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By Water

Kawartha Voyageur
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Two Docked Boats At Sunrise 90D07411-5 Fishing At Sunrise 90D05155-9 Red Sails P1050668
Fishermen Heading Out Under Setting Buck Moon P1050001 Victoria Basin At Night 90D-00536-9 Clouded Strawberry Moon Beyond Victoria Basin P1610114-8 Going Fishing On A Foggy River P1600969
Going Fishing On A Foggy River P1600865 Kayaker Photographing Water Lilies DSCN61528 Kayaker In The Swale DSCN61524 Interesting Sky Over Victoria Basin DSCN61458
First Pleasure Craft In The Basin 2021 DSCN60880 Heron & Moon Over The Le Boat Fleet DSCN60515 Clouded Flower Moon Over The Le Boat Fleet P1600346-50 Le Boats Docked At Centennial Park P1590858
Le Boats Docked At Centennial Park P1590823-7 The Le Boat Fleet Queue At Night P1590526-32 The Le Boat Fleet Queue At Night P1590505-11 Le Boats Back Into The Water Day DSCN56604
Red Canoe DSCN39355 Two Men In A Speeding Boat DSCN37912 'Art' Airborne Le Boat DSCN37884 Le Boat Season End Queue At Blue Hour P1560896-02
Le Boat Season End Queue Panorama P1560819-32 Le Boat Season End Queue At Night P1560770-6 Le Boat Season End Queue At Night P1560749-55 Five Le Boats At Blue Hour DSCN37025
A Le Boat Docked At Kilmarnock DSCN36412 A Le Boat Docked At Kilmarnock DSCN36406 2020 Harvest Moon P1560340-6 Interesting Morning Sky Over Victoria Basin DSCN35044
Two Hunters On Otter Creek DSCN33654 Sunrise At Edmonds Lock DSCN29170 Bass Fishermen Heading Out At Sunrise DSCN21807 Boat At The Detached Lockstation DSCN21557
Le Boat On Misty Water At Sunrise DSCN20801-6 Town Swans & Their Entourage DSCN19264 Le Boats Into The Basin P1020900 The Le Boat Queue At Sunrise DSCN19174-6
The Le Boat Queue At Dawn DSCN19159-61 Airborne Le Boat DSCN03904 The Le Boat Lineup DSCN03838 Victoria Canal Basin At Sunrise P1470540-6
Autumn Victoria Basin DSCN03399-01 Docked Boat At Sunrise P1460312-8 Foggy Victoria Basin P1460109-15 Foggy Victoria Basin At Sunrise P1460011-7
Kawartha Voyageur At Dawn P1450891-7 Misty Canal Basin At Sunrise P1450282-8 Red Sky Over The Victoria Canal Basin P1450117-23 Clayton FD 'Last Chance' Fire Boat DSCN00613
Tall Ships 'Empire Sandy' & 'St Lawrence II' DSCN00592 Tall Ships 'Empire Sandy' & 'St Lawrence II' DSCN00592 'Art' Nao Santa Maria DSCN00584 The Topsail Schooner 'Pride of Baltimore II' Fires Its Cannon DSCN00580
The Brigantine 'Black Jack' Fires Its Cannon DSCN00571 The Brigantine 'Fair Jeanne' Fires Its Cannon DSCN00566 Victoria Park Marina At Night P1440451-7 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1440246
Kawartha Voyageur At Night In Smiths Falls P1430750-6 Waning Buck Moon Over Victoria Basin P1430031-6 Fishing In Sunrise Mist P1420545-51 Rideau Paddlefest 2019 (1150511-1)
Houseboat In The Creek P1410089 Fish Study P1130517 Docked Le Boat Canadian Fleet At Night P1400575-81 Three LeBoats Out Of Twenty P1120681-3
LeBoat Crane P1120643 SCOW #1 P1120187 SCOW #1 P1120187BW 2019 First Boat On The Canal P1110635-7
Waiting For Spring P1050281A John J Carrick In The Seaway P1030394-6 John J Carrick From Afar P1030365 Le Boat Winter Storage P1000847
