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Latest Photos

Gemmells Point In Clouded Misty Sunrise 90D36403-7 Foxy Fotographer On The Duck Island Footbridge On A Foggy Morning DSCN111589 Shopper's Drug Mart Mural DSCN111646 Morning Fog Beyond Rideau Canal DSCN111637
Tower Crane Lights At First Light 90D36179-83 The 6:22 VIA Rail Train 41 Torontobound At Dawn 90D36205 Three Trumpeter Swans In The Swale DSCN111439 Ominous Clouds Over The Swale DSCN111340
Wet Patio Tabletop Close-up DSCN111339 Swamp Sparrow DSCN111271 Two Trumpeter Swans In Wetland DSCN111092 Missing Right Side Door Casing DSCN111264
White-crowned Sparrow DSCN111227 Red Berries & Leaves DSCN110567 Westbound Freight Train In A Foggy Dawn 90D35589-93 Tower Crane Lights 90D35920-4
Hunters In The Swale DSCN111130 Two Geese Flying Toward Waning Crescent Moon 90D35853 Clouded Sunrise Beyond Rideau Canal 90D35905-9 Fall Foliage DSCN110910
Waning Crescent Moon DSCN110955 Autumn Tree DSCN110941 Woolly Bear Caterpillar On A Sidewalk DSCN110757 Fog Beyond The Swale DSCN110580
Bug On A Wet Autumn Leaf DSCN110616 Trees In Sunrise Ground Fog 90D33699-03 Golden Field At Sunrise 90D35489-93 Osprey With A Catch DSCN110467
Gull In Flight With Catch Being Chased DSCN110509 Chambers Street Subway At Dawn 90D32846-50 Great Blue Heron Striking DSCN110293 Great Blue Heron Taking Flight With Catch DSCN110294
Great Blue Heron Taking Flight With Catch DSCN110294 (crop) Great Blue Heron Swallowing Fish DSCN110298 Juvenile Pied-billed Grebe With A Small Catch DSCN110395 Misty Rideau Canal DSCN110194
Goldfinch Dining On Weed Seed DSCN110353 Gallinule In Wetland Grass DSCN110044 Bullfrog On A Flooded Lily Pad DSCN110148 Pink & Red Hibiscus DSCN109970
Little Leaf Bug On A Porch Railing DSCN109903-8 Foggy Lane 90D35313-7 Two Little Leaf Bugs On A Porch Railing DSCN109897.900 Clouded Harvest Moon 90D35264
Two Horses At Sunrise 90D35194 Morning Fog 90D34980 Happy Heron DSCN109481 Turtle Island At Twilight 90D34817-21
Osprey Taking Flight From A Pole DSCN109453 Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D34767 Ornge Air Ambulance DSCN108671 Barn In Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D34667-71
Rising Sun Beyond Ground Fog 90D34302-6 Juvenile Ring-billed Gull In Flight DSCN109327 Grasshopper On The Porch DSCN109312-4 Juvenile Pied-billed Grebe DSCN109233
Female Belted Kingfisher On A Dead Tree DSCN109195-6 Distant Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D34537-41 Victoria Basin At Night 90D34383-7 Distant Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D34322-6
Great Blue Heron At Old Mill Rapids DSCN109165 Railway Museum On A Cloudy Night 90D34403-7 Common Loon (Nonbreeding) DSCN109059 Gull In Flight DSCN108977
Sun Rising Beyond Ground Fog 90D33774 Green Heron On A Dead Limb DSCN108908 Heron & Spiderweb In The Old Mill Channel DSCN108819 Night Train 90D34011-5
Great Blue Heron Taking Flight DSCN108426 Detached Downspout DSCN108778BW Kingfisher On A Cable With A Catch DSCN108703 Clouded Sunrise Beyond Cornfield 90D33911-5
American Bittern DSCN108459 CP Business Train Westbound DSCN108623 Farm Sunrise 90D33858-62 Great Blue Heron Lightens The Load DSCN108417
Old Barn In Ground Fog 90D33692BW Sunrise Ground Fog & Mist 90D33759-63 Dragonfly Eyeing Snack DSCN108316 (crop) Messy Mink On An Old Railway Bridge DSCN107828
Deer Swimming In The Swale DSCN108287-8 Leaves Turning Autumn Color Behind Cedar Waxwing DSCN108153 Ground Fog Beyond Lone Tree At Sunrise 90D33226-30 Two Canada Geese Taking Flight DSCN108113
Blue Jay Close Up DSCN107847 Distant Ground Fog 90D33396-00 Broad-winged Hawk DSCN108060 Rising Sun Beyond Distant Ground Fog 90D33396-00
Boats In Victoria Basin On A Bright Night 90D33106-10 Mostly Obscured Sun Rising Beyond Ground Fog 90D32981-5 Smiths Falls Rail Yard On A Cloudy Night 90D33151-5 Eastern Forktail Damselfly DSCN107658.64
Wood Duck Wing Stretch DSCN107624 CP Business Train 40B Departing Smiths Falls DSCN107491 Male Goldfinch Landing On A Bird Bath DSCN107352 Pink Cosmos DSCN107594
First Autumn Tree DSCN107603 Rideau Canal Clouded Sunrise 90D33046-50 CP Business Train Power DSCN107448 Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D32931-5