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Personal Favorites

I like every shot I've posted here on PBase (or I wouldn't have bothered :-), but it's human nature
to have favorites, and while I can recognize a good shot when I see one and will take it simply
because it's there for the taking, not all of them move me or strike a chord as much as others do.

The photos posted in this gallery appear in others of my PBase galleries, some of these photos
having enjoyed quite a bit of popularity while others having languished buried in the depths of
their respective galleries, but are grouped here as the ones I've taken that do move me, strike
that chord, and have that je ne sais least for me...for today. :-)

It is also human nature to tire of things you see too often, or at least begin to take them for
granted, so tomorrow that might happen with some of these and I’ll replace them with others,
so I don't expect this to be an entirely static gallery.

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Old Barn In Ground Fog 90D33692BW Ground Fog Beyond Running Horse At Dawn 90D25872 VIA New Fleet Train 41 Arriving In Fog 90D98330BW
Getting The Grackle Evil Eye DSCN11746 Loon & Raccoon Swimming Past Each Other DSCN100075 Tulip Interior P1090693-5 Swamp Iris Up Close DSCN34747 'Art'
Railway Bridge In Sunrise Mist P1080149 Foggy Sunrise Fisherman 45704-6 Dame's Rocket DSCN33808-10 Blue Dinghy DSCF13112-4
Early Morning Commuter 90D39466 (SC) St Patrick's Day Aurora Panorama P1080844-5 The Sunday 9:48 To Toronto 20150308 Stretching Swan DSCF0564-2
Amaryllis Stamen 20150206 Five Geese Aswimming 20140806 Moon Over Pines At Sunrise 41113 Frosty Misty Night 20131217
Three Geese P1010440 Carnation Still Life 20130513 7-Up Close-Up DSCF01106-7 Misty III (27088)
Weed & Bolt 20120724 Clinging Snow 33823 PEI North Cape 20120910 Jasper Undercover 20120804
Snowy Dock 20130129 PEI Lighthouse 20120909 Ship's Propellor 15284 Curling & Squash Club At Dawn 20121002
Basement Window 20120621 Black-eyed Susan 25658 Headbutting Bison 20120628 Centennial Flame & Peace Tower 17330-1
Church Tower At Sunrise 24667 Solar Array 20120206 Watertower At The End Of The Rainbow 20120710 CP Rail Locomotive 6075 (24686)
PEI North Cape Lighthouse At First Light 20120913 Barn In Misty Sunrise 20120611 Purple Flower 25405 Belfry Under Roiling Sky 20110901
Remembrance Day 2011 (11/11/11) Red Barn In Winter 21427 Tracks & Shadows 20120114 Restaurant Light 20110622
Aurora Beyond Clouds 20120307 Bench Overlooking Winter Marina 20120202 Foggy Sunrise 20110917 Getting A Lift 20120116
Dandelion Seed Head 20120511 Window & Shadow 20110915 Coffee Cup Lid Condensation 20120316 Station Platform 19250
Winterscape Sunrise 20121226 Squirrel At Breakfast DSCF03394 Fruit Luke 20110724 A Photo OP 20111101
Kilmarnock At Sunrise 29225 Big Sucker 20110715 Pink Door 20110410 Lockmaster's House 20111015
Chair In Ivy 20110706 Red Tulip 25247 Two Horses In Misty Sunrise 20120917 Split Rail Snowscape 14269
Nighttime House 20111210 Soccer Girls 14631 Lockmaster's House 20111124 Lone Tree In Fog 20120322
Barns In Snowfall 20111228 Goose & Gosling 20110512 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge 20120105 Enlightened Salt & Pepper 20111106
CP Holiday Train 2011 Arrives (20111127) Festival Ride 20110716 Wild Turkey 20071105-71417 Time Out 20110727
Log House At Sunrise 20111104 Anchor Streetlighting 20110220 Rideau Canal At Sunrise 20110924 Red Barn In Snow 20110109
Annie's Den 04446-54 Fly On A Day Lily 15929 Snowscape 20111226 Holiday Lights 04015-21
Waxwing On The Wing 20110124 Ornamental Gardens2 Rustic Horse Shed 20110306 Rusting Bridge 20110418
Laundromat At First Light 20110102 Little Bay Dawn 54074 Fort George Blockhouse 1 (70277) Dawn Heron In Flight 20080812
Aransas Bay 51441 Light On The Point 15681-2 Pilings Cabling 52216 Sunset Clouds
The Long Ferry Ride 13913 Heritage Park 54760 'Air Mail' 82676 Low Tech & High Tech Parking 20080724
Tulips 20080507 Montreal 43430 Rock Balancer St John Catholic Church 20101127
Surprise! 18028 Boat Dock 20080417 Sunstruck Red & Yellow Tulip 88990 One-Footed Gull 49352
Purple Wildflower 20080712 Wonky Walk Trunks in Grass Prescribed Burn 52694
About To Go Off The Deep End 20080617 Upper Canada Village 37399 Attempted Steal 54732 Weathered Wood 20060121
Corpus Christi Seawall 48950 A Dying Breed 20101021 Coneflower Closeup Reddish Egret With Catch 54724
At The Top 70734 Eye to Eye... 77154 Horse Drawer 63647 Rideau Canal Icebow 20110314
Red Squirrel 88899 The Patch 14055 Mountainside Grazing 20051214 Pileated Woodpecker 20080531
Which To Play With First? 59019 Mama Motivating Junior 73311 Terning The Other Beak 48162 Kerosene Lamp 06452
Bullfrog 63718 After An Ice Storm 20091228 Roseate Spoonbill 50883 Pelican On A Sprouting Piling 58844
Nose to Nose Log House At First Light 20101224 Turkey On The Table 6482 Canna Leaf2
Iron Horse 20080206 Heart Of A Dandelion 20090506 Bandit On The Railing 20080425 Praying Chipmunk 15820
Purple Flower 68563 Two Horses 53323 Dragonfly 62286 'The High Road' 55516
Montreal At Sunrise 43386 Boathouse Chair 20080817 Tree Swallows & Their Bird Box 20080702 Central Post Office Sentinel 20091029
White Lights On A Red Wall 20080909 Upper Canada Village 37796 Carnival Ride Watchers 67139 Dragonfly On A Pine 20090914
Farm In First Light 07229-31 Snowfall On The Canal 20101206 Lights At The Turnaround 20090219 Alligator Eyes 58340 (crop)
It was THIS big! [73803] Enon Wall Decor Stretching Its Wings 20100716 Upper Canada Village 37223
Snowy Old Milk Wagon 20110208 South Jetty Sunrise 49148 Lake Erie Sunrise 23753 Barn At Sunrise 14526-7
Sunrise Sky Squiggle 20110409 19th Century Bedchamber 20090805 Snowscape At Sunrise 14400 Looming Fog 49835-6
Nuthatch With A Leaf 20220 Chipmunk in a Tree 20060621 Blacksmith Unique Rowing Style
Road in the Redwoods Osprey & Crow 20070317 Pigeon Portrait 48558 (crop) Scugog River Sunrise 20090904
Lake Superior At Sunset 49800 Oh Dear! Upper Canada Village 36566 Peekaboo 20060905
Snowscape 20100116 Backlit Fallow Field 20275 Upper Canada Village 37914 Palm Tree At Sunrise 28142
Rideau Canal Foggy Sunrise 20101103 Here Comes The Sun 22721 Ruffled Feathers 50522 Dead Palmetto Frond 58673
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