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Flowers Gallery

Some of my photos of flowers that I particularly like. The goal here is for this gallery to not look like a page from a flower or garden catalog. ;-)

Identification of any unnamed flowers would be greatly appreciated.

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Forget-Me-Nots & Log DSCN18121 Daffodils P1020537 Crocuses DSCN12722-3 Fly On A Crocus DSCN12698
White Rose Closeup DSCN09738 White Rose Closeup DSCN09738 'Art' Daffodil Corona Closeup DSCN08758 Low Key Daffodil Closeup P1020138
Yellow Daffodil DSCN08763 Frosty Wild Black-eyed Susan P1460564-70 Monarch Photobombed By A Bee DSCN01829 Monarch Butterfly DSCN02014
Monarch Butterfly DSCN02002 Holey Monarch DSCN01515 Bee On A Purple Wildflower DSCN01695 Monarchs On Wild Asters DSCN01844
Cabbage Butterfly On A Purple Wildflower DSCN01005 Painted Lady On A Pink Clover DSCN01060 Little Black Bee On A Purple Wildflower DSCN00741 Little Black Bee On A Wildflower DSCN00741
Water Lily DSCN00196-8 Water Lily DSCN00196-8BW Bee In Flight DSCN38906 Bee On A Coneflower DSCF33124
Two Chicory Flowers DSCF32816 Purple Wildflowers Art DSCN36888 Backlit Morning Glory DSCN36712-4 Chicory Flower DSCN35986-8
Split-rail Fence & Wild Daisies DSCN34976 Two Hoverflies Getting Frisky DSCN35339 Swamp Iris Up Close DSCN34747 'Art' Blooming Poppies DSCN34213-5
Swamp Iris DSCN34262 Pink Peonies P1410905-7 Dame's Rocket DSCN33808-10 Wet Purple & White Iris Closeup P1150130-2
Daffodil P1120792-4 Little Blue Flowers P1110740-2 2019 First Flower P1120052 Blue Hyacinths P1070789-91
Blue Hyacinths P1070581 Yellow Flower Coming Through A Fence DSCN31380-1 Bee Near Purple Loosestrife DSCN31134 Bee On An Orange Jewelweed DSCN31302
Orange Jewelweed DSCN30200 Pink Water Lily DSCN29990 Wildflowers Near Falling Water DSCN29109 Grasshopper On A Budding Coneflower DSCN28606-8
Butterfly On A Coneflower DSCN28216 Grasshopper On A Coneflower DSCN28568 Sunstruck Black-eyed Susan DSCN28096 Little Water Lily DSCN27871-3
Coneflower Closeup DSCN27793 Buggy Creeping Bellflower DSCN27214-25 Flowering Rush Blossom DSCN25636 Backlit Buttercup DSCN25623
Bee In Flight Around Blueweed DSCN25732 Fly On A Pink Peony DSCN25290 Bee In Flight DSCN25321 Pink Wildflower DSCN24602
Yellow & Red Iris Closeup DSCN24108 Tulips Gallery
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Grape Hyacinth DSCN21930 Tropical Flower Closeup DSCN20407
Red Hibiscus DSCN20240-1 Budding Amaryllis DSCN18662 Bed Of Daisies 20070624 Calla Lily 20051122
Purple Flower Yellow Center 20070719 Camellia Flower 55777 Low-Key Lilacs 20070520 Purple Flower 60502
Orchid Tree Flower 20070323 Tiger Lilies 20050810 Water Lily 20050722 Hibiscus Closeup
Camellia 55775 Day Lily Closeup Backlit Dewy Purple Flower 20080924 Tropical Flower 1372
Sunflower Closeup 20050902 Rieger Begonia 2925 White Flower In Shadow 60907 Lilac Closeup DSCF01816
Young & Old 20070727 Two Red Gerberas 20070428 Bug On A Black Eyed Susan 62628 Autumn Wildflowers 20101006
Water Lilies Pink Daffodil 20060412 Water Lily 20060805 Wild Daisies 3384
