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Guest 25-Apr-2016 10:51
Nice :)
irislynx20-Oct-2013 04:07
Mike, I'm Very Inpressed with your photos! I have a Nikon D80 and found your page by looking up info on the D80 with Flash, I'm so happy I found your page as it boost's my moral to do better pictures!! Yours are some of the "Best" I have seen so far using the D80!! ( maybe sometime, If you ever have the time, You could give me some tips?) Would love to get a couple of those lens's you have, but, they are a little out of my grasp at this time, But, Really nice to see the sample photos of what these lens's can do on a D80 ( And other camera's of course) Really does help a lot if you know what your doing too, Which Very Obviously you do and it really shows!! ~ Keep up the Great Work, your Very Good At It!
Dhurata 13-Nov-2012 21:21
Adorable pictures ;))))
Marc Charron 29-Aug-2011 02:36
Hey Mike,
Nice 9ner, I just recently bought one 2010, same as yours. I also want to lower it, not tall enough to leave it as is. I wanted to get your feedback on the handling, comfort and so on after the lowering, just about to do it this week. I'm concerned about bottoming out if it's to low, did you add a shorty kickstand. Any of your comments will be appreciated, you can send it directly to my email. Thanks
Sandra Condon 14-Mar-2011 08:56
I was researching getting a digital camera and couldn't decide which until I saw your gallery and decided on the FZ20 purely because your photos were awesome! You have the most amazing use of composition and colour and after 5 years I am still trying to get that in my photography. Your portraits are stunning and I study them trying to learn from them.
Nancy Austin 10-Feb-2009 02:39
Fan-tastic pictures!!! You really know how to use that camera!
John Varnadoe 02-Feb-2009 04:49
Mike, I haven't seen you on the 109 forum since November 11,2008. Please send me an email assuring me that you are ok. Been worried about you. John Varnadoe (Lonewolf)
Stephanie Hudson 04-Jan-2009 15:09
Your photos are great! I saw u taking pictures one time at a football game or something (i forgot LOL), but had no idea u were into like this. I love taking pictures and video recording. I think your work is great!
Del 24-Aug-2008 03:07
Nice pics Mike!
Terrie Miller 17-Jul-2008 16:18
Great Work!
Amanda Gammill 08-May-2008 01:18
Oh my goodness..I click on a link in order to find out what the shutter actuation of a camera were and there was a post from you telling how you find out the actuation. Well, I saw some pictures that were below a remark, "I'm not resourceful enough to insert a witty quip or intelligent quote here...." and one image JUMPED out at me. You spinning the little girl. You and I were on the "Shot" website together and actually voted for one another a time or two. Your storybook image was in the top 5! LOL...what a small world! I am loving the pictures of the drops of water. You are so artistic and creative! I just had to stop by and say a big ole' Hello!! So, Hello Mike!!

Amanda G.
Guest 20-Feb-2008 09:44
Oh my God! these pics are great. Katie and Alyssa are so big now and very pretty. I especially like the pic at the card table...would like a copy of that one. You are so talented at all that you do...even though you change every month or so (you say 6 mths I say month)BIG SMILE! Keep up the great work.
Always got your back, always your partner loving you always!
Hector Contreras 18-Feb-2008 21:51
Hi Mike. I was wondering if you could help me with figure out how to get a shot like you bedtime story shot. I have an interfit brand transmitter and a canon speedlight 580II flash but I can't seem to figure out how to set it up. Can you give me some tips?
F. Martin 05-Dec-2007 01:16
You work is amazing,
You are truly gifted.

I would really like to talk to you about Touch of Color
2pyrs 08-Oct-2007 11:09
Nice family I did not think you were so young. We only had one child boy who is 25 now and he is special to us as I am sure the girls are to you. I sure can’t take pictures that nice other wise you would see more of my family on my site.
Give them a lot of love and ride safe

