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Fuji FinePix HS50 EXR Images

After the flaring fiasco of Fuji's F550, I planned to never buy another Fuji camera, but never say never. When I decided superzoom point 'n shoot cameras had reached a...ahem...'point' that interested me, I chose the Fujifilm FinePix HS50 EXR because of its manual zoom, good EVF, fast and accurate autofocus that rivals DSLRs, RAW format, and 1,000mm telephoto (which is 11% longer than my longest DSLR equivalent focal length).

I had preferred the Panasonic FZ200 for its constant f2.8 lens and even better EVF, but its 600mm telephoto just wasn't long enough. I had also considered the Canon SX50 and even tried one at the camera store, but didn't like its motorized zoom and lower resolution EVF, although I would have liked its 1,200mm telephoto. Now that I've had the Fuji HS50 for a while and taken quite a few shots with it, I'm glad it's the one I bought, even though it does exhibit some of the same troublesome lens flaring around exceptionally bright light sources that the F550 has, but to a lesser degree. In all but the most extreme cases (i.e. shooting directly at an intense sun or the bright lights in some night photos) the flaring is manageable in post processing.

And, by itself the HS50 is not a particularly impressive macro (close-up) camera, however put a dual-element close-up lens on it (such as a Canon 250-D or 500-D), and it becomes impressive. All close-up shots in this gallery were taken using one or the other of those close-up lenses or both stacked together.

Nor could the HS50 be classified as a good low light camera. In low light it’s decent but not great. It is after all, a small sensor camera and I have yet to see one that excels in low light. Without resorting to using flash, the HS50 does do a passable job in low light if you don’t mind the smeared detail and loss of dynamic range inherent with high ISO shooting with small sensors, but in no way can it compare with DSLRs in low light.

However, except for the flaring issue and expected limited low light ability, the HS50 has proven to be a superb camera with very fast accurate focusing and overall response. The lens is tack sharp even at 1,000mm and at that focal length the image stabilization is still effective.

All that said, when asked if I recommend the HS50, I have to say ‘no’, unless a person is good at image editing (for removing the flaring) or won’t be using the camera in situations where the flaring becomes a problem and unless a person has no interest in using the camera in low light.

Otherwise, the HS50 is an incredibly capable, versatile, and fun camera to shoot with. I have gone on two trips since purchasing the HS50 and it was the only camera I took with me and didn’t regret leaving the DSLRs behind. All photos but three in this gallery were shot with it.
Lightening The Load DSCF23882 Kingbird Calling DSCF21578 Autumn Ice DSCF23769-70 Autumn Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCF23766-8
Lockmaster's Watch House DSCF23694-6 Rows Of Autumn Trees DSCF23652-4 And They're Off DSCF23580 Autumn Canalside DSCF23619-21
Jack Pine Trail DSCF23487-9 Red Maple Leaf DSCF23422 Pileated Woodpecker DSCF23465 Wet Grass DSCF23184-6
Autumn Flowers Art DSCF23217-9 Autumn Lane DSCF23355-7 Tall Ships Festival 2016 (DSCF22244) Chippie Hanging On DSCF1003
Tall Ships Festival 2016 (DSCF22193) Turkey Profile DSCF23126 Gutter Jay DSCF21928 Distant Fog DSCF22018
After A Rain DSCF21824 Heron In Flight DSCF21860 Canoe In The Canal DSCF21770 Starling On A Branch DSCF21654