Airborne Le Boat P1000756 Crop Airborne Le Boat P1000756 Airborne Le Boat P1000753 Last Day In The Water P1000631
Autumn Sailboat P1000577 Last Boats Of The Season P1000492 Blue Boat In The Basin At Night P1340176-82 From The Long Sault Parkway P1340039
Le Boats Before Dawn P1330101-7 Detached Lock Basin DSCN30248-50 Fishing At Sunrise DSCN29374.82 Anchored Boat At Sunrise P1320454-6
Buck Moon Over Canal Basin P1320162-8 Boat In The Swale DSCN28681-3 Father & Daughter Going Fishing P1320093 Federal Caribou DSCN27508
Edmonds Canal Cut DSCN25822-4 Boat On Otter Lake DSCN25491-3 Solar-Powered Fishing Boat At Sunrise DSCN24836 Canal Basin Sunrise DSCN24681-3
Rideau Paddlefest 2018 DSCN24350 Canal Basin Pier At Dawn P1310222-8 Docked Le Boats DSCN21763-8 Le Boat Canadian Fleet At Dawn P1300698-704
Le Boat Canadian Fleet DSCN21529 Waiting For Spring P1290459-63 Autumn Otter Lake DSCN16155 Quidi Vidi P1240736
Pouch Cove North Slipway Mural P1240565 Quidi Vidi Panorama DSCN14982.5 Quidi Vidi DSCN14985-7crop 'Atlantic Griffon' In Port_P1240116-8
Sunday Sunrise Fishing P1230950-2 Trees & Canoes P1230371 Canal Weedeater DSCN13832 Foggy Night At The Canal Basin P1230027-33
Blue Light Special P1220870-5 Blue Hour Boat Basin DSCN11896 Canal Traffic DSCN11762 Sitting On The Dock Of The Basin DSCN11755art
Docked In Night Fog P1210640-2 Docked In Night Fog P1210637-9 Docked In Night Fog P1210628-30 Foggy Night At The Canal Basin P1210627
'Salty Paws' P1210585-7 2017 Rideau Paddlefest DSCN10117 Bass Season Opens DSCN09819 'Good Times' At Edmonds DSCN09047-9
First Boat In The Basin P1210352-4 Harbour Fountain P1200879 Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN08535-7 Marina At Blue Hour P1200234-5
Red Boat & Dock Chair DSCN08108 Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120585-7) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120572-4) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120564-6)
Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120556-8) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120553-5) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120552) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120550-1)
Tall Ships Festival 2016 (DSCF22244) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120500BW) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120455) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120450-2)
Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120404) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120362) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120327) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120299)
Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120293) Tall Ships Festival 2016 (DSCF22193) Canal Basin At Night 48833-6 Fogged Sunrise P1110352-8
Incoming Fog Bank P1110262-4 Sheep Island In Mist Beyond Boat P1110089 Rideau Canal Fishermen At Sunrise P1110054 Canoe In The Canal DSCF21770
Boat In The Bush DSCF15003-5 Young Couple Going Sunrise Fishing P1090071 Blue Dinghy DSCF13112-4 3M, JAX Reflection DSCF13021-3
3M, JAX Reflection DSCF13021-3 Red Boats Docked At Victoria Park 48639 Two Boats In The Basin DSCF12939 Viking Ship On The St Lawrence DSCF12713
