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Rideau Canal Waterway Gallery

With a length of 202 km (125 miles), the Rideau Canal Waterway (a.k.a. the Rideau Canal and the Rideau Waterway)
connects Lake Ontario at Kingston, Ontario, Canada with the Ottawa River at Ottawa, Ontario - Canada’s capital city.
A chain of lakes, rivers, and manmade channels comprise the waterway.

Upper Rideau Lake, near Smiths Falls, is the highest point along the waterway. From there, the water flows both
northeast in the Rideau River toward Ottawa and southwest in the Cataraqui River toward Kingston.

Opened in 1832, the Rideau Canal Waterway is the oldest continuously operated canal system in North America and
is a National Historic Site of Canada and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I consider myself fortunate to now live
just across a road from it.

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Six Incoming Geese At Sunrise P1520488 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN23987-92 Swans Taking Flight In Sunrise Mist DSCN38960 Ground Fog & Mist At Sunrise DSCN22229
Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN33737 Lockmaster's House At Dawn P1100684-6 Le Boat On Misty Water At Sunrise DSCN20801-6 Mute Swan At Sunrise DSCN23542
Sunrise Silver Lining DSCN20049 Male Common Goldeneye DSCN11800 Red Sun Rising Reflected DSCN33254 Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN30121
Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN31022 Migrating Geese At Rest DSCN10862.5.7 A Le Boat Docked At Kilmarnock DSCN36406 Merganser Taking Flight At Sunrise DSCN12915
Male Lesser Scaup DSCN13478 Bridge Reflected P1140345 Edmonds Lock Outflow P1050592-4 Fishermen At Sunrise DSCN22373
Common Goldeneye Family DSCN07113 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN30109-11 Cloudy Sunrise DSCN15476 Ice Fisherman On Lower Rideau Lake P1050825
Foggy Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN30268 Wood Duck & Mallard Couples DSCN10489-91 Geese & Heron At Edmonds Weir DSCN29198 Mouthy Goose DSCN10876
Foggy Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN30244 Autumn Island In Fog At Sunrise P1560681 Sunrise At Edmonds Lock DSCN29170 Tree In Silhouette P1130835
Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN36626-8 Big Rideau Lake At Sunrise DSCN31153 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1550940 Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN20342-4
Blue Boat, Red Chair DSCF11334-6 Autumn Kilmarnock Canal Cut DSCN34362 Cormorant In Flight DSCN31077 Rideau Canal Foggy Sunrise DSCN30259-1
Autumn Rideau Canal DSCN35812 Moon Over The Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN27993 Swans Geese & Ducks In Sunrise Mist DSCN39005v2 A Le Boat Docked At Kilmarnock DSCN36412
Channel Markers In Fog DSCN30201 Loon Beyond Float Line DSCN19006 Two Mute Swans DSCN37184SC Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN29250-2
Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN36422 Autumn Island DSCN34769 Loon On Misty Water At Sunrise DSCN20859 Sun Rising Through Fog DSCN33234
Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1550983 Clouded Sunrise DSCN38144-6 Loon Spreading Its Wings At Sunrise DSCN20870 Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN40830
Hole In The Sky Over Lone Tree DSCN41761 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN20961 Loon On Foggy Water At Sunrise DSCN21163 Two Mute Swans DSCN37200
Geese Taking Flight DSCN43478 Sunrise Over Frozen Rideau Canal DSCN43734-6 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN44093 Gemmells Point At Sunrise DSCN49511-3
Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN49136-8 Layered Sunrise Beyond Rideau Canal DSCN49870 Migrating Geese Stopover DSCN50969 Migrating Geese At Sunrise DSCN51148
Migrating Geese Stopover DSCN51253 Trumpeter Swan Stretching At Sunrise DSCN51944 Convention Of Ring-necked Ducks DSCN52115 Fence & Rising Sun Along The Rideau Canal DSCN52672
Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN52702 Two Canada Geese At Sunrise DSCN53592 Two Mute Swans Beside River Grass At Sunrise DSCN53564 Ring-necked Duck Pair DSCN53175
Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN53689 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN54123 Mute Swan DSCN54512-4 Interesting Sky At Sunrise DSCN54587-9
Mist On The Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN54758 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN56300 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN57483 Canada Geese & Goslings At Sunrise DSCN57515
Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN57156 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1600094-8 Misty Rideau River & Ground Fog P1600083 Night Sky Over Edmonds Lockstation P1590892
Milky Way Over Edmonds Lockstation P1590900-1 Grackle With Dragonfly Snack DSCN59753 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN60436-8 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN59720
Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN60801 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN60443 Gosling Train In Early Morning Mist DSCN60776 Gosling Train With Mid-DPU At Sunrise DSCN61188
