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Macro & Close-up Gallery

Mostly shot using Canon 250-D and/or 500-D double-element close-up lenses (aka two-element, dual-element, or achromatic close-up lenses). These screw into the filter threads on the front of lenses the same as a filter.
Abstract P1090786 Green Bubbles P1090767 Abstract P1090747 Hoarfrost On A Red Post DSCN121890
Two Toned Tomato P1090680 Frost On Glass P1090622 Red Dragonfly On A Rock DSCN114817 (Crop2-4X) Asian Lady Beetle Among Cosmos Flower Buds DSCN112918
Abstract Close-up DSCN113659 Little Leaf Bug On A Porch Railing DSCN109903-8 Tiny Grasshopper On A Double Zinnia DSCN105590 Great Blue Heron Gular Fluttering DSCN105854 (crop)
Small Spider Lurking On A Black-eyed Susan DSCN105535-6 Ugly Bug P1090573 Bumblebee On A Coneflower Closeup DSCN105268 Orange Damselfly Closeup DSCN101049
Damselfly Closeup DSCN101087 Dewy Goose Feather DSCN101312 Damselfly Close Up DSCN100379-81 Dewy Damselfly On A Daisy DSCN98990 (crop)
Poppy Interior DSCN98434 Ant On A Peony Bud DSCN98394 (crop) Spider Near A Tulip Stem DSCN97972 Gone To Seed DSCN96706
Fly On A Lilac Bud DSCN96191 Mayfly On Glass 90D21911 Backlit Violet DSCN95002 Rain Droplet On A Budding Tulip P1090407-20
Two Budding Tulips P1090404 Tones Of A Rose P1090353 Pink Tulip Interior P1090267 Hoarfrost DSCN90692 (crop)
Purple Tulip Interior P1090182 Frosty Winter Lilac Branch DSCN90155 Purple Tulip Opening Closeup P1090150 Window Frost DSCN89865
Icy Evergreen DSCN87762 Iced Tree DSCN87745 Tree Fungus Closeup DSCN85160 Frost DSCN75846
Dewdrops On A Autumn Leaf DSCN75354 Water Droplets On A Yellow Flower DSCN70750-8 (crop) Green Bee On A Pink Flower P1080757 Brown Dragonfly On Goldenrod Closeup P1080386
Red Bugs Mating On Queen Anne's Lace P1040242.4.7 Bug On A Pink Day Lily P1040111-3 Red Bugs Mating On Queen Anne's Lace P1030561 Dragonfly, What Big Eyes You Have DSCN65793
Dragonfly, What Big Eyes You Have DSCN65793 (crop) Green Bottle Fly On A Screen DSCN65740 Gypsy Moth Caterpillar Head DSCN64059 Seedy Dandelion Close Up DSCN60728
White-eyed Mayfly On Glass Head-on DSCN60393 (crop) White-eyed Mayfly On Glass Head-on DSCN60393 Suspended Dandelion Seed DSCN59658 Backlit Lilac Flower DSCN59055
Feather-billed Female Mallard DSCN58245 Wet Orange Tulip DSCN56824 (crop) Dandelion Really Close Up DSCN54915 Easter Lily Stamens & Dripping Stigma DSCN54611
Four Rain Droplets On A Leaf DSCN54569 Wet Pussy Willow Blossom Close Up DSCN54546 Forsythia Flower Close Up DSCN54301 Frosty Wood DSCN48869
Loose Change DSCN47389 Frost On An Autumn Leaf DSCN40263 Dewy Spider Webs P1560136-42 (crop) Autumn Sumac Closeup P1560083
Green Grasshopper DSCN30745 (crop) Dragonfly With A Snack DSCN27576 (crop) Bee On A Purple Flower Stalk DSCN27542 (crop) Dewy Mexican Sunflower DSCN27534
Giant Swallowtail Butterfly Up Close DSCN26227 Dragonfly Head Closeup DSCN26058-62 Monarch Butterfly Closeup DSCN25332 Yellow Tulip Exposed Interior P1020471-3
