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Tamron 18-400mm Lens Gallery

On 24 March 2022, I bought a Tamron 18-400mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD lens to replace my Canon EF-S 18-200 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens that I had fallen with. The 18-200mm still worked but I no longer trusted it, so the Tamron replaces it.

My first impression of the Tamron was its build quality was better than I expected, quite solid actually, and all of my later impressions of the lens were equally as good. It obviously can't compare to Canon 'L' lenses, but for my non-professional needs the Tamron is certainly good enough and at my advanced age is far better than lugging around a bag of lenses (not to mention avoids having to swap lenses, which I try to avoid).

The images in this gallery are my typical low resolution sizes except for the last four which are full size for the purpose of comparison and processed to match each other as closely as possible.

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Eastbound Freight Passing Westbound 90D104374 Clouded Moon Setting Beyond Frosted Landscape 90D103964 Frost Along The Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D104099 Frost At Sunrise 90D104168
VIA Rail Train 41 At Dawn 90D104051 VIA Rail Train 41 Crossing Into Town 90D103870 Queen St Convenience At Night 90D103654-5 Snowy Town Square At Night 90D103522
Eastbound Freight Train Arriving At Night 90D103574 VIA Rail Train 41 Arriving At Dawn 90D103382 Eastbound & Westbound Trains In Night Fog 90D102882 Victoria Basin In Night Fog 90D103063
Winter Sunrise Clouds 90D102197 Westbound CP 8635 Mid-DPU At Night 90D102832 Bottom-lit Cloud Bank At Sunrise 90D102292 CP 3100 On A Winter Night 90D101595
VIA Rail Train 41 Crossing Queen Street At Dawn 90D102687 Rideau Canal Red Sky Sunrise 90D102487-91 Red Sky Sunrise Beyond Turtle Island 90D102637 Crescent Moon Beyond Turtle Island At Dawn 90D102407
Winter Sunrise 90D102212 Lower Reach Park Winter Wonderland 90D95335 Track Switcher Catching A Ride 90D101717 VIA Rail New Fleet Train 41 Departing 90D101839
Town Square In Night Fog 90D100995 VIA Rail Train 41 Arriving 90D101399 A&W & ESSO In Night Fog 90D101082-6 Tim Hortons Sign In Night Fog 90D101070
Tim Hortons In Night Fog 90D101013-4 Beckwith Street Bridge & Water Tower 90D100897-01 VIA Rail Train 41 Departing Station 90D100805 Shadows On Icy Driveway 90D100970BW
CP 8936 Westbound In Falling Snow 90D100675 Sunrise Beyond Turtle Island 90D100442 Sunrise Color Beyond Duck Island Footbridge 90D100477 Sundog & Solar Pillar At Sunrise 90D100417
VIA Rail Train 41 Departing Station 90D100132 VIA Rail Train 41 Snow Packed Door Stairs 90D100269 Boarding VIA Rail Train 41 (90D100113) Winter Centennial Park At Dawn 90D100067-71
Clouds At Sunrise Beyond Winter Cornfield 90D100017-20 VIA Rail Train 41 Torontobound 90D99843 20240113 Winter Storm 90D99903 (crop) 20240113 Winter Storm 90D99933-7
20240113 Winter Storm 90D99953-7 Daybreak Beyond Winter Cornfield 90D99873 VIA Rail Train 41 At Station 90D99728-32 2023-4 Celebration Of Lights At Night 90D99518-22
Water Tower Above Celebration Of Lights 90D99458-62 Turtle Island Footbridge After A Night Snowfall 90D99218-22 2023-4 Celebration Of Lights At Night 90D99068-72 2023-4 Celebration of Lights Beyond Turtle Island 90D95470-4
Waning Cold Moon Through Clouds 90D98907-11 Crew Change In Night Fog 90D98344 Railway Signal Lights In Night Fog 90D98257 2023-4 Celebration Of Lights At Dawn 90D98577-81
