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Gordon W | profile | all galleries >> After the Odyssey Galleries >> Summer 2017 tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Summer 2017

Photos taken during Summer 2017 which officially began here at 12:24am on 21 June 2017.

Perched Dragonfly DSCN15403 Butterfly Sucking Up Nectar DSCN15393 Painted Lady Head-on DSCN15385 Perched Dragonfly DSCN15310
Butterfly On A Pink Flower DSCN15246 High In The Sky DSCN15173 Late Summer Fall Foliage DSCN15137 Sunrise Sunrays DSCN15102-4
Sunrise Sunrays Through Ground Fog DSCN15090-2 Old Barn In Foggy Sunrise P1250598-604 Tree & Bale In Foggy Sunrise P1250445-51 Kawartha Voyageur At Dawn P1250382-6
Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1250311-7 Pouch Cove At Night P1250135-9 Moon Over Pouch Cove P1250130-4 Pouch Cove South Slipway On A Foggy Night P1250115-9
Moon Over Pouch Cove P1250085-9 Moon Over Pouch Cove P1250084 Big Dipper Over Foggy Pouch Cove P1250074 House By The Sea P1240962-4
Pouch Cove P1240928 Quidi Vidi P1240736 Old Fishing Boat P1240635 Pouch Cove North Slipway Mural P1240565
Quidi Vidi DSCN14985-7crop Quidi Vidi Panorama DSCN14982.5 Sandra On Cape Spear DSCN14907 Cape Spear Light In Fog DSCN4892
Cape Spear Light In Fog DSCN14890 Cape Spear Light DSCN14882 Sunrays Over Pouch Cove P1240436-8 Incoming Storm P1240361-7
North Atlantic Sunrise P1240338-40 Red Flowers By The Sea DSCN14846 (crop) Red Flowers By The Sea DSCN14846 Whirly Pool Falls DSCN14784-6
Stiles Cove Path DSCN14778 Newfoundland Coast DSCN14766 Red Admiral Butterfly DSCN14764 Dark-eyed Junco DSCN14512
North Atlantic Clouded Sunrise P1240269 Pouch Cove At Dusk P1240203-5 Hayward Avenue DSCN14484-6 Cape Spear Light DSCN14475
Cape Spear Light DSCN14439 Cabot Tower On Signal Hill DSCN14376-8 Fort Amherst DSCN14370 Fort Amherst Light DSCN14352
'Atlantic Griffon' In Port_P1240116-8 The Narrows At Sunrise P1240113-5 Prescott Street P1240101-3 Juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron DSCN14313
Kingfisher Atop A Boathouse DSCN14245 Chippy DSCN14227 Two Chippies DSCN14205 Another First Sign Of Autumn DSCN14194
Dewy First Sign Of Autumn DSCN14176 Three Rocks In The Rideau DSCN14135 Old Stone Mill DSCN14109-11 Downtown Delta DSCN14091-3
Old Stone Mill DSCN14088-90 Cloud Over Barn DSCN14064-6 Buggy Sunflower DSCN14046 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1240071-3
Bales & Fog At Sunrise P1240050-6 Bales & Fog At Sunrise P1240043-9 Kilmarnock Sunrise P1240004-10 Clouded Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1230996-03
Sunday Sunrise Fishing P1230950-2 Sunday Sunrise Fishing P1230950-2BW Rideau Canal Sunrise Mist & Fog P1230929-31 Bales & Ground Fog At Dawn P1230907-9
Starling On A Fence DSCN14010 Hilly Backroad DSCN13997 Battery Change iPhone0017 Cloud Mountains At Sunrise P1230850-2
Lower Rideau Lake Sunrise P1230772-4 Three Amigas DSCN13950 Eclipse 2017 P1230718 Clouded Sunrise P1230674-80
Irish Creek Sunrise P1230645-7 CP Canada 150 Train DSCN13919 Rail Yard At Sunrise P1230641 Rear Facing Train Engines P1230626-32
Approaching Train P1230563-9 CP Building At Dawn P1230486-92 Red Sun Rising P1230391-7 Trees & Canoes P1230371
Green Bottle Fly DSCN13911 Eastern Pondhawk DSCN13869 Unsettled Sky DSCN13848 Canal Weedeater DSCN13832
Bales & Tree In Sunrise P1230307-13 Departing Storm Clouds At Sunrise P1230274-6 Barn At Sunrise P1230259-61 Barn In Ground Fog At Sunrise P1230256-8
Giant Rubber Duck Backside P1230220-4 Giant Rubber Duck P1230195-9 Giant Rubber Duck P1230190-4 Giant Rubber Duck P1230170-4
Giant Rubber Duck Close Up P1230160-4 Trees In Sunrise Fog DSCN13690-2 Bales & Barn In Sunrise Fog DSCN13681 Ground Fog Along Irish Creek DSCN13657-9
Equine Pals At Breakfast P1230124 White Horse P1230100 Horse & Foal P1230098 Night Fog Along The Rideau P1230083-9
Foggy Night At The Canal Basin P1230027-33 Kawartha Voyageur In Night Fog P1220993-9 Kawartha Voyageur In Night Fog P1220972-8 Almost A Sunrise P1220958-64
