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Smiths Falls, Ontario Gallery

Smiths Falls, a town of a little more than 9,000 people and the heart of the historic and picturesque Rideau Canal Waterway,
is located approximately halfway between Ottawa and Kingston in eastern Ontario, Canada.

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Along the Rideau Canal in Smiths Falls
<< Along the Rideau Canal in Smiths Falls >>
Heritage House Museum
<< Heritage House Museum >>
Smiths Falls Rail
<< Smiths Falls Rail >>
Smiths Falls Wildlife
<< Smiths Falls Wildlife >>
Smiths Falls at Blue Hour
<< Smiths Falls at Blue Hour >>
Smiths Falls At Night
<< Smiths Falls At Night >>
Smiths Falls Flowers & Other Flora
<< Smiths Falls Flowers & Other Flora >>
Car Shows
<< Car Shows >>
Around The House
<< Around The House >>
Travelers Tankard 2014 OCA Ontario Curling Championship Games
<< Travelers Tankard 2014 OCA Ontario Curling Championship Games >>
RCMP Musical Ride
<< RCMP Musical Ride >>
2012 Smiths Falls Classic Triathlon (33rd Annual)
<< 2012 Smiths Falls Classic Triathlon (33rd Annual) >>
Celebration Of Lights
<< Celebration Of Lights >>
Cloud Beyond Water Tower At Sunrise DSCN87711 Autumn Park Lamp DSCN86250 Tree Fungus Closeup DSCN85160
First Autumn Ice DSCN75773 Autumn Red Trees Backlit By Rising Sun DSCN75221 Autumn Laneway DSCN75178 Waning Gibbous Hunter's Moon DSCN75062
Clouded Sun DSCN74553 Smiley Face DSCN74449 Smiley Face DSCN74449BW Happy Canadian Thanksgiving DSCN74022 'Art
Natural Abstract DSCN73408BW Early Autumn Color DSCN72774 Foggy Rising Sun Disappearing Into Cloud 90D03953-7 Interesting Sky DSCN63513
Flower Bed Sprinkler DSCN60895-7 Rain Ripples P1590864BW Sandra At Centennial Park DSCN55896 Walker In 20210421 Snowfall DSCN55004
Blowin' In The Wind DSCN54875-83 Hole In One Rusty Railing DSCN53981 Kite Flying Over The Moon DSCN52000.6 Frosty Wood DSCN48869
Frosty Misty Sunrise DSCN48601-3 Fire Hydrant In Snowbank DSCN48442 Incoming Nor'easter DSCN47391 Spruced Up Moon DSCN47273
Pink Frost DSCN47226 A Streak Of Sunrise Color DSCN42910-2 Frost On An Autumn Leaf DSCN40263 Late Autumn Trail DSCN39706 (Sketch)
First Ice Of The Season DSCN38751 Tracks In Snow DSCN38651 Interesting Sky DSCN38532 Paving Day DSCN38082
Beckwith Street Revitalization DSCN37532 Clouded Sun Rising DSCN37245 Autumn Trees At Buried Stone Arch Dam DSCN36902 Geese Flying Above Autumn Color DSCN36896-8
Abstract DSCN36765 Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! DSCN35848 Clouded Red Sun DSCN34941.8 Autumn Water Tower (faux IR) DSCN34153
Autumn Water Tower DSCN34153 Dewy Spider Webs P1560136-42 (crop) Billowing Morning Cloud DSCN29708 Early Morning Clouds DSCN26811-3
Fallen Big Tree DSCN24635 Looming Cloud Bank At Sunrise DSCN23171-3 Foggy Sunrise P1540511-7 Abstract DSCN22847-9BW
Fountain Bubbles DSCN22094 The Other Photographer DSCN20562 Lower Reach Park Scene DSCN18880-2 Tree Trimming P1020700
Lower Reach Trees In Sunrise Glow P1530902 CF Snowbirds Arriving 29205 CF Snowbirds Departing 49594 CF Snowbirds Flying Over 49587 (crop)
CF Snowbirds Flying By 49585 Boathouse Horseshoe DSCN13868 April Ice DSCN13813 Autumn Leaf In Spring After Winter DSCN12272
