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Latest Photos

Red Sun Rising Through Fog 90D-02511 CP 8843 Westbound At First Light 90D-02378 Red Sun Rising Through Ground Fog P1060567 Common Loon Spreading Its Wings P1060433
Wet Mexican Sunflower P1060235 Heron On A Bridge Snapping At An Annoying Bug P1060532 Kawartha Voyageur At Smiths Falls 90D-01964-8 Ruffled Heron Dockside P1060097
Two Pied-billed Grebes P1060145 Otter Creek Sunrise 90D-02103-7 Ambre McLean Singing 90D-02039 Kawartha Voyageur Passing Under The Lift Bridge P1050922
Kawartha Voyageur At Smiths Falls 90D-02004-8 Two Peregrine Falcons On A Water Tower P1050768 Peregrine Falcon On A Water Tower P1050773 Peregrine Falcon On A Water Tower P1050756
Sun Over Sturgeon Lake 90D-01619-23BW Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D-01704 Male Cardinal On A Feeder P1050637 Turkey Vulture Roost 90D-01831
Great Blue Heron In Flight P1050732 Red Sails P1050668 Foggy Sunrise 90D-01720 Muskoka (Adirondack) Chairs At Sturgeon Lake 90D-01699
Kingfisher On A Tin Roof P1040638 Red Moon Beyond Clock Tower 90D-01564-6 Peregrine Falcon With A Catch On A Water Tower P1050379 Cedar Waxwing P1050403
Fishermen Heading Out Under Setting Buck Moon P1050001 Lone Tree In Patchy Fog P1050101 Red-tailed Hawk On A Hydro Tower P1050306 Great Egret In A Northern Wetland P1040656
Snake In The Swale P1040540 Blue Tractor At Sunrise 90D-01472-4 Two Cedar Waxwings P1040480 Clouded Sunrise 90D-01434-8
Red Sun Setting Beyond The Bascule Bridge P1040185-9 Red Bugs Mating On Queen Anne's Lace P1040242.4.7 Bug On A Pink Day Lily P1040111-3 20210719 Red Sun Sunspots P1040155 (crop)
20210719 Red Sun P1040155 Red Sun Over The Swale P1040167 Monarch Butterfly Leaving A Milkweed Flower 90D-01256 Giant Sequoia 22819-20
Giant Sequoia 22816-7 Displaying Peacock Rear 90D-00998 Heron On A Weir Railing P1030774 Displaying Peacock 90D-01063
Bullfrog Croaking P1030718 Red Bugs Mating On Queen Anne's Lace P1030561 White Flower DSCN67530 CP 650 Eastbound, Heritage CP 7013 Leading 90D-00936
Barn & Trees In Ground Fog 90D-00664 Great Blue Heron In Flight DSCN67474 Taste Smiths Falls 90D-00759-63 Hunkered Heron In The Bush DSCN67316
Three Otters, One With Crayfish DSCN67226 Rideau Canal Sunrise Panorama 90D-00824.29.34 Yellow Warbler Landing On A Cable DSCN67012 Departing Westbound Train At Blue Hour 90D-00714
Shop Smiths Falls 90D-00749-53 Green Grasshopper With Black Stripes DSCN66959 Otter Creek Sunrise 90D-00814-8 Milky Way Beyond Split Rail Fence 90D-00686
Kingfisher On A Cable DSCN67102 Patch of Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D-00709-13 Daybreak Barnyard 90D-00592-6 Ground Fog Beyond Lone Tree 90D-00646
EconoLodge At Night 90D-00563-7 Mute Swan At Night 90D-00559 Great Blue Heron In Flight DSCN66839 Victoria Basin At Night 90D-00536-9
CP 8040 Westbound 90D-00481-4 EconoLodge At First Light 90D-00436-4 Westbound CP 113 (90D-00318) Great Blue Heron At Night_P1610180-3.jpg
Duck Dock DSCN66643 Red Sky In The Morning DSCN66625-7 Rainbow At Sunrise DSCN66629 Sunrise Ground Fog DSCN66409-11
Rail Yard Pedestrian Underpass 90D-00394 Yellow Warbler DSCN66586 Misty Irish Creek Sunrise DSCN66412 Smiths Falls Water Tower 90D-00386
Two Yellow Warblers DSCN66503 Sunrise Ground Fog DSCN66440 Milky Way Over Irish Creek 90D-00366 Golden Hour Clouds 90D-00275-7
Ottawa Light Pollution 90D-00201 Moon Obscured By Night Clouds 90D-00182 Common Loon DSCN66189 Night Sky Over Irish Creek 90D-00192
Daylily 90D-00096 Ring-billed Gull In Flight 90D-00087 Great Blue Heron At Night P1610205 Equine Pal At Sunrise DSCN65864
Dragonfly, What Big Eyes You Have DSCN65793 (crop) Dragonfly, What Big Eyes You Have DSCN65793 Crows Fighting Over Empty Doritos Bag DSCN65687 Pink Morning Glories DSCN65645