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Winter 2015/16

To me winter is cold, ice, and snow, so for this gallery I use the meteorological winter definition, which encompasses the
three coldest months of the year, running from December 1 to the end of February, rather than the more common astronomical
winter definition, which is based on the position of the sun and runs from winter solstice to spring equinox. And since I love
color, to me the challenge for winter photography (other than being out in the hostile, unfriendly, and often dangerous
environment of the Canadian winter) is to find and photograph color during a typically drab and gray time of year.

Winter 2015/16 Around the House
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Tulip Sprouts From Ground Level P1040062-7 Stretching Swan On Ice DSCF6405 Mallard Splashdown DSCF6365
Goose In Flight DSCF6327 Roadside Trees At Sunrise P1040037-9 Migrating Geese At Sunrise DSCF21472 Irish Creek At Sunrise P1030942
Rideau Canal At Night P1030912-21 Red-winged Blackbird Calling DSCF6224 Log In Spring Runoff P1030860 First Robin of 2016 (DSCF6194)
Hooded Merganser DSCF6170 Hooded Mergansers Taking Flight DSCF6160 Come Fly With Me, Baby (DSCF6146-7) Hooded Merganser DSCF6135
Abstract In Ice DSCF6103 Ruffled Starling DSCF6077 Sunrise Geese Flyout P1030671 Stretching Swan DSCF6059
Geese Flying Over Sunrise P1030524-6 Swan Taking Flight DSCF6021 Trees In Fog P1030443-5 Ducks Geese & Swan In Fog P1030425
Foggy Night P1030399-401 Foggy Night P1030365-7 Foggy Night P1030353-5 Lockmaster's House At First Light P1030310-5
Boathouses At Sunrise P1030237-43 Lockmaster's House At Dawn P1030140-4 Three Barns P1030088-90 Eagle In A Tree DSCF5957
Bald Eagle In Flight P1020899 Middle Of The Road Crescent Moon P1020835-9 Otter On Ice At Sunrise P1020772.4 (crop) Otter On Ice At Sunrise P1020772.4
Misty Sun Rising Beyond A Railway Bridge P1020759-65 Turtle Island Misty Sunrise P1020654-60 Canal Lock Gate Cranks At Sunrise P1020501-3 Bald Eagle In Flight P1020550
Open Water Fog At Sunrise P1020482-4 Winter Night Light Pillar P1020381-3 Snowy Night P1020360-2 Lockmaster's House At Dawn P1020337-41
Ice On The Rocks P1020306-8 Church Doors P1020282-4 Winterscape P1020267-9 Frozen Lower Rideau Lake P1020255-7
Pine Between Two Docks P1020249-51 Two Old Barns DSCF5916 White Muscovy Duck Head DSCF5910 White Muscovy Duck Head (crop) DSCF5910
Shoulder Nuzzle P1020206 Sparkling Tree P1020130 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1020108-13 Ice Storm 20160225 (DSCF5901)
Bright Night P1020077-9 Boathouses At Night P1020055-7 Moon On The Bascule Bridge P1020035-9 Frosty Rideau Waterway Sunrise P1010878-82
Frosty Rideau Waterway Sunrise P1010853-7 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1010848-52 Sunstruck Trees P1010843-7 Rideau Canal In A Frosty Sunrise P1010813-7
A Middle Of The Road Sunrise P1010753-7 Irish Creek Sunrise P1010748-52 Cold Forage P1010733 Equine Pals Chilling Out P1010712-4
Rotel At Dawn P1010667-9 Snowy Parking Lot P1010655-7 Patio Aftermath P1010651-3 Out Front Aftermath P1010645-7
Snowstorm 20160216 (DSCF5896) VIA Station At Night P1010620-2 Frosty Shoreline At Sunrise P1010566-8 Turtle Island In Misty Sunrise P1010479-84
Sunrise Mist P1010437-9 Frosted Branches P1010422-4 Cold Morning Mist P1010346-52 Snowy Leaning Tree P1010314-6
Snowy Gallipeau Centre Driveway P1010308-10 4K Frame Grab Test P1010323 Railway Museum At Night P1010263-6 Duck Island On A Bright Night P1010249-51
Water Tower At Night P1010239-41 Rideau Canal At Night P1010231-2 Two Swans On Ice DSCF5846 Mink Profile DSCF5804
Heads Up DSCF5794 Three Swans On Ice DSCF5794 Swans On Ice DSCF5784 Christmas Boathouses P1010119
Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge P1010114-6 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge P1010113 Rideau Canal Sunset P1010097-9 Lower Reach In Falling Snow DSCF5738
Sunrise At Old Slys P1010051-7 Crescent Moon Over Turtle Island P1010040 Swale Boathouses At Night P1010030 Blue Hour Reflections P1010009-13
