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Latest Photos

Snow Moon Beyond The Swale At Sunrise 90D54703 Departing Westbound Freight Train Rear DPU 90D54701 Augering Ice DSCN120794 Sunrise Steam Fog 90D54487
Ice Fishing On Lower Rideau Lake DSCN120825 Steam Fog Beyond Turtle Island Benches At Sunrise 90D54415 Snowy CN 1112 Steam Locomotive 90D54352 Turtle Island Winter Wonderland 90D54103
Turtle Island In Steam Fog At Sunrise 90D54477-81 Back Door Frost P1090692 Westbound Freight Train Kicking Up Snow 90D54310 Duck Island Footbridge In Winter Wonderland 90D53865-9
Otter On Ice DSCN120704 Winter Sunrise 90D54030-4 Lower Reach Winter Wonderland 90D54185-9 Winter Sunrise Beyond Frosty Trees 90D53995-9
Two Toned Tomato P1090680 Winter Swale Mist At Sunrise DSCN120547 Edmonds Overflow Dam Mist DSCN120649 Clouded Sun Rising DSCN120561
Male Common Merganser DSCN120260 Snowy Confederation Drive At Night 90D53450-4 Muskrat On Ice At Breakfast DSCN120528 Laundromat On A Snowy Night 90D53209-13BW
Eastbound Freight Train Mid-DPU On A Snowy Night 90D53047-51 Mute Swan DSCN120441-2 Three Common Mergansers DSCN120297 Muskrat On Ice DSCN120363
Damselfly Beneath White Campion DSCN105340 Westbound Freight Cars Passing Eastbound Train 90D52795 Westbound Freight Train Rear DPU 90D52930 Eastbound Freight Train Meets Westbound 90D52759
Shrubbery Under Snow iPhoneXR1113 20230125-6 Winter Storm Snowbanks 90D53012 Muskrat On Ice DSCN120187 20230125-6 Winter Storm 90D52732-6
Clouded Dawn 90D52687-91 Nighttime Winter Wonderland 90D52342-6BW The 6:22 VIA Rail Train 41 Torontobound In Snow Flurry Before Dawn 90D52635 Mute Swan Landing DSCN120054
Nighttime Winter Wonderland 90D52332-6 Old Post Office & Trinity United Church At Night 90D52557-61 Winter Wonderland DSCN119990 Winter Night Train 90D52460
Nighttime Winter Wonderland 90D52202-6 Roclyn House Beyond Rising Mist At Sunrise 90D51377-81 Mute & Trumpeter Swans DSCN119791 Mute Swan Couple In The Swale DSCN119654
Barns On A Winter Night 90D52062 Blue Jay Atop A Pine Tree DSCN119589 Lee Tavern Icicles 90D52047-51 Light Pillar Beyond Trains At Night 90D51959
Muskrat On Ice In Falling Snow Reflected DSCN119473 Red Dawn Beyond Duck Island Footbridge 90D51792-4 Westbound CP 8714 Rear DPU At First Light 90D51675 The 6:22 VIA Rail Train 41 Torontobound In Falling Snow Before Dawn 90D51560
Moon Beyond Old Barn At Dawn 90D51312-21 Muskrat At Breakfast On Ice In Falling Snow Reflected DSCN119460 Misty Victoria Basin At Sunrise 90D51397-01 Mist Rising Beyond Turtle Island Bench 90D51145-8
Bald Eagle Perched In Wind P1060163 (crop) Rideau Canal Winterscape 90D50702-5 Turtle Island Sunrays In Mist DSCN119309-11 Winter Sunrise Clouds DSCN119201-3
20230113 Winter Storm DSCN119182 20230113 Winter Storm At Night 90D50426 20230113 Winter Storm At Night 90D50261-5 CP 7043 Rear DPU At Night 90D50129
Lower Reach Snowfall DSCN119150-2 Sun Rising Into Cloud Beyond Rideau Canal 90D50036-40 Flaps Down Landing Approach DSCN118974 Bald Eagle In A Distant Tree DSCN119082
Sunrise Solar Pillar 90D49980-4 Female Common Merganser Mouth Open DSCN119056 Iced Fallen Autumn Oak Leaf DSCN118893 Three Trumpeter Swans DSCN118994
Beckwith Street At Night 90D49656-60 Swan Dance On Ice DSCN118895 Animal Tracks In Snow DSCN118884 Wolf Moon With Lunar Corona Over Water Tower 90D49686-90
Icy Winter Plant Close-up DSCN118617 The 6:22 VIA Rail Train 41 Torontobound Before Dawn 90D49611 Iced Red Branches DSCN118685 Turtle Island At Dawn 90D48187-91
Iced Winter Plant DSCN118627 Two Trumpeter Swans In Flight DSCN118413 Two Bald Eagles In A Distant Tree DSCN118527 Eastbound CP Tanker Train At Night 90D49516
Beaver Swimming In Ice Opening DSCN118247 2022-23 Celebration Of Lights Reflected 90D49381-5 Four Trumpeter Swans In Flight DSCN118413 Channel Marker In Fog 90D49324
Winter Sunrise Beyond Old Barn 90D48886-90 Trumpeter Swans Interacting (crop) DSCN118278 Lift Bridge Ice Puddles Reflection DSCN118171 Beckwith Street In Night Fog 90D49117-21
2023 Happy New Year 90D48992-6 Night Train In Snowfall 90D48801-5 2022-23 Celebration of Lights In Night Fog 90D49137 Winter Sunrise Beyond Frozen Rideau Canal 90D48921-8