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Tamron 18-400mm Lens Gallery

On 24 March 2022, I got a Tamron 18-400mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD lens to replace my Canon EF-S 18-200 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens that I had fallen with. The 18-200mm still worked but I no longer trusted it, so the Tamron replaces it.

My first impression of the Tamron was its build quality was better than I expected, quite solid actually, and all of my later impressions of the lens were equally as good. It obviously can't compare to Canon 'L' lenses, but for my non-professional needs the Tamron is certainly good enough and at my advanced age is far better than lugging around a bag of lenses (not to mention avoids having to swap lenses, which I try to avoid).

The images in this gallery are my typical low resolution sizes except for the last four which are full size for the purpose of comparison and processed to match each other as closely as possible.

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Westbound Freight Cars Passing Eastbound Train 90D52795 Westbound Freight Train Rear DPU 90D52930 Eastbound Freight Train Meets Westbound 90D52759 20230125-6 Winter Storm Snowbanks 90D53012
20230125-6 Winter Storm 90D52732-6 Clouded Dawn 90D52687-91 Nighttime Winter Wonderland 90D52342-6BW The 6:22 VIA Rail Train 41 Torontobound In Snow Flurry Before Dawn 90D52635
Old Post Office & Trinity United Church At Night 90D52557-61 Nighttime Winter Wonderland 90D52332-6 Winter Night Train 90D52460 Nighttime Winter Wonderland 90D52202-6
Roclyn House Beyond Rising Mist At Sunrise 90D51377-81 Barns On A Winter Night 90D52062 Lee Tavern Icicles 90D52047-51 Light Pillar Beyond Trains At Night 90D51959
Red Dawn Beyond Duck Island Footbridge 90D51792-4 Westbound CP 8714 Rear DPU At First Light 90D51675 The 6:22 VIA Rail Train 41 Torontobound In Falling Snow Before Dawn 90D51560 Moon Beyond Old Barn At Dawn 90D51312-21
Misty Victoria Basin At Sunrise 90D51397-01 Mist Rising Beyond Turtle Island Bench 90D51145-8 Rideau Canal Winterscape 90D50702-5 20230113 Winter Storm At Night 90D50426
20230113 Winter Storm At Night 90D50261-5 CP 7043 Rear DPU At Night 90D50129 Sun Rising Into Cloud Beyond Rideau Canal 90D50036-40 Sunrise Solar Pillar 90D49980-4
Beckwith Street At Night 90D49656-60 Wolf Moon With Lunar Corona Over Water Tower 90D49686-90 The 6:22 VIA Rail Train 41 Torontobound Before Dawn 90D49611 Turtle Island At Dawn 90D48187-91
Eastbound CP Tanker Train At Night 90D49516 2022-23 Celebration Of Lights Reflected 90D49381-5 Channel Marker In Fog 90D49324 Winter Sunrise Beyond Old Barn 90D48886-90
Beckwith Street In Night Fog 90D49117-21 2023 Happy New Year 90D48992-6 Night Train In Snowfall 90D48801-5 2022-23 Celebration of Lights In Night Fog 90D49137
Winter Sunrise Beyond Frozen Rideau Canal 90D48921-8 Old Barn At Sunrise 90D48876-80 CP 8017 In Night Snowfall 90D48806-10 20221217 Winter Storm At Night 90D48056-60
Clouded Sunrise Beyond Frozen Lower Reach 90D48671-5 2022-23 Celebration of Lights At Night 90D48546-50 2022-23 Celebration of Lights At Dawn 90D48501 Winter Centennial Park At Dawn 90D48455-9
Crescent Moon Beyond Turtle Island At Dawn 90D48357-61 20221217 Winter Storm At Night 90D48036-40 20221217 Winter Storm At Night 90D48024 20221217 Winter Storm At Night 90D48006-10
2022-23 Celebration of Lights In 20221216 Winter Storm At Night 90D47666-70 20221216 Winter Storm At Night 90D47794 Sunrise Beyond Snowy Field 90D47606-10 20221216 Winter Storm At Night 90D47654