20210610 Partial Eclipse At Sunrise P1600611-5 20210610 Partial Eclipse At Sunrise P1600646-50 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN63329-30 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN63304-6
Going Fishing On A Foggy River P1600865 Wood Duck Family Among Lily Pads DSCN64490 Going Fishing On A Foggy River P1600969 Great Blue Heron At Night_P1610180-3.jpg
Red Sky In The Morning DSCN66625-7 Rideau Canal Sunrise Panorama 90D-00824.29.34 Clouded Sunrise 90D-01434-8 Red Sun Rising P1070086-90
Rideau Canal Misty Sunrise 90D-03613-7 Yawning Otter P1080033 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D-03583-7 Rideau Canal Clouded Sunrise 90D03798-02
Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D04505 Distant Fog Bank Beyond Gemmells Point DSCN71130 Sun Rising Through Fog 90D05476 Misty Rideau Canal In Foggy Sunrise 90D05806
Harvest Full Moon Setting Into Fog 90D05675 Harvest Full Moon Setting Into Fog 90D05672 Rideau Canal Near Sunrise 90D05546-50 Rideau Canal At Night 90D05531
Irish Creek At Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D06280-4 Rideau Canal Clouded Sunrise 90D06220 Clouded Sunrise Beyond Distant Rideau Canal DSCN73865-7 Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D06470-4
Two Docked Boats At Sunrise 90D07411-5 Lone Cloud At Sunrise 90D07761-5 'Art' Foggy Misty Rideau Canal 90D08387 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN75835
Rideau Canal In Foggy Sunrise 90D09086-90 Autumn Kilmarnock Lock Panorama 90D09058 Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D10453-7 Rideau Canal Sunrise With Solar Pillar 90D10739-43
Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D10719 Distant Fog Beyond The Swale DSCN87059 Winter Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN87818-20 Frozen Frosty Rideau Canal DSCN87664
Frosty Fallen Tree 90D12216-20 Open Water Reflection At Sunrise 90D12253 Rideau Canal Winter Sunrise 90D12261-5 Distant Edmonds Overflow Dam Mist At Sunrise 90D12438
Winter Sunrise Solar Pillar 90D15128 Winter Sunrise Cloud Panorama 90D15351-5 Winter Sunrise Cloud 90D15346 Frosty Lilac Bushes 90D15738-42
Thawing Rideau Canal At Night 90D17247-51BW Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D17112-6 Clouded Sunrise 90D18045-9 Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D17427-31
Milky Way Beyond The Rideau River 90D18499 20220402 Aurora Beyond Kilmarnock Island 90D18658 Clouded Sunrise 90D19075-9 Mist At Sunrise 90D19192
Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D19012-6 Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D19874 Easter Sunrise Beyond The Rideau Canal 90D19774-8 Rideau Canal Dawn 90D20457
Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D20320 Milky Way Beyond Rideau Canal 90D20799 Common Loon At Dawn DSCN94091 Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D21304-8
Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D22747 Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D22427-31 Goose In Mist At Dawn DSCN95366 Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D23615-9
Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D24110-4 Sunrise Solar Pillar Beyond Misty Rideau Canal 90D24115 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D24035 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D24874-8
Distant Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D24849-53 Victoria Basin At Night 90D24427-31 Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D24402-6 Boat Beyond Centennial Park Fountains 90D24377-80
Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D26641-5 Clouded Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D27050-54 Sunrise Beyond Misty Distant Rideau Canal 90D28163-7 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D28103-7
Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D28308-12 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D29064-8 Gemmells Point At Sunrise 90D29029-3 Fishing On A Misty Rideau River DSCN102910
Sunrise Sunrays 90D29168-72 Clouded Sunrise 90D29653-7 Sunrise Through Haze Layer 90D293537 Crescent Moon Beyond Rideau Canal 90D30083-7
Misty Sunrise Fisherman 90D30218-22 Cloud Mountain Peak DSCN105243 Misty Rideau Canal At Dawn 90D30728-32 Clouded Sunrise Beyond Misty Rideau Canal 90D30873-7
Fisherman In Misty Sunrise 90D31020 Misty Rideau River At Sunrise 90D30961-5 Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D31174 Fog Patch & Mist On A Moonlit Night 90D31879-83
Ground Fog Beyond The Rideau Canal At Dawn 90D32014-9 Boat On Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN106628 Rideau Canal Clouded Sunrise 90D33046-50 Rideau River At Sunrise 90D32368
Sunrise Ground Fog & Mist 90D33759-63 Sun Rising Beyond Ground Fog 90D33774 Turtle Island At Twilight 90D34817-21 Victoria Basin At Night 90D34383-7
Distant Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D34322-6 Clouded Sunrise Beyond Rideau Canal 90D35905-9 Fog & Mist Beyond Lone Tree 90D37005-9 Autumn Misty Kilmarnock Rideau Canal Cut At Sunrise 90D36823
Sunrise Beyond Rideau Canal 90D36653-7. Gemmells Point In Clouded Misty Sunrise 90D36403-7 Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog & Distant Rideau Canal 90D38130-4 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D37975-9
Autumn Boat At Sunrise 90D37827 Misty Rideau Canal Clouded Sunrise 90D37201-5
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