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Sun Gallery

Photos taken with the sun directly in the frame. When shooting this kind of photograph it's important
not to leave the camera pointing directly at the sun for any longer than it takes to get the shot,
especially with mirrorless cameras and especially when the sun is higher in the sky when there is
less attenuation of its intense light by the atmosphere.

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Clouded Sun Rising DSCN120561 Winter Sunrise 90D54030-4 Turtle Island Sunrays In Mist DSCN119309-11 Sun Rising Into Cloud Beyond Rideau Canal 90D50036-40
Faint Sunbow Beyond Great Lakes Freighter DSCN118017 Clouded Sunrise Beyond Frozen Lower Reach 90D48671-5 Sunrise Silver Linings DSCN116869 Clouded Sun 90D43859-63
Disappearing Sunrise DSCN116146 Rideau Canal Icebow 20110314 Snowscape 20833 Sun Over Pines 20120122
Stewart Park In Winter DSCN18737-9 Stewart Park In Winter DSCN18737-9 B&W Winterscape P1060365-7 Sunrise Beyond Bare Trees 90D42707-11
Fog Advancing On The Sun 90D40448-52 Foggy Sunrise At Old Slys Locks 90D40638-42 Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D41564-8 Foggy Lower Reach Sunrise DSCN114805-7
Autumn Rideau Canal DSCN114364-6 Sunrise Sunrays Beyond Distant Rideau Canal 90D38331-5 Rising Sun Beyond Ground Fog 90D34302-6 Barn In Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D34667-71
Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D34767 Sun Rising Beyond Ground Fog 90D33774 Sunrise Ground Fog & Mist 90D33759-63 Mostly Obscured Sun Rising Beyond Ground Fog 90D32981-5
Rising Sun Beyond Distant Ground Fog 90D33396-00 Rideau Canal Clouded Sunrise 90D33046-50 Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D31842-6 Sun Rising Beyond Lifting Fog DSCN105098-00
Clouded Sunrise Beyond Misty Rideau Canal 90D30873-7 Sun Rising Beyond Fog Bank 90D26913 Sunrise Through Haze Layer 90D293537 Clouded Sunrise 90D29653-7
Gemmells Point At Sunrise 90D29029-3 CP 113 Approaching Carroll Road At Sunrise 90D28596 Bales In Sunrise Ground Fog 90D28518-22 Sunrise Ground Fog 90D28874-8
Sunrise Sunrays Through Ground Fog 90D28879 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D29064-8 Solar Eclipses
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Lone House in Field
Big Sky Clouds & Sun Mallorytown Landing Sunrise Algonquin Park Sunrise 5774 Peck Lake Sunrise 5824
Algonquin Park Sunrise 5958 Algonquin Park Sunrise 5966 Algonquin Park Sunrise 5971 Mollie Sunrise1
Marina Egret at Sunrise 4539 Egret Watching The Sun Rise 4709 Fishing Pier in Foggy Sunrise 4724 Fishing Pier 4800
Fishing Pier in Foggy Sunrise 4801 Scugog River Sunrise 20050605 Sunrise Over Georgian Bay 20050711 Sunset Watcher 14100
Gull Flying in Sunset 14102 Boat in a Brassy Sunset 14187 Misty Dawn Sunrays 20050804 Misty Sunrise 20050808
Oregon Coast Sunset2 Oregon Coast Sunset4 Port Orford Sunset 20051119 Sinking Into The Pacific
Joshua Tree Sunset 20060103 Desert Red Sky White Sands 31901 Otterbein Sunset 20060417
Kingston Sunrise 20060504 Sunrise 20060714 Misty Sunrise 38372 Setting In The Clouds
Golden Sun Mustang Island Sunrise 20061127 Mustang Island Sunrise 45032 Mustang Island Sunrise 45091
Mustang Island Sunrise 20061130 Mustang Island Sunrise 45802 South Jetty Sunrise 46680 Sunrise 47175
Sunrise 47758 Sunrise 20061223 Christmas Sunrise 47886 South Jetty Sunrise 20061227
South Jetty 48279 Golden Lining 48450 Red Sky 48466 Pier Under The Sun 48865