Old Barn At Dawn 90D47476-80 2022 CP Holiday Train Arriving Smiths Falls 90D44641 Barn Light At First Light 90D47141 Sunrise Beyond Snowy Field 90D47168-72
2022-23 Celebration of Lights At Night 90D46927-31 Bare Trees At Daybreak 90D46877 Cloud Bank Beyond Lone Cloud At Dawn 90D46747-51 2022-23 Celebration of Lights At Night 90D46132-6
Sunrise Beyond Cornfield 90D46522-6 2022-23 Celebration of Lights At Night 90D46187-91 CP Freight Train In Predawn Snowstorm 90D45359 Barn At Sunrise 90D45833-7
Turtle Island At Dawn 90D45566-70 CP Freight Train In Predawn Snowstorm 90D45379 Lower Reach Sunset 90D45306 Disappearing Sunrise 90D45283
Westbound Freight Train In Red Dawn 90D45181 2022 CP Holiday Train Arriving Smiths Falls 90D44718 Three Trains In The Rail Yard 90D45005 2022 CP Holiday Train Departing At Dawn 90D45156
2022 CP Holiday Train At The Chambers Street Subway 90D44695-9 Turtle Island At Night 90D44630-4 2022-23 Celebration of Lights At Sunrise 90D44480-4 2022-23 Celebration of Lights At Dawn 90D44251
Old Barn At Sunrise 90D44316-20 Christmas Lights 90D44151-5 Happy American Thanksgiving 90D21604 Crescent Moon Beyond Departing VIA Rail Train 41 (90D43957)
Clouded Sun 90D43859-63 Frosty Trees At Sunrise 90D43682-6 Frosty Plant 90D43658 Sunrise Beyond Barn In Autumn Snow 90D43473-7
Duck Island Footbridge At Dawn 90D43412-6 Confederation Bridge In Autumn Snowfall 90D43135 Night Snow On Russell Street 90D43062-6 Night Snow At Centennial Park 90D43042-6
Night Snow On Beckwith Street 90D43007-11 Rail Yard At Sunrise 90D42727-31 Sunrise Beyond Bare Trees 90D42707-11 Misty Irish Creek Sunrise Reflected 90D42532-6
Goose Flotilla In Dawn Mist 90D42447 20221108 Lunar Eclipse Beyond the Swale At Dawn 90D42360 20221108 Total Lunar Eclipse At Dawn 90D42312 20221108 Total Lunar Eclipse - Start to End
Eight Trumpeter Swans In Flight At Sunrise 90D42147 Rail Yard In Night Fog 90D41873-7 Meteor Over The Rideau Canal On A Foggy Night 90D41866 Misty Gemmells Point at Sunrise 90D41627-31
Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D41564-8 CP 6644 D-Day Remembrance Locomotive 90D41359-63 CP 6644 D-Day Remembrance Locomotive 90D41322 CP 6644 D-Day Remembrance Locomotive 90D41281
Two Trumpeter Swans Swimming 90D41188 Drained Victoria Basin At Night 90D41073-7 Rideau Canal Red Sky In The Morning 90D40942-6 Red Sky Beyond Barn 90D40887-91
Fog Beyond Ducks & Geese On The Rideau Canal 90D40793 Morning Fog Beyond Lone Leaning Tree 90D40781 Morning Fog Beyond Lone Leaning Tree_90D40781 (BW) Foggy Sunrise At Old Slys Locks 90D40638-42
Kilmarnock Lock Swing Bridge In Fog 90D40603 Hunter Sailing Into Fog 90D40588 Fog Advancing On The Sun 90D40448-52 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D40441
Serious Mist On The Water At Sunrise 90D40146-50 Solar Pillar Beyond Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise 90D40046-50 Centennial Park From Victoria Park At Night 90D40016-20 Autumn Duck Island At Night 90D39699-04
Turtle Island At Night 90D39674-8 Westbound Freight Train On A Foggy Night 90D39570 Early Morning Commuter 90D39466 (SC) Early Morning Commuter 90D39466
Autumn Victoria Basin At Night 90D39379-82 Halloween Lights 90D39103-7 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D39026 Clouded Sunrise Sunrays 90D38983-7
Skein Of Geese Over Crane At Sunrise 90D38876 Misty Autumn Rideau Canal 90D38688 Lone Tree At Sunrise 90D38664 Island In Mist Reflected 90D38647