VIA Rail Sign In Predawn Fog 90D98301-5 VIA Rail Train 41 In Predawn Misty Rain 90D98523 2023-4 Celebration Of Lights In Fog 90D97838 VIA New Fleet Train 41 Arriving In Fog 90D98330BW
Full Moon Beyond VIA New Fleet Train 41 Arriving In Fog 90D98330 CP 8119 In Night Fog 90D98052-6 VIA Passing CPKC Freight In Night Fog 90D98369 Beckwith Street On A Foggy Night 90D97921-5
CP 9728 mid-DPU On A Snowy Night 90D97474 Westbound Freight Train On A Snowy Night 90D97432 Winter Victoria Basin At Dawn 90D97248 Distant Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D97313
Merry Christmas 2023 (90D95847) Smoking Tank Car At Night 90D97192 Winter Victoria Basin At Night 90D97143-7 VIA Rail New Fleet Train 41 In Snowfall 90D97162
2023-4 Celebration Of Lights Reflected 90D96968-72 Walking In The Rain 90D97062 Cloudy Sunrise 90D96948 Red Cloud Beyond Irish Creek At Sunrise 90D96766
Ground Fog Beyond Lone Tree At Sunrise 90D96789 Dawn Clouds 90D96724 Sunrise Beyond Victoria Basin 90D96646 20231213 Aurora & Aircraft Trails 90D96482
Westbound CPKC Freight Train Arriving At Night 90D95718 2023-4 Celebration of Lights - Snow, No Snow 90D96052, 90D96130 2023-4 Celebration of Lights 90D95865 2023-4 Celebration of Lights 90D95889BW
2023-4 Celebration of Lights 90D96052 Centennial Park Snowy Trees At Night 90D95805 VIA Rail New Fleet Train 41 (90D95625) Wintry Rideau Canal At Night 90D95673
Torontobound VIA Rail Train 41 Departing At Dawn 90D95652 VIA Rail Train 41 Waiting In Winter Storm 90D95255-9 Snowy Red Sheds 90D95418 2023-4 Celebration of Lights 90D95065
2023-4 Celebration of Lights 90D94855 Westbound Freight Train In Snowy Predawn 90D94704 Holiday Heritage House Museum At Night 90D94577-81 Trees In Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D92748
2023 CPKC Holiday Train Start Of Crowd 90D94054 (ts2) 2023 CPKC Holiday Train Back End 90D94070 2023 CPKC Holiday Train Arriving At Its Stop 90D93988 2023 CPKC Holiday Train On Chambers Street Subway 90D93973
2023 CPKC Holiday Train On Chambers Street Subway 90D93975 CPKC Freight & Holiday Trains 90D94343 VIA Rail 41 Passing CPKC Holiday Train 90D94418 2023 CPKC Holiday Train 90D94118
KCS 4609 Exhaust Before Dawn 90D93860 Sunrise Solar Pillar 90D93785 Festive CN 1112 Steam Engine 90D93730-4 Sunrise Beyond Harvested Field 90D93635-9
20231125 Aurora Beyond Cornfield 90D93474 VIA Rail Train 41 Departing At Dawn 90D93383 Water Tower At Dawn 90D93193-7 KCS 4538 Former Mid-DPU 90D93123-7
Lone Tree In Fog 90D92856 Clouded Dawn 90D93018-22 Trees In Ground Fog Beyond Fence At Sunrise 90D92713 Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog & Tree 90D92873-7
Sunrise Beyond Frosty Field 90D92608 New VIA Fleet Train 41 In The Rail Yard 90D92437 Night Train Panned 90D92386 20231112 Aurora Beyond Airplane Lights 90D92132
20231112 Aurora Beyond Harvested Field 90D92082 20231112 Aurora Beyond Irish Creek 90D92103 Victoria Basin Drained 90D92026 Crescent Moon Beyond The Rail Yard At Dawn 90D91977
Clouded Crescent Moon Beyond Autumn Tree 90D91679 Murphy Park In 20231109 Snowfall 90D91787-91BW Beckwith Street In 20231109 Snowfall 90D91822-6 VIA New Fleet Train 41 Departing 90D91667
Clouded Sunrise Beyond Turtle Island 90D91742-6 New VIA Fleet Train 41 Entering Rail Yard At Dawn 90D91637 New VIA Fleet Train 41 In Rain 90D91646 CP 7010 Heritage Script Lettering At Dawn 90D91500-4
Meteor In Partly Cloudy Night Sky 90D91429 Centennial Park At Night 90D91381-5 Partially Drained Victoria Basin 90D91266-70 Beckwith Street Bridge On A Snowy Autumn Night 90D91098
