of course, there are times when no frame works best, too! I preferred the top picture as well but there was just something about the second picture that drew me in as well. OY! LOL Thanks, again, Cindi
fotabug04-Jun-2005 05:19
You are so good! I am very impressed and really enjoyed viewing your collection. I am definitely adding you to my favorites.

Best wishes,
Guest 02-Jun-2005 18:45
Some simply stunning photo's - Well Done...I need to return to veiw every one. Thanks for sharing.
janetspain30-May-2005 15:45
I can see that photography is a passion of yours...your photos breathe with life and color. Thanks for sharing them.
jypsee26-May-2005 01:28
Hey, thanks for the comment on my wasp on wintercress photo today; I like your work, especially the landscapes, as well.
jypsee in Michigan for the summer
kimberly borchardt24-May-2005 23:06
Hi Mindy, your photos are exceptional! I wonder if you could post the listing of your camera equipment? Thanks, and looking forward to more of your images this summer!
camms 21-May-2005 14:12
Mindy. Thank you for visiting my galleries and commenting on some of my pictures. I particularly appreciate the opportunity your visit gave me to come and view your beautiful galleries! :)
Sheena Woodhead21-May-2005 07:38
Mindy. Thank you for your comments on my recent photographs. I've only now found time to have a good look at your galleries - they are outstanding - will keep coming back. Best wishes to your Mom in her rehabilitation. From the photos of her she certainly looks as though she has the right attitude to recover well. Take care.
Jean Ray20-May-2005 06:42
Hi Mindy. Thanks for commenting on my PAD today. I looked at some of your photos and have put you on my favorites list. The photos of your mom are very touching. I hope her recovery is going well. And I LOVE your flower shots. Flowers are among my very favorite subjects.
Ron Asp14-May-2005 05:06
Mindy, Thanks for shareing the photos. All your galleries are excellent. Ron
Guest 05-May-2005 06:52
Thanks for the encouragement. I enjoyed your galleries. I,m feeling the need to go south. the snow just melted up here. St. Thomas sounds nice.
Ron Lutz II05-May-2005 02:48
Hey Mindy! Wow, just a little over a month on here and already all these guestbook comments! Whoo-hoo! Cool beans! Things are looking really great around here.
Clyne04-May-2005 01:55
Very enjoyable galleries and I like your Scotland photos (my home). I wish your mother a good recovery. My father took a fall amd broke his hip on holiday in Thailand. Some of your PAD shots took me back to that episode! Take care.
Guest 03-May-2005 17:16
"Another fabulous road shot! Makes me want to get in my car and go! Love it!"

Thanks for your praise on the picture of the "Sandhills of Nebraska". After looking through your albums, I can see that you're no stranger to good photography. You have a great collection Mindy, and a well developed talent.

Keep shooting & sharing.

Guest 30-Apr-2005 14:06
First i would like to welcome you to Pbase, its a great site, and you are off to a great start, love all of your galleries. Your flower photos are excellent. And also,
thanks for commenting on my site. I will keep checking in on your PAD. Keep up the
great work..
EHusky28-Apr-2005 05:58
Hi Mindy,

Thank you for the comments and note. I was thinking of getting a new digital camera with a better zoom. Keep up with your photography, I'll keep checking in :)
Guest 27-Apr-2005 19:37
Mindy - thank's for your comment on my site - I looked at all your galleries and every shot was nice!
Guest 26-Apr-2005 09:53
Excellent work Mindy, you certainly have the eye for spotting a great image and execute the shots very well. Thanks for posting
EHusky26-Apr-2005 07:07
Great shots!!!! :)
alexeig22-Apr-2005 20:05
Thanks visiting, I have found some great shots in your galleries

Keep good work

B Thomas Johnston17-Apr-2005 07:57
Hi Mindy, thanks for leaving the comment on my Port Arthur image. I've just been having a stroll through your galleries and I must say you have some absolutely beautiful photos. The Western Landscapes gallery could almost be in Australia :D I'm also a die hard film buff but also enjoy the digital side of things. Thanks again for taking the time to comment.
Enrique16-Apr-2005 09:15

Nice collection of photos - I especially like your landscapes of the West - awesome!

Thank you for commenting on the pair of Sandhill Cranes coming in for a landing. That is one of my favorite pics. I shot that, and others in November at Bosque Del Apache NWR in New Mexico. These cranes apparently mate for life so I figure this was a good 'ole married couple with the husband squawking at his wife for some reason or other!
There is a companion shot to that one, enjoy:

Howard Sandler12-Apr-2005 04:31
Really interesting and eclectic photos. Keep posting!
Thomas27-Mar-2005 09:55
Hi Mindy,
Good start with these galleries.Film has it's place but digital is super convenient.Post processing the images is half the fun although the same can be said of film scans.
Thanks for sharing.I will check back.
Eleanor 23-Mar-2005 21:32
This is a fabulous assortment of photographs - such variety - and so well done!! I hope you will sell these as cards and prints -- surely everyone should want both to send and own!!
Jeff Cochran19-Mar-2005 16:06
Great start on your galleries. Cheers.