Black Chain DSCF21625 Black Window DSCF21621 Downy Woodpecker DSCF21615 Red-eyed Vireo DSCF21596
Baltimore Oriole DSCF21595 Garden Bench DSCF21545-7 Pink Morning Glory Profile DSCF21494-6 Migrating Geese At Sunrise DSCF21472
Lower Reach Park DSCF21419-21 White Admiral DSCF21375 Brown Thrasher On A Branch Under a Limb DSCF21359 Chipmunk On A Split Rail DSCF21327
Red-headed Woodpecker DSCF21217 Yellowlegs & Killdeer At Sunrise DSCF21161 Yellowlegs & Killdeer At Sunrise DSCF21154 Spotted Sandpiper DSCF21096v2
Ring-billed Gull Profile DSCF21086 'Polsteam Isadora' DSCF21065 Water Lily DSCF21019 Westport Lions Club Beach DSCF20977-9
International Friendship Fountains DSCF20956-8 Evening Sunrays DSCF20944-6 Evening Sunrays DSCF20944-6BW Swimming Loon DSCF20791
Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge At Night DSCF20761-3 Bird With A Snack DSCF20569 Windmill Point Light DSCF20547 Rainbow Bridge DSCF20502BW
Rainbow Bridge DSCF20502 Backlit Loon Near Sunset DSCF20487 Goslings In Grass DSCF20378 Canadian National DSCF20332-4
Robin On A Rusting Railing DSCF20330 Duck & Ducklings DSCF20324 Heron Dance On A Dam DSCF20280 Goose & Goslings At Sunrise DSCF4189
Curious Goslings DSCF20167 Floating Goose DSCF20009BW Floating Goose DSCF20009 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge DSCF19998,02,05
Wet Apple Blossom DSCF19895 Mallard In Flight DSCF19878 Mr & Mrs Mallard DSCF19872 Osprey Nictitating Membrane DSCF19798 (crop)
Osprey On A Post At Sunrise 20150430 Barn Window 20150427 Red-winged Blackbird Singing DSCF19713 Swimming Beaver 20150425
Swimming Beaver DSCF19627 Swimming Beaver DSCF19624 Irish Creek Sunrise 20150423 Swimming Beaver At Sunrise 20150422
Lower Reach Sunrise DSCF19548-50 Yellow Flag DSCF19530-2 Brown Thrasher DSCF19440 Buffleheads At Sunrise 20150415
Red-winged Blackbird Singing 20150414 Kilmarnock Island At Sunrise DSCF19375 Large Cloud At Sunrise DSCF19349-51 Bufflehead Taking Flight At Sunrise DSCF19318
Taking A Dive DSCF19309 Ring-Necked Ducks At Sunrise 20150413 Hooded Merganser At Sunrise DSCF19248 Otter On Ice At Sunrise 20150412
Dawn Takeoff DSCF19177 The Morning Stretch 20150409 Four Ring-necked Ducks DSCF19087 Goose In Flight 20150408
Singing Robin DSCF19016 Swans & Goose In Snowstorm DSCF18940 Swans In Snowstorm DSCF18928 Osprey In Flight DSCF18889
Three Swans In Flight 20150406 Three Swans & A Goose DSCF18797 Two Swans Aswimming DSCF18719 Coming Over To Say 'Howdy' DSCF2688
Window Vase DSCF18620 Reflected Glass DSCF18616 Autumn Landscape DSCF18598-600 Blakeney Rapids DSCF18508-10
Acorn On An Oak Leaf 20140915 Wet Bee 20140911 Fridge Handles DSCF18374 Bedroom Blinds DSCF18363
Harvest Moon Rising Over The Rideau DSCF18352-4 Stripes DSCF18334-6 Mirror Mirror On The Wall DSCF18328-30 Pair Of Purple Flowers DSCF18304-6
Quiet Back Road DSCF18292-4 Grasshopper Closeup DSCF18245-6 Slowly Sinking Into The Swale DSCF18218 Canalside Picnic Tables 20140822
Tiny Yellow Wildflower DSCF18140 Wet Otter DSCF18070 Broad-winged Hawk DSCF18053 Squawking Gull DSCF17918
Grasshopper Closeup DSCF17814-6 Heron On A Rock DSCF17750 Green Heron On A Log DSCF17684 Morningside Lane DSCF17658-60
Experimental Farm Field DSCF17631 Bullfrog On A Leaf DSCF17577 Bee Leaving Beebalm DSCF17568 First Sign Of Autumn DSCF17563
Bee On A Coneflower DSCF17547 Coneflower DSCF17545 Yellow Butterfly DSCF17532 Cute Little Bug On A Yellow Lily 20140801
Bug On A Yellow Lily DSCF17454 Lily Closeup DSCF17451 Red & Yellow Lily Closeup DSCF17443 Ornamental Gardens Bench DSCF17433