Autumn Snowfall At Night 90D91135-9 New VIA Fleet Train 41 (90D90923) New VIA Fleet Train 41 (Panned) 90D90834 New VIA Fleet Train 41 (90D90812)
CPKC Train With Only KCS Power At Dawn 90D90135 CN Test Track Evaluation Systems At Night 90D90656 Haunted Heritage House Greeter 90D90484 Haunted Heritage House 2023 (90D90471)
Old Stone Arch Dam Autumn Trees At Night 90D90226-30 Westbound Freight Train On A Foggy Night 90D90266-70 Fall Foliage With Hydro Lines & Towers 90D90023 Autumn Barn At Sunrise In Ground Fog 90D89676
Sunrise Beyond Distant Rideau Canal 90D89897-01 Autumn Tree In Ground Fog 90D89571-5 Foggy Clouded Sunrise Beyond Gulls 90D89728 7 Minutes Before 20231014 Partial Solar Eclipse 90D89338
20231014 Clouded Partial Solar Eclipse 90D89407 20231014 Clouded Partial Solar Eclipse 90D89438 20231014 Clouded Partial Solar Eclipse 90D89394 Rideau Canal On A Cloudy Night 90D89313
Lifting Fog At Sunrise 90D89270-4 Autumn Trees At Night 90D89190-2 Autumn Rideau Canal Dawn 90D89130-4 Clouded Crescent Moon & Venus Beyond Turtle Island 90D89060-4
Le Boat Fleet Queue At Night 90D88799 Rain Clouds Over Lower Reach At Night 90D88733-37 Le Boat End Of Season Beginning 90D88637-41 Night Cloud Beyond The Rideau 90D88647-51
Rideau Canal Sunset 90D88537 Two Le Boats Docked At Night 90D88417-21 Clouds Beyond Lower Reach 90D88492-6 Le Boat End Of Season Beginning 90D88457-61
Rideau Canal Sunset 90D88382-6 Venus Beyond Centennial Park At Dawn 90D88072-6 Foggy Lower Reach Sunrise 90D88009-13 Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D87527-31
Tree In Dawn Ground Fog 90D87342-6 Loram Rail Grinding 90D86964 Loram Track Maintenance Train 90D86955 Sunrise Beyond Distant Ground Fog 90D86877-81
Moon Sinking Into Cloud 90D86922 Fog Beyond Lone Tree 90D86507BW Fog Beyond Lone Tree 90D86507 CPKC & VIA 90D86592-6
Foggy Sunrise 90D86452 A Touching Moment 90D85442 Sunrise Beyond Distant Rideau Canal 90D85915-9 Sun With Solar Pillar Rising Beyond Ground Fog 90D85518-22
Moon Beyond Night Fishing 90D85873-7 Red-Tailed Hawk On A Wire 90D84693 Ground Fog Beyond Foal & Its Mother 90D84969 Misty Rideau Canal At Dawn 90D85031-8
Two Geese In Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise 90D84764-8 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D84854-8 New Equine Pal 90D84658 Misty Rideau Canal Beyond Gemmell's Point 90D84382-6
Sun Risen Beyond Gemmell's Point 90D84387-91 Equine Pal In Fog 90D84322 Kawartha Voyageur Reflected At Dusk 90D83942-6 Sunrise Beyond Rideau Canal 90D84162-6
Kawartha Voyageur Reflected At Dusk 90D83887-91 Fishing A Misty Rideau At Dawn 90D83862-6BW Sunrise Beyond Misty Rideau Canal 90D83812-6 Sunrise Beyond Rideau Canal 90D83832-4
Sunrise Clouds 90D83608 Two Westbound Freight Trains At Dawn 90D83417-21 Sunrise Clouds Beyond Barn 90D83622-6 Duck Island Footbridge In Morning Fog 90D83282
Foggy Beckwith Street At Main Street 90D83257-61 Victoria Basin In Night Fog 90D82741 Dewy Spider Web 90D82934 Crescent Moon & Venus Beyond CP 113 In Night Fog 90D82677
Venus Beyond Freight Train At Dawn 90D82253-7 Wet Old Mill Road At The Water Tower 90D82123-7 'IOTEL' At Dawn 90D81289 Sunrise Clouds Beyond Golden Field 90D82313-7
Wet Russell Street At Bowie's 90D82168-72BW Wet Beckwith Street 90D82178-82 Foggy Fishing At Dawn 90D81082 Wet Beckwith Street 90D82243-7
CP 118 End-of-Train At Sunrise 90D81810 Meteor, Venus & Distant Ground Fog At Night 90D81503-7 Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D82043-7 Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D81698-02