Blue Flag Iris 62104 Purple Swamp Iris 56359 Bee Fly On A Daisy 61781 Mum Flower 20060910
Exotic Flower Columbine Pink Fairy Duster 85509 Big Golden Flower 20051014
Cactus Flower 7528 Blue Wildflowers 20100513 Yellow Wildflowers 14728 Bug on an Orange Flower
Purple Flower 20070609 Wet Rose 20090106 Purple Flower 60412 Red Flower Closeup
Pansy 20060209 Blue & White Wildflowers 9344 Young Coneflower (Crop) Wet Waterlily 20080829
Blue Flower Floral Still Life 20050522 Pink Peony 20060609 Pretty Purple & Orange Orchid 20100729
Purple Phlox 20070724 Day Lily Closeup 20070706 Purple Flower 20100718 Purple Flower 68563
Daisies Near A Stump 20070628 Small Yellow Wildflowers 20060606 Red Clover 50109 Backlit Flowers 20070528
Black-Eyed Susan Shadow v2 Lily2 Heart Of A Dandelion 20090506 Lily - Unknown Variety Closeup
Green Bee on Blue Flower Purple Wildflower 20080712 Coneflower Closeup Lavender Lily
Showy Lady's Slipper Orchids 62083 Daisy - closeup lens 13713 Dewy Coneflower Center 63144A Daffodil Stamen 20090417
Pink Flower 20090717 Coneflower Closeup Backlit Pink & Yellow Wildflowers 20090103 Yellow Lily
Raindrops Inside A Purple Flower 20090609 Orange Flower Closeup 20080913 Red Flower Closeup 20050906 Three Daffodils 20060512
Heart of a Dandelion 60161 Purple Crocus Closeup 20080416 Purple Clematis 20060712 Sunning On A White Flower 61726
Flower With Inner Glow 20070526 Wet Peony Bud 20070606 Tubular Flower Petals 20081026 Open & Closed Water Lily 18208
Coneflower Profile 20070731 Desert Flower 84690 Small Bug on a Daisy 20060617 Yucca Bud 20090217
Calla Lily 20070504 Backlit Blossoms 3 in a Row Yellow Rose
Morning Glory Backside 20080929 Daisy Profile Raindrops on Flowers2 Round Flower 20060517
Red Flower 68565 Wild Rose & Bud Droplets On A Daisy 20090619 Backlit Water Lily 54181
Yellow Lily Stamen 20060718 Purple Flower 20060616 Hawkweed Purple Iris 60868
Sprinkled Yellowjacket in Flight 20060702 Budding Flower 20080804 Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid 20070701
Round Flower 20080723 Small Bee on a Dahlia Golden Lily 20090719 Sunstruck Little Flower 20070430
Azalea 20070304 Seedy Dandelion Purple Flower 60414 Tree Blossom Budding 20070425
Bee On A Wildflower 54274 Almonte Rose 20060723 Daisy in Late Light Coneflower Center 20070716
Daisy Profile2 Wet Orange Flower 20080927 Lurking on a Flower Day Lilies & Fence 20070707
Purple Wildflower 20060919 Bush Sunflower 50808 Young Coneflower Mexican Tree Sunflower Bloom 83854
Tiger Lilies Rose Bud 20070322 Bird of Paradise 20070507 Dirty Daisy 01686
Mountain Bluet Bud 20090602 Tiny Desert Wildflowers 20080302 Early Spring Flower 47448 Backlit Lupin 20090625
Azaleas 55784 Pink Flower 60178 Backlit Purple Flower 63938 Fly on a Daisy
Sunstruck Lily 53855 Pink Flower 63688 Hosta Flower 20070621 Black-eyed Susan 25658
Blue & White Wildflowers 20080421 Spider on a Daisy Wild Daisy Twofer 20080621 Ant On Goldenrod 20060912
Little Blue Wildflowers 85728 Purple Clematis Stamen 20070721 White Flower Closeup 20070626 Ocotillo Flower 78500
Bleeding Hearts 48919 Lupins 49889 Hosta Flower 38415 Sun-Dappled Black-Eyed Susans 20070805