Ornamental Gardens Path DSCF17403-5 Chipmunk DSCF17383 Bug On A Black-eyed Susan DSCF17339 Bee On A Black-eyed Susan DSCF17324
Spiky Pink Flowers DSCF17285 Sunflower DSCF17241 On The Shelf DSCF17238-40 Grazing Appaloosa DSCF17109
Field of Purple Loosestrife 20140727 Doe & Fawn 20140726 Boats At Chaffeys Lock DSCF16910-2 Bug On A Little Purple Flower DSCF16871
Edmunds Dam 20140725 Daisy Closeup DSCF16791 Downy Woodpecker DSCF16782 Foamy Frog DSCF16762-4
Red Lily Closeup DSCF16696 One Ugly Bug DSCF16665 Red Lily Closeup DSCF16627 Pedestrian Underpass 20140707
Fallen Petunia DSCF16586 Petunias From Down Low DSCF16555 Lace Curtain DSCF16546 Daylily Closeup 20140704
Awakening Daylily 20140702 Daylilies From The Ground Up DSCF16403 Damselfly Closeup DSCF16344 Damselfly DSCF16335
Field of Wildflowers 20140625 Hard-boiled DSCF16289 Roadside Deer DSCF16206 Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid 20140620
Bugged Orchid DSCF16174 Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid Closeup DSCF16147-9 Wet Leaf DSCF16116 Wet Petunia 20140612
Tiny Little Fly DSCF16035-40 Sunrise Sunrays 20140609 Wet Backlit Leaf DSCF15998-01 Poppy Flower Center DSCF15934-8
Wet Poppy Flower DSCF15921 Green Bee On A Wet Iris DSCF15885 White & Purple Irises DSCF15849 Backlit Leaf DSCF15828
Tiny Spider On A Budding Iris DSCF15822 Tiny Spider On A Budding Iris DSCF15822 (crop) Tiny Spider On A Budding Iris DSCF15814 Purple Iris Closeup DSCF15802-7
Iris Beard Closeup 20140529 Wet Purple Iris Closeup DSCF15739 Crimson King Maple Leaf Closeup 20140528 Purple Iris Closeup 20140527
Purple Iris Bottom View DSCF15645 Down Low Fork DSCF15628-30 Blooming Lilac Closeup DSCF15621 Blooming Lilac Closeup DSCF15603
Budding Miniature Iris 20140522 Kawartha Voyageur Arriving At Kilmarnock DSCF15493 Blinds Sided DSCF15421-3 Kawartha Voyageur Arriving At Smiths Falls DSCF15219
Jones Falls Lock DSCF15165 Still Waters 20140519 Shooting A Shooter DSCF15112 2014 Canadian Tulip Festival (DSCF15099)
Shooting A Shooter DSCF15075 Pink & Orange Tulips DSCF15054 Red Tulips DSCF15003 Three Orange Tulips DSCF14930
2014 Canadian Tulip Festival 20140518 Shooting A Shooter DSCF14873 First Boat Of The Season DSCF14860 Sliced Tomato DSCF14838-40
Wet Red Tulip 20140515 Commissioners Park P1030578 Red Flower Closeup 20140514 Dandelions 20140510
Spring Green DSCF14721 Young Leaves DSCF14709 Look Out Below! 20140509 Kitchen Faucet DSCF14667-9
There's A Point To This 20140506 Chipping Sparrow DSCF8641 Hen and Chicks 20140504 Wet Miniature Daffodil DSCF14628-30
Red Bud DSCF14623-4 Young Dandelion Closeup DSCF14610-9 Fly On A Flower DSCF14600 Bug Closeup DSCF14576
Leftovers DSCF14547-9 Fallow Heritage House Garden DSCF14535-7 Rose Closeup 20140424 Beginning Tulip DSCF14472-4
Daffodil Closeup 20140421 Spring Runoff DSCF14437 Spring Runoff DSCF14431 Goose & Two Swans DSCF14364
Heron On Ice-1000mm (DSCF14347) St Patrick's Abstract DSCF14276 Green Droplets DSCF14270 Shades DSCF14263
Shades (St Patty's Day) DSCF14263 Thawing Rideau Canal 20140315 20140312 Snowstorm 20140312 Forked Tongue DSCF8202
Blue Jay DSCF14189 Bald Eagle In Flight (crop) 20140311 Pileated Woodpecker DSCF14126 Snowscape DSCF14099-101
Snow Beyond Basement Window 20140308 On the Wolfe Island Ferry DSCF14051-2 Bounding Deer 20140307 Three Deer DSCF13970
Tree Between Turbines DSCF13945 House & Wind Turbine Blades DSCF13937-8 Barn & Wind Turbine DSCF13929 Tree Beside Misty Canal At Sunrise DSCF13906-8
Playing Sudoku 20140227 Canadian Mississippi River DSCF13723-5 Tracks On Otter Lake 20140220 Snowshoe Hare Profile DSCF13617
Snowshoe Hare DSCF13552 Snowshoe Hare 20140219 Mouse In Hand DSCF13519-21 Porcupine DSCF13485