Le Boat Fleet Queue At Night 90D38632-6 Le Boat Fleet Queue At Dusk 90D38541-50 Clouded Sunrise Beyond The Rideau Canal 90D38398.03 Autumn Le Boats At Night 90D38351-5
Autumn Barn At Sunrise 90D38346-50 Sunrise Sunrays Beyond Distant Rideau Canal 90D38331-5 Autumn Le Boats At First Light 90D38205-9 Autumn Shed 90D38150
Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog & Distant Rideau Canal 90D38130-4 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D37975-9 Autumn Boat At Sunrise 90D37827 Hunter's Moon Setting Beyond Autumnscape 90D37809-13
Passenger & Freight Trains At Dawn 90D37649 Rail Yard Pedestrian Underpass 90D37434-9 Clouded Moon Beyond The Swale At Night 90D37328 Misty Rideau Canal Clouded Sunrise 90D37201-5
Fog & Mist Beyond Lone Tree 90D37005-9 Fog Beyond Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise 90D36900-4 The 6:22 VIA Rail Train 41 Torontobound Thru Dawn Mist 90D36862 Autumn Misty Kilmarnock Rideau Canal Cut At Sunrise 90D36823
20221002 Aurora 90D36703 20221002-Aurora 90D36687-9 Sunrise Beyond Rideau Canal 90D36653-7. Back On Beckwith - Hornettes 90D36559
Back On Beckwith - Hornettes 90D36504 Gemmells Point In Clouded Misty Sunrise 90D36403-7 Hunters In Boat At First Light 90D36323 The 6:22 VIA Rail Train 41 Torontobound At Dawn 90D36205
Tower Crane Lights At First Light 90D36179-83 Tower Crane Lights 90D35920-4 Clouded Sunrise Beyond Rideau Canal 90D35905-9 Two Geese Flying Toward Waning Crescent Moon 90D35853
Westbound Freight Train In A Foggy Dawn 90D35589-93 Golden Field At Sunrise 90D35489-93 Foggy Lane 90D35313-7 Clouded Harvest Moon 90D35264
Two Horses At Sunrise 90D35194 Morning Fog 90D34980 Turtle Island At Twilight 90D34817-21 Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D34767
Barn In Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D34667-71 Distant Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D34537-41 Railway Museum On A Cloudy Night 90D34403-7 Victoria Basin At Night 90D34383-7
Distant Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D34322-6 Rising Sun Beyond Ground Fog 90D34302-6 Night Train 90D34011-5 Clouded Sunrise Beyond Cornfield 90D33911-5
Farm Sunrise 90D33858-62 Sun Rising Beyond Ground Fog 90D33774 Sunrise Ground Fog & Mist 90D33759-63 Trees In Sunrise Ground Fog 90D33699-03
Old Barn In Ground Fog 90D33692BW Distant Ground Fog 90D33396-00 Rising Sun Beyond Distant Ground Fog 90D33396-00 Ground Fog Beyond Lone Tree At Sunrise 90D33226-30
Smiths Falls Rail Yard On A Cloudy Night 90D33151-5 Boats In Victoria Basin On A Bright Night 90D33106-10 Rideau Canal Clouded Sunrise 90D33046-50 Mostly Obscured Sun Rising Beyond Ground Fog 90D32981-5
Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D32931-5 Chambers Street Subway At Dawn 90D32846-50 Jupiter Down The Road 90D32418-9 The 6:22 VIA Rail Train 41 Torontobound 90D32382
Rideau River At Sunrise 90D32368 Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D32305-9 Clouded Moon Beyond Lift Bridge At Night 90D32195.03 Clouded Moon Beyond Old Post Office 90D32165-89
Clouded Moon Beyond Beckwith Street At Night 90D32125.44 Ground Fog Beyond The Rideau Canal At Dawn 90D32014-9 Fog Patch & Mist On A Moonlit Night 90D31879-83 Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D31842-6
Sturgeon Moon Beyond Footbridge Over The Rideau Canal 90D31742-6 The Swale At Night 90D31582-91 Victoria Basin On A Foggy Night 90D31356-60 Econo Lodge On A Foggy Night 90D31336-40