Viking Ship On The St Lawrence DSCF12692-4 Viking Ship Under Way DSCF12690 Viking Ship & Tall Ship DSCF12680 21st Century Viking Lass P1080482
Sunrise At Edmunds P1080357-9 Viking Ship P1080313-5 Viking Ship Dragon Head P1080274-6 Viking Ship Bow Detail P1080268-70
Viking Ship P1080265-7 Boat At The Detached Lock P1080150-2 Sunrise Fishing DSCF11638 Sunrise Fishing DSCF11598
RC Model Yacht DSCF5343 Foggy Sunrise Fisherman 45707-9 Foggy Sunrise Fisherman 45704-6 Father & Son Fishing At Sunrise 45692-4
Yacht Dolphin DSCF4519 Misty Sunrise Fishing P1170357 Misty Sunrise Fishing P1170310-2 Canal Basin At Night P1160715
Boat, Train & Lock P1160435.53 Heading Out To Fish P1150938 Heading Out To Fish At Sunrise P1150308 Canal Basin At Dawn P1150226-8
Lower Rideau Lake At Sunrise P1130814-6 Houseboats At Dawn P1130326 'Perfect Balance' P1120975-7 'Lady of Dover' P1120739
'Lady of Dover' P1120727 First 2015 Boat In The Basin P1120418-20 Dow's Lake Flotilla P1110834 Boat Reflected P1110639-41
Little Blue Boat At Sunrise P1110630-2 The Narrows At Sunrise 20140907 'La Vagabonde' P1090656-8 Docked At Centennial Park 20140728
Red White & Blue Bow 20140724 Boats Docked At Centennial Park 20140720 Clouded Moon Over The Canal Basin P1060767 Rideau Canal At Dawn 44222
Boat At Kilmarnock 20140706 Boats In The Basin P1060450 Rideau Canal At Dawn 20140630 Boats At Kilmarnock P1050879-81
First Boat Of The Season DSCF14860 First Boat Of The Season P1030655 Docked Boats On A Foggy Night 36352-7 Docked Boats On A Foggy Night 20130828
Prow Reflected DSCF08450 Docked Boat At Night 20130826 Rideau Canal At Sunrise 36039 Boat Light At First Light DSCF06860-65
Docked Boat At Dawn DSCF05834-8 'Slightly Off Course' Exiting Combined Lock DSCF05250 Foggy Canal Basin DSCF05183 Old Slys Lock 20130626
Docked Boats Under Foggy Night Sky 35164 Blue Boat Bumpers 20130619 Three Cannons DSCF04612 Belaying Pins & LInes DSCF04610
Houseboat At First Light 20130612 Houseboat Row At First Light 34970-2 'April Shower V' At Night 34823 'April Shower V' At Night 34811-3
'April Shower V' At Night 20130602 First Boat Of The Season DSCF02735 First Boats In The Basin DSCF02695-700 Misty III (27088)
Boats At Night 20120811 Canal Canoe 20120803 Boat In Fog 20120802 Twilight Houseboat 25558
Katchina III At Twilight 25554 Exiting The Combined Lock 20120613 Foggy Sunday Morning Fishers 24389 Boats & Flowers 24222-5
End Of The Fishing Day 00713 'Cardiac Rest' 20120520 First Boat Of The 2012 Season 20120519 Sunset Fishers 15666
Ship's Propellor 15284 Foggy Dawn Fishers 14901 Foggy Dawn Fishers 14882 Boat Launching 14866
Sunrise Fisher 20110820 Houseboat Row 20110730 Misty Morning Fishers 20110717 Sunrise Fishers 20110718
Rideau Canal At Dawn 11845 Kingston Mills DSCF01993-4 Canal Boat 20110612 Canal Boat 20110609
Prow Reflection 20110615 Docked Boat DSCF01932 Fishing A Misty River 22528 Fishers Heading Out 22514
Docked Boat At First Light 21224 Misty Morning Fishermen 20100731 Misty Morning Fishermen 19695 Sunrise Fishers 19401
Finished Fishing 19006 Locking In 18893 Docked Boat At Sunrise 18199 Docked Boats At Sunrise 18197-8