Sunstruck Black-eyed Susans DSCN13618 From Juvenile To Mature DSCN13564A Purple Loosestrife Pasture P1220900-2 Blue Light Special P1220870-5
Foggy Morning Dog Walker DSCN13454 Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1220849-55 Bales In Sunrise P1220817-9 Bales & Ground Fog P1220811
Tree In Sunrise Fog P1220790-6 Two Bales At Sunrise P1220783-89v2 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1220685-91 Sunrise Ground Fog P1220643-9
Farmer Working At Sunrise P1220629-35 Night Transforming Into Day P1220613-5 Blacksmith's Fire DSCN13354.5.8 Smithing A Bottle Opener DSCN13338
Diving DSCN13280-3 Grazing In A Field Of Wildflowers P1220601.9 Dragonfly On A Purple Flower DSCN13174 Curved Staircase DSCN13167
Curved Staircase DSCN13140 The Opinicon DSCN13125-7 Monarch On A Milkweed DSCN13098 Monarch On A Milkweed DSCN13084
Rolling Fields At Sunrise P1220577-9 Yellow Warbler In A Tree DSCN13030 Pink Daylily Stamen DSCN12984 Soy Bean Field P1220571-3BW
Kawartha Voyageur At Dawn P1220541-9 Kawartha Voyageur At Twilight P1220496-8 Kawartha Voyageur At Twilight P1220490-2 Hotel On Land, Hotel On Water DSCN12906
A Seldom Seen Scene P1220480-6 Fog Layer & Barn At Sunrise P1220459-65 Boating Waxwing DSCN12757 Kawartha Voyageur At Night P1220447-9
Studebaker Grill DSCN12725 1931 Chrysler Coupe DSCN12719 Waxwing In A Tree DSCN12683 Pink Coneflower Stamen DSCN12678
Barn In Sunrise P1220441-3 Waxwing In A Tree DSCN12642 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1220403-5 Sylvan Sunrise P1220377-83
Milky Way Over Irish Creek P1220336 Milky Way Over The Rideau P1220328 Backlit Heron In A Tree DSCN12460 Clouded Sunrise P1220288-90
Clouded Sunrise P1220273-5 Preening Swan DSCN12407 Church & Ground Fog At Sunrise P1220251-7 Lower Rideau Lake Sunrise P1220217
The Fallen DSCN12292-4 Sunrise Sunrays P1220182-8 Sunrise Sunrays P1220141-7 Mushroom Gills DSCN12258
Mushrooms DSCN12229 Mushrooms DSCN12202-4 Purple Wildflower DSCN12086 Heron Walking A Dock DSCN12058
Lower Reach Sunset DSCN12049-51 Snoozing Swan DSCN12028 Merganser Profile DSCN12022 Cedar Waxwing DSCN12008
Channel Marker In Fog DSCN11990 Tanker Train In Dawn Fog P1220062 Light In A Window P1220041 Goose Feather Closeup DSCN11960
Tail Light Trails DSCN11899 Blue Hour Boat Basin DSCN11896 Swan Honking DSCN11877 Camera Shy Swan DSCN11870
Clouds At Sunrise DSCN11795-7 Sunrise Cloud & Contrail P1220005-9 Thunder Moon Setting P1210997-02 Thunder Moon Rising P1210902-4
Wet Red Lily DSCN11789-91 Daybreak Scudding Clouds P1210872 Incoming Storm Clouds P1210809-11 Canal Traffic DSCN11762
Sitting On The Dock Of The Basin DSCN11755art Getting The Grackle Evil Eye DSCN11746 Getting The Kingbird Eye DSCN11667 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN11586-8
Swans At Sunrise DSCN11517 Osprey With Breakfast DSCN11505 Town Swans DSCN11474 Town Swans DSCN11445
Hoverfly On A Pink Peony DSCN11367 House Beside The Canal DSCN11336 Canoe Curves DSCN11261 Damselfly Closeup DSCN11201-3
Blue Wildflower Closeup DSCN11162-3 Wet Daylily DSCN11093 Wet Leaf DSCN11084-5 (crop) Fly On A Budding Daylily DSCN11078
Fly On A Budding Daylily DSCN11070 Empty Nest DSCN11001 Rideau Canal Foggy Night P1210713-5 Pine In Night Fog P1210705
Juvenile Flickers DSCN10996 Hey! We're Over Here! DSCN10855.7 Sunrise Clouds P1210682-4 Rideau Canal Lifting Fog P1210656
Foggy Night On The Rideau Canal P1210645 Docked In Night Fog P1210640-2 Docked In Night Fog P1210637-9 Docked In Night Fog P1210628-30
Foggy Night At The Canal Basin P1210627 Interesting Sky At Sunrise DSCN10827-9 Interesting Sky DSCN10800-2 Juvenile Flicker DSCN10786
Yellow Warbler Warbling DSCN10722 Dead Trees In Sunrise Ground Fog DSCN10665-7 Osprey Family DSCN10465 'Salty Paws' P1210585-7
Wildflower DSCN10397 Wildflower DSCN10397 (crop) Song Sparrow Posing_DSCN10373.jpg Otter Lake At Sunrise P1210564-8
3% Waning Crescent Moon P1210540-5 Glossy Grape Leaf DSCN10351-3 Blue Boat, Red Chair DSCF11334-6 White Rose P1050460
Calla Lily 59744BW CP Building At Dawn P1230469-78