Combined Lock Weir On A Foggy Night 90D31316-20 Victoria Basin On A Foggy Night 90D31301-5 Victoria Basin On A Foggy Night 90D31286-90 Clouds At Sunrise 90D31231-5
Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D31174 Westbound Train Approaching In Sunrise Ground Fog 90D31146-50 Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D31141-5 Fisherman In Misty Sunrise 90D31020
Misty Rideau River At Sunrise 90D30961-5 Clouded Sunrise Beyond Misty Rideau Canal 90D30873-7 Lone Tree In Sunrise Ground Fog 90D30773-7 Misty Rideau Canal At Dawn 90D30728-32
Farm Light In Night Fog 90D30711 Kawartha Voyageur At Dawn 90D30508-12 Westbound Freight Train At Dawn 90D30371 CP 8169 At Dawn 90D30278
Misty Sunrise Fisherman 90D30218-22 Crescent Moon Beyond Rideau Canal 90D30083-7 Turtle Island At Night 90D29977-81 Boats In The Basin At Night 90D29932-6
Clouds Beyond Cornfield At Sunrise 90D29887-1 Sunrise Beyond Barn & Cornfield 90D29882-6 Combined Lock Weir 90D29844 The Swale 90D29681
Clouded Sunrise 90D29653-7 The 6:22 VIA Train 41 Torontobound 90D29608-12 Sunrise Through Haze Layer 90D293537 Sunrise Sunrays 90D29168-72
Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D29064-8 Gemmells Point At Sunrise 90D29029-3 Fire In The Sky 90D28984-8 Sunrise Sunrays Through Ground Fog 90D28879
Sunrise Ground Fog 90D28874-8 CP 113 Arriving At Dawn 90D28683 The Swale At Sunrise 90D28648-52 CP 113 Approaching Carroll Road At Sunrise 90D28596
Bales In Sunrise Ground Fog 90D28518-22 CP 113 With Five Leading Engines 90D28375 Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D28308-12 Sunrise Beyond Misty Distant Rideau Canal 90D28163-7
Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D28103-7 Canada Day 2022 Fireworks 90D28086 Canada Day 2022 Fireworks 90D28071 (crop) Canada Day 2022 Fireworks 90D28062
Canada Day 2022 Fireworks 90D28058 Canada Day 2022 Fireworks 90D28039 Canada Day 2022 Fireworks 90D27989 (crop) Canada Day 2022 Fireworks 90D27989
Canada Day 2022 Fireworks 90D27947 Happy 4th of July 90D27946 Canada Day 2022 Fireworks 90D27941 (crop) Canada Day 2022 Fireworks 90D27940
Canada Day 2022 Fireworks 90D27931 Canada Day 2022 Fireworks Lower Reach Park 90Dcomposite CP 113 In Fog 90D27724 CP 113 Freight Train In Fog 90D27686
Old Barn On A Foggy Morning 90D27664 Night Fog & Mist 90D27521-5 Light Rays Through Night Fog 90D27506-10 Fishing At Sunrise 90D27341-5
Crescent Moon & Venus At Sunrise 90D27055-9 Clouded Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D27050-54 Ground Fog Beyond Two Horses 90D27015 Equine Breakfast 90D26998
Dead Trees In Foggy Sunrise 90D26934-8 Sun Rising Beyond Fog Bank 90D26914-8 Sun Rising Beyond Fog Bank 90D26913 Beckwith Street In Night Fog 90D26884-8
Two Boats In Night Fog 90D26853 Victoria Basin In Night Fog 90D26834-8 Crescent Moon Beyond The Railway Museum 90D26799-03 Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D26651-5
Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D26641-5 Boats In The Basin At Dawn 90D26455-9 Rising Sun Sunrays & Barn 90D26380-4 Partly Clouded Sunrise 90D26290-4
Silos & Strawberry Moon At Sunrise 90D26210 Sunrise Solar Pillar Beyond Ground Fog 90D26205-9 Sunrise Solar Pillar 90D26185-9 Clouded Strawberry Moon 90D26060-1
Sunrise Beyond Two Trees & Ground Fog 90D25955 Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D25933 Ground Fog Beyond Running Horse At Dawn 90D25872 Great Blue Heron In Grass Reflected 90D25800
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