Daniel L. Rice ---2pyrs
Guest 14-Jun-2007 07:40
I'm looking at the world different thanks to your pictures.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 13:24
Simply astounding! Keep getting better ok?
Guest 08-Mar-2007 09:25
Great work, your photo galleries are fantastic.
D. Kennedy 02-Dec-2006 10:09
Excellent work Mike. As a fellow FZ20 user, I too have gained a renewed passion for the art. You truly have a gift.
AJ Bird 25-Jul-2006 06:47
You are a gifted artist - terrific visual sense and imagination. Very inspiring.
Guest 10-Jun-2006 16:11
Near masterful work. It really caught my eye.
Markus Grompe17-Oct-2005 17:03
what's the focal length on that Nikon close-up lens that you used to shoot your tarantula? it has great depth of field...
Guest 13-Oct-2005 12:51
Nice work Mike! Keep triping the shutter! Peace
GH Davall
Pam 01-Oct-2005 21:37
What a great collection, just stunning
Eric Wolf 13-Sep-2005 02:37
Fantastic work! I love your photos and thank you for posting them for all to see.
Coni 18-Aug-2005 21:52
Awesome photos! You have inspired me to get out and start experimenting with my FZ20. I am thinking about buying an external flash for my FZ20. Can you tell me what kind of flash you went with? Most people are recommending the Sunpak 383. Thanks.
Victor 09-Aug-2005 13:06
Great shoots Mike. I really love the Round 'n Round and Touch of Color. I just bought a FZ20 and am really inspired by your pictures. Any plans to get the FZ30?
tramoman 22-Jul-2005 23:06
I have a problem with the depth of field during the close ups. How can I blur the background with my PANAS z20?
Can you please give me any advice? I have noticed that you are able..
chyeheng20-Jul-2005 14:33
Your gallery is stunning! Pictures coming out from the FZ20 is so alive in your capable hands and your creative eyes
Guest 12-Jul-2005 07:29
Hello Mr. Mike Curtis.. :o) maybe you don't remember anymore but i was the one who asked you before how you did your water drops because it was really amazing! :o) I did it once but it didn't turned out nice. Last week I tried it again and I think this time I got it better although it's not that sharp coz I don't have the T6 yet.. :o) I'm inviting you to view it at Best regards -- edith :o)
Richard 07-Jul-2005 01:26
I tell ya, I must have been on your gallery for an hour, I am so impressed with your fine work, you're a natural, thanks for the beautiful entertainment. Your macro pictures were great and particuraly interesting, you inspired me to purchase the 5t & 6t for my FZ10, it just arrived and I hope to experiment this weekend. If you have time to throw a few tips my way regarding settings, flash or anything else you think will aid me on my first macro venture I sure will appreciate it. Thanks again for the great gallery. Richard
Guest 06-Jun-2005 21:31
Hi Mike
I have enjoyed seeing your photos on the forum,and enjoyed looking at your images here. Miss not seeing you on the forum more often.
Howard Kofoed
Guest 01-May-2005 10:11
Hello Mike,
your galleries are full of beautiful images, I really enjoied looking.
Thanks for taking the time to visit my galleries and for your comments. I followed your advice to clone out the pole and the line in one shot. As for the Eiffel Tour, you are right, well, at that time I was not an experienced photographer...
Jim Mahoney 27-Apr-2005 05:02
Number one, Katie is a great model, my granddaughter has turned out to be a very good model also. Two, very, very good photographic art. You have convinced me to get a FZ20 and to not worry about the little details and differences reported in various reviews. Thanks, and I hope to post my own shots with a FZ20 soon (I know it will be a long time to match your abilities).
tomsview20-Apr-2005 05:23
Comment of your profile really touch me, feel the same way but can't write the same way.
Not a camera deep user for last 20 years, point and shot digital camera feel like a toy.
Until DSLR with reasonable price, I got my Nikon D70.
Within 6 month, I shot over 10000 pictures,
Learn from mistakes more than working 10 years of 35mm.
We might go through the same thing and really enjoy your gallery
Martin (Qixil) 18-Apr-2005 19:39
A stunning collection - I decided to visit your galleries after seeing a contratemps with a 'flower-snapping bandwidth-waster' and recognised many of the images in my top ten I've seen posted.

Keep up the good work.

Henk Dikkers 12-Apr-2005 13:43
I am impressed by your galleries. And what
a beautiful daughter you have. But most of all I was struck by the pictures of the Killdeer. A week ago this wonderful bird was seen for the first time ever in Holland. Birders were very excited. It was big news for many days. And he is breeding in your garden? That' s not fair. I am jealous like many Dutch birders. I wish you all the best and take care of the Killdeer.

Henk Dikkers 12 april 2005
sapna 03-Apr-2005 14:57
well yes the panasonic camera is good but katie has got the biggest eyes iv sure even the lousiest camera would come up with a real good picture of hers....katies best pictures are one of those where she is swinging and playing around, the fun n frolic on her face shows so much mixed with that bunny innosence.There are no pictures of katie with animals though...i guess that means you dont have a pet in your house. Try getting few shots with katie and a sweet little kitten or a puppy or a small chicken or maybe a duck sure they will be real nice n she would be thrilled to have a pet for a while.
Mike Curtis10-Mar-2005 06:20

You don't know how much I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my humble photo collection. I got in to photography about 10 years ago pretty seriously, but eventually lost the desire. Maybe it was because of a lack of an audience that understood and appreciated the work that went in to creating my images. Now that I've recently bought a digital camera, and become active in photo forums, it has re-kindled my desire. I guess one reason is because I finally have an audience who can appreciate the images I take. Since buying my camera in January, I have really gotten back into it. After 3 or so years of no real photography, it's coming back to me. You are right about developing an eye. I'm constantly trying to see things in a different way. I find it difficult, as I guess a lot of photographers do, but I get a lot of great ideas from looking at other people's galleries. Since getting my camera, one of my photos has won Photo of the Day 3 times, Best of Category once, and is now up for Best of the Month at In fact it's being voted on now. I've even had a few other images win POTD very recently.

Again, I want to thank you for writing such an informative and easy to read book. It helped me form what I feel is a strong understanding of exposure which has taken my photography beyond just snapshots. And thank you again for taking time to comment on my gallery.

Bryan Peterson 10-Mar-2005 06:04
I dont now how long you have been shooting, but I can say this without hesitation-you are well on your way towards developing an eye of strong graphic composition and for what its worth, effective composition is one of the biggest hurdles most shooters need to overcome. Nice images here overall-just keep shooting!