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Landscapes Gallery

Below are some of my photos of landscapes that I particularly like, landscapes being defined as scenes in nature outside urban communities which I categorize as 'Cityscapes' and those can be viewed here.

Many more landscape photos taken during the golden hours of the day (dawn and dusk) can also be found in my 'Golden Hour' gallery which can be viewed here and my 'Ground Fog & Mist' gallery which can be viewed here.

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Autumn Precipitation Beyond The Swale DSCN113760 Autumn Back Road DSCN113378 Autumnscape Beyond Bare Trees DSCN112903 Autumn Shed 90D38150
Hunter's Moon Setting Beyond Autumnscape 90D37809-13 Autumnscape DSCN112548 Autumnscape DSCN112266 Autumnscape DSCN112231
Autumnscape DSCN112151 Autumnscape DSCN112134 Autumn Trees DSCN112021 Ominous Clouds Over The Swale DSCN111340
First Autumn Tree DSCN107603 Distant Storm DSCN102292 Fogbow 90D24344-54 Partial Rainbow iPhoneXR0838
Snowy Trees DSCN91458 Icy Trees DSCN90232 Winter Wonderland 90D14963 Winter Wonderland 90D14941
Winter Wonderland DSCN89492 Snowy Winter Lane DSCN89254 Winter Marsh DSCN87889 Field Of Snowcapped Bales At Sunrise 90D10468
Autumn Tamaracks DSCN75611 Autumn Cataraqui Trail DSCN75260 Autumn Green DSCN75248 Autumn Laneway DSCN75178
Rideau Canal Autumnscape 90D08269 Former RV Park DSCN74714 Autumn Backroad DSCN74082 Fog Beyond Lone Autumn Tree 90D07119
Autumn Split Rail Fence 90D07029 Birches On A Foggy Autumn Morning 90D07027 Early Fall Foliage DSCN73121 Interesting Sky Over Golden Field DSCN71821
Milky Way Beyond Split Rail Fence 90D-00686 Bales In Pseudo-IR Landscape DSCN65231 End Of The Overcast DSCN64951 Rideau Trail Murphys Point DSCN63992BW
Moonlit Landscape P1600258 Interesting Sky DSCN54515 Copse Of Young Birch Trees DSCN52012 Landscape In Fog P1590154
Snowmobile Tracks On Snowy Hill DSCN49484 Two Winter Trees Beyond A Snowy Hill DSCN49041 Winter Barn DSCN47033 Snowing Clouds DSCN46609
Winter Woods DSCN45852 'Art' Cloud Bank Beyond The Swale DSCN45732 Snowy Trail Through Pine Forest DSCN45559 Winter Autumn Leaves DSCN45557
Winter Swamp DSCN44465 Winter Farmscape DSCN44303 Swale Reflection In Snowfall DSCN43826 Birches DSCN43790
Sun Peeking Through DSCN42441-3 Snowy Bale & Split Rail Fence DSCN42341 Late Autumn Trail DSCN39706 (Sketch) Interesting Sky DSCN38532
Autumn Tamaracks DSCN37951 Autumn Country Lane DSCN37442 Autumn Trees At Buried Stone Arch Dam DSCN36902 Geese Flying Above Autumn Color DSCN36896-8
Autumnscape At Sunrise DSCN36430 Autumnscape DSCN36027 Autumnscape DSCN35982 Autumn Back Road DSCN35764
Autumn Back Road DSCN35334 Autumn Cataraqui Trail DSCN35320 Autumn Farmscape DSCN34865 Autumn Back Road (faux IR) DSCN34840
Autumn Back Road DSCN34840 Sunrays Over The Canal DSCN34092 Fallen Big Tree DSCN24635 Moon Over Departing Storm Clouds DSCN19453-5
Lower Reach Park Scene DSCN18880-2 Tree & Ground Fog DSCN15275BW Field Of Geese DSCN10717 Winter Wonderland P1520006
Snow Fence & Drifts P1020314 Snow-Plastered Trees & Fence DSCN10053 Buried Stone Arch Dam In Snowfall P1510461 Shelter Amidst Heavy Frost DSCN08012
Birches DSCN07342 'Art' Birches DSCN07342 'B&W' The Swale After The Ice Storm DSCN06827 In Murphys Point Provincial Park DSCN06738-40
Autumn Snow P1010778-80 Autumn Snowfall P1010677 Autumn Morning Walk DSCN04118 Autumn Trees In Fog P1470773
Autumn Farmscape P1470519-25 Autumn Cenotaph DSCN03458 Duck Island Autumn Trees DSCN03273 Buried Stone Arch Dam DSCN03200-2
Autumnscape At Davis Lock P1460996 Autumn Back Road DSCN03050-2 Storm Approaching Barn DSCN38581-7 Thunderhead Beyond Barn DSCN35107
Six Bales Under Threatening Sky DSCN35008-10 Interesting Sky P1140262 Centennial Park 'Ice Rink' P1080118-24 Interesting Sky P1070711-3
20190310 Snowfall P1070555 Snowscape P1390045-51 Winterscape P1060365-7 Trees In Winter Fog P1050914-6
Trees In Winter Fog P1050886 Winter Farmscape P1050856 Bales In Snowfall P1050723-5 Red Barn Winterscape P1050684-6
Winter Cabin P1050678-80 Interesting Sky P1050103-9 Frosted Landscape P1050060-2 Field Clearing P1030843