Sunrise Fishers 20100704 Hard Day On The Canal 20100703 'Valentine' 20100617 Big Rideau Lake At Sunrise 20100603
First Boat On The Canal 20100522 Blue Kayak 20091127 Nepean Sailing Club 51476 Sunset Fishing 51335
Sunrise Fisherman 06240 Sunrise Fisherman 06217-8 Sunrise Fisherman 20090827 Out In Garth's Boat 50556
Sunset Water Skier 05268 Lake Simcoe Sunrise 20090806 Moored Yacht 04220 Boat Dock 20090720
Magpie River 20090629 Playing 'Race The Ship' 42222 Playing 'Race The Ship' 42205 Playing Race The Ship 42198
Matagorda Bay At Sunrise 37362 Sailing Off Into The Sunrise 20090121 Sailing Off Into The Dawn 37182 Playing 'Race The Ship' 36164
Shrimper At Dawn 20081229 Indianola At Dawn 31284 Speeding Boat 29956 Seatrans Trans Iberia 29191
Harbor At Indianola Panorama 20081202 Boats On The Bay 28134 Heading Out At Dawn 27371 Sunrise Departure 20081120
Windsurfing At Sunset 23937 Sherkston Shipwreck 23554 Lake Erie At Sunset 23335 Canoe In The Canal 20333
Canoe In A Tree 20327 On The Mississippi 19736 Dawn Fishermen 19107 Speeding To Fish 18916
Speeding To Fish 20080831 Speeding Up The Scugog 18782 Sea-Doo On The Scugog 18416 Sea-Doo On The Scugog 18414
Returning Fishermen 17366 End Of The Ski Run 17154 Three Windsurfers 69641 Two Windsurfers 20071020
Two Ships 69153 Lake Erie Sailboats 69149 Foggy Scugog River 20070911 Zipping Right Along 20070826
Scugog River Sunrise 20070820 Blue Boat 64542 Boat On A Riverbank 63711 'Misty River' 9065
HMCS Halifax Firing A Departing Salute 59661 HMCS Halifax In Kingston Harbor 59642 Caloosahatchee River 58869 Charlotte Harbor 20070406
Bunche Beach 57698 Low Water 57141 Estero Bay Sunrise 20070313 Taking A Bow 56537
Estero Bay 56523 Estero Bay 56516 Pier of Birds 55330 USS Lexington 54881
Corpus Christi Skyline 54860 Corpus Christi Marina 54829 Fishing Boat In Sunrise Glow 53595 Fishing Boat At Sunrise 20070213
Fishing Boat At Sunrise 53592v2 Fishing Boat At Sunrise 53584 Oyster Filled Deck Aransas Bay In Dawn Glow 52850
Aransas Bay At First Light 52844 Fulton Harbor At Sunrise 20070205 Rockport Harbor In First Light 20070201 Ship On Distant Horizon 49604
Texas Treasure 49552 A Port Aransas Ferry 49517 Coming Into Port At Sunset 49512 Playing 'Race The Ship' 49419
Sunrise Surfer 48898 Sunrise Surfer 48889 Gulf Surfer 48579 Gulf Surfer 20061230
Playing 'Race The Ship' 48492 Shipping Channel 48480 San Jacinto 48236 Gulf Eagle 48223
Merryna Christmas 48033 Playing 'Race The Ship' 47998 Marina Sunrise 47823 Tanker Timashevsk 47640
Playing 'Race The Ship' 47637 Playing 'Race The Ship' 47398 Heading Out 46715 Heading Out 46710
Aransas Pass Channel At Dusk 46626 Cutter Coming In 46610 Playing 'Race The Ship' 20061211 Playing 'Race The Ship' 46370
'Seabulk Power' 46359 Heading Out In Fog 46188 Quebec City At Night 42959 Quebec City At Night 42921
Quebec City At Night 42589 Quebec City At Night 42578 Quebec City At Night 42574 Quebec City At Night 42564
Quebec City 41873 Sunrise Fisherman 20060904 The Morning Run Unique Rowing Style
Boat on the Scugog 39876 Boat on the Scugog 39873 Sunrise Fisherman 39740 Sunrise Fisherman 39701
Upper Canada Village 37063 Dows Lake Canoe Dows Lake Canoes1 Dows Lake Canoes 20060508