Yellow Tulip P1020419 Chinese Money Plant Leaves P1020382 Red Tulip Interior P1020375 Water Bottle Bubbles P1020282
Frosty Wood Grain P1020231 White Rose Closeup DSCN09738 Daffodil Corona Closeup DSCN08758 Last Petal To Fall DSCN08133
Pink Tulip Petals DSCN07801 Morning Frost On Amber Glass DSCN05641 Wet Leaf Closeup DSCN04156 Yellowjacket Reflected DSCN03119 (crop)
Monarch Butterfly DSCN02014 (crop) Monarch Butterfly Eye DSCN02002 (crop) Bee Sleeping Under Goldenrod DSCN01200 Bee Sleeping Under Goldenrod DSCN01200 (C&R)
Painted Lady On A Pink Clover DSCN01091 (crop) Little Bullfrog P1010564 Bee Hanging From Goldenrod DSCN00354 Grasshopper Closeup DSCN00256
Milkweed Tussock Moth Caterpillar DSCN00234-5 Backlit Red Berries P1000026 Yellow Jacket On A Rusty Rivet DSCN38971 Little White Moth DSCN38831-2
Grasshopper Closeup DSCN38058 Bee On A Coneflower DSCF33124 After A Rain DSCF32996-8 Laughing Dragonfly DSCF32057
Dragonfly Head DSCN37826-7 Orange Spider DSCN37441-6 Blue Damselfly Closeup DSCN36703-8 Riveting Damselfly DSCN36598
Damselfly On A Shrub DSCN36565-6 Baby Grasshopper From Below DSCN36508 Dragonfly On A Cable DSCN36240 Blue Dragonfly DSCN36073
Blue Dragonfly DSCN36064-5 Blue Damselfly On A Grass Spikelet DSCN35821 Hoverfly On Bilberry Ice Spiderwort DSCN35564 Red Damselfly Close Up DSCN35446-50
Blue Damselfly Close Up DSCN35416-7 (crop) Two Hoverflies Getting Frisky DSCN35339 Green Dragonfly Closeup DSCN35284-8 (crop) Dragonfly DSCN35027
Five-legged Blue Damselfly Close Up DSCN34919 Dame's Rocket DSCN33808-10 Wet Purple & White Iris Closeup P1150130-2 Wet Leaf Up Close P1130535-7
Tulip Interior P1090693-5 Abstract In Green P1080784 Red Tulip P1070111 Frost On A Garage Window P1050347
Backlit Frost On A Dirty Garage Window P1050316 Frost On A Garage Window P1050310 Snowflake P1040872 Cutting Edge Photo P1040809-10
Frosty Grass & Fence P1030592 Frosty Post P1030560-2 Wet Oak Leaf Macro P1350093-8 Wet Oak Leaf Closeup P1020704-6
Dripping Wild Grapes P1000392 Predator vs Predator DSCN29959 Bug-eyed DSCN28643-7 Bullfrog Eye (crop) DSCN24804
Tulip Center Closeup P1300374-6 Green Bottle Fly DSCN13911 Wet Red Lily DSCN11789-91 Hoverfly On A Pink Peony DSCN11367
Damselfly Closeup DSCN11201-3 Blue Wildflower Closeup DSCN11162-3 Wet Daylily DSCN11093 Wet Leaf DSCN11084-5 (crop)
Fly On A Budding Daylily DSCN11078 Fly On A Budding Daylily DSCN11070 Wildflower DSCN10397 (crop) Wildflower DSCN10397
Yellow Wild Rose Stamen DSCN09158 Butterfly P1210046 Purple & White Iris Closeup P1200293-5 Purple & White Iris Closeup P1200287-9
Grape Hyacinth Closeup DSCN06646 Apple Stem DSCN01887-92 Wet Fallen Oak Leaf DSCN00498 Autumn Wild Grapes P1130091-3
Wet Grass DSCF23184-6 Hoverfly Hovering P1100720 Purple Petunia Interior P1100709-12 Purple Petunia Base P1100702
Tiny Droplets P1080686-91 Fly On Yellow P1080620 Purple Iris Petal P1070392-400 Tulip Interior P1240551
Tulip Interior P1240483-5 Winter Bug On A Screen P1230700-2 Christmas Tree Closeup P1230100-2 Frosty Chain P1210407-9
