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Gordon W | profile | all galleries >> After the Odyssey Galleries >> Summer 2013 tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Summer 2013

Summer started here on June 21 and will last until September 21,
or until the leaves start turning to their autumn colors, whichever comes first.

Solar Pillar & Horses 20130920 Rideau Canal Solar Pillar 37242-3 Trees & Solar Pillar 37227-30 Sunrise Sunrays 37214
Foggy Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130919 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 37172-3 Dock Full o'Gulls 37152 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130918
Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 37113 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise 37097 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 37076 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130917
Wet Hosta Flower 20130916 Barn At Sunrise 20130915 Rideau Canal Sunrise 37000-1 Green Leaf Red Veins DSCF08921
Clouded Sunrise 20130914 Mushrooms DSCF08865 Vase Base 20130913 Specular Bokeh 20130912
Hanging On 20130911 Wet Red Flower DSCF08783-5 Reflected Wheel 20130910 Irish Creek Sunrise 20130909
Rusty Field-gate 20130908 Four Bales At Sunrise DSCF08717 Sunrise Clouds 36791,3,5 Irish Creek Clouded Sunrise 20130907
Otter Creek At Sunrise 20130906 Barn Window At Sunrise 20130905 Smiths Falls Curling & Squash Club 20130904 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130903
Departing Night Clouds 20130902 Lower Rideau Lake At Dawn DSCF08660 The Swale At Sunrise 20130901 Fence & Goldenrod 20130831
Country Sunrise 20130830 Lower Reach At First Light 20130829 Dewy Web DSCF08568 Docked Boats On A Foggy Night 36352-7
Docked Boats On A Foggy Night 20130828 Tim Hortons On A Foggy Night 36225-6 Cross-eyed Bug DSCF08474-6 Prow Reflected DSCF08450
Docked Boat At Night 20130826 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130825 Otter Creek At Sunrise 36177 Rideau Canal Dawn 36147-9
Goats & Trough DSCF08420 Lop-eared Goat DSCF08416 Bee On Sunflower Closeup DSCF08385 Sunflower Field DSCF08365
Sunflower DSCF08360 Sunflower Sideview DSCF08353 Distant Mist At Sunrise DSCF08334-6 Distant Mist At Sunrise 20130824
Purple Loosestrife DSCF08307 Combined Lock Dam At Sunrise 20130823 Rideau Canal Clouded Sunrise 20130822 Red Sun Rising 36087-9
Full Moon Over Fields At Sunrise 20130821 Purple Loosestrife 20130820 Barn & Bales 20130819 Sylvan Scene DSCF08156
Eastern Phoebe DSCF08154 Two Loons DSCF08111 Common Loon DSCF08106 Sunrise Fishing DSCF08090
Sunrise Fisher 20130818 Cormorant Taking Flight 20130817 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130816 Sunrise Shadows 20130815
Rideau Canal At Sunrise 36039 Three Horses 20130814 Field of Purple Loosestrife DSCF07372-4 Misty Clouded Sunrise 20130813
Purple Loosestrife & Corn 20130812 Bugged Sunflower DSCF07271 Sunflower Field DSCF07262-4 CN Engine 1112 (20130811)
Purple Loosestrife DSCF07211-3 Purple Loosestrife 20130810 Backlit Purple Loosestrife DSCF07193-5 Purple Loosestrife DSCF07166-8
Canadian Tire Truck 20130809 Drummond's 35999-36001 Frontlit Sunflower Backside DSCF07147 Sunflower Backside DSCF07141
Sunflower DSCF07140 Sunflowers DSCF07130 Japanese Beetle At Work DSCF07126 Young Rose DSCF07104
Lily Stamen DSCF07083 Nepean Centrepointe S0067027-9 Clouded Sun Over Irish Creek 20130808 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130807
On Otter Lake DSCF04681 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130806 Apple Magic Mouse DSCF06983 Smiths Falls At Dawn 20130805
Early Morning Bales 20130804 Early Morning Bales 35719-21 Grinning Snake DSCF06947 Rose Thorns 20130803