Icicles P1000999 Ol' Frosty Breath P1000975.88 Frozen Swamp P1000926 Frozen Swamp P1000916
Rideau Rapids P1000896-9 Midwinter Thaw P1000852-6 Pedestrian Underpass P1000827-9BW Pedestrian Underpass P1000827-9
Lockmaster's Watch House At Night P1000821 Rideau Canal At Sunrise 48190-2 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1000817-9 Rideau Canal Dawn P1000787-9
Snow Over Beckwith Street P1000734-6 Davidson Courtyard P1000731-3 Old Building P1000620-2 Beckwith Street Bridge At First Light P1000548.51
Perth Town Hall At Night P1000530 Sunset At The Swale P1000451 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1000399-401 Winter Farm At Dawn P1000337-9
Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1000297-9 Turtle Island Trees At Sunrise P1000159-61 Boathouses At Dawn P1000100-1 Moon Setting Over The Swale P1000085-91
Bright Night P1000067-72 Winter White Water P1240953 Above Edmunds Dam At Sunrise P1240890-2 Wintry Big Rideau Lake At Sunrise DSCF5692
Picnic Anyone? P1240836-8 Wintry Big Rideau Lake At Sunrise P1240803-5 Autumn Leftovers P1240770 Winter Barn P1240746-8
Snowscape P1240734-9 After A Snowfall P1240671-6 Snowy Russell Street 48142-4 Snowy McGill Street 48137-8
Rideau Canal Museum At Dawn P1240563-7 Beckwith Street Bridge North Stairs P1240519-24 Freezing Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1240459 Red Channel Marker Locked In Blue Ice DSCF5666
Winter Hutton Creek Sunrise 48115-20 White On White DSCF5651 Beckwith Street Bridge At First Light P1240399-401 Sunrise Landscape P1240362-4
Winter Sunrise P1240297-9 Winter Horses At Sunrise P1240261-3 Sunrise Solar Pillar P1240234-6 Winter Canal Basin P1240156-61
Confederation Drive Bridge On A Misty Morning P1240138-40 Freezing Rideau Canal Sunrise P1240012-4 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1240009-11 Edmunds Lock At Sunrise P1230930-2
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1230911-3 Winter Field Near Sunrise P1230884-6 Wolford Chapel 29071-3 Winter Shed P1230857
Public Library 48082-4 Streetlight Holiday Wreath 48067-9 Kilmarnock Island Near Sunset 48046-8 Winter Barns 48043-5
Winter Garden P1230812 Old & Older Barns In Winter P1230783-5 After The Snowstorm P1230768-70 Snowscape P1230750-2
Snowstorm 20151229 (48039) Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1230734-6 Lone Swimming Goose DSCF5625 Rideau Canal Sunrise 48004-6
Nativity In Lights 47962-70 Old Service Station 47938-46 Christmas Eve Sunrise P1230619-21 Moonset Beyond The Bascule Bridge P1230555-63
Victoria Park On A Foggy Night 47893-5 Station Theatre On A Foggy Night 47878-80 Lower Reach At Night P1230483-5 Railway Museum At Night P1230468-70
Victoria Park At Night P1230453-5 Victoria Park At Night P1230453-5 Eight Swans In Flight P1230427 Bridge Street At Dawn P1230385-7
Holiday Carleton Place P1230367-72 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1230355-7 Christmas Boathouses P1230325-7 Holiday Town Hall P1230292-4
Holiday Town Hall Entrance P1230280-2 Late Autumn Sunset 47824-32 Merry Christmas 2015 (47709) Heritage House Holiday Gazebo 47662-70
Holiday Heritage House Museum 47638-43 Rideau Canal At Night 47614-9 Rideau River At Night 47602-7 Geese Leaving The Swale P1230229
Geese In The Swale At Sunrise P1230223-5A Happy Holidays 1230175-7 Victoria Park Christmas Tree 47574-82 Celebration Of Lights 2015 (47565-73)
CP Engine 9371 (P1230112-4) Yellow Canoe Cafe 47550-5 Fell Off The Wagon P1230088-90 Old Barn Window P1230083
Barn Window P1230079-81 Celebration of Lights 2015 (P1230034-5) Holiday Mill Street 47523-8 Holiday Perth P1220980-2
Perth Holiday Bandstand 47487-92 Community Christmas Trees in Perth's Crystal Palace 47427-32 Perth Holiday Town Hall 47397-9 Had Their Undivided Attention P1220958
Broken Horn P1220953-5 Railway Museum Of Eastern Ontario P1220923-5 Bright Night 47382-4 Canalside House At First Light P1220896-901
Canalside House At First Light P1220896-901 Canalside House At First Light P1220896-901