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Misty Rideau Canal At Dawn 90D85031-8 Two Geese In Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise 90D84764-8 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D84854-8 Crow Mobbing A Cormorant DSCN147040
New Equine Pal 90D84658 Crescent Moon Beyond Sunset Cloud Arch (iPhone14-2257-62) Sunbeams Through A Hole In The Sky DSCN146773-5 KCS 4504 On A Rainy Night (iPhone14-2249)
Unsettled Sky Over The Swale (iPhone14-2232) Misty Rideau Canal Beyond Gemmell's Point 90D84382-6 Sun Risen Beyond Gemmell's Point 90D84387-91 Equine Pal In Fog 90D84322
Fishing The Rideau At Sunrise DSCN146602-4 Kawartha Voyageur Reflected At Dusk 90D83942-6 Sandpiper Eying A Fallen Fall Leaf DSCN146720 Sunrise Beyond Rideau Canal 90D84162-6
Kawartha Voyageur Reflected At Dusk 90D83887-91 Fishing A Misty Rideau At Dawn 90D83862-6BW Old Mill Road Open Again (iPhone14-2213) Secluded Great Blue Heron DSCN146360
Sunrise Beyond Misty Rideau Canal 90D83812-6 Osprey Squatting On A Fish DSCN146286 Sunrise Beyond Rideau Canal 90D83832-4 Great Blue Heron Taking Flight DSCN146268
Sunrise Clouds 90D83608 Two Westbound Freight Trains At Dawn 90D83417-21 Great Blue Heron Landing Approach DSCN146251 Sunrise Clouds Beyond Barn 90D83622-6
Duck Island Footbridge In Morning Fog 90D83282 Fall Foliage DSCN145811 Water Tower At Dawn Beyond Trees Turning Red (iPhone14-2203) Kawartha Voyageur In Old Slys Lock (iPhone14-2201)
Crescent Moon & Venus Beyond CP 113 In Night Fog (iPhone14-2194) Turtle Island At Dawn (iPhone14-2115) VIA & Voyageur At Old Slys Lock DSCN146228 Foggy Beckwith Street At Main Street 90D83257-61
Victoria Basin In Night Fog 90D82741 Dewy Spider Web 90D82934 Crescent Moon & Venus Beyond CP 113 In Night Fog 90D82677 Venus Beyond Freight Train At Dawn 90D82253-7
Green Heron DSCN145863 Wet Old Mill Road At The Water Tower 90D82123-7 Osprey Taking Flight DSCN145690 'IOTEL' At Dawn 90D81289
Sunrise Clouds Beyond Golden Field 90D82313-7 Wet Russell Street At Bowie's 90D82168-72BW Wet Beckwith Street 90D82178-82 Foggy Fishing At Dawn 90D81082
Wet Beckwith Street 90D82243-7 CP 118 End-of-Train At Sunrise 90D81810 Meteor, Venus & Distant Ground Fog At Night 90D81503-7 Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D82043-7
Pink Cosmos Side View DSCN145499 Sun Rising Beyond Ground Fog 90D81893-7 Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D81698-02 Venus & Fog Beyond Farm Scene At Night 90D81203-7
Ruffled Great Blue Heron In Foam DSCN144682 Sun Rising Beyond Fog 90D81328-32 Sun Rising Beyond Ground Fog 90D81148 Boxelder Bug Beneath A Leaf DSCN145482
Otter Creek Sunrise 90D80993-7 Sunrays In Ground Fog DSCN145271 Photographer In Foggy Lane DSCN145282 Osprey Taking Flight Off An Antenna DSCN145123
CP Ethanol Train 528 Entering Rail Yard At Dawn 90D80578 Red Sun Rising 90D80763-7 Moonlit Canvas Barn In Dissipating Ground Fog 90D80468-72 Female Belted Kingfisher DSCN145196
Old Barn In Dawn Ground Fog 90D80553-7 Great Blue Heron Near Dam Overflow DSCN145240 Fog Clouds Over Otter Creek Reflected At Dawn 90D80151-5 Sun Rising Beyond Fog Clouds 90D80336-40
Male Northern Flicker At Sunrise DSCN144242 2023 Blue Moon Beyond Duck Island Footbridge 90D79949-53 Reddish Blue Moon Setting DSCN144896 Heron Head DSCN144878
Geese In Flight Over Bales & Barn In Fog DSCN144852 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise 90D79674-8 Great Blue Heron In Misty Old Slys Rapids DSCN144607 Two Mile Long Eastbound Freight Train From Back To Front
Ground Fog At Otter Creek 90D79714 The 6:22 VIA Rail Train 41 Crossing The Rideau At Sunrise 90D79734-8 Car In Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D79461 Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D79544-8
Mr & Mrs Kingfisher On A Cable DSCN144514 Female Rose-breasted Grosbeak DSCN144255 Common Sunflower & Bee Beyond Mexican Sunflower DSCN144389 First Fall Foliage DSCN144252
Sunrise At White's Crossing 90D79274-8 Interesting Sky At Sunrise 90D79139-43 Female Rose-breasted Grosbeak Taking Flight DSCN144254 Great Egret In The Swale DSCN143662
White-breasted Nuthatch DSCN144184 First Autumn Leaf Fallen DSCN143989 Bullfrog Between Two Lily Pads DSCN144035 Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D78954-8
Great Blue Heron In Flight DSCN143984 Great Egret Scratching An Itch DSCN143671 Great Egret With A Catch DSCN143807 Great Egret With A Catch DSCN143803