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Latest Photos

Loon & Raccoon Swimming Past Each Other DSCN100075 Victoria Basin In Night Fog 90D26834-8 Sun Through Fog DSCN99779 Crescent Moon Beyond The Railway Museum 90D26799-03
Dead Trees In Foggy Sunrise 90D26934-8 Daylight Moon DSCN99354 Five Common Loons DSCN99689 House Wren DSCN99186
Common Loon In Calm Water Reflected DSCN99519 Male Common Yellowthroat DSCN99482 Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D26651-5 Wet White & Purple Flowers DSCN99465
Great Blue Heron On A Poop Dock DSCN99374 Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D26641-5 Boats In The Basin At Dawn 90D26455-9 Grackle With A Mouthful DSCN99116
Rising Sun Sunrays & Barn 90D26380-4 Green Dragonfly In Green Grass DSCN99098 Partly Clouded Sunrise 90D26290-4 Pied-billed Grebe Spreading Its Wings DSCN99067
Silos & Strawberry Moon At Sunrise 90D26210 Sunrise Solar Pillar Beyond Ground Fog 90D26205-9 Clouded Strawberry Moon 90D26060-1 Sunrise Solar Pillar 90D26185-9
Dewy Damselfly On A Daisy DSCN98990 (crop) Damselfly On A Daisy DSCN98978 Sunrise Beyond Two Trees & Ground Fog 90D25955 Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D25933
Ground Fog Beyond Running Horse At Dawn 90D25872 Ground Fog Beyond Horse At Dawn 90D25839 Great Blue Heron In Grass Reflected 90D25800 Traill's Flycatcher (Willow or Alder) DSCN98869
Irish Creek Clouded Sunrise 90D25404 Great Blue Heron On Drifting Wood Reflected DSCN98716 Deer Crossing A Road DSCN98656 Backlit Turkey Vulture Spreading Wings On An Antenna DSCN98622
Fledgling Song Sparrow Being Fed DSCN98548 (crop) CP 113 Approaching White's Crossing At Sunrise 90D25337 CP 113 Approaching Rosedale Road 90D25277 Irish Creek Sunrise 90D25209-13
Le Boat Fleet At Sunrise DSCN98466-9 Poppy Interior DSCN98434 Yellow Warbler Warbling DSCN98415 Ant On A Peony Bud DSCN98394
Ant On A Peony Bud DSCN98394 (crop) Snapping Turtle Profile DSCN98271 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D24874-8 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise 90D24809-13
Great Blue Heron Preening DSCN98196 Common Loon Courtship Dance DSCN98070 Spider Near A Tulip Stem DSCN97972 Male American Redstart DSCN97831
Clouded Sunrise 90D24734-8 Red-winged Blackbird Mobbing A Great Blue Heron DSCN97690 Westbound Train At Sunrise 90D24642 Ruffled Yellow Warbler DSCN97622
Victoria Basin At Night 90D24427-31 Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D24402-6 Small Bee On A Yellow Wildflower DSCN97590 Yellow Warbler Warbling DSCN97567
Boat Beyond Centennial Park Fountains 90D24377-80 Two Blue Flowers DSCN97470 Fogbow 90D24344-54 Lifting Fog 90D24314
Foggy & Misty Swale At Sunrise 90D24299 (crop) Foggy & Misty Swale At Sunrise 90D24299 Mist Beyond Geese & Swan At Sunrise DSCN97377 Hydro Towers In Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D24254
Old Barn & Ground Fog At Dawn 90D24229-33 Interesting Sky Over Rosedale Creek DSCN97356 Victoria Basin On A Rainy Night 90D24200-4 Cormorant On The 'Alligator' Mound DSCN97241
Osprey In Flight DSCN97212 Big Crane DSCN97194 Kingfisher On A Wire With A Catch DSCN97152 Great Blue Heron Reflected DSCN97111
Sunrise Solar Pillar Beyond Misty Rideau Canal 90D24115 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D24110-4 Solar Pillar Beyond Misty Irish Creek 90D24080-4 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D24035
Kawartha Voyageur At Dawn 90D23980 Sunset Beyond The Swale 90D23820-4 Kawartha Voyageur Arriving DSCN96920 Le Boats Coming Out DSCN96900
Sunrise Ground Fog 90D23795-9 Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D23615-9 Backlit Goslings In Grass DSCN96733 Gone To Seed DSCN96706
Two Mallard Ducklings DSCN96698 Yellow Warbler DSCN96613 Centennial Park Fountains 90D23546.51 Centennial Park Fountains 90D23532
Concorde 31 At Old Slys DSCN96599 Knothole In White DSCN96553 Westbound CP 8120 In Fog 90D23352 Night Train In Fog 90D23200-04
Iris Leaves DSCN96400 Gray Catbird Calling DSCN96333 Eastern Kingbird Taking Flight DSCN96261 Magnolia Warbler DSCN96248