Asian Lady Beetle P1200991 Asian Lady Beetle P1200965 Abstract P1200033-5 Abstract P1190992-3
Abstract P1190986-8 Mum Family P1190600 Busy Bee P1180477 Sodium Vapor Bokeh P1180442.51
Mum Closeup P1180427-9 Gull Closeup DSCF4687 Gull Closeup DSCF4687 (crop) Gold Cross Pen Set P1180267-9
Monarch Butterfly P1180240 Busy Bee On A Pink & Yellow Flower P1180234 Bee In A Morning Glory P1180199 Tiny Spider On A Screen P1180150
White Admiral DSCF21375 Ring-billed Gull Profile DSCF21086 White & Orange Fish P1170049 Rooster Profile DSCF4416
Inquisitive Turkey And Guineafowl Chick DSCF4400 Wet Gerbera Backside P1160407-21 Wet Little Yellow Wildflower P1160334 Lily Anthers & Stigma P1150971-6
Ahh Sweet Nectar P1150866 Ahh! Sweet Nectar P1150857 Spotted Orange Lily P1150589-91 Wet Red Gerbera P1150526-31
Tiny Iridescent Fly On A Wet Leaf P1150392-6 Daylily Droplets P1150349-54 After A Rain P1150160-2 First Daylily P1150135
Daylily Stamen P1150132-4 Yellow Orange Lily P1150012-4 Yellow Orange Lily 'Art' P1150012-4 Moth Beneath A Leaf P1140711-8
Two Ants Two Peonies P1140291-3 Purple & White Iris Petal P1130696 Green Bee On An Iris P1130689 Wet Purple Iris Petal P1130494
Wet Emerging Poppy Flower P1130436-41 Poppy Bud Closeup P1130164-6 Ant On A Peony Bud P1120860 Purple Iris Closeup P1120847-9
Gerbera Profile P1120715 Gerbera Closeup P1120709.12 Web Weaver P1120669 Lilac Closeup P1120471-82
Lilac Closeup P1110958 After A Rain P1110900 Wet Apple Blossom DSCF19895 Midge On A Young Tulip P1110601
Snow On Hen & Chicks 20150424 Red Maple Bud P1100570 Young Tulip Leaf Tip P1100521 First Flower Of 2015 (P1100313-4)
Wet Wood Grain 20150410 Frayed Jeans P1100125-7 Wet Flower Sprout In Snow DSCF01014-6 After The Morning Showers P1090421-3
Wet Flower Sprout In Ice P1090339 Green Abstract P1080579 Wet Green Grape P1080543-5 Fire-Tipped Yellow Rose P1080032
Fire-Tipped Yellow Rose P1080021-3 Fade To Black P1070882-4 Amaryllis Abstract P1070202 Amaryllis Stamen 20150206
Condensation P1060065v2 How Sweet They Are P1050716-8 Stuck P1050514-6 Frozen P1050471-3
Red Candle P1030733 Ladybug Closeup P1020178 Autumn Young Flower 20141028 Asian Lady Beetle P1010757
Elderly Black-eyed Susan 20141021 Wet Autumn Oak Leaves 20141016 Wet Oak Leaf P1000290-1 Reflected Glass DSCF18616
Acorn On An Oak Leaf 20140915 Wet Bee 20140911 Stripes DSCF18334-6 Pair Of Purple Flowers DSCF18304-6
Grasshopper Closeup DSCF18245-6 Bee Leaving Beebalm DSCF17568 First Sign Of Autumn DSCF17563 Yellow Butterfly DSCF17532
Cute Little Bug On A Yellow Lily 20140801 Bug On A Yellow Lily DSCF17454 Lily Closeup DSCF17451 Red & Yellow Lily Closeup DSCF17443
Bug On A Black-eyed Susan DSCF17339 Bee On A Black-eyed Susan DSCF17324 Spiky Pink Flowers DSCF17285 Daisy Closeup DSCF16791
Foamy Frog DSCF16762-4 Red Lily Closeup DSCF16696 One Ugly Bug DSCF16665 Marigold Closeup 28963
Red Lily Closeup DSCF16627 Daylily Closeup 20140704 Fly On Leather P1060352 Awakening Daylily 20140702
Damselfly Closeup DSCF16344 Damselfly DSCF16335 Bugged Orchid DSCF16174 Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid Closeup DSCF16147-9