Hollyhock Closeup 20110712 Blossom Closeup 20090524 Bee On A Pink Fairy Duster 86475 Red Gerbera 59669
Wet Lily 20070708 Spring Blossoms 20060510 Sunflower 17436 Day Lily Bud 20070704
Purple Flower 20080625 Geranium Closeup 60667 Purple Wildflower 41745 Orange Desert Wildflower 86368
Day Lily Closeup 62478 Orange Day Lily 20080627 Purple & Yellow Flower DSCF5300-2 Daffodil 20080423
Rose Bloom 57249 Bladder Campion 20060630 Water Lily 20080813 Purple Flower 60504
Day Lily Stamen 20080628 Purple loosestrife DSCF02326 Little Red Flower 61840 Lupin 14919
Bee On A Mescal Bean Bloom 85721 Iris Closeup 00723 Hedgehog Cactus Flower 20080329 Hibiscus 00117
Bee On An Orange Flower 75879 Purple Flower 25405 Wet Day Lily 63465 Big Bug On A Daisy 62349
Bug On A Yellow Flower 54919 Yellow Flower 20070222 Cactus Bloom 72971 Red Gerbera Profile 59671
Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid 62110 Wildflowers In The Yard 20080618 Orange Flower Closeup 20080915 Red & Yellow Flower Closeup 15224
Yellow Iris 60678 Dandelion Profile 20070514 Wet Forget-me-nots 49242-3 Lily & Frog Crop
Young Coneflower 63139 Pink & Yellow Lily 20090820 Age Spots 14754 Tiny Little Wildflowers 20090406
Wet Purple Flower 20090414 Dandelion Seed Head 20120511 Damselfly On A Water Lily 64168 Easter Lily 20110423
Bug On A Purple Flower 85055 Purple Flower Closeup 20120522 Azaleas 9425 Day Lily In Evening Light 61849
Black-eyed Susan 20110707 Springtime 20080426 Daffodil Closeup Coneflower Closeup 63263
Weeds Apple Blossoms 20090413 Hen & Chicks 20120801 Raindroplets Inside Iris Bud 60688
Backlit Iris 20090616 Day Lily Closeup 62481 Mexican Gold Poppy 76665 Bee Fly On A Red Flower 61793
Seedy Dandelion DSCF02528-30 Droopy Black-eyed Susan 25651 Sunstruck Dandelion 20080513 White Flowers 00061 Art
Backlit Yellow Wildflower 20080307 Yellow Flower 00498 Lily Closeup 16584 Lilacs 20080601
Wildflower 62024 Sunflower 65057 Lilac Closeup 89397 Red Fairy Duster 85058
Pink Phlox 08039 Dazzled Daisy 01686 Backlit Flower 60869 Sunflower Sideview DSCF08353
Three Flowers 5216 Bee On A Purple Bee Balm 20080721 Northern Pitcher Plant 62095 Water Lily 20090811
Red & Yellow Flower 14981 Orange Hawkweed 20090620 Wild Daylily 15976 Sunflower Back 67321
Wet Purple Iris 00716-7 Red Dahlia 68559 Crab Apple Buds 60155 Spider on a Daisy2
Pale Purple Wildflower Sunflower Backside DSCF07141 Pink Trillium Closeup 20080514 Yellow Flower 20100516
White & Yellow Flower 14956 Exposed Pink Peony 15004 Sunstruck Black-eyed Susan 51287 Dark Red Flower 51437
Backlit Petunia Closeup 20080624 Orange Flower Closeup 22491 Fading Flower Of Fall 00258 Wet Iris Bud DSCF03396-401
Bee Buzzing Around Lupin 20130530 Lilacs Blooming 89258 Single Daffodil 87643 Little Blue Wildflowers 86483
Purple Wildflower 16317 Weird Flower 62334 Tiny Bug On A Small Flower 66569 Wet Seedy Dandelion 20090528
Carpet Of Wildflowers 01813 Little Red Wildflower Closeup 20081228 Lilac Closeup 20090527 Blue Flower 51446
Yellow Wildflowers 86460 Reaching For The Sun 60926 Pair Of Slippers DSCF04847 Purple Iris 53408
Dewy Flower 51631-3 Yellow Wildflowers 01685 Daisy Closeup 20080708 Lazy Lily 20090829