Copano Bay Sunset 52286 Copano Bay Sunset 52474 Windmill Sunset 52827 Fishing Boat At Sunrise 53584
Bayside Sunrise 54027 Dauphin Island Sunrise 56104 Estero Bay Sunrise 20070313 Presque Isle Sunset 9044
Trees In Sunrise 20070521 Hazy Sunrise 60356 Farm At Sunrise 20070525 Sunrise Clouds 20070616
Barn In Sunrise 61633 Trans-Canada Trail Sunrise 20070619 Cloudy Sunrise 20070630 Eye In The Sky 20070705
Barn In Hazy Sunrise 20070711 Clouded Sunrise 62696 Fire In The Sky 63335 Two Trees At Sunrise 63810
Two Horses At Sunrise 63834 Bales & Tree At Sunrise 63859 Wasteland 63875 Golf Course At Sunrise 63912
Four Trees At Sunrise 20070729 Moonset 64073 Cows In Misty Moonset 20070730 A Sea Of Mist 64276
Crow In Hazy Sunrise 64357 Sun Above Two Trees 20070802 Clouds & Sun 64555 Swimming Raft In Sunrise 64583
Balloon In The Sun 20070811 Sunset Sunrays 20070815 My preferred processing Bye Bye Sun 65282
Swimming Raft Under Rising Sun 66351 Scugog River After Sunrise 20070907 Cloudy Sunset 67305 Sunrise Treetops 67935
Brooding Sunrise 67939 Foggy Sunrise 68093 Sun & Clouds 68596 Peeking Out 20071010
Backlit Tall Grass 68960 Lake El Reno Sunset 70908 Crossed Contrails 71998 Kitt Peak Sunset 77406
Desert Sunrise 79990 Desert Sunrise 20080110 Sonoran Sunrise 80615 Clouds & Sun 16313
Trees In Misty Sunrise 19991 Trees In Misty Sunrise 19994 Trees In Sunrise 20085 Seagulls At Sunrise 20080923
Clouded Sunrise 20080926 Geese In Sunrise 20081003 Sun Rising Out Of Fog 22800 Sunrise Over Powderhorn Lake 20081122
Powderhorn Lake Sunrise 27129 Dock At Sunset 27207 Powderhorn Lake Sunset 27265 Powderhorn Lake Sunset 27279
Sunset Over Powderhorn Lake Panorama 20081125 Powderhorn Lake Sunrise 27817 Powderhorn Lake Sunrise 27828 Sunrise Over Powderhorn Lake 28028
Pointing To The Sun 28030 Powderhorn Lake Sunset 28099 Rising Sun 28158 Sunrise Photographer 20081128
Sun Over Matagorda Bay 28193 Gulls In Sunrise 29180 Wetland Sunset 30035 A Peek Of Sunrise 20081209
Powderhorn Lake Sunset 30331 Powderhorn Lake Sunset 30484 Here Comes The Sun 20081214 Powderhorn Lake Sunrise 31104
Red Sun Setting 31249-51 Red Sun Setting 31254 Veiled Sunrise 31316 Powderhorn Lake Sunrise 32714
Red Sun Setting 32797 Powderhorn Lake Sunset 33234 Powderhorn Lake Sunrise 33327 Matagorda Bay Sunrise 33548
Clouded Sunset 34080 Sunrise At Powderhorn Bayou 34994 Sailing Off Into The Sunrise 20090121 Powderhorn Lake Sunset 37936
Powderhorn Lake Sunrise 38021 Oyster Shell Reefs In Sunrise 38650 Goose Island Fishing Pier At Sunrise 38662 Aransas Bay Sunrise 39093
Aransas Bay Sunrise 20090201 Aransas Bay Sunrise 40181 Gulf Sunrise 41547 Gulf Sunrise 41573
Gulf Sunrise 42579 Risen Sun 42611-2 Gulf Sunrise 20090225 Gulf Sunrise 43297
Grenada Lake Sunrise 47431 Sunset Cloud Bank 20090424 Ottawa River Sunset 20090427 Ottawa River 48251
Ottawa River Sunset 20090507 Yellow Sunrise Pillar 20090521 Misty Sunrise 20090603 Sunrise Clouds 20090617
Lake Superior Near Sunset 01185 Lake Superior 01198 North Shore Sunset 20090630 Lake Superior Sunset 01220-1
North Shore Cove 01354 Incoming Fog 01365 Looming Cloud 01409 Sunset Cloud 01414
Foggy Sunset Horizon 20090628 Lake Superior At Sunset 02054 Sun Rising Over Misty Lake Wawa 02386 Misty Lake Wawa 02399
Clouded Sun 02400 Misty Lake 02446 Clouded Sun Over Lake Wawa 02474 North Shore Sunset 02572
Fogged Sunset 20090707 Stormy Sunset 02586 Lake Simcoe Sunrise 03920 Lake Simcoe Sunrise 04160
Lake Simcoe Sunrise 20090806 First Glimpse Of The Sun 20090807 Sunset Water Skier 05268 Foggy Sunrise Beside Two Trees 05360-3