Deep In Snow 20140215 Shed Entrance DSCF13407 Winter Farm DSCF13396-7 Winter Farm At Dawn 20140208
Reflecting On Icicles DSCF13282-4 Four Trees In Snowfall DSCF13042 Snowscape DSCF12993-5 PEPSI At Sunrise 20140128
Sunrise Lens Flare DSCF12972 Blowing Snow DSCF12964 Axle Deep DSCF12954 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140126
St Francis de Sales Church DSCF12918-20 The Craine House 20140125 Iced Spillway 20140123 Iced Spillway DSCF12874
Mist At Sunrise DSCF12849-51 Pines In Mist At Sunrise DSCF12823 Pines At Sunrise 20140121 Dawn Moon DSCF12783-5
Rustic Horse Shed In Snowfall 20140119 Lone Pine In Snowstorm DSCF12741 Car In Snowstorm DSCF12729-32 Almost A Sunrise 20140118
Snowscape 20140117 Mallard Profile DSCF12620 Jumping Jay DSCF12585 White-tailed Deer DSCF12578
Pines In Fog 20140114 January Thaw DSCF12543-5 Frozen Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140113 Red Barn At Dawn DSCF12504-6
Wintry Old Barn Roofs DSCF12483.5 Winter Farmscape DSCF12462-4 Barn Beyond Icy Pasture 20140112 Wintry Otter Lake 20140108
Snowy Bales In Snow Covered Field During Snowstorm DSCF12378 Barn In Snowstorm DSCF12371 Winter Sunset DSCF12343 Winter Barn 20131231
Holy Trinity Anglican Church DSCF12313-5 Abstract DSCF12310-2 Iced Tree 20131223 A Right Jolly Old Elf 20131212
Freezing Irish Creek DSCF12262 Posing Horse 20131201 Frontenac Axis Waterscape DSCF12022-4 Sun Over 'Time' DSCF11979-81
'Time' Snowbound 20131129 Winter Barn At Dawn 20131128 Snowy Pines DSCF11911 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20131125
Reflected Trees Against Fog DSCF11766-8 Late Autumn Woods DSCF11745-7 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20131121 Homemade Crocheted Quilt DSCF11676
Dawn Geese Flyout 20131120 Where I Stand DSCF11616 Two Swans Aswimming DSCF11544 Back Road Shadows DSCF11526-8
Late Autumn River DSCF11523-5 Silo Tree DSCF11502-4 St Francis de Sales Church DSCF11493-5 Russell Street At First Light 20131116
Glowing 'Embers' DSCF11478-80 Inside A Bag DSCF11456 There & Gone DSCF11419.22 Gull On The Rocks DSCF11415
Snow On The Pumpkin DSCF11394-6 Grill Droplets DSCF11391-3 Mugged Mug DSCF11386 Apples DSCF11382-4
'Wash Me' DSCF11373-5 Last Of The OJ 20131102 Blowin' In The Wind 20131101 Graffiti On Rust DSCF11248
Snow Tread DSCF11240 Reflecting On The Dregs Of Dinner Wine DSCF11226-8 Decaying Barn DSCF11202-4 Autumn Trees 20131027
Rural Sunrise DSCF11106-8 Floral Pattern DSCF11052 Floral Pattern DSCF11049 Rideau River Sunrise DSCF11040-2
Sunrise Cloud 20131024 One Small Step 20131021 Murney Tower Base DSCF10910 Lake Ontario DSCF10883-5
Rideau Canal Sunrise  DSCF10790-2 Friendly Bovine DSCF10745 I'm Not Talking To You 20131019 Earth Sky Water DSCF10661-3
Autumn Gazebo At Sunrise DSCF10607 Autumn Gazebo 20131017 Measuring Scale 20131016 Roadside Mailbox DSCF10545
Pine Forest DSCF10532 Pine Forest DSCF10526.9 Mirkwood DSCF10522 Over The Hills Road DSCF10508-10
Autumn Back Road DSCF10496-8 Kilmarnock At Sunrise 20131015 Grasshopper On Glass DSCF10330 Horse In Misty Sunrise 20131013
Bales & Tree 20131012 Lone Autumn Tree DSCF4196-8 Two Swans Aswimming DSCF10151 Autumn Roadside DSCF10127
Autumn Landscape DSCF10073 Autumn Landscape DSCF09956 Autumn Back Road DSCF09943-5 Lone Autumn Tree 20131008
On My Plate DSCF09872-6 Self-portrait (20131007) Autumn Reflection DSCF09828 Autumn Leaves DSCF09816
Flowers From Ground Level 20131005 Up An Autumn Tree DSCF09802 Sheer Fantasy 20131004 Autumn Backroad DSCF09775
Autumn Backroad DSCF09774 Autumn Shoreline DSCF09769 Autumn Backroad DSCF09767 Autumn Marsh DSCF09764
