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Gordon W | profile | all galleries >> After the Odyssey Galleries >> Spring 2015 tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Spring 2015

Photos taken during Spring 2015 which officially began here on 20 March 2015.

Sunrise Fog On The Canal P1140934-6 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1140913-5 Sunrise Fishermen P1140898-900 Rain Runoff At Sunrise P1140865
Heron In Flight P1140851 Gray Catbird P1140840 Marigolds P1140794-5 Rain Runoff P1140781
Rain Runoff At Night P1140770-2 Heron In the River DSCF02093 Looking Loon DSCF02088 Moth Beneath A Leaf P1140711-8
Swimming Loon DSCF20791 Wet Daisy P1140648-50 Foggy Wetland At Sunrise P1140618-20 Horses In Sunrise P1140615-7
Horse In Misty Pasture At Sunrise P1140585-7 Rideau Canal After Sunrise P1140572-4 Wood Duck Family P1140556 Clouded Sunrise P1140541-3
Baa Baa Brown Sheep P1140524 Heron Taking Flight From Under A Bridge P1140472 Heron Under A Bridge P1140447 Bridge Reflected P1140345
Bridge Reflected P1140345 Kilmarnock Swing Bridge P1140339-41 Two Ants Two Peonies P1140291-3 Railway Bridge P1140276-8
Geese & Goslings On The Swale P1140266 The Swale At Sunrise P1140257 Goose Train P1140245 Heron Clearing Its Bill P1140205
Duck Shaking Water Off Like A Dog P1140177 Abstract P1140106 Abstract P1140106 Vintage CN Engine 1112 (P1140079)
CN Engine 1112 (P1140079) Vintage Canadian Pacific P1140062-3 Vintage Canadian Pacific P1140062-3 Railway Bridge In Mist P1130975-7
Shadow Side Of Trees In Sunrise Fog P1130963-5 Two Horses In Misty Sunrise P1130907-9 Tree In Silhouette P1130835 Fog On The Canal At Sunrise P1130832-4
Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge At Night DSCF20761-3 Bird With A Snack DSCF20569 Windmill Point Light DSCF20547 Lower Rideau Lake At Sunrise P1130814-6
Rideau Ferry Bridge At Dawn P1130795 Clouded Moon Over The Canal Basin P1130769-71 Lower Reach Sunset P1130751-3 Pakenham 5-Arched Bridge P1130745-7
Mississippi River At Pakenham P1130738 Rainbow Bridge DSCF20502BW Rainbow Bridge DSCF20502 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1130711-3
Purple & White Iris Petal P1130696 Green Bee On An Iris P1130689 Heron Taking Flight P1130677 Backlit Loon Near Sunset DSCF20487
Confederation Drive Bridge At Night P1130514-6 Wet Poppy Flower P1130513 Wet Purple Iris Petal P1130494 Ruffled Robin P1130457
Garden Gnome P1130445-7 Wet Purple Iris From Below P1130442-4 Wet Emerging Poppy Flower P1130436-41 Kilmarnock Lock P1130384-6
Houseboats At Dawn P1130326 Vintage Detached Lock At First Light P1130308-10vs Duck Taking Flight In Sunrise Mist P1130303 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1130209-11
Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 'Art' P1130209-11 Beckwith Street Bridge At Dawn P1130179 Goslings In Grass DSCF20378 Poppy Bud Closeup P1130164-6
Over The Shoulder Fur Piece P1130144 Arboretum Bridge P1130047-9 'Perfect Balance' P1120975-7 Kawartha Voyageur Docked P1120938-40
Old Slys Swing Bridge P1120887-9 Canadian National DSCF20332-4 Robin On A Rusting Railing DSCF20330 Duck & Ducklings DSCF20324
Heron Dance On A Dam DSCF20280 Ant On A Peony Bud 'Art' P1120860 Ant On A Peony Bud P1120860 Purple Iris Closeup P1120847-9
Goose & Goslings At Sunrise DSCF4189 Curious Goslings DSCF20167 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1120787-9 Rideau Canal At Night P1120759-61
Rideau Canal At Night P1120753-5 'Lady of Dover' P1120739 'Lady of Dover' P1120727 Gerbera Profile P1120715
Gerbera Closeup P1120709.12 Web Weaver P1120669 Purple Iris P1120655-7 Grazing Horse At Sunrise P1120619
Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1120585-7 Towing A Glider P1120540 Lilac Closeup P1120471-82 Floating Goose DSCF20009BW
Floating Goose DSCF20009 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge DSCF19998,02,05 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge P1120462-4 Rusty Rivets P1120459-61
First 2015 Boat In The Basin P1120418-20 Swimming Duck At Sunrise P1120327 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1120303-5 2015 Tulip Festival P1120282
2015 Tulip Festival (P1120269) 2015 Tulip Festival P1120261-3 2015 Tulip Festival_P1120250.jpg Tired Tulip P1120100-2
2015 Tulip Festival P1120021 2015 Tulip Festival (P1120018) 2015 Tulip Festival (P1120016) Laurier Street Bridge At Dawn P1120004-6
Laurier Street Bridge At Dawn P1110993-5 Rideau Canal & Shaw Centre P1110986.90 Lilac Closeup P1110958 Warbler Warbling P1110947