Foggy Sunrise Between Two Trees 05376 Here Comes The Sun 05495 Lake Erie Sunset 09341 Buffalo Skyline At Sunrise 09734
Sunset Cloud 20091107 Marsh Sunrise 10768 Big Cloud 13027-8 Stark Tree At Sunset 20100120
Winter Sun 20100219 Rural Sunrise 20100312 Clouded Sunrise 20100314 Setting Into Clouds 15066
Mouth Of The Jock River 20100402 Newboro Lake Sunrise 20100531 Rideau Canal Sunset 17750 Otter Lake Sunset P1010173
Humid Sunrise 53912-3 Humid Sunrise 20100706 Sunrise Fishers 20100707 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20100715
Rideau Canal Sunrise 18739 Rideau Canal Sunset 20100728 Foggy Sunrise 20100801 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20092
Sunset Sunrays 20100814 Foggy Sunrise 20954 Foggy Sunrise 20955 Tree In Foggy Sunrise 20100824
Humid Sunrise 21754 Irish Creek Sunrise 20100906 Foggy Sunrise 22438 Foggy Sunrise 20101011
Mist On The River 20101014 Cemetery Sunrise 05740 Rideau Canal Sunset 20110322 Misty Sunrise 20110408
Rideau Canal Sunrise 08242 Foggy Sunrise 09276 Here Comes The Sun 10531-2 Big Rideau Lake Sunset 10620
Rideau Canal Sunset 10667-8 Hazy Rideau Canal Sunrise 20110608 Bales At Sunrise 11397-9 Wolfe Lake Sunrise 12115
Humid Sunrise 20110723 Foggy Sunrise 13476 Otter Creek Sunrise 13486 Tree In Misty Sunrise 20110810
Alpaca Watching The Sunrise 15067 Sunset Fishers 15666 Foggy Sunrise 20110917 Misty Big Rideau Lake 16281-3
Rideau Canal Sunrise 16526 Otter Creek Misty Sunrise 18411 Foggy Rideau Canal Sunrise 20111108 The Forecast - Clear Skies DSCF03440
Rideau Canal Sunrise 20120417 Rideau Canal Sunset 00222-4 Rideau Canal Sunset 20120525 Barn In Misty Sunrise 20120611
Tree & MIst 01144 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20120620 Sunrise Over Trees 26982 Kennedy Bay Sunrise 25229
Sturgeon Lake Sunset 27616 The Swale Sunset 25268-9 Swale Sunset 25297-9 Sylvan Sunrise 20120817
Rideau Canal Misty Sunrise 20120820 Misty Sunrise 20120826 Lower Rideau Lake Sunrise 26412 Greenhill School No. 39 Sunset (27432-3)
Two Horses In Misty Sunrise 20120917 Misty Sunrise 20120924 Rideau Canal Misty Sunrise 20121026 Lower Rideau Lake At Sunrise 20121215
Frozen Lower Rideau Lake Sunrise 20130204 Frozen Lower Rideau Lake Sunrise 20130317 Incoming Snow Clouds 20130321 Rideau Canal Sunset 34478
Rideau Canal Sunset DSCF01311 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCF01901 Tall Ships Sunrise 20130615 Red Sun Rising 20130624
Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 35518 Clouded Sun Over Irish Creek 20130808 Clouded Sunrise 20130914 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130917
Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 37076 Clouded Sunrise 20130921 Rideau Canal Sunrise  DSCF10790-2 Rideau Canal Sunrise 38505
Frozen Lower Rideau Lake Sunrise 20140109 Winter Sunrise 20140216 Rideau Canal Sunrise Solar Pillar 20140316 Early Spring Sunrise P1000420-2
Thawing Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140325 Rideau Canal Sunset P1010064-6 Irish Creek Sunrise P1020716-8 Foggy Sunrise 20140616
Foggy Sunrise P1060561-3 Foggy Sunrise P1060565 Foggy Sunrise 20140708 Sunrise Ground Fog 20140721
Country Sunrise 20140722 Red Sun Rising Balancing Act P1070843 Red Sun Rising P1070855 Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1080624
Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1080637-9 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140820
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