Yellow Wildflower 86594 Phlox 48925 Purple Flowers 24752 Yellow Wildflowers 16186
Camellia 55775-6v2 Spiky Pink Flowers DSCF17285 Yellow Wildflower 20090813 Wild Daisies 15087
Purple Wildflowers 87424 Dewy Rose Bud 34153-61 Dandelion 48240 Spiked Flower 21103
Peony Closeup 14086 Wildflower Closeup 50536 Lilac Closeup 48512 Red Flower 23995
Sunflower Backside 01575 Yellow Flower 50908 Crocus Closeup P1020342 Yellow Desert Wildflower 85491
Yellow Wildflowers 86456 Droopy Black-eyed Susan 16512 Cosmos Closeup 19937 Black Bug In A Yellow Wildflower 89358
Sunstruck Wildflower 54268 Purple Floret 49155 Lilac Closeup 20130517 Hibiscus Stamen DSCF01770-1
Spring Blossom 20130430 Little Blue Flower 20130427 Orange Flower 51466 Poppy Interior 00618
Wet Red Flower DSCF08783-5 Backlit Wildflower 20110711 First Dandelion 20130429 Ant On A Budding Peony 20130609
Wild Daisy Closeup 15433 Carnation Still Life 20130513 Dripping Flowers 19915 Daffodil Among Red Tulips 88727
Black-eyed Susan 07900 Seedy Dandelion DSCF02802-6 Backlit Lupin 49879 Dandelions Beside Rock 13484
Day Lily 50013 Daisy Backside 20130622 Dried Up Wildflower 44997 Lily 03518
Yellow Flowers 05419 Red Flower 20080919 Wet Tulip 49231 Little Wildflowers 20100422
Daisy Over Leaves 16170 Flowering Shrub Blossoms 13302 First Flowers Of Spring 20100331 Dandelion Closeup 48238
White Trillium Closeup 89243 Lilac Closeup 20100514 Little Spider On A Pink Flower 14158 Lilac Closeup DSCF01817
Lupine 20110617 Petunia Closeup 01166 Poppy Interior 00621 Big Red Flower 19926
Immature Mature 10726 Purple Wildflowers & Buds 50113 Lily Backside 16497 Wet Iris 00478
Purple Pansies 26706-7 Backlit Wildflowers 86134 Wet Orange Flower 21030 Wild Rose 20100529
Wildflowers In The Wind 15260 Black-eyed Susans 16493 Amaryllis Stamen 20150206 Spring Blossom Closeup DSCF01492
Purple Flowers 20360 Tiny Pink Flowers 19931 Spring Blossom Macro DSCF01570-82 Little Wildflowers 53109
Yellow & Purple Flower 20130716 Dandelion Closeup DSCF01453 Day Lily Closeup 53873 Purple Flowers 00633
Black-eyed Susans 16485 Bug On A Yellow Flower 53617 Flowers, Fence & Ruins 20130604 Iris Closeup DSCF03274-7
Spring Blossom DSCF01482 Dewy Daisy 20130620 Yellow Wildflower 50497 Blue Wildflower 20120810
Orange Poppy Flower DSCF03288 Bee Fly On A Flower 53788 Irises Bottom View DSCF03251 Dandelion Closeup DSCF02245
Wet Lilac 26764-7 Pansy 20130703 Yellow Flower 20110823 First Flower Of Spring 20120402
Dragonfly On A Lilac DSCF02600 Orange Mum 20110914 Coneflower Closeup DSCF06721 Backlit Sunflower 27827-8
First Daffodil 15758 Wild Daisies 25604 Floral Pattern DSCF11052 Flowers From Ground Level 20131005
Pot of Mums 28806 Daylily Profile DSCF05758 Red Blossom DSCF02202 Pink Peonies 20120605
Lilacs DSCF02503.5 Lilac Closeup 53652 Young Rose DSCF07104 Lilac Closeup DSCF02848-9
Daffodil Profile 53400 Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid Close-up DSCF05399 White Peony 25468 Spring Blossom DSCF01505
Dandelion 20120412 Wet Hosta Flower 20130916 Yellow Flower, Green Bee 20120704 Bee On A Flower 01571
Purple Flower 00590 Red Flower Closeup 25974-85 Frontlit Sunflower Backside DSCF07147 Bug On A Yellow Flower 25387