Pussy Willows DSCN12011-3 Splotchy Paint DSCN11946 Abstract In Ice DSCN11454A Abstract P1520368 (crop)
Trees In Sunrise Ground Fog P1520176 Trees & Sunrise Ground Fog P1520158-64 First Buds DSCN10098 Roof Ice Slide DSCN09791
Frosty Wood Grain P1020231 Frosty Winter Sunrise DSCN09144-6 Clouded Snow Moon DSCN09136 Snowy Bench 0481
Buried Stone Arch Dam In Snowfall P1510461 Frosty Snagged Bobbers DSCN08493 Spears Of Ice DSCN07942 Lower Reach Park Sunrise DSCN07383-8
Sunset Cloud DSCN06282 Wet Bridge Deck Reflection DSCN06242 'Art' Wet Bridge Deck Reflection DSCN06242 Renovated Clock Tower P1490711-7
Morning Frost On Amber Glass DSCN05641 Autumn Snow P1010778-80 Autumn Sunrise P1480544-50 Autumn Snowfall P1010677
Flags In Wind DSCN04244-50 Grow Good Together DSCN04068 Autumn Trees In Fog P1470799-05BW Autumn Trees In Fog P1470799-05
Autumn Cenotaph DSCN03458 Waning Hunter's Moon DSCN03333.7 Buried Stone Arch Dam DSCN03200-2 Early Autumn Tree DSCN02053-5
Contrails DSCN00762 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1440051-7 After A Rain DSCF32996-8 Outside Looking In DSCN34192-4
Setting Flower Moon P1140101-7 Clouds At Sunrise P1400319-25 Sundog Over An Osprey Nest P1090687-9 Spring Snow P1390262-8
Frosty Trees At Sunrise P1390125-7 Trees In Winter Fog P1050914-6 Trees In Winter Fog P1050886 Picnic Anyone? P1050812-4
Rail Yard Office & Station Theatre P1380502-8 Victoria Avenue In Snowfall P1380488-94 5 to 10 cm (P1050612) Vintage Westinghouse Portable Radio P1050480-2
Snowy Confederation Drive P1040954-6 Stained Glass Shop Windows P1370398-02 Clouded Sun P1040439 Hot Air Balloon P1030792.804
Downtown Day & Night P1350303.28 Snowy Autumn Oak P1030427 Autumn Weeping Willow P1030318-20 Powered Paraglider P1030101-3
Fall Snowfall P1020446-8BW Fall Snowfall P1020446-8 Fall Snowfall P1020440-2 Fall Snowfall P1020434-6
Sole Sisters Run Walk 2018 (P1010822) Old Stone Arch Dam DSCN32426.9 The Morning Walk DSCN32233 Davidson's Horse-drawn Bread Truck P1330926-8
Second Sign Of Fall DSCN31823-5 Trail Through Lower Reach Park DSCN31448-50 First Sign Of Fall DSCN31331-3 Bridge Welder DSCN31216
Leaves DSCN30217 Fogged Sun & Water Tower P1320493-9 Gordon & Anabelle 5523 Sunrise Sky DSCN26570-5
Tree Fungus DSCN23532 Sliders DSCN22800 Riding The Tube DSCN22774 On Top Looking Down DSCN22768
Girders In Golden Light DSCN22690-1 Sunrise Rainbow P1300966.69.72 Sunrise Ground Fog P1300443-9 Mid-April Snow P1300340
Mid-April Snow P1300329-31 20180414 Snowstorm DSCN20965-7 Old Door, New Handle DSCN20228-30 Hotel Rideau Detail DSCN19963
Hockey Practice 0211 CBC 'Ottawa Morning' Smiths Falls Broadcast P1290827 Trees In Fog DSCN19273 Trees In Fog DSCN19267
After The Walk 0185 After The Walk P1200470 Community Centre Walking Concourse P1200449 Prodigious Icicles DSCN19226
Snowy Stairs DSCN19115 Snowscape DSCN19042 Winter Flower Bed DSCN18904 Pines At Sunrise DSCN18821-3
Freezing Fog At Sunrise DSCN18400 Christmas Morning 2017 (DSCN18390) Sunrise Cloud DSCN18015-7 Beckwith Street DSCN17847-9
Station Theatre At Sunrise 48939-44 Abandoned DSCN17682-4 Remembrance Day 2017 P1270458-60 Natural Abstract DSCN17273
Autumnscape DSCN17235-7 Backlit Autumn Tree Beside Soccer Field DSCN16962-7 Autumn Watertower DSCN16494-6 Trees In Autumn Fog DSCN15939-41
