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The Art of Graffiti

November 2006: After more than a year of not being there, I was passing the place by without any intention to take more shots. Why do I? I've already took as many as I could. I was so wrong. The walls have been re-done completely. The old painting were gone. Now they exist only in my gallery, nowhere else. But there were new ones, may be even better. And I spend again some time shooting them . So they are now being added to the gallery, so you can see more of that mysterious and great art of invisible painters.

May 2005: Living in Toronto for almost six years I was wondering why I do not see graffiti on the city walls. I was trying to look in many places around the city and could not find them. I really love these paintings. They are strange, funny, usually very professional, and so colorful. And colud not find anything, nada. One day I was heading toward Queen Street from the south and instead of taking the street, cut the angle, and went between two small buildings. And on the narrow internal street I found them, they were inside the block; I passed this place several times before and did not see any sign from outside. But here they were. I just tried to shoot them; all the credits for this great work belong to other people, invisible in a day time, but leaving those great signs of their presence.

Let me know what do you think. Please take a second and leave comments and (what the heck :-)) votes if you like how I've seen and presented it. Then other people will see it as well.

g1/04/463304/3/118141958.hnriGZkm.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70424810.EDGF2ChJ.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70424802.YojxBHgG.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70424801.Gww0YXCY.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70374081.VvZ261cn.jpg
g6/04/463304/3/70373747.PuveFqT5.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70373719.ssX4qD8c.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70335593.swLGWYZt.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70335569.jFXYnbkZ.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70335484.wsPLm4a4.jpg
g6/04/463304/3/70335478.IXxJfMBg.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70225284.f87euSwy.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70196903.oY9H3Ted.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70196879.n6EdGCAj.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70195976.hxdZnBzI.jpg
g6/04/463304/3/70195936.SoiylFKD.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70195219.Kr2nmoyv.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70195209.tkAWw3bS.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70183760.T8326Y6Q.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70183739.m9qOC4nt.jpg
g6/04/463304/3/70167635.zQKMtT4V.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70167606.Hary6C8T.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70164206.UaSGSOeM.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70164193.soi09f8J.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70125717.94n86qEo.jpg
g6/04/463304/3/70122819.dADXZMst.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70092311.oX2yglAu.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70073330.OrLMhfth.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70073256.hvQyNAnC.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70073252.bm6hY2p2.jpg
g6/04/463304/3/70073234.Eyo85lFx.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70068603.pPRc8PkD.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70068584.LkGCoeuF.jpg g6/04/463304/3/70068577.54jBimx2.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081076.115_0338_1.jpg
g4/04/463304/3/43081077.115_0341_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081075.115_0337_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081121.115_0441_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081096.115_0379_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081097.115_0380_1.jpg
g4/04/463304/3/43081089.115_0362_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081078.115_0342_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081068.115_0322_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081073.115_0331_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081086.115_0358_1.jpg
g4/04/463304/3/43081120.115_0439_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081082.115_0349_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081069.115_0324_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081087.115_0359_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081114.115_0427_1.jpg
g4/04/463304/3/43081072.115_0330_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081079.115_0342_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081095.115_0378_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081115.115_0428_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081074.115_0335_1.jpg
g4/04/463304/3/43081084.115_0355_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081093.115_0372_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081094.115_0374_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081098.115_0383_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081099.115_0385_1.jpg
g4/04/463304/3/43081085.115_0357_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081092.115_0371_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081088.115_0361_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081090.115_0367_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081083.115_0352_1.jpg
g4/04/463304/3/43081070.115_0326_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081100.115_0388_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/50588228.115_0347_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/43081071.115_0357_1.jpg g4/04/463304/3/52443082.115_0345_1.jpg