Sun Rising Beyond Ground Fog 90D81893-7 Venus & Fog Beyond Farm Scene At Night 90D81203-7 Sun Rising Beyond Fog 90D81328-32 Sun Rising Beyond Ground Fog 90D81148
Otter Creek Sunrise 90D80993-7 CP Ethanol Train 528 Entering Rail Yard At Dawn 90D80578 Red Sun Rising 90D80763-7 Moonlit Canvas Barn In Dissipating Ground Fog 90D80468-72
Old Barn In Dawn Ground Fog 90D80553-7 Fog Clouds Over Otter Creek Reflected At Dawn 90D80151-5 Sun Rising Beyond Fog Clouds 90D80336-40 2023 Blue Moon Beyond Duck Island Footbridge 90D79949-53
Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise 90D79674-8 Two Mile Long Eastbound Freight Train From Back To Front Ground Fog At Otter Creek 90D79714 The 6:22 VIA Rail Train 41 Crossing The Rideau At Sunrise 90D79734-8
Car In Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D79461 Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D79544-8 Sunrise At White's Crossing 90D79274-8 Interesting Sky At Sunrise 90D79139-43
Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D78954-8 Sunrise Clouds & Distant Fog 90D77544-8 Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D78634-8 Turtle Island At Dawn 90D78314-8
Light At The End Of The Road In Fog 90D77849-53BW Hotel & Rob Roy's Pub Patio On A Bright Night 90D78254-8 Sun Rising Into Clouds 90D77989-93 Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D77799-03
Distant Fog Beyond Otter Creek At Sunrise 90D77509-13 Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D77729-33 CP 230 On A Foggy Night 90D77310 CP 112 Soon To Continue Eastbound 90D77010-4
Sunrise With Solar Pillar 90D77170-4 Crescent Moon Beyond Rideau Canal At Night 90D76565-9 Red Sun Rising 90D76505-9 Clouded Sunrise 90D76150-4
Sun Rising Beyond Cornfield 90D75975-9 Cottage Beside Misty Water At Sunrise 90D75960-4 Moonlit Barn 90D75730 Steamy Rideau Canal Near Sunrise 90D75700-4
Ornge Air Ambulance On Helipad At Dusk 90D75552 Ornge Helicopter At Dusk 90D75527 CP Freight Train Westbound At Sunrise 90D75397 Bandstand With Holiday Lights 90D75304-8
Old Firehouse Door 90D75090-4 Train Track Porcupine At Sunrise 90D75172 Eastbound Night Train Entering Rail Yard 90D74782 Bandstand Beyond Butterfly Garden At Night 90D75025-9
Duck Island Footbridge On A Foggy Morning 90D74973 Great Blue Heron On A Bridge Railing 90D74882 Ground Fog At Daybreak 90D74733 Fishermen On Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise 90D74595
Sun Rising Beyond Fog 90D74710-4 Sunrise Clouds 90D74500-4 Clouded Sunrise Sunrays 90D74405-9 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D74175-9
Freight Train Emerging From Fog At Sunrise 90D73960 Red Sun Beyond Ground Fog & Barn 90D73763 Sunrise Beyond Distant Rideau Canal 90D73480-4 Old Barn Beyond Ground Fog 90D72135-8
Irish Creek At Sunrise 90D73320 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D73260-4 Docked At Edmonds Lock 90D73098 Clouded Sunrise 90D73035-9
The 6:22 VIA Rail Train 41 Torontobound 90D73055 The 'IOTEL' At Dawn 90D67581 Bales At Sunrise 90D72965-9 Eastbound CP 8140 Approaching In Fog 90D72735
Waning Buck Moon Beyond Clouds At Sunrise 90D72810 Clouded Rising Sun 90D72855-9 Night Fog Beyond The Rail Yard 90D72453 Equine Pal On A Foggy Morning 90D72040
Buck Moon Setting Beyond Lower Reach Park 90D71809-18 Sunspot AR3354 (90D71531) Old Barn At First Light 90D71804 Red Sun Rising Through Wildfire Smoke Beyond Ground Fog 90D71478-82
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