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Latest Photos

Ground Fog At Sunrise DSCN18385-7 Heron With A Catch DSCN18292 (crop) Otter Creek Sunrise DSCN18442-4 Cedar Waxwings Kissy-Face DSCN18355
Heron With A Catch DSCN18190 (crop) Forget-Me-Nots & Log DSCN18121 Heron With A Catch DSCN18190 Contrail At Sunset DSCN17909
Downy Woodpecker With A Mouthful DSCN17793 Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN18091-6 Great Blue Heron On The Far Shore DSCN17962 Peregrine Falcon On A Water Tower DSCN18086
Contrail Through Mercury-Venus Conjunction P1540205 Yellow Warbler DSCN17857 Sunset At The Swale P1540197-03 Yellow Warbler SCN17851
Beaver Climbing Its Lodge At Sunrise DSCN17711 Cedar Waxwing Kissy-Face DSCN17589 (crop) American Goldfinch Snacking DSCN17649 Mute Swans On Otter Creek DSCN17531
Tree & Ground Fog At Sunrise DSCN15275 'Art' Kingbird Taking Flight P1020741-13 Common Gallinule P1540149 Tree Swallow At Its Nest DSCN17408
Rough-winged Swallow On A Wire DSCN17315 Decaying Barn At Sunrise DSCN17388-90 Rose-breasted Grosbeak Taking Flight DSCN17039 Spotted Sandpipers DSCN17523
The Heron Has Landed DSCN17239 Over The Shoulder Flicker DSCN16914 Irish Creek At Sunrise P1540085-91 Crossed Swan Bills DSCN17125
Flicker On The Ground DSCN16965 Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise P1540043-9 Lower Reach Trees In Sunrise Glow P1530902 Calm Lower Reach DSCN16598
Female Red-winged Blackbird DSCN16870 Heron In Flight DSCN16654 Male Wood Duck DSCN16600 Male Rose-breasted Grosbeak DSCN16700
Waiting Squirrel DSCN15993 Heron In Flight DSCN16650 Yellow-rumped Warbler DSCN16557 Heron With A Catch DSCN16526
Two Mute Swans At Sunrise DSCN16444 Cedar Waxwing DSCN16261 New Town Swans DSCN16401 Budding Red Tulip DSCN16327
Cedar Waxwing Studying The Next Bite DSCN16253 Tree Trimming P1020700 Flicker Spring Cleaning DSCN16169-71 Victoria Basin At Sunrise P1530909-15
Gosling Standing Tall & Proud DSCN15962 Tree Swallow In The Opening Of Its Not So Arboreal Nest DSCN16085 Red Sky Over Otter Creek P1530832-8 Gosling Flapping Its Stubby Wings DSCN15963
Flicker At Its Door DSCN15922 Five Goslings At Water's Edge DSCN15959 CF Snowbirds Arriving 29205 CF Snowbirds Flying By 49585
CF Snowbirds Flying Over 49587 (crop) CF Snowbirds Departing 49594 Sunrise Clouds Beyond Gemmels Point P1530762-8 Yellow-rumped Warbler P1020619-03.2
Fiery Sunrise Color P1530636-42 Clouded Flower Moon P1530394 Interesting Night Sky P1530362-8 Gosling Up Close DSCN15787crop
Full Flower Moon Setting Into Clouds P1530273,251 Sunrise At The Rail Yard P1530327-33 Trees In Sunrise Ground Fog DSCN15254 Waiting Train P1530215-21
Mute Swan At Sunrise DSCN15689 Osprey At Breakfast DSCN15496 Cloudy Sunrise DSCN15476 Tree & Ground Fog DSCN15275BW
Pied-billed Grebe DSCN15327 Trees In Sunrise Ground Fog DSCN15244 Wetback Goslings DSCN15438 Male Northern Flicker DSCN15393
Tree & Ground Fog At Sunrise DSCN15275 Goslings DSCN15146 Mist On The Water At Sunrise DSCN14923 Otter With Breakfast DSCN14956
Three Goslings Swimming DSCN14891 Goslings & Goose DSCN14844 Male Cardinal DSCN14803 Male Ring-Necked Duck DSCN14639
Smiths Falls Public Library At Night P1530124-9 Orange Tulips With Red Streaks P1020561 Male Goldfinch DSCN14684 Grackle Up Close DSCN14792
Seven Goslings DSCN14715 Eastern End Of Lower Reach At Blue Hour P1530147 Swallow In Flight DSCN14397 Goldfinch In A Thicket DSCN14507
Pied-billed Grebe With Catch DSCN14474 Tree Swallow In Flight DSCN14402 Blue Jay With Nest Material DSCN14346 Tree Swallow In Flight DSCN14405