Autumn Backroad DSCF09759 Nature Trail DSCF09756 Wading Swan DSCF09753 Up An Autumn Tree DSCF09742
Autumn Light DSCF09703 An 'itch' 20131001 Shed & Autumn Tree DSCF09632-4 Autumn Trees Beyond Pond 20130930
Lake Placid Autumn Morning 20130929 Mirror Lake Sunrise Fog DSCF09570-2 Whiteface Mountain Atmospheric Observatory DSCF09457 Red-faced Whiteface Mountain DSCF09455
Autumn Mountainside DSCF09417 Mirror Lake Sunrise DSCF09356-8 Mirror Lake Dawn 20130928 Lake Placid Storefront DSCF09332-4
Tupper Lake DSCF09210 Lone Tree In Misty Sunrise 20130926 Early Autumn Backroad DSCF09133 Hutton Creek In Misty Sunrise 20130925
Busy Bee DSCF09109 I've Got My Eye On You DSCF09101 Just Hangin' Out DSCF09097 Banana Bowl DSCF09094
Irish Creek At Sunrise 20130924 Early Autumn Landscape DSCF09057 Bend In The River 20130923 Dock Bench DSCF09050
Autumn Trees 20130922 Autumn New Growth DSCF09030 Wet Hosta Flower 20130916 Green Leaf Red Veins DSCF08921
The Maid of Honor DSCF08912 Jim & Dee DSCF08897 Clouded Sunrise DSCF08880 Clouded Sunrise DSCF08880
Clouded Sunrise 36925 Mushrooms DSCF08865 Vase Base 20130913 Specular Bokeh 20130912
Hanging On 20130911 Wet Red Flower DSCF08783-5 Reflected Wheel 20130910 Rusty Field-gate 20130908
Four Bales At Sunrise DSCF08717 Lower Rideau Lake At Dawn DSCF08660 Fence & Goldenrod 20130831 Dewy Web DSCF08568
Second Sign Of Autumn DSCF08543 Cross-eyed Bug DSCF08474-6 First Sign Of Autumn 20130827 Prow Reflected DSCF08450
Goats & Trough DSCF08420 Lop-eared Goat DSCF08416 Down On The Farm DSCF08404-5 Bee On Sunflower Closeup DSCF08385
Sunflower Field DSCF08365 Sunflower DSCF08360 Sunflower Sideview DSCF08353 Distant Mist At Sunrise DSCF08334-6
Purple Loosestrife DSCF08307 Combined Lock Dam At Sunrise 20130823 Rideau Canal Clouded Sunrise 20130822 Purple Loosestrife 20130820
Barn & Bales 20130819 Sylvan Scene DSCF08156 Eastern Phoebe DSCF08154 Two Loons DSCF08111
Common Loon DSCF08106 Sunrise Fishing DSCF08090 Sunrise Fisher 20130818 Sunset Lens Flare (Lessened) DSCF08024
Sunset Lens Flare DSCF08024 Cormorant Taking Flight 20130817 Three Horses 20130814 Field of Purple Loosestrife DSCF07372-4
Misty Clouded Sunrise 20130813 Purple Loosestrife & Corn 20130812 Bugged Sunflower DSCF07271 Sunflower Field DSCF07262-4
Purple Loosestrife DSCF07211-3 Purple Loosestrife 20130810 Backlit Purple Loosestrife DSCF07193-5 Purple Loosestrife DSCF07166-8
Frontlit Sunflower Backside DSCF07147 Sunflower Backside DSCF07141 Sunflower DSCF07140 Sunflowers DSCF07130
Japanese Beetle At Work DSCF07126 Young Rose DSCF07104 Lily Stamen DSCF07083 Nepean Centrepointe S0067027-9
Apple Magic Mouse DSCF06983 Grinning Snake DSCF06947 Rose Thorns 20130803 Lone Sunflower DSCF06914
Thunderheads DSCF06906 Unsettled Sky DSCF06900 Thunderstorm Clouds DSCF06894 Sprung 20130801
Bee On Cone Flower DSCF06874 Cone Flower Profile DSCF06867 Boat Light At First Light DSCF06860-65 Rideau Canal Sunset DSCF06858
Rideau Canal Sunset DSCF06849 Rideau Canal Sunset DSCF06828 Bird On A Fence Post 20130730 Bug Macro DSCF06811-5
Morning Clouds 20130729 'FLAMEN70' DSCF06773 Flaming Hood DSCF06772 'Hood Bra' 20130728
Chevy 'Bowtie' DSCF06759 Car Horns DSCF06757 Macaw Closeup DSCF06741 Cockatoo Closeup DSCF06735
Coneflower Closeup DSCF06721 Misty Lower Rideau Lake At Sunrise DSCF06679 Misty Beveridge Bay Sunrise 20130727 Boathouse At Sunrise DSCF06667-9
Bale In Mowed Field DSCF06635-7 Misty Otter Lake At Sunrise 20130726 Misty Otter Lake At Sunrise DSCF06622 Union Jack 20130724
Yellow Flower 20130723 Dragonfly DSCF06521 Dragonfly Closeup DSCF06489 Finger Food DSCF06466