Wet Leaf DSCF16116 Wet Petunia 20140612 Dragonfly On A Peony P1050041 Dragonfly On A Peony P1050017
Tiny Little Fly DSCF16035-40 Wet Backlit Leaf DSCF15998-01 Poppy Flower Center DSCF15934-8 Green Bee On A Wet Iris DSCF15885
Distressed Wood P1040235 Tiny Spider On A Budding Iris DSCF15822 Tiny Spider On A Budding Iris DSCF15822 (crop) Tiny Spider On A Budding Iris DSCF15814
Purple Iris Closeup DSCF15802-7 Iris Beard Closeup 20140529 Wet Purple Iris Closeup DSCF15739 Crimson King Maple Leaf Closeup 20140528
Purple Iris Closeup 20140527 Down Low Fork DSCF15628-30 Blooming Lilac Closeup DSCF15621 Blooming Lilac Closeup DSCF15603
Budding Miniature Iris 20140522 Sliced Tomato DSCF14838-40 Red Flower Closeup 20140514 Computer P1030467
Dandelions 20140510 Young Leaves DSCF14709 Risotto Spoon P1030442 Couch Stripes P1030427
There's A Point To This 20140506 Red Bud DSCF14623-4 Bug Closeup DSCF14576 Rose Closeup 20140424
Beginning Tulip DSCF14472-4 Daffodil Closeup 20140421 Crocus Closeup P1020342 Glass Iris Blooming P1010121
command option P1000964 Two Feet P1000820 Frosty Evergreen P1000472 St Patrick's Abstract DSCF14276
Green Droplets DSCF14270 Forked Tongue DSCF8202 Red Wood DSCF14084-6 Playing Sudoku 20140227
Full Tank 42635 Snowshoe Hare Profile DSCF13617 Abstract DSCF12310-2 A Right Jolly Old Elf 20131212
6 O'Clock DSCF12252 Knocker On A Red Door DSCF12073-5 Homemade Crocheted Quilt DSCF11676 Green Sprinkles Scoop 02048
Inside A Bag DSCF11456 Snow On The Pumpkin DSCF11394-6 Grill Droplets DSCF11391-3 Apples DSCF11382-4
Reflecting On The Dregs Of Dinner Wine DSCF11226-8 Floral Pattern DSCF11052 Floral Pattern DSCF11049 Measuring Scale 20131016
Grasshopper On Glass DSCF10330 An 'itch' 20131001 Busy Bee DSCF09109 Fork Shadow 02043
Wet Hosta Flower 20130916 Mushrooms DSCF08865 Vase Base 20130913 Specular Bokeh 20130912
Hanging On 20130911 Wet Red Flower DSCF08783-5 Dewy Web DSCF08568 Cross-eyed Bug DSCF08474-6
Bee On Sunflower Closeup DSCF08385 Bugged Sunflower DSCF07271 Frontlit Sunflower Backside DSCF07147 Sunflower Backside DSCF07141
Sunflower DSCF07140 Japanese Beetle At Work DSCF07126 Lily Stamen DSCF07083 Grinning Snake DSCF06947
Rose Thorns 20130803 Sprung 20130801 Bug Macro DSCF06811-5 Chevy 'Bowtie' DSCF06759
Coneflower Closeup DSCF06721 Dragonfly Closeup DSCF06489 Leaf Lines 20130720 Yellow & Purple Flower 20130716
Amber Drops Of Rain 20130706 Long-legged Fly 20130705 Green Bee On A Yellow Flower 20130702 Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid Close-up DSCF05399
Damselfly Closeup DSCF5325-7 Damselfly Closeup DSCF5319 Abstract 20130625 Bee In Flight DSCF05053
Daisy Backside 20130622 Flower Macro DSCF04708 Midge On A Peony 20130616 Ant On A Budding Peony 20130609
Wet Leaf DSCF03616 Pretty In Pink DSCF03612 Abstract In Pink 20130606 Wet Iris Bud DSCF03396-401
Orange Poppy Flower DSCF03288 Iris Closeup DSCF03274-7 Bug On A Leaf DSCF03149-52 Backlit Leaf 20130527