Bee On Cone Flower DSCF06874 Floral Droplets 21225 Lily Stamen DSCF07083 Cone Flower Profile DSCF06867
Wild Daisies Amid Lupin 20120622 Bee In Flight DSCF04901 Fly On A Flower DSCF14600 Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid DSCF04811
Pair Of Purple Flowers DSCF18304-6 Yellow Flowers DSCF5342 Complex Yellow Flower 53818 Daisy 00993-4
Hen and Chicks 20140504 Yellow Hibiscus DSCF01752 Flower Macro DSCF04708 Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid DSCF04826
Budding Poppy 25421 Red Flowers Closeup 25951-8 Sunflower Field DSCF08365 Purple Loosestrife 20130820
Pink Flower 01553 Wet Purple Iris Closeup DSCF15739 Orange Mum 20120921 Daylily Closeup 20140704
Sunflowers DSCF07130 Bug Below A Budding Flower 25705 Snowy Daffodil 23409 Lilac Closeup 25369
Black-eyed Susans 01522 Daylilies & Fence 20130719 Purple Iris Closeup 20140527 Yellow Flower 20130723
Wet Poppy Flower DSCF15921 Iris Beard Closeup 20140529 Fall Flower 28283 Floral Pattern DSCF11049
Tiny Spider On A Budding Iris DSCF15814 Purple Loosestrife 25803 Daylilies From The Ground Up DSCF16403 Water Lily DSCF21019
Yellow Wildflower 25315-7 Purple Iris Closeup DSCF15802-7 Withering Black-eyed Susan DSCF5284 Tiny Spider On A Budding Iris DSCF15822
Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid 20140620 Wet Petunia 20140612 Queen Anne's Lace 25319-21 Tiny Yellow Wildflower DSCF18140
Sunflower Field DSCF07262-4 Bee Leaving Beebalm DSCF17568 Half A Black-eyed Susan 20120625 Sunstruck Daffodil 26549
Daylily 20130717 Red Lily Closeup DSCF16696 Awakening Daylily 20140702 Fall Flower 20121014
Bug On A Little Purple Flower DSCF16871 Rose Closeup 20140424 Red & Yellow Lily Closeup DSCF17443 Purple Iris Bottom View DSCF15645
White & Purple Irises DSCF15849 Bee On A Coneflower DSCF17547 Sunflower DSCF07140 Pink & Yellow Flower DSCF00063
Black-eyed Susans 20120730 Young Dandelion Closeup DSCF14610-9 Purple Loosestrife DSCF08307 Daffodil Closeup 20140421
Field of Purple Loosestrife 20140727 Red Flower Closeup 20140514 Bugged Sunflower DSCF07271 Daylily 26989
Dandelions 20140510 Coneflower DSCF17545 Blooming Lilac Closeup DSCF15603 Fence & Flowers 20140530
Sunflower DSCF08360 Backlit Daffodils P1030554 Lilac Lane P1030970 Red Lily Closeup DSCF16627
Lone Sunflower DSCF06914 Wet Apple Blossom DSCF19895 Pink Peonies P1050138 Blooming Lilac Closeup DSCF15621
Lily Closeup DSCF17451 Wet Purple Iris Petal P1130494 Daylily 27005 Winter Flowerbed 20150221
Budding Miniature Iris 20140522 Lily Anthers & Stigma P1150971-6 Coneflowers P1070476-8 Petunias From Down Low DSCF16555
Daisy Closeup DSCF16791 Elderly Black-eyed Susan 20141021 Fallen Petunia DSCF16586 Sunflower DSCF17241
Dragonfly On A Peony P1050041 Wet Miniature Daffodil DSCF14628-30 Marigold Closeup 28963 Autumn Young Flower 20141028
Wet Emerging Poppy Flower P1130436-41 Sunflower Field At Sunrise P1090648-53 Poppy Flower Center DSCF15934-8 Bee In A Morning Glory P1180199
Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid Closeup DSCF16147-9 Fire-Tipped Yellow Rose P1080032 Wet Flower Sprout In Snow DSCF01014-6 Fire-Tipped Yellow Rose P1080021-3