Foggy Fall Colors DSCN15917 First Red Tree Of Autumn IMG_0142 Late Summer Fall Foliage DSCN15137 Sunrise Sunrays DSCN15102-4
Three Amigas DSCN13950 Trees In Sunrise Fog DSCN13690-2 Foggy Morning Dog Walker DSCN13454 A Seldom Seen Scene P1220480-6
The Fallen DSCN12292-4 Mushroom Gills DSCN12258 Mushrooms DSCN12229 Mushrooms DSCN12202-4
Empty Nest DSCN11001 Sunrise Clouds P1210682-4 Lilacs & Fence DSCN09492 Feather Bustle DSCN09406
Powwow Warriors DSCN09389 Powwow Maiden DSCN09367 Powwow Maiden DSCN09363 Powwow Maiden DSCN09358 (crop)
Powwow Grass Dancer DSCN09337 Flooded Field P1190585-7 Dewy Spider Web DSCN06452 Abstract DSCN04847
Snowy Railway Bridge Detail DSCN03414-6 Snowy Abstract DSCN03353 Winter Sunrise P1180294-6 Winter Sunrise P1180268
Mmm! Raspberry Sorbet 03096v2 Abstract In Ice P1180177-9 20170212 Snowstorm P1180076 Lower Reach Winter Hiker DSCN02628
Lone Tree In Foggy Park P1170514 Icy Porch Railing P1170425 Ice-Coated Tree P1170422 Ice-Coated Branches P1170413
Winter Sunrise P1170094-6 Snowy Evergreen Avenue P1250138 Snowy Evergreen Avenue P1250050 Christmas Lights In Snow P1160676-7
Wintry Victoria Park DSCN01561 Wintry Evergreen Avenue DSCN01552-4 20161205 Snowfall DSCN01518 20161205 Snowfall DSCN01509
Rows Of Bare Trees In Fog DSCN01206 Autumn Tamarack Needles & Cone P1150688-9 November Snow DSCN01063-5 Day After The 20161121 Snowstorm P1150579-81
Foggy Park DSCN01050 Smoke At Sunrise P1150219 Rows Of Autumn Trees DSCF23652-4 And They're Off DSCF23580
No Splash Splash-Pad DSCF14666-8 Parade of Horses DSCF13473 Parade of Horses DSCF13443 Smiths Falls (Picnic Tricycle) DSCF13099
Lower Reach Path DSCF12842-7 Table & Chair DSCF9732 Sunrise Landscape P1060116-22 First Buds Of Spring P1040674
Trees In Foggy Sunrise P1040473-5 Chilled Grill P1040413-8 Abstract In Ice DSCF6103 Trees In Fog P1030443-5
Ice On The Rocks P1020306-8 Sparkling Tree P1020130 Snowy Gallipeau Centre Driveway P1010308-10 4K Frame Grab Test P1010323
Icicles P1000999 After A Snowfall P1240671-6 Leafy Stairs DSCF5138 Pining For The Moon DSCF4874-5
The Ride Across Canada P1180108-10 The Ride Across Canada P1180078 Lower Reach Park DSCF21419-21 Sunrise Glow DSCF4538-40
Tai Chi Under A Bridge P1160118-20 Howard Ryan Kelford Knott & Dixon Mural P1150984.87 Pines In Misty Sunrise P1150478-80 After A Rain P1150160-2
Rusty Rivets P1120459-61 Lingerie & Toys P1110755-7 Macaw Wing Spread P1110615 Grey Parrot Closeup 20150411
Parrot Closeup P1110548 'Road Closed' P1080979-81 New Strip Mall At Sunrise P1080735-7 New Strip Mall At Sunrise 20150316
Snowy Bench 20150304 Icicles 20150213 Picnic Anyone? 20150205 Shadow On Snow P1060507
Frozen P1050471-3 Snowy Bench DSCF00346 Christmas Ornament 20141206 Red White & Blue P1030639-41
Snowy Autumn Leaves 20141116 Lone Autumn Tree 20141106 Sunrise Pines 20141101 Sign Of The Thymes P1010473-5
Second Floor Door P1010428 Autumn Church Door P1010419 Sunrise Sunrays P1100804 Lone Tree In Misty Sunrise 20140825
Pines In Misty Sunrise P1090205-7 The Swale At Sunrise 20140709 Flying High P1060258 Afternoon Storm 20140613
Sunless Shades P1040628-30 Sunless Shades P1040628-30BW Centennial Park At Night 20140605 Pines In Sunrise 20140508
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