Lone Sunflower DSCF06914 Thunderheads DSCF06906 Unsettled Sky DSCF06900 Thunderstorm Clouds DSCF06894
Lockmaster's House At Dawn 20130802 Sprung 20130801 Bee On Cone Flower DSCF06874 Cone Flower Profile DSCF06867
Boat Light At First Light DSCF06860-65 Foggy Sunrise 20130731 Bales in Foggy Sunrise 35635-40 Rideau Canal Sunset DSCF06858
Rideau Canal Sunset DSCF06849 Rideau Canal Sunset DSCF06828 Bird On A Fence Post 20130730 Bug Macro DSCF06811-5
Morning Clouds 20130729 'FLAMEN70' DSCF06773 Flaming Hood DSCF06772 'Hood Bra' 20130728
Chevy 'Bowtie' DSCF06759 Car Horns DSCF06757 Macaw Closeup DSCF06741 Cockatoo Closeup DSCF06735
Coneflower Closeup DSCF06721 Misty Lower Rideau Lake At Sunrise DSCF06679 Misty Beveridge Bay Sunrise 20130727 Boathouse At Sunrise DSCF06667-9
Bale In Mowed Field DSCF06635-7 Misty Otter Lake At Sunrise 20130726 Misty Otter Lake At Sunrise DSCF06622 Rideau Canal At Sunrise 20130725
Union Jack 20130724 Yellow Flower 20130723 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130722 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 35518
Dragonfly DSCF06521 Dragonfly Closeup DSCF06489 Bales At Sunrise 20130721 Finger Food DSCF06466
Leaf Lines 20130720 Daylilies & Fence 20130719 Top Of A Falls 20130718 Daylily 20130717
Yellow & Purple Flower 20130716 Sunrays DSCF06377-9 Upper Falls 20130715 Hocking Hills DSCF06347-9
Hocking Hills DSCF06303-5 Road Hazard DSCF06289 Roadside Attraction DSCF06283 Deer On The Run DSCF06280
Pine Forest DSCF06276 Cedar Falls DSCF06264-6 Cedar Falls DSCF06258-60 Hocking Hills DSCF06209-11
Hocking Hills DSCF06203-5 Small Boy Big Chair 20130714 Little Red Chair 20130713 Sharon Creek Cascade DSCF06066
Sharon Woods DSCF06048 Fallsview Casino Under Falls Mist 20130712 Fallsview Casino Under Falls Mist DSCF05984 Skylon Tower At Night DSCF05980
Niagara Falls At Night DSCF05966-9 Niagara Falls At Sunset 20130711 Niagara SkyWheel DSCF05891 Niagara Rainbow DSCF05886
Docked Boat At Dawn DSCF05834-8 Beckwith Street Bridge At Night 20130710 Rideau Canal Dawn 20130709 Equine Pals 20130708
Bison Calf DSCF05776 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130707 Daylily Profile DSCF05758 Bullfrog Closeup DSCF05748
Bullfrog Face DSCF05729 Amber Drops Of Rain 20130706 Sparrow With Lunch DSCF05695 Long-legged Fly 20130705
Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130704 Roses Bridge Sunrise DSCF05591-3 Pansy 20130703 Green Bee On A Yellow Flower 20130702
Docklight Reflection 35392 Canada Day 2013 (35375) Canada Day 2013 (35374A) Canada Day 2013 (35374)
Canada Day 2013 (35360-73) Canada Day 2013 (35372) Canada Day 2013 (35371) Canada Day 2013 (35369)
Canada Day 2013 (35369A) Canada Day 2013 (35367) Canada Day 2013 (35365) Canada Day 2013 (35358)
Canada Day 2013 (20130701) Canada Day 2013 (35353B) Canada Day 2013 (35353A) Canada Day 2013 (35345)
Canada Day 2013 (35342) Canada Day 2013 (35332) Rideau Canal Sunrise 35316-20 Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid Close-up DSCF05399
Purdon Boardwalk DSCF05372 Purdon Conservation Area DSCF05371 Swale Sunrise 20130630 Centennial Park Fountains 20130629
Ceiling Light From the Floor 20130628 Yellow Flowers DSCF5342 Damselfly Closeup DSCF5325-7 Damselfly Closeup DSCF5319
Purple & Yellow Flower DSCF5300-2 Withering Black-eyed Susan DSCF5284 'Slightly Off Course' Exiting Combined Lock DSCF05250 Fallen Feather DSCF05237
Heron In The River At Sunrise 20130627 Foggy Canal Basin DSCF05183 Old Slys Lock 20130626 Abstract 20130625
Bee In Flight DSCF05053 2013 'Supermoon' DSCF05013 Red Sun Rising 20130624 2013 'Supermoon' 35248-51
Light At The End Of The Road 35199-201 Docked Boats Under Foggy Night Sky 35164 Foggy Night 20130623 Daisy Backside 20130622
Roofer's Ladder 20130621