After A Rain P1110900 Wet Apple Blossom DSCF19895 2015 Tulip Festival (P1110873) 2015 Tulip Festival (P1110866)
Shooting A Shooter P1110852 2015 Tulip Festival (P1110850) Dow's Lake Flotilla P1110834 2015 Tulip Festival (P1110830)
2015 Tulip Festival (P1110821) 2015 Tulip Festival (P1110814) 2015 Tulip Festival (P1110802) 2015 Tulip Festival (P1110789)
2015 Tulip Festival (P1110777) Lingerie & Toys P1110755-7 Licking Its Chops DSCF01899 Mallard In Flight DSCF19878
Mr & Mrs Mallard DSCF19872 A Red Red Robin Bob Bob Bobbin' Along P1110740 Rails Between Here And There P1110717-9 Three Tulips P1110668
Boat Reflected P1110639-41 Little Blue Boat At Sunrise P1110630-2 Midge On A Young Tulip P1110601 Moon & Osprey At Sunrise P1110591
Stars On Ice 2015 (P1110527) Stars On Ice 2015 (P1110501) Stars On Ice 2015 (P1110503) Stars On Ice 2015 (P1110483)
Stars On Ice 2015 (P1110482) Stars On Ice 2015 (P1110474) Stars On Ice 2015 (P1110475) Stars On Ice 2015 (P1110420)
Stars On Ice 2015 (P1110418) Stars On Ice 2015 (P1110396) Stars On Ice 2015 (P1110391) Stars On Ice 2015 (P1110385)
Stars On Ice 2015 (P1110382-4) Stars On Ice 2015 (P1110360) Stars On Ice 2015 (P1110336) Stars On Ice 2015 (P1110249)
Stars On Ice 2015 (P1110238) Stars On Ice 2015 (P1110215) Canadian Tire Centre P1110168.73 Misty Swale At Sunrise P1110125-7
Minimal Bath Fixtures P1110077-9 Red Sky Sunrise P1110062-4 Osprey Nictitating Membrane DSCF19798 (crop) Osprey On A Post At Sunrise 20150430
Fuzzy Peach P1100989 Mr & Mrs Ring-necked Ducks P1100984 Irish Creek At Sunrise 20150429 Canal Basin At Sunrise 20150428
Detached Dock P1100845-7 Spring Runoff P1100825 Barn Window 20150427 Red-winged Blackbird Singing DSCF19713
Red Tulip P1100747-9 Soft Drink Condensation P1100726 Lockmaster's House At Dawn P1100684-6 Lockmaster's House At Dawn 20150426
Swimming Beaver 20150425 Swimming Beaver DSCF19627 Swimming Beaver DSCF19624 Snow On Hen & Chicks 20150424
Red Maple Bud P1100570 Irish Creek Sunrise 20150423 Spider On A Maple Bud P1100543 Young Tulip Leaf Tip P1100521
Swimming Beaver At Sunrise 20150422 Lower Reach Sunrise DSCF19548-50 Kilmarnock Lock At Dawn P1100497-502 Wolford Chapel At First Light 20150421
Wet Goose Head DSCF01134 Wet Duck 20150420 Yellow Flag DSCF19530-2 Horse Farm Fence At Sunrise 20150419
Flying Geese & Swimming Loon At Sunrise 20150418 Otter Lake At Sunrise DSCF01071 Otter Lake Reflection At Sunrise DSCF01041-3 Bird In The Bush P1100401
Rideau Canal Sunrise 20150417 Brown Thrasher DSCF19440 Rideau Canal Moonrise 20150416 First Flower Of 2015 (P1100313-4)
Buffleheads At Sunrise 20150415 Red-winged Blackbird Singing 20150414 Kilmarnock Island At Sunrise DSCF19375 Large Cloud At Sunrise DSCF19349-51
Bufflehead Taking Flight At Sunrise DSCF19318 Taking A Dive DSCF19309 Ring-Necked Ducks At Sunrise 20150413 Hooded Merganser At Sunrise DSCF19248
Otter On Ice At Sunrise 20150412 Decaying Barn At Sunrise P1100219-21 Macaw Wing Spread P1110615 Grey Parrot Closeup 20150411
Parrot Closeup P1110548 Dawn Takeoff DSCF19177 Wet Wood Grain 20150410 The Morning Stretch 20150409
Four Ring-necked Ducks DSCF19087 Goose In Flight 20150408 Singing Robin DSCF19016 Frayed Jeans P1100125-7
Retreating Geese P1100045 Spring Snow P1100035 Winter Wonderland In Spring 20150407 Water Tower At Night P1090860-5
Spring Snow At Night P1090826-8 Foggy Beckwith Street P1090764-6 Combined Lockmaster's Office P1090755 Swans & Goose In Snowstorm DSCF18940
Swans In Snowstorm DSCF18928 Wet Flower Sprout In Snow DSCF01014-6 Osprey In Flight DSCF18889 Three Swans In Flight 20150406
Three Swans & A Goose DSCF18797 Spring Runoff 20150405 Last Year's Leaves P1090579 Departing Storm Clouds 20150404
Light Springtime Snowfall P1090535 Stand Of Pines DSCF00935 Row Of Poplars At Sunrise DSCF00916 Gemmels Point At Sunrise 20150403
Thawing Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCF00867 Two Geese Together P1090451 Two Herons Together 20150402 After The Morning Showers P1090421-3
Swan At Sunrise 20150401 Two Swans Aswimming DSCF18719 The 6:22 To Toronto 20150331 Coming Over To Say 'Howdy' DSCF2688
Wet Flower Sprout In Ice P1090339 Beckwith Street In Light Snowfall 20150330 Thawing Fall River DSCF00825 Church Doors 20150329
Old Shed At Sunrise 20150328 Side Door 20150327 Red-winged Blackbird Singing DSCF00800 Rideau Ferry Bridge At First Light 20150326
Big Rideau Lake At Sunrise 20150325 Lone Cloud At Sunrise 20150324 Irish Creek Sunrise 20150323 Woodpecker In Flight 20150322
Irish Creek Sunrise P1090010-2 'Road Closed' P1080979-81 Red Rose P1080967-9 Canadian Spring 20150321