Abstract In Glass DSCF03006 Wet Abstract 20130523 Ant On A Dandelion DSCF02916 Soapy Window Screen DSCF02889
Wet Tulip Closeup 20130522 Lilac Closeup DSCF02848-9 Seedy Dandelion DSCF02802-6 Dragonfly On A Lilac DSCF02600
Dragonfly On A Lilac DSCF02597-8 Lilac Closeup 20130517 Seedy Dandelion DSCF02528-30 Seedy Dandelion (crop) DSCF02528-30
Lilacs DSCF02503.5 Pink & White Tulip DSCF02321 Bug On Glass DSCF02305-6 Wet Tulip 20130511
Dandelion Closeup DSCF02245 Red Blossom DSCF02202 Spider On A Wet Red Tulip 20130508 Red Tulip Closeup DSCF02124
Tulip Tops DSCF02120 Hibiscus Stamen DSCF01770-1 Tulip Interior DSCF01671-2 First Tulip 2013 (DSCF01661-3)
Spring Blossom Macro DSCF01570-82 Spring Blossom 20130430 Spring Blossom Closeup DSCF01492 Dandelion Closeup DSCF01453
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Car 20130427 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Car (Green) DSCF01292 After An April Shower DSCF01229-31 Little Blue Flower 20130427
Dripping Pine Needles DSCF01209 Green Ring DSCF01138 7-Up Close-Up DSCF01106-7 Backlit Tulip Sprout 20130422
Sprouting Tulip DSCF00702-6 Spring Icicles DSCF00410-1 Freezing Rain 20130412 iPod Touch Home Button DSCF00405
Scroll Wheel DSCF0401 Oak Leaf Closeup DSCF00344 HS50-500D Closeup Test2 (DSCF00084) Abstract 20130313
Breakfast Berries 20130308 Abstract 01959 Backlit Lace 20130213 Mouse On Trackpad 20130212
Handset 20130201 rph Among T91 (01853) rph Among T91 (01851) Keyboard Kloseup 20130125
On Edge 20130124 Noontime Temperature 01828 Toothpicks 20130123 Glassware 20130121
'Expandable Elem' 01806 Trackpad Closeup 01801 Red Blue & White 20130117 Riveting Rust 32884
Wet Pine Needles 20121217 Holiday Lights 20121208 New Computer 20121207 Orb On An Autumn Oak Leaf 28354-60
Pumpkin Stem 29849-51 Duck Feathers 28332 Mute Eye 28309 Orange Butterfly 28220 (crop)
Butterfly Sipping Nectar 28022 Bee On A Flower 01571 One Big Leaf 01561 Really Big Leaves 01560
Dragonfly Closeup 20120818 Butterfly On A Coneflower 27811 Backlit Calla Lily Leaf 01523 Acorn On A Bed Of Weeds 20120806
Grasshopper 20120805 Hen & Chicks 20120801 Weed & Bolt 20120724 Wet Leaf 27717
Wet Leaf 27716 Rivets & Rust 20120712 Bee On A Yellow Flower 20120706 Half A Black-eyed Susan 20120625
Petunia Closeup 01166 Metallic Green Bug 26972-4 Metallic Green Bug 26972-4 (Crop) Daisy 00993-4
Wet Squirrel Baffle 20120603 Purple Flower Closeup 20120522 Purple Flower 00590 Green Apple 20120513
Wet Lilac 26764-7 Ruffed Grouse Closeup 20120512 Purple Pansies 26706-7 Dandelion Seed Head 20120511
Hibiscus 00117 25 CENTS (20120501) Condensation 20120418 Sunstruck Daffodil 26549
Connection To The World DSCF04238 Bench Shadow 20120403 Coffee Cup Lid Condensation 20120316 New Mouse 20120223
Cod Liver Oil Closeup 20120209 Christmas Bow DSCF03564 Bubbles DSCF02805 Bubbles DSCF02802
Red Berries DSCF02664 Autumn Raindrops DSCF02566 Autumn Raindrops DSCF02561 Old Wood Knot 20110714
Denim Zipper 11656 Gone To Seed DSCF01815 Rain Droplet 25543-4 Condensation 00068