Red Rose P1080967-9 Backlit Sunflower DSCF4494 Mum Closeup P1180427-9 Purple Loosestrife Along Fence P1170150-2
Snow On Hen & Chicks 20150424 Sunflower Field In Fog P1170635 Spotted Orange Lily P1150589-91 Wet Poppy Flower P1130513
Yellow Roses Still Life P1200090-2 Field Of Sunflowers P1090561 Wet Red Rose P1080779 Gerbera Profile P1120715
Gerbera Closeup P1120709.12 Purple Loosestrife Along Fence P1170141-3 Bee Balm Bloom Growing Out Of A Bee Balm Bloom P1170464-9 Wet Flower Sprout In Ice P1090339
Sunflower Field At Sunrise P1090690-5 Yellow Orange Lily P1150012-4 Two Ants Two Peonies P1140291-3 Purple Iris Closeup P1120847-9
Fresh-cut Rose P1080066-8 Roadside Wildflowers P1170301-3 Bee Balm P1150787 First Daylily P1150135
Lilac Closeup P1110958 Wet Little Yellow Wildflower P1160334 Sunflower DSCF14513 First Flower Of 2015 (P1100313-4)
Wet Gerbera Backside P1160407-21 Water Lily DSCF14523-5 Yellow Roses Still Life P1200090-2 'Art' Two Yellow Crocus Sprouts P1040891
Wildflowers DSCF11154 Wet Red Gerbera P1150526-31 Mum Family P1190600 Purple Iris P1120655-7
Purple Iris Petal P1070392-400 Swamp Iris DSCF11423 Monarch Butterfly P1180240 Busy Bee On A Pink & Yellow Flower P1180234
Daylily Stamen P1150132-4 Miniature Purple Iris P1060654-6 Daylilies P1080613 Green Bee On An Iris P1130689
Late Season Coneflower P1140220-8 Autumn Flowers Art DSCF23217-9 Pink Morning Glory DSCF13262 Wet Purple & White Iris P1070601-3
First Flowers Of Spring DSCN06263 Chicory Flower DSCF14944 Lilac Closeup P1120471-82 Pink Morning Glory Profile DSCF21494-6
Drooping Sunflowers P1100508-10 Droopy Wet Brown-eyed Susan P1170461-3 Winter Flowerbed P1070584 Marigolds P1140794-5
Miniature Daffodil Closeup P1030327-8 Pink Coneflower Stamen DSCN12678 Gerbera Backside P1150962-4 Wet Purple Iris From Below P1130442-4
Miniature Daffodil P1050702-10 Wild Daisy P1070750 'Art' Yellow Wildflower P1070694-6 Poppy Bud Closeup P1130164-6
Backlit Wild Daisies P1070821 Lilac Blossoms P1070480-1 Daylilies & Split Rail Fence DSCF13244-6 Purple & White Iris Petal P1130696
Wild Daisy P1070750 Roadside Wildflowers P1190043-5 Wet Daisy P1140648-50 Flowering Plant P1130143-5
White Rose P1050460 Bumble Bee In A Lilac P1070074 Miniature Daffodil P1030014-6 Green Bee On A Yellow Wildflower DSCF13256
From Juvenile To Mature DSCN13564A Crocuses In Snow P1050071.4 Grape Hyacinth Closeup DSCN06646 Purple & White Iris Closeup P1200287-9
Purple Petunia Interior P1100709-12 Phlox From The Ground P1190594 Wildflower DSCN10397 (crop) Yellow Wild Rose Stamen DSCN09158
Autumn Flowers P1130883-5 Blue Wildflower Closeup DSCN11162-3 Purple Petunia Base P1100702 Sunstruck Purple Flowers P1060417
Red Amaryllis P1160899-900 Wet Purple Iris P1200426 Spring Blossom P1050915 Spring Blossom P1050912
Purple & White Iris Closeup P1200293-5 Lilacs & Fence DSCN09492 Wet Red Lily DSCN11789-91 Sunstruck Black-eyed Susans DSCN13618
Purple Wildflower DSCN12086 Pink Daylily Stamen DSCN12984 Buggy Sunflower DSCN14046 Wildflower DSCN10397
Wet Peony DSCN10307 Wet Daylily DSCN11093 Red Flowers By The Sea DSCN14846 White Rose P1050460
Calla Lily 59744BW
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