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Amazing Insects -Super Macro Shots

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Macro opens a whole new unknown world for photographer. So many interesting things are beyond normal capability of our eyes. So many small things we're passing by without noticing them. Most objects in this gallery are less then half inch in size and some are much smaller. Initially images were shot with Panasonic FZ10 and Nikon 6T and 5T close up lens, After moving to Canon 30D, newer images were shot with Canon 100 mm f/2.8 Macro. I will be adding images to these gallery entire summer, so make sure you visit the gallery again. I'm getting closer and closer every time I shoot :-) Since I'm not an entomologist, it's very difficult to identify insects. If you notice any discrepancies please let me know correct names. If you like the gallery or do not like it I appreciate all opinions. If you think it's worth please don't forget to vote.

Bumblebee in a Dew
The Architecture of Wasp Pick-a-Boo (Two-striped Grasshopper)
Meet Cicada Cicada Look At You
Wolf Spider Wasp - Queen Laying Eggs Wolf Spider
Bald Faced Hornet Japanese Beetles Mayfly - What a Big Eyes You Have Bug's Ballet - Japanese Beetle - Popillia japonica
Common Eastern Bumble Bee They're Watching Us Japanese Beetle - Popillia japonica Ladybug
Worker Honey Bee - Apis mellifera Bald Faced Hornet Bull - Common Eastern Bumble Bee Common Eastern Bumble Bee
Bald Faced Hornet Crane Fly Two-striped grasshopper - Melanoplus bivittatus
Mr. Mosquito - In the Garden Pick-a-Boo (Two-striped Grasshopper) Face of Many Faces (Variable Darner) Ladybug Beetle
Friday SP :-( Variable Darner
Bad Hair Day Feeding Time
Another Guy Shot a Fly Morning Bath Morning Makeover. Snail This Is My Tail (European Earwig)
Working Together Caterpillar's Head Six Legs
Top Of The World ??? Walking Downstairs Boreal Bluet
Brown Eyed Little Guy Beast Working Hard
Micky Blue Eyes Up Close And Personal Bumble Bee
World In The Buble Stripes Droplets Between  Rose Petals Patterns Rusty Snaketail
Fly's eyes Portrait These Eyes Flying Spider.
Upside Down Eyes And Mouth
Cabbage White