Red Closet Doors 20110415 Apple Closeup 20110420 Promise Of Spring 24493-5 Promise Of Spring 20110405
Juice Glass Shadows 20101203 2TB Photo Archive 20101201 Frosty Chain 20101112 Pumpkin Stem 20100928
Dewy Spider Web 20100918 First Sign Of Autumn 21388 Knotty Pole 20100419 Hard Water 12176
Feather On A Dock At Dawn 20090802 Wet Pine Needles 20090701 Droplets On A Daisy 20090619 Iris Closeup 00723
Wet Purple Iris 00716-7 Poppy Interior 00621 Poppy Interior 00618 Fly On A Budding Peony 00500-1
Raindrops Inside A Purple Flower 20090609 Mosquito Closeup 49383-5 Wet Seedy Dandelion 20090528 Lilac Closeup 20090527
Wet Tulip 49231 Purple Floret 49156 Purple Floret 49155 Forget-me-not Flower 20090525
Blossom Closeup 20090524 Phlox 48925 Bleeding Hearts 48919 Yin Yang 20090519
Really Tired Tulip 48663 Tree Bud Closeup 47917 Tree Bud Closeup 47911 Daffodil Stamen 20090417
Wet Web 20090310 Pumpkin Top 24337 Autumn Sumac Leaves 23563 Fly On A Pink Flower 21355A
Bumble Bee On A Purple Flower 21041 Bumble Bee On A Purple Flower 21038 Wet Orange Flower 21030 Bumble Bee 19938
Cosmos Closeup 19937 Tiny Pink Flowers 19931 Big Red Flower 19926 Little Spider On A Black-eyed Susan 20080914
Bug On A Bluet 19899 Dripping Droplets 19831 Fly On A Pink Petal 20080912 Wet Bumblebee 19821
Gone To Seed 20080801 Round Flower 20080723 Cattail Closeup 16330 Cattail Closeup 16327
Today's Link 20080713 Purple Wildflower 20080712 Daylily Filaments 20080704 Raindrops On A Goose Feather 20080623
Apple Bottom 20080606 Young & Old 14436 Caught In Midflight 20080529 Last To Leave 13726
Pink Granite Steps 88339 Dead Saguaro Trunk 85815 Backlit Prickly Pear Pricklies 76980 Wood Knot 73004
Shaggy Ink Cap Mushroom 20071009 Lily Pad After A Rain 68412 600 lb Pumpkin Stem 67285 Totem Section 65864
Condensation 65304 Cattail 20070717 Raindrops on a Leaf 60179 Inverted Keyhole 60158
Two Red Gerberas 20070428 Red Lichen? 58686 Backlit Maple Seeds 55595 Bamboo 52174
Seashell Closeup 45999 Shell Closeup 45686 First Sign Of Fall 20060913 Seed Cluster
Mum Flower 20060910 Pink Petunia 39492 Pink Petunia 39488 Marsh Grass 20060811
Marsh Grass 39453 Shallow Feather Shallow Floral 39336 Shallow Flora 20060808
Shallow Flora 39321 Shallow Flora 39315 Shallow Flora 39282 Shallow Flora 39278
Shallow Flora 20060807 Shallow Flora 39261 Shallow Flora 39260 Shallow Floral 39256
Shallow Floral 39254 Shallow Flora 39248 Shallow Flora 39245 Shallow Flora 39244
Shallow Flora 20060806 Shallow Floral 39238 Shallow Flora 39224 Shallow Flora 39223
Shallow Floral 39222 Shallow Floral 39219 Shallow Floral 39200 Shallow Floral 39195
Shallow Floral 39193 Shallow Flora 39190 Shallow Floral 39186 Shallow Floral 39184
Shallow Floral 39183 Shallow Flora 39182 Shallow Flora 39177 Shallow Floras 39174
Rusty Gear Yellow Lily Stamen 20060718 Apple Stem 20060717 Daisy Profile
Closed Tulip1 Raindrop on a Red Leaf 20051015 Eye of the Totem 20050915 My Two Cents 20050818
Raindrops on a Leaf Ship's Winch 13898 Backlit Leaves Staghorn Sumac
Nickel Closeup P1010096 Nickel Closeup P1010099