Leaf Lines 20130720 Daylilies & Fence 20130719 Top Of A Falls 20130718 Daylily 20130717
Yellow & Purple Flower 20130716 Sunrays DSCF06377-9 Upper Falls 20130715 Hocking Hills DSCF06347-9
Hocking Hills DSCF06303-5 Road Hazard DSCF06289 Roadside Attraction DSCF06283 Deer On The Run DSCF06280
Pine Forest DSCF06276 Hocking Hills Trail DSCF06270-2 Cedar Falls DSCF06264-6 Cedar Falls DSCF06258-60
Hocking Hills DSCF06209-11 Hocking Hills DSCF06203-5 Small Boy Big Chair 20130714 Little Red Chair 20130713
Sharon Creek Cascade DSCF06066 Sharon Woods DSCF06048 Fallsview Casino Under Falls Mist 20130712 Fallsview Casino Under Falls Mist DSCF05984
Skylon Tower At Night DSCF05980 Niagara Falls At Night DSCF05966-9 Niagara Falls At Sunset 20130711 Niagara SkyWheel DSCF05891
Niagara Rainbow DSCF05886 Equine Pals 20130708 Bison Calf DSCF05776 Daylily Profile DSCF05758
Bullfrog Closeup DSCF05748 Bullfrog Face DSCF05729 Amber Drops Of Rain 20130706 Sparrow With Lunch DSCF05695
Long-legged Fly 20130705 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130704 Roses Bridge Sunrise DSCF05591-3 Pansy 20130703
Green Bee On A Yellow Flower 20130702 Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid Close-up DSCF05399 Purdon Boardwalk DSCF05372 Purdon Conservation Area DSCF05371
Ceiling Light From the Floor 20130628 Yellow Flowers DSCF5342 Damselfly Closeup DSCF5325-7 Damselfly Closeup DSCF5319
Purple & Yellow Flower DSCF5300-2 Withering Black-eyed Susan DSCF5284 'Slightly Off Course' Exiting Combined Lock DSCF05250 Fallen Feather DSCF05237
Heron In The River At Sunrise 20130627 Foggy Canal Basin DSCF05183 Old Slys Lock 20130626 Abstract 20130625
Bee In Flight DSCF05053 2013 'Supermoon' DSCF05013 Red Sun Rising 20130624 Daisy Backside 20130622
Roofer's Ladder 20130621 Bee In Flight DSCF04901 Pair Of Slippers DSCF04847 Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid DSCF04826
Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid DSCF04811 Dewy Daisy 20130620 Flower Macro DSCF04708 Blue Boat Bumpers 20130619
Irish Creek Sunrise 20130618 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130617 Sunrise Ripples DSCF04656 Misty Rideau Canal At Dawn DSCF04637-8
Midge On A Peony 20130616 Tall Ships Passport DSCF04614 Three Cannons DSCF04612 Belaying Pins & LInes DSCF04610
The Redcoats Are Coming DSCF04576 Bird's-eye View DSCF04517 Bird's-eye View DSCF04513 Hot Air Balloon Burners DSCF04510
Up & Away DSCF04501 Tethered Hot Air Balloon Ride DSCF04493 Tethered Hot Air Balloon Ride DSCF04493raw 'La Revenante' Prow DSCF04476
Bird On A Birdhouse DSCF04341 Bird On A Birdhouse DSCF04333 'Fair Jeanne' Reflected DSCF04250 'Fair Jeanne' DSCF04248-9
'Peacemaker' DSCF04213-4 'Mist of Avalon' DSCF04193 Tall Ships Sunrise 20130615 Heron In Flight At Sunrise DSCF04151
Crossed Bowsprits DSCF04114 Sails On The 'St. Lawrence II' (DSCF04080) 'Empire Sandy' DSCF04030 'Unicorn' Bow DSCF03985
Deer On The Run DSCF03927 Young Buck DSCF03900 Deer & Deer Flies DSCF03879 Keeley Falls 20130611
Old Caboose Interior DSCF03766-7 Gallipeau Centre Pool DSCF03748.50 Open Door DSCF03706 Davidson's Courtyard DSCF03702
Council Chambers DSCF03694 Barn Swallow DSCF03678 Montague Food and Agriculture Museum DSCF03671 Ant On A Budding Peony 20130609
Trees In Rain 20130607 Wet Leaf DSCF03616 Pretty In Pink DSCF03612 Abstract In Pink 20130606
Canal Picnic Tables At Dawn 20130605 Heron In Flight DSCF03567 Gull In Flight DSCF03554 Flowers, Fence & Ruins 20130604
Kawartha Voyageur In The Combined Lock 20130603 Wet Iris Bud DSCF03396-401 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130601 Orange Poppy Flower DSCF03288