Autumn Snow P1020569 Autumn Snow P1020566 Fall Snowfall P1020446-8BW Fall Snowfall P1020446-8
Autumnscape P1010877-9 Autumn Horse Fences P1010478-80 Autumnscape P1010373 Farm Wagon & Wind Turbines P1010151
Wind Turbines & Lone Tree P1010127-9 Autumnscape P1000970-2 Autumn Backroad P1000601-3 Autumnscape P1000562-4
Autumnscape P1000343-5 Autumn Backroad P1000238-40 Autumn Backroad P1000232-4 Autumn Tree DSCN32582-4
Autumn Landscape DSCN32525-7 Autumn Backroad DSCN32486-8 Old Stone Arch Dam DSCN32426.9 Cut Cornfield P1340549-51
Bales in Ground Fog P1340268BW Trail Through Lower Reach Park DSCN31448-50 Moon Setting Over Misty Cornfield P1330016-8 Bales In Ground Fog P1320758-60
Big Red Shed DSCN29785-7 Ground Fog Beyond Bales P1320403-5 Bale With Tree In Ground Fog P1320367-9BW Horses Under Threatening Sky DSCN26351
Garden Bench DSCN25347-9 Mud Lake Woods DSCN23990-2 Patch Of Ground Fog P1310185 Sunrise Rainbow P1300966.69.72
Spring Landscape DSCN21001 Spring Landscape DSCN20974-6 Icy Jack Pine Trail DSCN20750-2 Tapped Trees DSCN19568-70
Trees In Fog DSCN19273 Trees In Fog DSCN19267 Winterscape DSCN18796 Stewart Park In Winter DSCN18737-9 B&W
Stewart Park In Winter DSCN18737-9 Stewart Park Benches DSCN18734-6 Winterscape DSCN18386 Winterscape DSCN18386 Art
Winter Farmscape DSCN18375-7 Field Of Snowy Christmas Trees P1280779-81 Autumnscape DSCN17235-7 Autumn Tamaracks DSCN17097
Backlit Autumn Tree Beside Soccer Field DSCN16962-7 Two Autumn Trees DSCN16802 Autumn Cross Road DSCN16797-9 Autumn Cross Road DSCN16783
Autumnscape DSCN16441.4 Autumnscape DSCN16380 Autumnscape DSCN15998 Autumnscape DSCN15981-3
Autumn Color Beyond Pines DSCN15977 Autumn Back Road DSCN15955 Foggy Fall Colors DSCN15917 Distant Fog P1260197-203
Early Autumn Trees In Fog P1250876-8 Cape Spear Light In Fog DSCN4892 Whirly Pool Falls DSCN14784-6 Stiles Cove Path DSCN14778
Newfoundland Coast DSCN14766 Cape Spear Light DSCN14439 Cabot Tower On Signal Hill DSCN14376-8 Bales & Ground Fog At Dawn P1230907-9
Hilly Backroad DSCN13997 Purple Loosestrife Pasture P1220900-2 Foggy Morning Dog Walker DSCN13454 Bales & Ground Fog P1220811
Two Bales At Sunrise P1220783-89v2 Sunrise Sunrays P1220182-8 Daybreak Scudding Clouds P1210872 Snowy Cattails & Trees DSCN04203-5
Springtime Canadian Back Road DSCN03830 Springtime Hutton Creek DSCN03795-7 Jack Pine Trail In Winter DSCN03663-5 'Art' Heritage House Under Dappled Sky DSCN03288-90
On The Blakeney Rapids Trail DSCN02556 Winterscape P1250164 Wintry Victoria Park DSCN01561 Wintry Evergreen Avenue DSCN01552-4
Rows Of Bare Trees In Fog DSCN01206 Foggy Park DSCN01050 Turtle Island Bridge In Snowfall DSCN01030-2 Last Fall Foliage DSCN00485-7
Autumn Tamaracks Among Pines DSCN00290 Autumn Tamaracks DSCN00272-4 Autumn Trees P1140655-7 Autumn Back Road P1140539-41
Autumn Back Road P1140536-8 Autumn Back Road P1140518-20 Autumnscape P1140464-8 Autumnscape P1140461-3
Autumnscape P1140446-8 Autumn Trees P1140437-42 Autumnscape P1140380-2 Autumnscape P1140314-6
Autumnscape P1140314-6 Roadside Autumn Trees P1140275-7 Rows Of Autumn Trees DSCF23652-4 Autumn Tree P1140268
Autumn Back Road P1140163 Jack Pine Trail DSCF23487-9 Autumn Lane DSCF23355-7 Overcast Landscape P1130292-4
Foggy Autumn Back Road P1130219 Towers & Bales P1120615-7 Landscape DSCF14505-7 Landscape DSCF14502-4
Lower Reach Path DSCF12842-7 Trees In Fog P1030443-5 Winterscape P1020267-9 Snowy Leaning Tree P1010314-6
Snowy Gallipeau Centre Driveway P1010308-10 Midwinter Thaw P1000852-6 Autumn Leftovers P1240770 Snowscape P1240734-9
Autumn Trees P1210206-8 Autumn Back Road P1210009-11 Fence & Autumn Tree DSCF5114 Autumn Bend In The Road P1200441-3
Autumn Back Road P1200254-6 Autumn Back Road P1200254-6 Autumnscape P1200186 Autumn Back Road P1200169-71
Autumn Landscape DSCF4942 Autumn Cornfield P1190503-5 Early Autumn Back Road P1190107-9 First Autumn Tree DSCF4823-5
The 6:22 Approaching In Ground Fog P1180966-74 Fence In Fog P1180530 Bucolic Back Road P1170443-5 Bales In A Field P1150794-6
Spring Snow P1100035 Stand Of Pines DSCF00935 Row Of Poplars At Sunrise DSCF00916 Winter Lone Tree DSCF0613
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