Dows Lake Canoes2 Kingston Harbor 34491 Island in the Cataraqui River ms Oosterdam
San Diego Skyline At Night 24135 San Diego Surfer Oregon Surfer 20051114 Surfing Near Kiwanda Rock
Canoe Fisherman 20050904 Into a Storm 20050821 The 'Dragon Flies' Cat on the Beach 20050714
The Long Ferry Ride 13913 Big Tub Harbor & Light 13771 Come Sail Away 13763 Chi-Cheemaun Under Way 13700
Chi-Cheemaun Under Way 13693 Chi-Cheemaun at Dock 13671 Chi-Cheemaun at Dock 13656 The Teak Isle Heading Out 13534
Entering Open Waters 20050708 'The Sweepstakes' Shipwreck 13247 'The Sweepstakes' Shipwreck 13239 Ship's Bell 13208
The Teak Isle 20050704 Seeing Red 7916 Dawn Fishermen 20050703 Bow-ridin' Boat Babes
Boat on Scugog River Sturgeon Lake Speedboat Boat at Sunset Sunrise River Mist
Scugog Marina in Predawn2 Docked Boat at Dawn 20050620 Boats in River Mist Rainy Day 20050616
Scugog Marina in Dawn Mist Running in Dawn Mist 20050611 Last Gas 20050610 Scugog Marina in Predawn 20050608
Bobcaygeon Locks Rideau Canal at Twilight1 1000 Islands Boathouse Canoe Beside Boathouse
Vicksburg Casino1 Vicksburg Casino2 Vicksburg Casino3 South Padre Causeway 5321
Moonrise Over Fishing Boats 5107 Moonrise Over Fishing Boats 5102 Foggy Harbor Sunrise Reflection 4703 Marina Sunrise in Fog 4694
Marina in Fog 4683 Egrets in Foggy Marina 4674 Fishing Fleet in Dawn Fog 4647 Fishing Boat & Pier 4583
Miss Ash(lye) 4564 The Margie 4543 Sparkey 4542 Ship & Egret
Norwegian Majesty at Charleston Norwegian Majesty Docked Surfer3 Surfer2
Surfer Goin' Surfin' In Search of a Wave Waxing the Board
Scugog River Boat2 Scugog River Boat1 Port Perry Marina at Dawn 1000 Islands Sailboat
Mallorytown Landing at Sunrise2 Fishing Boat at Pier 5168 Gordon Yacht Harbor Canoes on Dow's Lake
Sundream in Colon, Panama Sundream Deck Chairs Three Boats DSCN0538 At Anchor Off the Caymans1
Beached Canoes Cozumel Dock DSCN0043-9 Sundream Lifeboats At Anchor Off the Caymans2
Lone Docked Boat Brixham Harbor Panorama 1 Red Canoe Sundream Wake
Tower Bridge Sundream Railings Brixham Harbor Panorama 2 Boat at Dock
Parliament Morning Run 20060828 Upper Canada Village 37467 Airborne Le Boat DSCN74375
Le Boat Queue At Night 90D07511-5 Le Boat Queue Panorama DSCN74205.8 Le Boat Queue At Dusk 90D07486-90 Eastbound Seaway Ship Stern DSCN86877
Concorde 31 At Old Slys DSCN96599 Victoria Basin On A Rainy Night 90D24200-4 Le Boats Coming Out DSCN96900 Victoria Basin At Night 90D24427-31
Le Boat Fleet At Sunrise DSCN98466-9 Boats In The Basin At Dawn 90D26455-9 Victoria Basin In Night Fog 90D26834-8 Mallard Duckling Telling Mama To Slow Down DSCN100430
Federal Asahi Majuro DSCN101417-8 Fishing On A Misty Rideau River DSCN102910 Two Boats In Night Fog 90D26853 Boats In Old Slys Locks iPhoneXR0879
Fisherman In Misty Sunrise 90D31020 Victoria Basin On A Foggy Night 90D31356-60 Victoria Basin On A Foggy Night 90D31301-5 Kawartha Voyageur Southbound DSCN106129
Kawartha Voyageur Crewmember DSCN106164 Victoria Basin On A Foggy Night 90D31286-90 Boat On Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN106628 Boats In Victoria Basin On A Bright Night 90D33106-10