Iris Closeup DSCF03274-7 Irises Bottom View DSCF03251 The Swale At Daybreak 20130531 Bee Buzzing Around Lupin 20130530
Heron Preening DSCF03194 Great Blue Heron 20130529 Bug On A Leaf DSCF03149-52 Backlit Leaf 20130527
Rocks In The River 20130526 Incoming Cloud Bank DSCF03091 Rideau Canal Clouded Sunrise 20130525 Rideau Canal Sunset 20130524
Abstract In Glass DSCF03006 Near The End DSCF02965-6 Wet Abstract 20130523 Combined Lock At Night DSCF02947-50
Ant On A Dandelion DSCF02916 Soapy Window Screen DSCF02889 Wet Tulip Closeup 20130522 Barn Window 20130521
Lilac Closeup DSCF02848-9 Robin On The Curb 20130520 Seedy Dandelion DSCF02802-6 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130519
Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCF02768 Foggy Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130518 First Boat Of The Season DSCF02735 Misty Gemmels Point At Sunrise DSCF02728
First Boats In The Basin DSCF02695-700 Rideau Canal Sunset DSCF02669-70 Yellow Warbler DSCF02618 Dragonfly On A Lilac DSCF02600
Dragonfly On A Lilac DSCF02597-8 Lilac Closeup 20130517 Wet Tulip 20130516 Seedy Dandelion DSCF02528-30
Seedy Dandelion (crop) DSCF02528-30 Lilacs DSCF02503.5 Clouds Over Lower Reach 20130515 Barnyard Sheep DSCF02479
Tree In A Field DSCF02462 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130514 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCF02431 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCF02428
Irish Creek At Sunrise DSCF02414 Carnation Still Life 20130513 Blowing In The Wind DSCF02354 2013 Canadian Tulip Festival DSCF02349
Red Tulip DSCF02347 Wilted Tulip DSCF02337 2013 Canadian Tulip Festival DSCF02329 Pink & White Tulip DSCF02321
Bug On Glass DSCF02305-6 Pink & White Tulip DSCF02272.4 Wet Tulip 20130511 Wet Tulip DSCF02264
Dandelion Closeup DSCF02245 Red Blossom DSCF02202 Horse In Barnyard 20130510 Big Brother DSCF02190
Irish Creek Daybreak 20130509 Spider On A Wet Red Tulip 20130508 Green Door DSCF02157 Shooting A Shooter DSCF02146
Hiding Yellow Tulip DSCF02134-2 Red Tulip Closeup DSCF02124 Orange Tulip DSCF02122 Tulip Tops DSCF02120
Shooting A Shooter DSCF02117 Dow's Lake Jogger DSCF02109-10 Red Tulip Among Orange DSCF02100 Tulips Among Bluebells DSCF02080
Framed Red Tulip DSCF02034 Awakening Tulip 20130507 Sleeping Tulips DSCF02002 Tulip Closeup DSCF01982
American Robin 20130506 Our First Tulip DSCF01918 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCF01901 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 20130505
Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCF01871 Spring Swamp DSCF01860 Young Deer DSCF01848 Rock In Rapids DSCF01802
Dam Outflow 20130504 Hibiscus Stamen DSCF01770-1 Yellow Hibiscus DSCF01752 Sunrise Fisherman 20130503
Lowdown Backlit Tulip 20130502 Tulip Interior DSCF01671-2 First Tulip 2013 (DSCF01661-3) Lockmaster's Office At Dawn DSCF01660
Big Rideau Lake Sunset DSCF01635-6 Sunset Sunrays DSCF01587 Spring Blossom Macro DSCF01570-82 Sunrise Ground Fog 20130501
Sunrise Ground Fog DSCF01524-5 Spring Blossom 20130430 Spring Blossom DSCF01505 Spring Blossom Closeup DSCF01492
Spring Blossom DSCF01482 First Dandelion 20130429 Dandelion Closeup DSCF01453 Shark & Bull Stairwell 20130428
Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCF01336 Old Clock Tower At Sunrise DSCF01320 Rideau Canal Sunset DSCF01311 Mr & Mrs Red-winged Blackbird DSCF01304
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Car 20130427 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Car (Green) DSCF01292 Red Plastic Muskoka Chair DSCF01291 Soon To Bloom DSCF01273
Woodpecker On A Mossy Tree DSCF01262 After An April Shower DSCF01229-31 Little Blue Flower 20130427 Sparrow On A Log 20130426
Dripping Pine Needles DSCF01209 Troubled Waters DSCF01177 Hog's Back DSCF01144-7 Green Ring DSCF01138
Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge 20130425 7-Up Close-Up DSCF01106-7 River Grass At Sunrise 20130424 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCF01088-90
Fence & Trees 20130423 Backlit Tulip Sprout 20130422 Moon 20130421 (T1i/100-400mm/1.4X TC) Moon 20130421 (HS50)
Pakenham 5-Arched Bridge DSCF01002 Pakenham 5-Arched Bridge DSCF00999 Pakenham 5-Arched Bridge DSCF00997 Spring Runoff 20130421
Church Doors DSCF00960 Pigeon In The Yard DSCF00942 Standing Water 20130420 Groundhog Closeup DSCF00873
Gull In Flight DSCF00846 Gull In Flight DSCF00845 Haydon Park DSCF00815 Gull With Lunch DSCF00786
Gull In Flight DSCF00774 Gull In Flight DSCF00771 Gull In Flight DSCF00770 Gull In Flight DSCF00764
Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130419 April Shower Droplets 201304018 Red-winged Blackbird DSCF00745 Sunset Swan 20130417
Sprouting Tulip DSCF00702-6 Spring Runoff DSCF00639 Red-winged Blackbird DSCF00620 Red-winged Blackbird DSCF00616
Coat Rack 20130416 Pinecone Scale Closeup (Crop) DSCF00594 Pinecone Scale Closeup DSCF00594 Pinecone Scales DSCF00593
Spring Budding DSCF00588 Osprey In Flight DSCF00569 Wolford Chapel At Sunrise DSCF00558 Wolford Chapel At Sunrise DSCF00554
Worn Out & Abandoned DSCF00553 Worn Out & Abandoned DSCF00553 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130415 Friendly Horse DSCF00518
Falling Into Ruin 20130414 VIA Rail Lens Flares DSCF00477 VIA Rail Lens Flares DSCF00477 Sparrow In A Tree DSCF00473
Enlightened Osprey DSCF00470 Ospreys 20130413 Muskrat In The Canal DSCF00445 Iced Tree DSCF00438
Starling On The Feeder DSCF00432 Spring Icicles DSCF00410-1 Freezing Rain 20130412 iPod Touch Home Button DSCF00405
Scroll Wheel DSCF0401 Bird On A Cattail 20130411 Ducks At Sunrise DSCF00389 Irish Creek Sunrise DSCF00383-5
KIA Motors DSCF00368 Ceiling Fixture 20130410 Oak Leaf Closeup DSCF00344 New Living Room Blinds DSCF0339
New Living Room Blinds 20130409 Water Tower 20130408 Mrs & Mr Merganser 20130407 Duck In Flight 20130406
Ring-necked Ducks DSCF00245 Sparrow On A Feeding Table DSCF00236 Black-capped Chickadee DSCF00223 Sparrow On A Feeding Table DSCF00220
Stairwell Sconce 20130405 Bird On A Wire DSCF0200 Ring-necked Ducks DSCF0192 Ducks In Flight 20130404
Brick Wall Test - 56.9mm (307mm EFL) DSCF00097 Brick Wall Test - 99.2 mm (536mm EFL) DSCF00095 Brick Wall Test - 4.4 mm (24mm EFL) DSCF00093 Brick Wall Test - 185.0 mm (1000mm EFL) DSCF00092
Brick Wall Test - 18.0 mm (97mm EFL) DSCF00091 Church Door DSCF00088 HS50-500D Closeup Test2 (DSCF00084) Otter With Breakfast 20130403
HS50-500D Closeup Test DSCF00068 Nightshot DSCF00066 Nightshot DSCF00065 Nightshot DSCF00064
Nightshot DSCF00063 Nightshot DSCF00062 Nightshot DSCF00061 Streetlight Lens Flare Test HS50 f5.6 (DSCF00058)
Streetlight Lens Flare Test HS50 f4 (DSCF00057) Streetlight Lens Flare Test HS50 f2.8 (DSCF00056) Sunset DSCF00048 Two Redpolls DSCF00022
Full Tele DSCF00011 Full Wide Angle DSCF00010 Gull In Flight DSCF00005 (crop) Gull In Flight DSCF00005
New Range Hood DSCF00400 60D vs HS50 Size Comparison (02040) Travelers Tankard 2014 OCA Ontario Curling Championship Games
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41st Wolford Reunion
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